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Facebook Competitors' Ads: A Sneak Peek

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Find Your Competitors' Facebook Ads Easily

Discovering and analyzing your competition is a critical step in your dropshipping success. It helps you identify the products and design ideas that are working well for your competitors and enables you to spy on their marketing strategies. In this article, we will show you how to find your dropshipping competitors' Facebook ads easily without using any expensive tools.


1. Use Google search engine to find Shopify stores related to your niche by typing in powered by Shopify in quotation marks.

2. Add a space and then type in another set of quotation marks, followed by a keyword related to your niche.

3. Hit enter and scroll down to select a Shopify store selling the product you want to spy on.

4. Look for the social media icons on their page, click on the Facebook icon, and access their page.

5. Scroll down to the Page Transparency section and click on See All under Ads from this page.

6. Click on Go to Ad Library to view their active ad sets.


- Make sure to sign up to Facebook platform to view the ads.

- Use the comments provided in the description box to find your competitors' Facebook ads easily.

- Look for the active ad sets and analyze their creatives, targeting, and messaging.

- Use the information to improve your own ad sets and gain a competitive advantage.

Spying on your dropshipping competitors' Facebook ads is a crucial step in your success. By using the Google search engine and Facebook platform, you can easily find your competitors' active ad sets and analyze their marketing strategies. With this information, you can improve your own ad sets and gain a competitive advantage in your niche.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREE

- The video is about how to spy on competitors' Facebook ads and steal their strategies.

- The Facebook scandal has made it possible for advertisers to see what their competitors are advertising.

- The Facebook Ads Library is a great tool to spy on competitors.

- The steps to spy on competitors are discussed.

Steps to Spy on Competitors:

1. Interact with ads related to your business to trigger Facebook to show you more ads.

2. Use Facebook and search for related posts and pages in your niche.

3. Use the Facebook Ads Library to spy on your competitors.

4. Copy down the name of the Facebook page of your competitor.

5. If the competitor uses bitly, copy the link and add a plus sign to see more data.

6. Use the information to learn and make variations, not to copy word for word.

Bonus Tip:

- Use Tiny to shorten links and protect your data from being exposed.

- Use the Facebook Ads Library to see the active ads of your competitors and when they were launched.

- Spying on competitors' Facebook ads can help advertisers learn and improve their own strategies.

- Use the Facebook Ads Library to spy on competitors and make variations to their strategies.

- Use Tiny to protect your data and shorten links.

- Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more tutorials and videos.

How To Spy On Your Competitors Ads For Free (Facebook & TikTok)

Welcome back to our YouTube channel where we talk about all things Facebook! My name is Sydney, and I am the co-founder and media buyer at Vertex Marketing Agency, where we help e-commerce brands scale their Facebook and Instagram advertising. In today's video, I want to show you how to spy on your competitors from A to Z so that you can ultimately make better Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok ads if you're on that platform. So, stick around to the end of the video, and I'll be showing you every single step and why I do each of these steps.

- Welcome back to our YouTube channel

- My name is Sydney, and I'm the co-founder of Vertex Marketing Agency

- Today, I want to show you how to spy on your competitors and make better ads

How to Spy on Your Competitors:

1. Use Google to search for keywords related to your products and see which brands are running Google ads.

- Look for brands targeting the same audience and with a similar product.

- Scroll to the bottom of their page and click on their Facebook icon.

- Check if they are a real competitor and then click on Page Transparency to see if they're running ads.

- Go to Ad Library to see all the ads they're running on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Use the TikTok Ad Library to see which ads are currently running.

- Go to ads.tiktok.com and select Top Ads.

- Choose the industry and location relevant to your brand.

- Select the event type, such as conversions, and toggle down to see the most impactful ads.

- Click on an ad to see where it's been running, the format, engagement rate, and most impactful points in the video.

Note: Don't copy your competitors' ads directly. Instead, take inspiration from their creatives and add your own unique twist.

- Spying on your competitors can help you make better ads.

- Use Google and the TikTok Ad Library to see what your competitors are doing.

- Don't copy your competitors' ads directly; add your own unique twist to make them original.

- Join Coffee and Marketing, our new marketing forum platform, to ask any marketing questions and get answers from experts.

How To Use Facebook Ad Library To Find WINNING Competitors Ads

In this video, Rick Khan shows how to use Facebook Ad Library to find winning competitor ads. It's important to find competitors' ads, but it's even more important to know if the ads are working. To find winning ads, start by looking at the dates. If an ad has been running for a few months, it's likely successful. Look at the ad copy, offer, creative, and hooks. Pay attention to the strategy behind the ad.

