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facebook food ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Khadeen shares a Facebook ad strategy and tutorial for restaurants, bars, cafes, and any type of food business. She emphasizes that this is not just a specific strategy but a complete process with which one can develop their own strategy according to their business needs. Khadeen breaks down some methods that one can use to build their own strategies and grow their business. She also shares some tools that one can use to grow their business easily and fast, which she personally uses. However, before starting with Facebook ads, there are some prerequisites and fundamentals that one must have. These include a well-optimized restaurant website, a Facebook page connected to the website with a pixel installed for tracking customers, and a Google My Business account.

The first step in creating a Facebook ad strategy is to conduct competitors' research. Khadeen suggests using tools like Big Spy and Facebook Ads Library to get an idea of what types of videos and content competitors are using to promote their products. Once you have found an ad offering the same product as yours, get inspired by it, and create your own content. Khadeen recommends using Canva, a graphic design tool, to create videos easily and quickly.

Khadeen's Facebook ad strategy is based on retargeting and lookalike audience. To create data, the first step is to run a video awareness ad that targets people with the same interest who watched the 90 or 75 percent of the video. After targeting specific areas and age groups, you can then create engagement ads and promote any offers or discounts. Khadeen emphasizes the importance of adding the copy of your landing page URL and pixel to track your customers.

In conclusion, Khadeen's Facebook ad strategy tutorial is a complete process that includes competitors' research, creating content using Canva, targeting specific areas and age groups, and retargeting and lookalike audience. By following this process, one can develop their own Facebook ad strategy according to their business needs and grow their business easily and quickly.

Best Facebook Food ads [ Spice Business Facebook Ads Tutorial ] Selling Spices Online

In this video, Damian from Marketing Food Online gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Facebook ad campaign for a spice business. He emphasizes the importance of running at least three separate ads in a campaign to gather information on who is clicking and interested in the product. Damian suggests starting with a budget of $10-$15 for the first campaign and gradually increasing it. He also recommends using hashtags to reach a wider audience and defining the target demographic by interests such as cooking, spices, and barbecue. The video provides a detailed walkthrough on how to set up the audience, budget, and duration of the ad. Overall, Damian's tutorial is a valuable resource for anyone looking to use Facebook ads to promote their spice business.

How To Get More Orders For Your Food Business Through FB ADS

- The importance of using images to catch attention in online marketing

- The need for a unique selling point in a crowded market

- The role of business model and product quality in marketing success


- The speaker is running ads for three entities, including a food business and struggling to attract new customers

- The competition in the area consists of 30+ similar businesses

- The key to success is having a unique offer or product that stands out from the crowd

- The speaker is spending only $100 on ads, but the problem may lie in the product or business model

- The importance of using images in ads to catch attention and encourage reading the text

- Success in selling properties is more dependent on the quality of the offer than the ad itself

- The need for pre-selling through visualizing the architecture and design of properties

- The importance of customer feedback and the need to focus on the best-selling listings or locations

- The importance of having a unique selling point and a quality product or offer

- The need for pre-selling through visual images and architecture

- The importance of customer feedback and focusing on the best-selling listings or locations

- An invitation to attend a free training on acquiring clients and growing business through social media advertising.

Facebook Ads 2021 | Content Strategy for Food Delivery Business

The article discusses a new client who is a food delivery company called Prep Food. They have a small budget and are looking for recommendations on creating effective ads to scale their business.


- Use branded ads as they are more memorable and can get better results.

- Use single images instead of carousels in retargeting ads.

- Include the brand logo in all images.

- Scale the packaged meal by five dollars and leave whole foods market and fresh direct alone.

- Use dark retargeting with different copy and add to cart messaging.

- Focus on interests and scaling when creating creatives.

- Look for other companies for inspiration, such as those in the meal delivery industry.

By following these recommendations, Prep Food can improve their ad performance and potentially scale their business, similar to other successful meal delivery companies.

Restaurant Facebook Ads | How to get more food orders through WhatsApp using Facebook Ads

Hey there, it's Umar from Mediabazza. Today, I'll be reviewing one of our client's ad campaigns. They are one of our loyal clients, and for this particular advertisement, we used WhatsApp messages as one of our objectives. Let's dive into the details!

Campaign Details:

- The campaign cost around 3584 ringgit Malaysia.

- The advertisement ran from 7th July to 31st August.

- We managed to get around 454 messages.

- The cost per message was around 789 cents.

How did we achieve these results?

- We highlighted our client's signature menu in the advertisement to attract potential customers.

