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facebook employment ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How to Create Facebook Hiring Ads for Your Business

Are you struggling to find the right employees for your business? Creating Facebook hiring ads can be a game changer for your recruitment process. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to create effective hiring ads on Facebook.

Step 1: Choose Your Objective

For your Facebook hiring ad, you will need to choose either traffic or conversions. If you have run hiring ads before and have data based on people who have visited your hiring ad page, choose conversions. If not, choose traffic.

Step 2: Special Ad Category

Toggle on the special ad category to avoid rejection of your ad. Select employment as your special ad category.

Step 3: Campaign Set-up

Give your campaign a name and set up your budget. Choose your ad set name and select the website option to send people to your landing page. Set your daily budget to $20.

Step 4: Audience Targeting

For your audience targeting, use a custom audience of people who have visited your hiring ad page or a lookalike audience of your website traffic. Ensure that you do not discriminate based on personal characteristics. Set your location targeting to a 15-mile radius around your selected city. Age range is between 18 to 65 and gender targeting is set to all.

Step 5: Demographics and Interests

Facebook has limited the options for demographics and interests for employment ads. Select interests relevant to the job position and avoid excluding any detail targeting.

Step 6: Ad Creation

Select your Facebook page and create your ad. Use a single image or video or a carousel ad. For the best results, select landing page views as your optimization and delivery option.

Creating effective Facebook hiring ads can be a game changer for your recruitment process. By following these steps, you can create ads that are optimized for success and avoid rejection from Facebook. Start creating your hiring ads today and find the best employees for your business.

How To Use Facebook Ads For Recruitment

Did you know that Facebook Ads can be used to hire employees? This is especially powerful for small businesses. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to use Facebook as a job board and advertise job opportunities.

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Go to one of your Facebook pages that you manage.

2. Scroll down to the Manage Job section.

3. Click on Create Job to create a new job post.

4. Fill in the details of your job post, including job title, location, full-time or part-time, salary range, and any additional questions you want applicants to answer.

5. Upload an image and hit Next to make your job post live.

6. Click on Boost to advertise your job post using Facebook Ads.

7. Select the special ad category Employment to avoid ad rejection.

8. Choose your target audience, budget, and ad image and copy.

9. Click on Save Changes to submit your ad for approval.


- Facebook job posts are live on your Facebook page and also appear on Facebook's job board.

- Boosted job posts have a wider reach and can be targeted to specific audiences.

- Hiring through Facebook is cost-effective for small businesses.

Using Facebook Ads to hire employees is a powerful tool for small businesses. By following these simple steps, you can create job posts and advertise them to a wider audience. Facebook job posts are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to hire talented individuals.

Facebook Special Ads Category - Avoid Ads Rejected | Politics, Credit, Housing & Employement Ads

When running unemployment ads, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Unemployment ads fall under the category of special ads, which includes credits, employment, housing, and politics. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on employment ads.

Ad Selection:

Unlike regular ads, the selection of audience for special ad categories is limited. The requirements for each category vary, for example, in the case of employment search ads, age cannot be tweaked due to discrimination laws. However, detailed targeting can still be used within the limited parameters.

Ad Set 1:

When targeting a specific audience, it is important to double-check selections. For example, choosing people living in this location instead of people living or recently in this location to avoid targeting travelers. The radius should be limited to 50 miles.

Gender discrimination is not allowed, so ads should target all genders. Detailed targeting can still be used to target interests and behavior.


Placement should be carefully considered for employment ads. In-stream placements are not recommended as viewers are mostly interested in entertainment. Recommended placements include Instagram stories, Facebook feeds, and Instagram reels.

Ads Perspective:

Ads themselves are less restricted than ad sets. Writing and website links are allowed. Instant experience templates can also be used, but at an additional cost.

When running unemployment ads for employment, keep in mind the limitations and requirements of special ad categories. Double-check selections and carefully consider placement. Detailed targeting can still be used to reach a specific audience.

Watch Out For Special Ad Categories On Facebook!

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru discusses Facebook's Special Ad Categories and why it's important to understand them. Facebook has introduced these categories to prevent discriminatory advertising practices, and it's crucial to comply with their policies to avoid disapproval or account disablement.

What are Facebook's Special Ad Categories?

- Facebook requires advertisers to declare if their ads are related to credit, employment, housing opportunities, social issues, elections, or politics.

