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Facebook Dating, Bing and Google Ads Updates - What You Need to Know!

Published on: November 17 2023 by Learn Digital Advertising

Facebook Dating, Bing and Google Ads Updates - What You Need to Know!

Table of Contents

  1. Bing Launches Negative Keyword Conflict Report for Shopping Campaigns
  2. New Setting for Seasonality in Google Ads
  3. Data Studio Breaks Up with Drive
  4. Facebook Dating Now Available in the United States
  5. LinkedIn Offers Free Courses on their Platform
  6. Google Search Console Waves Goodbye to the Old Version
  7. Google Webmasters Introduce New Ways to Use Nofollow Links

Bing Launches Negative Keyword Conflict Report for Shopping Campaigns

New Setting for Seasonality in Google Ads

Data Studio Breaks Up with Drive

Facebook Dating Now Available in the United States

LinkedIn Offers Free Courses on their Platform

Google Search Console Waves Goodbye to the Old Version

Google Webmasters Introduce New Ways to Use Nofollow Links

Bing Launches Negative Keyword Conflict Report for Shopping Campaigns

Bing has recently introduced a new feature that aims to help advertisers running shopping campaigns. They have launched a negative keyword conflict report, which provides insights into the search terms that are currently being blocked by negative keywords. This report will enable advertisers to identify any potential issues with their negative keyword strategy and make necessary adjustments.

The negative keyword conflict report displays a list of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) that could be potentially blocked by negative keywords. It shows the product ID and the specific negative keyword that is blocking the product from being displayed. This report allows advertisers to identify if a certain SKU is unintentionally being blocked by a negative keyword and gives them the opportunity to correct it.

While the usefulness of this feature may vary depending on the size of the campaign, it can be a valuable tool for advertisers dealing with a large number of SKUs. For smaller campaigns, it may not provide significant benefits, but it is still a step forward in Bing's efforts to improve their network and provide more control to advertisers.

New Setting for Seasonality in Google Ads

Google Ads has introduced a new setting that addresses the challenges faced by advertisers when it comes to bid automation and seasonality. With this new setting, advertisers can inform Google about the expected change in their conversion rates during specific seasons or events.

Seasonality can have a significant impact on the performance of advertising campaigns, especially when the changes are sharp and sudden. For example, during holiday seasons or specific events, conversion rates for certain industries may fluctuate drastically. Bid automation systems often struggle to adapt quickly to these fluctuations, resulting in suboptimal performance.

The new seasonality setting in Google Ads allows advertisers to provide information about when they expect the season or event to change and what conversion rate percentage they anticipate. This way, Google's automation system can adjust bids more intelligently based on the expected changes. For example, on a day with higher expected conversion rates, the system may increase bids to capture more opportunities.

Although the effectiveness of this new setting is yet to be tested extensively, it shows promise in alleviating the challenges faced by advertisers in adapting their bidding strategies to seasonality. It is particularly beneficial for advertisers with campaigns that are heavily influenced by seasonal factors.

Data Studio Breaks Up with Drive

Google's Data Studio, a popular data visualization and reporting tool, is making a significant change in how it manages data sources. Previously, Data Studio relied on Google Drive for storing and connecting data sources. However, this dependency on Google Drive often led to a cluttered and confusing experience for users, especially when managing multiple data sources from various accounts.

To address this issue, Google has decided to break up with Drive. This change aims to simplify the process of connecting and managing data sources within Data Studio. Users will no longer see files stored in the root of Drive as potential data sources but will now have distinct data sources that can be easily identified and managed.

This change is expected to improve the overall user experience of Data Studio, making it easier for marketers and analysts to access and utilize their data. It eliminates the confusion caused by having data sources and files mixed together in one location and enables users to focus solely on analyzing and visualizing their data.

The breakup with Drive is a positive move by Google, highlighting their commitment to continuously enhancing their products and addressing user feedback. Users can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient experience when using Data Studio.

Facebook Dating Now Available in the United States

Facebook, the social media giant, has expanded its dating feature and made it available to users in the United States. Facebook Dating allows users to create a separate dating profile that integrates with Instagram. This integration enables users to showcase their best moments and curated photos from Instagram, enhancing their dating profile and potentially making a more positive impression on potential matches.

In addition to showcasing Instagram photos, Facebook Dating also introduces the concept of "secret crushes." Users can select up to nine friends from their Facebook network as secret crushes. If any of the selected friends also choose them as a secret crush, both parties will be notified, potentially leading to a romantic connection.