To find multiple competitors in your industry, go to Facebook Ad Library, type in a keyword, and filter by English speakers and active ads. Change the date to go back a few months. Look at the structures, creative, and language patterns. Are they talking to cold or warm audiences? This will give you an idea of how to create a winning ad.

However, it's important to note that this information should not be used for stealing. Use it to inspire ideas and innovate what your competitors are doing. Always click on the link to know the strategy behind the ad. Finally, create a similar ad to your competitors and find their targeting to get the best results.

6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2022 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!)

- Facebook ads are becoming more expensive every year, making it harder to compete with other businesses.

- In this article, I will share six Facebook ad strategies and tools to help you do better in 2019.

Strategy 1: Spy on Your Competitor's Ads

- Your competitors' successful strategies can work for you too.

- Visit your competitors' Facebook page and click on Info and Ads to see all their ads, campaigns, landing pages, and webinars.

- Determine what's working for them and use it as a starting point for your own ads.

Strategy 2: Make it Hard for Others to Spy on Your Ads

- Switch your page template to video template to make it harder for others to see what ads you're running.

- This changes the layout of the page and can discourage people from spying on your ads.

Strategy 3: Use BigSpy.com

- Use BigSpy.com to search for keywords related to your business and see all the ads related to those keywords.

- This tool can show you other competitors in your space that are doing well, but you may not know about.

Strategy 4: Use Facebook Audience Insights

- Use Facebook Audience Insights to learn more about your target audience.

- This tool can show you who is on Facebook, their interests, demographics, and the best time to run ads.

Strategy 5: Use Connection.io

- Use Connection.io to find similar categories and interests related to your target audience.

- This tool can help you find other categories and interests to target that you may not have thought of before.

Strategy 6: Re-Market to Your Audience

- Show video ads to people who have visited your landing pages but didn't complete a purchase or fill out their information.

- Use the opposite pitch of your landing page to appeal to a different audience.

- This will give you two chances to convert the same person and increase your conversion rates.

- Using these six Facebook ad strategies and tools can help you stay ahead of your competition and increase your conversion rates.

- Remember to spy on your competitors, make it hard for others to spy on your ads, use BigSpy.com, Facebook Audience Insights, Connection.io, and re-market to your audience.

- If you need help growing your revenue and traffic from Facebook ads, check out Neil Patel Digital.

SPY On YOUR COMPETITORS For FREE! (Facebook Ads NEW Feature)

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that allows users to see active ads that have been launched from any Facebook page. This feature eliminates the need for Facebook Ads spy tools and provides direct access to ads on Facebook.

How it works:

Users can go to any Facebook page and see the new section called info and ads on the homepage. This section shows all the active ads being launched and run from that page. Users can watch the video, go to the landing page, and get an idea of what's working or what the other stores are testing.

Should you worry about this?

If you see this feature and feel extremely worried, then you should focus on improving your systems and the way you have things set up. Creating high-quality content and testing good products will still enable you to make sales and scale with this feature. Being unique and creating content that stands out to customers is essential as many people will be copying and pasting each other.

Benefits of the feature:

This feature gives insight into competitors and provides some insights. Beginners do not have to pay for an expensive spy tool anymore. Now, users can get it directly from Facebook themselves.

The new feature rolled out by Facebook is a game-changer for anyone running Facebook ads or dropshipping. The feature allows users to gain insight into competitors and see what's working. Being unique and creating content that stands out to customers is the key to success. This feature is a positive thing and should be seen as an opportunity to improve current systems and approaches to selling products on Facebook.

Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategy (Spy On Your Competitors Ads)

- In this article, we will be discussing how to spy on Facebook competitors and gather information about their products and targeting options.

- By doing so, we can get ideas for our own ads and create successful campaigns.

Steps to Spy on Facebook Competitors:

1. Search for a Product:

- Open Facebook and search for a product related to what you are promoting.

- Look for posts that showcase products for sale.

2. Click on a Product:

- Click on a product that is similar to what you are promoting.

- Facebook will start giving you suggestions based on what you have clicked on.

3. Simulate a Purchase:

- To make Facebook think that you are interested in the product, simulate a purchase event.

- Open a new tab and search for Facebook Pixel on a Button Click.

- Copy the piece of code and paste it in the console.

- Change the code to purchase and change the price and content type accordingly.

4. Collect Targeting Data:

- As you scroll through your Facebook wall, Facebook will start showing you ads similar to the product you clicked on.

- Click on the Why am I seeing this? option to gather information about targeting options.

- Keep track of interests and categories in a separate file.

5. Collect Ad Creative and Sales Copy:

- Save the ads that catch your eye and analyze their sales copy.

- Use this information to create successful campaigns.

- By following these steps, you can spy on your Facebook competitors and gather valuable information about their products and targeting options.

- Use this information to create successful campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

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