- By showcasing the seductive food in the graphic, we encouraged customers to order more than one item.

- Our copywriting strategy was simple - find the customer's pain point, agitate it, and provide a solution.

- We ran the advertisement during the movement restriction order, which made it easier for people to order food online.

- We mentioned feeling lazy to hit the kitchen today, and the solution was to take a break from cooking and enjoy authentic kampung cuisine from the comfort of their homes.

- The call-to-action was to click the WhatsApp button to place the order.


- Around 90% of the 100 people who messaged our client made enquiries on WhatsApp.

- Out of the 90%, around 50% made a repeat order with our client.

- Our client managed to cover their investment and gained new customers.

By using WhatsApp messages as one of our objectives and highlighting our client's signature menu, we managed to attract potential customers and encourage them to order more than one item. Our copywriting strategy was simple, and the call-to-action was to click the WhatsApp button to place the order. By running the advertisement during the movement restriction order, we made it easier for people to order food online. Our client managed to cover their investment and gain new customers through repeat orders.

How Food Commercials Are Made

Have you ever wondered how food commercials make their products look so perfect and mouthwatering? The answer lies in visual engineering, a process that combines traditional image-making techniques with advanced technology. Steve Giralt, a visual engineer based in New York City, is a master of this process and has worked with big brands like Hershey's, Budweiser, and Pepsi.

Using Robots in Food Shoots:

One of the technologies that Steve uses in his food shoots is robots, or motion controls. These robots allow for precise movements and synchronizing software to make sure all the moving parts happen at the exact moment needed. This technology comes at a cost, with a single day TV shoot costing between $50,000 to $100,000.

Collaboration in Food Shoots:

Making food look perfect takes more than just technology. It takes a team of people working together to create the perfect shot. This includes stylists, engineers, and operators, who work together to make sure everything looks as good as it can be.

Michelle Gatton, a food stylist, explains that she reads over the recipe before the shoot and starts thinking about how she wants to create it in her head. She makes the dish for the first time on set, and she uses melted chocolate and a heat gun to make it look like she just made it.

Trial and Error in Food Shoots:

Despite the use of advanced technology and a team of experts, there is still a lot of trial and error in food shoots. Every precise moment is captured down to the millisecond, and even then, mistakes can happen. However, when everything comes together, it is a beautiful thing to see.

Food shoots are more than just taking pictures of food. They are a combination of advanced technology and traditional image-making techniques, collaboration between experts, and trial and error to capture the perfect shot. It is this attention to detail that makes food commercials so mouthwatering and appealing to consumers.

How to Run Facebook Ads for Bakeries/Cake Shops 2022? Fast Food Fb Ads Tutorial

Hey guys, it's Hadeen from Grow with Khadeen, and in this video, I'll be sharing with you the bakery Facebook ads tutorial. I'll be giving you tips, tricks, and strategies to create awesome ads with high conversion rates that can help grow your business. Stick to this video, and I'll be sharing the complete strategy, including personal tactics and insider tactics that advertisers use to find the perfect audience and ads.


Before starting with Facebook ads, you must have a fast, mobile-friendly, and responsive website. Your Facebook page must also be properly optimized with perfect branding, and you must have other profiles to establish trust with your users.

Competitor Research

The first step in creating ads is competitor research. You can use tools like Big Spy or Facebook's own library to spy on your competitors' Facebook ads. By searching for keywords like bakery or cake shop, you can get an idea of the ads and their audience. You can also use the Facebook ads library to get unlimited and free ad ideas for your business.


Canva is a graphic design tool that doesn't require any design expertise, and you can create graphics using templates by yourself. You can search for templates for Facebook ads like bakery Facebook ads and get awesome graphic templates for your ads. Most of them are premium, but you can get a free trial of Canva Pro.

Creating Ads

To create ads, you need to sign up for Facebook Ads Manager and select the campaign objective, like awareness or traffic. Then, you need to select the page, decide on your budget, and choose the audience based on demographics and interests. You can control the bid and add an image or carousel or any creative. Finally, add the website URL and headline, and publish the ad.

Tools for Bakery Owners

As a bakery owner, you must have tools like Book Like A Boss, a landing page builder, and Bluehost, a web hosting service for faster and affordable websites.

Creating high-converting Facebook ads for your bakery or any food business requires competitor research, using tools like Canva, and targeting the right audience based on demographics and interests. By following these strategies and using the recommended tools, you can create awesome ads that can help grow your business.

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