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Facebook Dropshipping Ninjas on Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

So, you've been searching video after video on YouTube, learning a ton of information about dropshipping, but you're still stuck on one part - how in the world are you supposed to set up your ads, start running your first campaigns, and start driving traffic to your website, all while doing this profitably without wasting any money in the wrong direction?

Well, I'm about to break down absolutely everything step by step and give out all the sauce on exactly how to set up and run your ads profitably so all that time and energy that you've been looking into this information on dropshipping, you can actually put it to use.

Bullet points/Numbered list:

- Key factors to look for in a trending, winning product

- The importance of advertisements in getting cheap traffic to your store

- How creative testing allows you to test out different thumbnails and videos against each other at a low cost

- The determining factors to decide which thumbnails perform the best

- How to set up your first purchase campaign using campaign budget optimization

Running Facebook ads can be confusing, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can make it work for your dropshipping business. By focusing on finding a winning product, creating effective advertisements, and using creative testing to gauge performance, you can set up your first purchase campaign using campaign budget optimization. With these steps, you can start driving traffic to your website and making the most out of your ad budget.

Ninja Pinterest Trick For Shopify Dropshipping Product Research

Product Research with Pinterest

In this video, Justin Senior discusses how to use Pinterest for product research. He highlights the importance of social proof when researching products and how Pinterest can provide that social proof. He also introduces a Chrome plugin called Pinterest Sort, which can help to sort search results by social engagement.

Steps to Use Pinterest for Product Research:

1. Install Pinterest Sort Chrome plugin

2. Search for products in your niche on Pinterest

3. Scroll down to load more search results

4. Click on the Pinterest Sort icon and sort by repins

5. Scroll back up to the top to view search results sorted by repins

6. Use this information to gauge popular products in your niche

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Product Research:

1. Provides social proof for products

2. Helps to pre-vet products before investing in them

3. Allows for easy identification of popular products in your niche

Pinterest is a powerful tool for product research. By using the Pinterest Sort Chrome plugin, users can quickly identify popular products in their niche based on social engagement. This can help to guide product research and investment decisions.

Shopify/ Dropshipping: The Ninja Master Class course review

In this video, Jilly gives her review and testimony about the Ninja Master Class Shopify course. She talks about how it has changed her life and how it can do the same for anyone who is interested in dropshipping on Shopify. She emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and taking the initiative to start a business venture.

Key Points:

1. Finding profitable products: The course teaches how to research and find profitable products. It is specific and detailed, leaving no room for confusion or guessing.

2. Finding the best suppliers: The course also teaches how to find the best suppliers and what to look for. Again, it is specific and detailed.

3. Setting up the store: Jilly was intimidated by this at first, but the course eases worries and tells exactly how to set up the store. It provides information on themes, how to make the store look professional, and what apps to use.

4. No upfront costs: Unlike Amazon FBA, there are no upfront costs with Shopify. The course teaches how to use the free trials on apps to generate income before anything costs money.

5. Marketing: The course teaches marketing strategies and how to market the Shopify store. Jilly emphasizes how Kevin David is a marketing genius and knows exactly what he is talking about.

6. Scaling and expanding the business: The course also teaches how to scale and expand the business. It prepares entrepreneurs mentally to be successful and tells them what to expect and how to go about it the right way.

Jilly highly recommends the Ninja Master Class Shopify course and emphasizes its value. She encourages viewers to invest in themselves and start a business venture. She also talks about the community of like-minded entrepreneurs that one can connect with through the course.

Stratégie Facebook Ads Dropshipping CBO "NINJA" (Nouveauté)

Maintenant qu'on a vu comment mettre en place une stratégie de test, il est temps de passer à la communication. Pour cela, il est important de comprendre comment fonctionne l'algorithme de Facebook. En gros, l'algorithme va donner plus de visibilité à une publicité qui a un taux d'engagement élevé. Donc, si votre publicité reçoit beaucoup de réactions, de commentaires, de partages, elle sera mieux placée dans les fils d'actualité des utilisateurs.

Pour maximiser l'engagement de votre publicité, il est important de travailler sur le texte et l'image. Utilisez des titres accrocheurs, des sous-titres pertinents et des images de qualité. N'hésitez pas à utiliser des émoticônes, des phrases interrogatives et des appels à l'action pour inciter les utilisateurs à interagir avec votre publicité.

Ensuite, il est important de travailler sur la landing page. La landing page est la page sur laquelle l'utilisateur arrive après avoir cliqué sur votre publicité. Cette page doit être claire, pertinente et incitative. Elle doit donner envie à l'utilisateur de continuer à explorer votre site et d'acheter votre produit.