- If you're not sure if you fall into a special ad category, it's better to declare that you do to avoid potential consequences.

- Advertisers who select a special ad category will face certain restrictions on their advertising capabilities.

What are the differences in targeting capabilities for special ad categories?

- Targeting capabilities are restricted for advertisers in special ad categories.

- Custom audience selections must not discriminate against people based on personal characteristics.

- Detailed targeting options may be unavailable, and open or broad targeting is not allowed.

How can you be productive in 2019?

- Prioritize tasks and create a schedule to manage your time effectively.

- Minimize distractions by turning off notifications and setting designated times to check emails and social media.

- Take breaks to avoid burnout and maintain focus.

- Stay organized by keeping a clean workspace and using tools like to-do lists and calendars.

- Continuously evaluate and adjust your productivity habits to find what works best for you.

Understanding Facebook's Special Ad Categories is essential for advertisers to comply with policies and avoid disapproval or account disablement. By prioritizing tasks, minimizing distractions, taking breaks, staying organized, and evaluating productivity habits, you can increase your productivity in 2019.

I Found A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook (Really)

Have you ever felt like your Facebook ads could be performing better? If so, you're in luck because I'm here to introduce you to the omnipresent content strategy. This approach is designed to put you and your business in front of your ideal customers more often and consistently than any of your competitors. It also helps you develop a relationship with your customers so that they only want to buy from you.

Here's how to get started with an omnipresent content campaign on Facebook:

1. Head into ads manager and click on the green plus create button.

2. Select the reach objective (or awareness if you don't have reach).

3. Give your campaign a name and navigate to the ad set level.

4. Set your daily budget to one pound or dollar.

5. Narrow down your audience by targeting a warm audience or using detailed targeting options.

6. Select manual placements and remove anything that isn't feeds and stories.

7. Set a frequency cap of one impression every five days.

8. Duplicate your ad set nine times to create a total of ten ad sets.

9. Create one ad for each ad set, with a focus on delivering value, building relationships, promoting your brand, and making offers.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create a Facebook ad campaign that delivers real results. So, what are you waiting for? Give the omnipresent content strategy a try and see how it can transform your Facebook advertising game.

So schaltest du eine erfolgreiche Recruiting Ad - Mitarbeitergewinnung auf Facebook und Instagram

How to effectively recruit on Facebook and Instagram

Recruiting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be a powerful tool for attracting high-performing employees and customers. In this article, we will discuss the technical and creative aspects of creating an effective recruiting ad on these platforms.

1. Technical aspects:

- Use the targeting options to narrow down the audience to the ideal candidates

- Select the appropriate ad format (e.g. image, video, carousel)

- Choose the right call-to-action (e.g. apply now, learn more)

- Follow Facebook's new guidelines for job postings

2. Creative aspects:

- Identify the pain points of the ideal candidate and communicate how your company can solve them

- Highlight unique features and benefits that set your company apart from competitors

- Use real examples and testimonials from current employees to show the company culture and working environment

- Be authentic and avoid generic claims that are hard to prove

Recruiting on Facebook and Instagram can be an effective way to attract high-performing employees, but it requires both technical and creative skills. By targeting the right audience and communicating unique features and benefits, you can create an effective recruiting ad that stands out from the crowd.

Facebook Ads For Job Recruitment | How to Target and Find Your Ideal Candidate

In this article, we will be discussing targeting features on Facebook that can help you find qualified and interested employees for your business. We will be exploring the different targeting parameters available and how to use them effectively.

Targeting Parameters:

1. Location: It is important to select a location within a 15-mile radius of a selected city to prevent discrimination based on income or location.

2. Gender: Both men and women should be selected to avoid discrimination.

3. Age: Age discrimination is prohibited, and thus, the age parameter cannot be changed.

4. Custom Audience: If you have a list of previous employees, you can create a look-alike audience to find similar people in the area.

5. Detail Targeting: While there are fewer options available for detail targeting, typing in the job title or field can provide a starting point for interests to target.

Tips for Effective Targeting:

1. Target at least 1 million people in your selected location.

2. Use the estimated daily results as a rough estimate, but do not rely on it entirely.

3. Use a custom audience to find similar people in the area.

4. Type in the job title or field to find relevant interests to target.

By using these targeting features, you can find qualified and interested employees for your business. It is important to follow anti-discriminatory laws and select a broad audience to ensure the best results. Custom audiences and relevant interests can also be effective in finding the right candidates.

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