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Facebook Dropshipping: Brand Product Categories

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

What are the Best Facebook Marketplace Categories for Drop Shipping in 2021?

Drop shippers are always looking for new ways to reinvent themselves and the business model they are working on. Facebook Marketplace is a huge untapped market when it comes to drop shipping. In this article, we will go over the best Facebook Marketplace categories to dropship from.


1. Home and Garden: This category is perfect for drop shipping with subcategories such as appliances, furniture, household, and garden.

2. Family: With subcategories such as babies and kids items, health and beauty, pets supplies, and toys and games, there are a lot of products that match the general family category.

3. Electronics: With car electronics, cell phone accessories, and home audio systems, electronics is a great fit for dropshipping.

4. Hobbies: With subcategories such as antiques and collectibles, arts and crafts, and sporting goods, there is a lot of variety under the hobbies category.

5. Clothing and Accessories: Fashion is the largest B2C ecommerce market segment, and its global size is estimated at 525 billion dollars in 2019. With subcategories such as jewelry and accessories, bags and luggage, and kids clothing, there are plenty of options for dropshipping.

What Not to Sell:

It is wise to stay away from adult products, alcohol and tobacco products, digital products, hazardous goods and materials, ingestibles and supplements, medical and healthcare products, drugs and paraphernalia, and weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start dropshipping. By knowing what categories to sell and what products to avoid, drop shippers can maximize their profits and avoid any trouble with Facebook. AutoDS offers semi-automation when it comes to the Facebook Marketplace, making it easy for drop shippers to get started. Keep up to date with the latest trends and product ideas by checking out AutoDS's blog and product finding articles.

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Run Facebook Ads I Master FB Ads in 20 minutes

Are you struggling to set up your ads, run your first campaigns, and drive traffic to your website profitably? Well, you're not alone. In this article, we'll break down everything step by step to help you set up and run your ads profitably.

Key Points:

- To start, you need a trending winning product that solves a problem, sells for $25 or more, has a wow factor, and offers areas of improvement.

- Advertisements are important to get cheap traffic to your store and stand out from the competition. Use resources like Viral Ecom Ads and test out different thumbnails and videos through creative testing campaigns.

- Once you have determined which thumbnail and video perform the best, set up your first purchase campaign using campaign budget optimization and selecting your pixel and conversion event.

- Test out different ad sets with a $100 budget, giving each asset a fair chance to perform well, and let Facebook's AI system do the spending for you.

By following these steps, you can set up and run your ads profitably, driving more traffic to your website and increasing your sales. Remember to always test and optimize your ads to get the best results. Good luck!

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping: How To Do Product Research?

One of the biggest challenges for drop shippers is knowing what products to sell among millions of options. This can lead to confusion and low sales. In this article, we will discuss the best product finding methods for the Facebook Marketplace.

Best Ways to Conduct Product Research for the Facebook Marketplace:

1. Check the Best Sellers section of Amazon and Banggood to see what products are selling well. This increases the chances of importing a product that will sell.

2. Narrow down the categories and find the subcategories that are relevant to the dropshipping business model. For example, Home and Kitchen is great for dropshipping.

3. Start listing the best selling products and add similar products with different variations, colors, styles, forms, and shapes.

4. Use one-click importer or extract feature to import products to AutoDS and then to the Facebook Marketplace.

5. Look for new releases of products that are similar to the ones that have sold well for you in the past. This way, you can beat the competition and start selling before anyone else.

Finding the best products to sell on the Facebook Marketplace can be challenging, but by using the above methods, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to use UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking numbers to maintain a better cash flow and win Item Not Received cases. Happy dropshipping!

