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Facebook Competitor Ads: Discover the Best Alternatives

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Find Your Competitors Facebook Ads Easily with Google Search Engine

Discovering and analyzing your competition on dropshipping is a critical step in your success. You may miss out on some products and cool ideas about designs and creatives for your Shopify store if you do not analyze your competition. In this video, we will show you a unique and easy trick to find the ad set for any competitor on your dropshipping journey without using any tools.


1. Access the Google search engine and type in powered by shopify in between two dots and two quotation marks. Then hit space and type in the keyword that is related to your niche in the second set of two dots and two quotation marks.

2. Hit enter and scroll down to pick a product from the results.

3. Check for social media icons on the page and spy on the page to find the Facebook and Instagram pages.

4. Access the Facebook page and scroll down to the Page Transparency section.

5. Click on See All and look for the Ads from this Page section.

6. Click on Go to Ad Library and find the ad set for the product you are interested in.


- Make sure to include space between each one of the two dots and two quotation marks for the search query to work properly.

- Use the comments in the video description to copy and paste the search query and replace the product with the one you are working on.

- Analyzing your competition in dropshipping is a critical step for success.

By using this easy trick, you can find your dropshipping competitors' Facebook ads easily without using any expensive tools. Analyzing your competition is important to discover new products and ideas for your Shopify store. Remember to always spy on your competition before you even start your dropshipping journey.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREE

- In this video, I will share with you how to spy on your competitors' Facebook ads and use them for your own business.

- By following my strategies and mimicking what successful competitors are doing, you can learn and improve your own Facebook ads.

- Before we start, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram.

Steps to Spy on Competitors:

1. Interact with ads related to your business to trigger Facebook to show you more ads.

2. Use the Facebook Ad Library to spy on competitors and copy what they're doing.

3. If you see an ad with a bitly URL, add a plus sign to the end to see all the data on clicks and when the ad started.


- Using the example of a dog water bottle, I show how to use the Facebook Ad Library to spy on competitors.

- By clicking on an ad with a bitly URL, I show how to see data on clicks and when the ad started.

- By searching for a competitor's Facebook page in the Ad Library, I show how to see all their active ads and when they were launched.


- Use this strategy ethically and don't copy competitors' ads word for word.

- Use the information as a resource to learn and improve your own ads.

- Using Facebook's transparency updates, you can now easily spy on your competitors' ads and improve your own.

- Use this strategy ethically and make variations of successful ads to see more success in your business.

How To Use Facebook Ad Library To Find Winning Products | Ad Library Tricks

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will show you some unique tricks on how to use the Facebook Ad Library properly. We will focus on how to filter out and find winning ad sets and products on Facebook Ad Library. Additionally, I will share a trick on how to see all the ad sets that are not based on a specific niche.

Trick 1: Searching for Ad Sets not Based on a Specific Niche

1. Go to the Facebook Ad Library.

2. Choose your country and select All Ads for the ad category.

3. In the search bar, type xero with joiner (copy and paste it from our website).

4. Hit enter and you will get a list of ad sets from multiple niches.

5. Use the metrics to determine if an ad set is winning or not.

6. If an ad set has been running for a long time and has multiple ad sets, it may be a winning ad set.

Trick 2: Finding Winning Ad Sets and Products

1. Look for ad sets that have been running for a long time and have multiple ad sets.

2. Use the metrics on Facebook Ad Library to determine if an ad set is winning or not.

3. If an ad set has been running for a long time and has multiple ad sets, it may be a winning ad set.

4. Click on See Ad Details to learn more about the ad set.

5. Check out the advertiser's website to see if they are using Shopify or not.

6. Look for products that are not branded and have low likes but are still running for a long time with multiple ad sets.

7. These products may be a gold mine.

Using the Facebook Ad Library properly can help you find winning ad sets and products. By using the two tricks I shared, you can filter out ad sets not based on a specific niche and find winning ad sets that have been running for a long time with multiple ad sets. Make sure to use the metrics on Facebook Ad Library to determine if an ad set is winning or not. Happy hunting!

Target Your COMPETITOR'S AUDIENCE on Facebook With THIS Simple Trick!

How to Target Your Competitors' Audience on Facebook and Instagram

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru shares a simple trick to find out who your competitors are targeting on Facebook and Instagram, and how you can replicate their success by targeting the same audience.


