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Facebook Cover Videos: Gone for Good?

Published on: November 20 2023 by Mark Warncken - Social Media Selling 123

Facebook Cover Videos: Gone for Good?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Facebook Cover Image
  3. Importance of Facebook Cover Image
  4. Different Options for Facebook Cover Image
    • 4.1 Single Image
    • 4.2 Slideshow
    • 4.3 Video (Secretly Removed?)
  5. My Personal Experience
  6. Investigation on the Disappearance of Facebook Cover Videos
  7. Lack of Information on YouTube
  8. Exploring Reddit for Answers
  9. User Reports on Facebook Cover Video Removal
  10. Facebook's Response to the Issue
  11. Conclusion


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and having an engaging and visually appealing Facebook page is crucial for businesses and brands. The Facebook cover image, which sits at the top of the page, plays a vital role in capturing the attention of users. In this article, we will explore the various options available for Facebook cover images, with a particular focus on cover videos. Furthermore, we will investigate reports of Facebook cover videos being secretly removed and try to uncover the truth behind this issue.

Understanding Facebook Cover Image

The Facebook cover image is the prominently displayed image that appears at the top of a Facebook page. It serves as a visual representation of the page and can convey important information about the brand or business. With its prime position on the page, the cover image has the potential to make a strong impression on visitors.

Importance of Facebook Cover Image

The Facebook cover image is an essential element for any business or brand that wants to make a lasting impression on its audience. It is often the first thing users see when they visit a Facebook page, and it can greatly influence their perception of the page and the brand it represents. A well-designed and visually captivating cover image can grab the attention of users and encourage them to explore the page further.

Different Options for Facebook Cover Image

Facebook offers several options for creating a compelling cover image for your page. These options include a single image, a slideshow, and a video. Each option has its advantages and can be used to convey different messages or showcase various aspects of your brand.

4.1 Single Image

A single image is the simplest and most common option for a Facebook cover image. It allows you to choose a single photo or graphic that represents your brand and effectively communicates your message. This option is ideal for businesses that want a static, visually appealing cover image.

4.2 Slideshow

The slideshow option allows you to showcase multiple images in a dynamic and engaging way. You can upload multiple photos and arrange them in a specific order to create a slideshow effect. This option is useful for brands that want to highlight different products, services, or aspects of their business.

4.3 Video (Secretly Removed?)

Until recently, Facebook also offered the option to use a cover video instead of a static image or slideshow. Cover videos have the advantage of being highly engaging and can capture the attention of users. However, there have been reports of Facebook secretly removing the option to upload cover videos. In the following sections, we will explore this issue in more detail.

My Personal Experience

As a Facebook user and someone who regularly updates my Facebook page, I have personally noticed the disappearance of my cover video. Additionally, I have received messages from other users from around the world raising the same concern. In the next sections, I will delve deeper into this issue to try and understand what has happened to Facebook cover videos.

Investigation on the Disappearance of Facebook Cover Videos

Upon noticing the absence of the video upload option in the cover image editing section of my Facebook page, I tried to find alternative ways to access it. However, my thorough search of the page's settings and other behind-the-scenes areas yielded no results. I concluded that the option to upload cover videos may have indeed been removed.

Lack of Information on YouTube

To gather more information and see if others have encountered the same problem, I turned to YouTube. Unfortunately, despite various search queries, I couldn't find any videos addressing the issue of Facebook cover videos no longer showing or being removed. The lack of information on this platform heightened my curiosity and desire to find answers.

Exploring Reddit for Answers

In my quest for answers, I stumbled upon a Reddit post from a few months ago where someone had posed the same question. The thread had attracted responses from individuals worldwide who had noticed the disappearance of Facebook cover videos. While Reddit may not be the most familiar platform to me, it proved to be a valuable resource in terms of finding community discussions and potential insights into this matter.

User Reports on Facebook Cover Video Removal

The Reddit post shed some light on the situation, as users from different countries reported similar experiences. They confirmed that the video option had vanished, and some had even contacted Facebook support for clarification. According to one user, Facebook management confirmed that they had canceled the cover video feature, but there was no information on whether this removal was permanent.

Facebook's Response to the Issue

The lack of official communication from Facebook regarding the removal of cover videos added to the confusion. Users expressed their frustration with the sudden change and the absence of any notice or support regarding the matter. The removal of this feature has led to the conversion of cover videos back into static images, further hindering businesses and brands that relied on videos for engagement.


In conclusion, the option to upload cover videos on Facebook appears to have been removed, based on personal experiences and user reports from around the world. While this change has created frustration and confusion among users, there is no official explanation from Facebook about the removal or any indications of whether it will be reinstated in the future. The absence of cover videos eliminates an engaging and visually captivating element from Facebook pages, leaving businesses and brands to explore other means of capturing the attention of their audience.

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