Facebook Dating provides an additional avenue for users to meet new people and potentially form meaningful relationships. It leverages the vast user base and extensive social connections on Facebook to facilitate connections based on shared interests and mutual friends. However, it is important to note that Facebook Dating is opt-in, and users have control over which information and photos are shared on their dating profile.

While this feature can be exciting for many Facebook users, it does come with some potential drawbacks. Privacy concerns are always a consideration when sharing personal information on social media platforms. Users should be mindful of the information they choose to disclose and take steps to protect their privacy while using the Facebook Dating feature.

LinkedIn Offers Free Courses on their Platform

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has introduced a new initiative to provide free courses on its platform. The educational courses aim to help users improve their skills and knowledge in various aspects of LinkedIn marketing and organic marketing.

The courses offered by LinkedIn cover a range of topics, including audience targeting, campaign setups, and organic marketing strategies. This initiative is a valuable opportunity for professionals and marketers to enhance their understanding of LinkedIn's advertising capabilities and organic marketing techniques.

By offering free courses, LinkedIn aims to empower its users and enable them to make the most of the platform's marketing potential. It aligns with the industry trend of providing educational resources to users, allowing them to gain the necessary skills to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Taking advantage of these free courses can benefit professionals and marketers by helping them stay up-to-date with the latest LinkedIn marketing strategies and techniques. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or an experienced user, these courses offer valuable insights that can enhance your marketing efforts on the platform.

Google Search Console Waves Goodbye to the Old Version

Google has bid farewell to the old version of its Search Console, a webmaster tool that provides insights and performance data for websites. With the retirement of the old version, webmasters can now access Google Search Console directly through the new version, without the need to switch between the two.

This transition to the new Search Console simplifies the user experience and saves time for webmasters who previously had to navigate between the old and new versions. The new Search Console offers improved functionality and a more user-friendly interface, making it easier for webmasters to monitor and optimize their website's performance in search results.

Google estimates that this transition will save approximately 40 million clicks per day from webmasters who had to switch to the new version manually. This change ensures that webmasters have immediate access to all the features and capabilities of the new Search Console, enhancing their ability to analyze and improve their website's visibility.

If you are a webmaster or website owner, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the new Search Console and take advantage of its enhanced functionality and insights. The transition from the old version to the new is seamless, and there is no need to take any specific actions as Google has automatically redirected all users to the new Search Console.

Google Webmasters Introduce New Ways to Use Nofollow Links

Google's webmasters are now offering additional options for managing nofollow links. Nofollow links are HTML attributes that inform search engines not to pass authority or value from one page to another. Previously, webmasters could only use the standard nofollow attribute to indicate that a link should be ignored for ranking purposes.

With the new update, Google has introduced two additional ways to identify nofollow links: sponsored and user-generated. These new attributes allow webmasters to specify whether a nofollow link is associated with sponsored content or user-generated content. This distinction provides search engines with additional context about the origin and nature of the link.

The introduction of these new nofollow attributes is valuable for both webmasters and search engines. Webmasters can now clarify the nature of their nofollow links, ensuring that search engines understand the purpose and context of these links. This distinction may have implications for SEO, as search engines may consider different factors when evaluating nofollow links based on their categorization.

It is important to note that this update does not require webmasters to go back and change all their existing nofollow links. Google recommends using the new attributes moving forward while not making retroactive changes to old links. The update serves to establish a new standard for nofollow links and provides additional options for webmasters to improve the accuracy and relevance of their link profiles.


Q: Who can access the negative keyword conflict report in Bing?

A: The negative keyword conflict report is available to advertisers who are running shopping campaigns on Bing.

Q: Can the seasonal setting in Google Ads be applied at different levels of the account structure?

A: The seasonal setting in Google Ads can be applied at both the account level and the campaign level.

Q: How many secret crushes can Facebook Dating users select?

A: Facebook Dating users can select up to nine secret crushes from their Facebook network.

Q: Do users have control over the information shared in their Facebook Dating profile?

A: Yes, users have control over the information and photos they choose to share in their Facebook Dating profile.

Q: Are the LinkedIn courses free for all users?

A: Yes, LinkedIn is offering free courses on their platform for all users.

Q: Is there any action required to transition to the new version of Google Search Console?

A: No, the transition to the new version of Google Search Console is automatic. Users will be redirected to the new version when accessing the old version.

Q: Can webmasters change the attributes of existing nofollow links?

A: Google recommends not making retroactive changes to existing nofollow links, but instead, using the new attributes for future links.

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