Top 10 Dropshipping Products To Sell In January 2023 (FULL Analysis!) 💰

Here are my top 10 favorite DropShipping products for the month of January 2023:

1. Fast charging USB cable

- Selling for around $25, sourced for just a few dollars

- Potential profit of about $20 per sale

- Popular on Facebook with almost 1,000 engagements

2. Neck supporting round pillow

- Comes with memory foam for neck support

- Selling for $31.48, sourced for just $14.50

- Potential profit of about $17 per sale

3. Solar LED Firefly lights

- Selling for around $26, sourced for about $14

- Potential profit of about $12 per sale

- Facebook ad with crazy engagement

4. Magnetic therapy earrings

- Selling for $25 each with free shipping

- Potential profit of $25 per sale

- Facebook ad with over 5,000 engagements

5. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

- Selling for around $45, sourced for about $17

- Potential profit of about $28 per sale

- Popular on Facebook with over 1,000 engagements

6. Reusable silicone food bags

- Selling for around $20, sourced for just a few dollars

- Potential profit of about $17 per sale

- Popular on Facebook with over 500 engagements

7. Compact electric screwdriver

- Selling for around $35, sourced for just $15

- Potential profit of about $20 per sale

- Popular on Facebook with over 1,000 engagements

8. Wireless earbuds

- Selling for around $35, sourced for just $15

- Potential profit of about $20 per sale

- Popular on Facebook with over 1,000 engagements

9. Portable car vacuum cleaner

- Selling for around $35, sourced for just $15

- Potential profit of

My TOP 6 Dropshipping Suppliers For 2023 [Facebook Marketplace]

- Dropshipping is a business model that offers a lot of freedom and flexibility

- In this article, we will discuss the best suppliers for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping in 2023


- eBay: the best dropshipping supplier for Facebook Marketplace due to unique products and good pictures

- Walmart: a popular supplier with quick shipping and great customer support

- Zoro: a great supplier for construction, home decor, and furniture products

- Home Depot: a massive supplier with a lot of high-end products and quick shipping

- AliExpress and CJ Dropshipping: Chinese suppliers with unique products and the potential for high profits

- Obscure suppliers: can be found by searching on Etsy and finding custom websites for unique products

- Dropshipping offers a lot of flexibility and the ability to find unique products from a variety of suppliers

- By using these recommended suppliers and finding obscure ones, dropshippers can set themselves apart from the competition and succeed in the Facebook Marketplace dropshipping business.

How To Find Dropshipping Products On Facebook

How to Find Drop Shipping Products on Facebook Without Using Extensions, Spy Tools, or Plugins

In this video, we will show you how to find drop shipping products on Facebook without using any extensions, spy tools, or plugins. We will not be searching for posts on Facebook but instead finding the ad sets for the products, which will give us insight into their success.


1. Access Facebook Ad Library and choose your desired country.

2. Select All Ads and enter multiple keywords related to your niche.

3. Use the Free Shipping keyword and another related keyword to find drop shipping products.

4. Scroll through the ad sets to see successful products and their creatives.

5. Change the keywords to your niche to find specific products.

6. Use the videos and pictures from successful ad sets in your own ad sets.

Using Facebook Ad Library to find drop shipping products is a free and effective way to discover successful products in your niche. By searching for ad sets rather than posts, we gain valuable insights into the products' success and can use the creatives in our own ad sets. Don't forget to change the keywords to find products specific to your niche.

Guaranteed Winning Product? Spying On 6 Figure Facebook Ads Ep3 (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this week's edition of Facebook Ads Friday, we take a look at two proven six-figure Facebook ads that are still active and great options for anyone looking to build a business around them. We'll also explore the Shopify stores selling these products and where to source them from at a cost-effective price.

Product 1: Snufflepore Accordion for Cats

- This product addresses the pain points of cat owners, such as keeping their pets stimulated during the day and protecting furniture from scratches.

- The video creative has a great hook in the beginning and showcases the different features and benefits of the product.

- The Shopify store is minimalistic, modern, and upfront about shipping and refund policies.

- AliExpress is a great source for this product, as long as you find a supplier with quality products, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Product 2: Kawaii Pillows

- These fluffy and squishy pillows make great gifts for all ages and come in different sizes and designs.

- The video creative is simple yet effective and shows the transformation of the product from a backpack to a soft and cuddly teddy.

- The Shopify store has a great price point for the smaller sizes but gets more expensive for the larger sizes. To make a profit, consider selling a variety of plush toys rather than just one product.

- The product has recent comments and evidence of people buying it, making it a good option for Q4.

Overall, both products cater to pet owners and those looking for unique gifts. By addressing pain points and showcasing different features and benefits, these Facebook ads have garnered thousands of engagements and purchases. Consider sourcing these products from AliExpress and coupling them with other similar products to increase profit margins.

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