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Facebook Brand Safety Controls

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Facebook Brand Safety Controls

Facebook Brand Safety Controls

there are lots of different placements
where you can show your ads on the
facebook network
you can see them on the regular facebook
and instagram owned properties
but just like google facebook also has
its own
audience network comprised of different
sites and apps
that are not owned and operated by
facebook where your ads can show up
just like google you might not want to
show up on all of those different
placements because it might not be safe
for your brand to be there
so in this video i'm going to walk you
through the four different types of
brand safety controls that facebook
gives us
and show you how you can set those up at
the ad set and account levels
so i'm in our placeholder facebook ads
account so i can walk you through these
brand control settings and overall they
in two different places they live in the
ad set
settings and they live within the brand
safety settings within
the business manager so i'm gonna go
through each of those today
they both have the same settings in them
but when you roll them out at the ad set
they apply you guessed it to the ad set
and when you roll them out in the brand
safety section
they apply to your entire account so
depending on
how strict you want to be with your
brand safety controls whether you need
just in a couple of ad sets or just a
couple of campaigns or if you want it
blanketed across all of your campaigns
for the entire account
that's how you'll determine where you
want to roll out these controls i'm
going to start off with the add
set controls because that's where i
currently am and we'll do the next set
in a little bit
overall the brand safety controls are
quite frankly a little bit
hidden in facebook business manager
they're going to be
in the ad set settings here you can see
there's a campaign the ad set and the
new ad
and they're going to live in the
placements section under this show
more options link so when i open that up
now we've got access to the four
different types of
brand safety controls we have inventory
block lists content type exclusions and
in-stream topic exclusions
let's start off by looking at the
inventory filters and you'll see as i
hover over this area
it's going to highlight it in gray and
we've got the blue edit
pencil link up in the upper right so if
i click on this
and i'm going to scroll down a little
bit so we can see everything that's in
here now we can see that it's broken it
up a little bit
so what used to look like one big area
is now broken up into two
we can see facebook in-stream videos
facebook instant artikles and instagram
and then down here we can see audience
network so there are going to be two
separate sections that you get to choose
these for so just keep that in mind as
you're going through but effectively
there are going to be
three different levels of inventory that
you can choose
for your campaigns the default is going
to be standard inventory and as you can
see here the current filter setting is
and it is always going to default you to
the standard
setting no matter what campaign you
create that's going to exclude
sensitive content and get broad reach it
always applies unless you change it as
you can see there
and the exclusion examples are going to
be the discussion of highly sexual
depiction of major wounds and repeated
use of strong language
now that is probably going to be a good
fit for the vast majority of campaigns
that you run but if you do
have some clients that are either a
little bit more sensitive to this
or simply don't care about it you can go
one way or the other so the
next option is going to be full
inventory and this is going to be to
exclude content not suitable for
monetization and still get the most
so basically this is going to exclude
depictions of
explicit sexual positions which is
different than just the discussion
of sexual topics for the standard
inventory excessive violence and hate
speech towards a person or group
so as you can see here this is much more
lacks and the limited inventory is going
to be on the opposite end this is going
to have a lot more control in place
it's going to exclude all moderate and
sensitive content it lowers your reach
and it can increase the
costs because you're basically taking
out a number of places that your ad can
show so this is going to exclude even
the discussion of
mildly suggestive topics depiction of
minor wounds and infrequent use of
strong language
all of those are going to be excluded
from the limited inventory
if you do want to see a little bit more
of a breakdown you can click on this
section here and it shows you quite a
number of different options and it'll
walk you through each of the different
settings for the different types of
categories tragedy or conflict debated
social issues
objectionable activity sexual or
suggestive topics
strong language explicit content and
then there's going to be a list of items
down here
that is content that is always excluded
from monetization so if you want to read
up a little bit more on that you can
always come in here and check this out
for now i'm going to x out of it
and just default back to standard
inventory but as i said earlier
in my experience the vast majority of
the time standard inventory is going to
be just fine but if you do have a brand
that either wants to lean into this type
of content or is really allergic to it
make sure that you pick the right