- Click on the three dots on your competitor's ad and select Why am I seeing this ad?

- Facebook will show you the targeting options that your competitor is using for that ad.

- Take note of the interests and lookalike audiences that your competitor is targeting.


- Johnny's Sister: targeting people interested in pets in the UK.

- Spirit Dog Training: targeting people interested in dogs.

- Fido Pro: targeting people interested in pets, dog walking, and dog harnesses.

- Bottle Farm: targeting people interested in indoor farming.

- Hiros: targeting a lookalike audience based on existing customers.


- This method only works if your competitors are advertising to you.

- Your interests on Facebook may not always be accurate.

By analyzing your competitors' targeting options, you can gain valuable insights into their advertising strategy and replicate their success with your own Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Don't forget to watch Ben Heath's free webinar on three killer Facebook ad strategies and consider Lead Guru's Facebook advertising services if you're looking to take your results to the next level.

How to Analyse Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Are you curious about how your competitors are performing on Facebook and Instagram ads? Facebook's ad library doesn't always provide all the information we need, but there are ways to analyze a competitor's PPC campaigns.

Analyzing Competitors' PPC Campaigns:

When analyzing a competitor's PPC campaigns, we focus on three areas: targeting, ad creative, and spend. Let's take a closer look at how to analyze these areas.


Although Facebook and Instagram don't give us the specific audiences these ads are being shown to, we can deduce it from the copy and creative being used. For example, retargeting ads may be shown to people who have been on a brand's page or who like them on Facebook. We can also analyze the copy and creative to identify whether the ad is designed for restocking or cold prospecting.

Ad Creative:

We analyze the type of ad creative being used and the key messages being conveyed to make people buy from the brand. We can also analyze whether the ad creative is user-generated content or product shots, and whether it's eye-catching or redundant.


Although we can't always see how much a brand is spending on Facebook ads, we can deduce it from little telltale signs. For example, if a brand is running a huge volume of ads, it's likely that they're spending a lot. If they're running retargeting ads to people who have already been on their website, they're probably not spending as much.

By analyzing your competitors' PPC campaigns, you can gain insights into their targeting, ad creative, and spend. This information can help you identify gaps in your own PPC strategy and make adjustments to improve your performance. Don't forget to also focus on your landing pages, as they play a critical role in the success of your entire ad campaign.

How To Target Your Competitors' Customers With Facebook Ads!

In this video, Heath from Lead Guru explains how to target your competitors' customers with Facebook Ads. He highlights the advantages of this strategy and provides two methods for achieving it.

Advantages of Targeting Competitors' Customers:

- Acquiring new customers at a lower cost

- Advertising to an audience that is already interested in your product/service

- Being able to put your superior offer in front of potential customers

Method 1:

- Check if your competitor is an interest targeting option on Facebook

- If yes, target their audience using this option

- If not, move on to method 2

Method 2:

- Use Facebook Audience Insights to research your competitor's audience

- Make a note of the interest targeting options and affinity scores

- Target the audience using these interest targeting options

Free Resource:

Heath also provides a free training called 3 Killer Facebook Ad Strategies to Double or More Your Revenue. He emphasizes the importance of using the right strategy for your products/services to achieve profitability.

Targeting your competitors' customers with Facebook Ads can be a cost-effective way to acquire new customers. By using the two methods provided by Heath, businesses can reach potential customers who are already interested in their product/service. Additionally, using the right strategy for your business is crucial for achieving profitability in Facebook Ads.

6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2022 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!)

- Facebook ads are getting more expensive

- Neil Patel shares six strategies and tools for better Facebook ads in 2019

Strategies and Tools:

1. Spy on competitor's ads

- Check info and ads on their Facebook fan page

- Determine what's working and start from there

2. Make it hard for people to spy on your ads

- Switch page template to video template

- Changes layout of page, making it harder to see ads

3. Use Big Spy

- Put in keywords related to marketing

- Shows all ads related to those keywords

4. Use Facebook Audience Insights

- Gives information on Facebook audience demographics

- Helps determine who to target with ads

5. Use Connectio.io

- Helps find other interests and categories related to main one being targeted

6. Re-market to own audience

- Show video ads to people who don't complete purchase or form filling

- Use opposite pitch to landing page, convert more people

- Check out Neil Patel Digital for help with Facebook ads

- Like, share, and comment on video for more help

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