Enfin, pour maximiser vos retours sur investissement, il est important de suivre vos résultats et d'optimiser votre campagne en conséquence. Utilisez les statistiques de Facebook pour voir quels sont les intérêts qui fonctionnent le mieux, quelles sont les publicités qui ont le meilleur taux d'engagement, etc. Ensuite, ajustez votre campagne en conséquence pour maximiser vos résultats.

En conclusion, pour maximiser vos résultats sur Facebook, il est important de travailler sur une stratégie de test efficace, de bien comprendre l'algorithme de Facebook, de travailler sur le texte et l'image de votre publicité, de créer une landing page pertinente et incitative, et enfin de suivre vos résultats et d'optimiser votre campagne en conséquence.

💥😮🤑Shopify Ninja Course by KEVIN DAVID - Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Course - KEVIN DAVID😮💥

In this article, we will discuss how a person generated over 1 million dollars by selling weird products like galaxy cat t-shirts, enamel pins, and actual metal bitcoins. They did this by creating Shopify dropshipping stores and targeting people on Facebook based on their interests. In this free training, we will learn how to replicate their success and sell weird products to interested people.

Success Stories:

- Sarah: Doing about $500 a day, just over $16,000 every month with her dropshipping store.

- Michelle: Done over $1,200 in sales just today, only over $30,000 for the month of October.

- Jacob: Doing just over $2,500 in sales just for today alone, over $75,000 for the month of September.

Benefits of Shopify Dropshipping:

- No hard cost: no need to buy any inventory upfront, no fees associated with getting started with Shopify.

- Exact blueprint of how to launch products, scale stores, and make up to a thousand dollars per day.

- Bonuses: most profitable niches for 2018, using ClickFunnels to explode business, and print on demand business to add t-shirts to stores and get complimentary sales.

E-commerce has never been bigger, and there has never been more of an opportunity to jump in than right now. By attending this free training and replicating the success stories mentioned above, anyone can start their Shopify dropshipping store and make money without any hard cost. Don't hesitate to click the link and register for the free training now.

Dropshipping Ninja Shopify app Instructions

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using Out In Style, a dropshipping app that can be installed on Shopify. We will take a look at the features of the app, how to install it, and how it can be used to import products from Amazon and Etsy to your Shopify store.

Benefits of Out In Style:

- Easy installation process

- Free trial with the help of Shopify

- Ability to import products from Amazon and Etsy

- Edit product details such as name, description, and price

- View orders and pricing rules

- Customer support available via email, Skype, or help page

How to install Out In Style:

1. Go to the Dropshipping Ninja page on Shopify

2. Click the Install button for Out In Style

3. Follow the prompts to complete installation

4. Install the Chrome extension

5. Return to your dashboard and start using Out In Style

Using Out In Style:

1. Import a product from Amazon or Etsy by clicking the Import button

2. Edit product details as needed

3. Add the product to your store

4. View and manage orders in the order list page

5. Set pricing rules for your products

Out In Style is a user-friendly dropshipping app that can be easily installed on Shopify. With its ability to import products from Amazon and Etsy, it is a great tool for online store owners looking to expand their inventory. Its features such as order management and pricing rules make it a valuable asset for any online business.

How To Get Awesome ROI on Facebook Ads

Welcome back to our video where we will be discussing how to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) and the drivers behind it. We will also be sharing real results from our students who have generated up to 105 times return on ad spend. My name is Sylvia Myers and I have empowered thousands of online stores in over 35 countries with knowledge designed to quadruple return on investment.

Unfortunately, 98% of online retailers are gambling with their return on ad spend because they don't truly understand what it means. Therefore, they are unable to read the pattern or change it at a deeper level. To evaluate your ROAS, you can do it on the ad level, the headset level, or the campaign level.

To achieve an amazing ROAS and drive 10 times better results, you must create a benchmark for your store. This benchmark should include your ROAS on the campaign, ad set, and ad levels. It should also compare your average ROAS for the past three months to the previous period, determine your break-even ROAS, and identify your best ROAS so far.

Knowing your break-even ROAS is crucial as it essentially determines your return on investment where you don't make money but also don't lose any. For e-commerce stores, the break-even ROAS should be between 2 to 2.5, and for subscription-based businesses, even 0.5 ROAS can be profitable.

By measuring your ROAS systematically, you can manage and transform it to increase profitability and sustainability of your business. This will give you control over how much to invest and where to invest. Therefore, it is essential to collect your store information and calculate your break-even ROAS over the next day or so. We have provided a template to make it easier for you.

In conclusion, understanding and evaluating your ROAS is crucial to the success of your online store. It gives you visibility and control over your business and the power to transform it. We hope this video has provided you with the knowledge and tools to increase your return on ad spend and drive 10 times better results.

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