inventory setting for them and not only
do you need to pick it
at this one facebook in-stream instant
artikles and instagram tv
section we also can do the same setup
for the audience
network which is going to extend beyond
just the facebook and instagram
placements that we have all the
descriptions and everything in here are
going to be the same so just choose the
inventory level that makes sense for you
for now i'm going to skip block lists
because that's going to take us to the
other portion of the interface i'm going
to skip down to
content type exclusions so again as i
hover over here you can see we've got
the blue edit
option if i click this it opens up just
a simple check box and this one is
really straightforward
if you want to you can exclude your
campaign from all
live streams that way you don't have to
worry about it being categorized
incorrectly since it is
live it's going to be hard to kind of
categorize something and you can make
sure that you don't show up on anything
that you don't know
where it's going to be categorized so if
you want to do that you simply check the
box and you're off to the races you'll
notike that there's also an exclude all
videos published by non-partners section
here and this is where we're going to
start to shift into the
other section of the interface that i
mentioned earlier because this
says that you can change it in brand
safety controls but it cannot be changed
for individual campaigns
the same is going to apply to the
in-stream topics
you can see here that it doesn't even
give me the blue edit link it's grayed
and then i mentioned earlier that block
lists are also here
if i click edit the problem here for
this video at least is that i don't have
any block lists created yet so what i
want to do is hop
into the brand safety portion of
business manager so we can start to tok
about these sections a little bit more
if you want to hop in there you can
either quickly just click create a block
or you can come over into the main
navigation open up the main menu
and click brand safety when i clicked on
brand safety it brought me into the
section you can see down here that this
is going to look very similar to what we
just went through
there is going to be an inventory filter
that you can set up and again you can
create these
with the full standard or limited
inventory setting
for both facebook and then the audience
network but this is going to
apply to the entire account so unless
you want this to apply to every single
campaign that's in there by default
i recommend that you roll those settings
out at the ad set level
to keep things a little bit more dynamic
based on what you want now let's hop
into block lists
and the easiest way to think of a block
list is that it is the facebook
to negative placements on the google
display network just like the gdn works
facebook has a limited number of
publisher websites where your ads can
show up around the facebook audience
network and you can exclude those
if you want to create a block list to
make sure that you don't show up on
certain sites
so you can see here that you can create
a block list on the block list tab
so i'm going to come over here to block
lists i can then get started by clicking
create block list and you can see here
basically you just need to have a list
of the website domains and app store
urls from the audience network
that you want to block you then need to
make sure that they are formatted
and then upload them using either a txt
or a csv
file you can include up to 10 000 line
items so you can exclude that many per
block list
if you're anything like me the next
thing you think is okay this is great
i'm going to create a block list and
make sure that my ads don't show up in
unsavory places around the network but
can my ad show up on facebook it's not
quite as apparent or at least it doesn't
feel as easy to figure out where those
are as it does for
google so the good news is there are a
couple of different ways that you can do
this the first is going to be this
publisher lists over to the side
unlike the google display network
facebook uploads
new lists of every single publisher that
they have
on different placements with a very
regular cadence
right now it is july 2nd and there are
four different
placement lists that are in here there's
one for facebook in-stream videos
audience network facebook instant
artikles and instagram tv
which is going to feel similar to some
of the placements we've already toked
you can also see that there's an updated
date on it
and the reason i mentioned it's july 2nd
is because this one was updated on july
this one was june 29th this one's also
june 29th and this one's june 30. these
are updated
very frequently usually they're updated
every day
these are actually lagging a little bit
behind but if you want to see the
publisher lists and start to sort
through those and decide
who you want to exclude from your
campaigns all you need to do is come in
click on this link and then there's a
big list
of the publishers that show up in those
placements you can go through a number
of different lists that are here
these are going to be some of the
examples but as you can see if you hover
over one of these maybe you don't want
you can easily click add to block list
or what i think is probably the best
option is you can come up to this blue
button up here click the downward arrow
and then you can download
the publisher list to a csv for either
all placements which is going to be all
four of those locations we just toked
about or you can choose
which of the four placements you want to
review one of the added benefits to
downloading this publisher list
is that when you want to then go back
and upload it as a block list
it's already formatted correctly for you
so it's very easy to come in here
review the placements and then get those
uploaded to make sure that you
exclude them from your campaigns moving
forward as i mentioned there is a second
place that you can find the placements
that your ads are showing and for that
i'm actually going to hop into
a live account really quick so now i'm
in a live account but then on top of
that i've also chosen delivery reports
down here in the bottom
left portion of the menu you can then
see that there's nothing that's shown up
if you come in here you can choose
select a placement i'll just choose
audience network rewarded videos and
annoyingly enough there were no
placements there so i actually went back
and chose audience network
native banner and interstitial so that
you know something would show up for the
report in the video that you're trying
to watch to learn how to do this
now we can see the placements that our
ads showed up on the audience network in
these individual placements just like
with the previous section
you can scroll over each one and click
add to block list if you want
you can also download the report for a
certain date range you can also choose
which specific campaigns you want to
review just by clicking on this downward
arrow and then each of these campaigns
you can see the all campaigns number up
at the top but then you can choose
individually based on different
campaigns that you have in the account
if you want to review by campaign level
the audience network placements here are
a little bit different but i do want to
show you one more
functionality for this report so i'm
going to go to facebook in stream videos
here we can see a number of different
pages that have showed up the dodo
ellen degeneres daily mail video fox
jennifer lopez all this sort of thing
let's say you have no idea what the dodo
is and you want to review
if this is an okay placement for
specific placement categories like
in-stream videos
you can come in here and you'll see that
when i hover over this we now have the
option to add to block list
or you can see content level breakdown
once i clicked on that it opened up this
content list to the side
and these are going to be the links to
individual videos or
pages that have shown our ads and the
estimated number of impressions they've
you could review these easily get a
sense for what the dodo is about and
decide if you want to show up in those
placements or not and then whether you
want to add it to a block list or not
based on what you see here
once you've chosen all the placements
you want to add to your block list
you can hop back into the block list
section and upload them into a new list
you can then apply them again either at
the account level
in this brand safety section or you can
apply them at the ad set level like i
showed you earlier
the last two types of exclusions we have
are for topics and content types
the content type exclusion is going to
feel similar to what we have in the
you can exclude your campaigns from all
live streams
or you can exclude all videos published
by non-partners
so basically you'll stop your in-stream
ads from appearing in videos that were
published by
non-partners but are still being
monetized by the rights holders it's a
little bit convoluted but if you want to
stay out of those two categories
all you have to do is check the box and
your entire account will be excluded
from those content types
lastly there are a handful of topics
that we can exclude from our campaigns
you'll see here that these are based on
in-stream videos so you can stop your
in-stream ads from appearing in
on-demand videos about specific topics
there are four different ones
gaming news politiks and religion and
if any of those four things are
categories that you really want to stay
away from
you can easily check the box and exclude
it in my experience
news politiks religion and spirituality
tend to be things that
almost every company wants to stay away
from unless they're really trying to get
mainstream take a politikal stance one
way or another
gaming just so happens to be something
that's good to exclude
if you feel like a lot of your ads or a
lot of your target customers are simply
not paying attention to you because
they're trying to
game it's a little bit easier to just
exclude it as an entire category and
make sure your ads are showing up to
people who are
not quite as fully engrossed as what
they're doing online as
gamers are as you can see there are a
lot of different ways to customize
the placements that your ads are showing
on the facebook
network to make sure that everything is
brand safe and in compliance and you're
not showing up next to something that
isn't a good look for your brand or for
your customers you can obviously do
these either as a proactive step and
kind of get ahead of things by
downloading the publisher lists and
excluding them in a block list or you
can just review the delivery reports and
make sure that you're excluding
placements that don't make sense for you
inventory filters can also be a really
good way to get those in place
but take some time understand how each
of these different settings work and
decide if they make sense for you
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below
we release a new video at least once a
week so if you want to get notified of
when a new one comes out
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