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facebook marketplace dropshipping automation

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software - AutoDS New Extension (Full Automation!)

great news for anyone dropshipping on,the facebook marketplace or for anyone,who's thought about it and now has a,good reason to do so,full automation is finally ready for the,facebook marketplace and in this video,i'm going to show you guys how you can,dropship on the facebook marketplace,with full automation when it comes to,price and stok monitoring,importing your product and everything,else that comes along with it i will,show you how to connect your stores,import products and do everything else,along the way so watch this quick intro,and let's go,what's up everybody hope you're all,having a wonderful day today my name is,lyron from autods i'm the content,manager and i've also been drop shipping,for the last several years,and in this video i'm going to tok,about the facebook marketplace how to,dropship on it but more importantly,because we have covered that before,more importantly how to add full,automation to our facebook marketplace,so we can really scale our stores and do,so like we've been doing on other,selling channels like ebay,shopify and more that we have coming,soon so let's go ahead and get started,with the facebook marketplace how to,dropship on it how to automate it let's,begin,one quick thing before we do that if you,are new to our channel this is the part,where you need to subscribe to always,stay updated,on all of the latest and all of the,hottest topics that we have coming out,in the drop shipping world,in every selling channel that you can,think of so many suppliers and,marketplaces,so much new content coming out every,week hit that subscribe button,enable those notifications and let's go,so first things first,you want to start drop shipping on the,facebook marketplace there's a thousand,and one reasons why you want to do that,it's very profitable a very untapped,marketplace i'm not going to get into,the reasons why we have blog artikles,about it we have videos about it,let's go ahead with the connection,process so first things first on the,autods platform click on settings,then click on plans and add-ons and make,sure that you have the facebook,marketplace plan active,once you got that you can start adding,your first facebook store,so here on the top left on your stores,click on that and then click on add,store,and you will be able to connect your,first facebook store,so click on that and go through the,process i already connected my store so,we're going to start with that my,facebook star now the next step is to,download and install the auto ds,facebook drop shipping helper extension,so here it is over here and i'm going to,leave a link to it,right under this video so you can,download and install it really,fast and easy once you have that,installed you'll see it here,as you see on my screen on the top right,and if i click on it,i can choose which store i would like to,connect to the facebook extension,so in this case it's a store called my,facebook store i'm going to click on,next,then we've got the sync range this is,how far back i want to go,where auto ds will check all of the,listings that i have on my store,on my auto ds store that's not on my,facebook marketplace,store yet so i can go as far back as 24,hours,or seven days and auto ds will check all,of the products that i have,see what's missing let me know that i,have it on my account but not on my,facebook marketplace,and then we can go ahead and start,synchronizing those products,so in this case i'll leave it as is and,i'll click on sync now,now we got to the logs page so this is,where i can see,all of the changes that are happening on,my facebook marketplace store,for example if the supplier changed the,price or the stok quantity,i will see those changes here and of,course those changes will automatikally,get implemented on my store,automatikally through auto ds through,the facebook extension,so here you can clear the log or you can,download the log and you can simply get,to the logs by clicking on the extension,and clicking on this log button over,here another thing that i want to show,you is if you click on this wheel icon,over here it'll take you to the settings,for this extension,and here you can tell the extension how,often you want it to update,your prices and your stok when your,suppliers make changes,from their side so here you can tell the,extension,not to sync at all to sync every one,hour,so every hour scan all of my products,through my supplier stores see what's in,stok see what's not,updated accordingly and the prices as,well so we can do it every one hour,every three hours every 12 hours or,every 24 hours,whatever suits you best in this case i'm,going to leave it on one hour,click on update and that is how that is,done,the scheduler just got started as we can,see on the left side,and we know when exactly it's going to,start the synchronization process,so that is how you get to it when it,comes to the auto ds settings for the,chrome extension,and also for the synchronization range,so we got the sync range we got the,price and stok monitoring,let's move forward now if you want to,know what are the best products to sell,on your store we already have a video,and an artikle regarding the best,facebook marketplace categories to sell,over there you'll have all of the,categories and you also have the best,selling products,how to find best-selling products on the,facebook marketplace so,i won't mention it again go to our blog,page go to our youtube channel,and check out the content that we have,on facebook so what i'm going to do is,really quickly choose a product to sell,so i'm on amazon and once again you can,choose any one of the 25 surplus,suppliers that autodia supports i'm just,going with one of my personal favorites,so in the amazon bestsellers i'm just,going to go into a category,that's fit for the drop shipping,business model products that can and,will sell,let's just go for this example this,kitchen scale okay so here's the product,at 8.99,what i'm going to do is simply copy the,url,head over to autods click on add,products on the left side and here i'm,going to enter that url,the supplier is amazon the region is the,united states go ahead and click add as,a draft,item is being added to the drafts let's,click to track the progress so it's,going to take me to the drafts page and,as you see here on the top it already,began,the process of importing the products to,the drafts page and it'll be available,in just a couple of seconds,now the draft's creation process is,complete and you can see it here,on top of our drafts page so what i'm,going to do now is click on this arrow,to open up,the item editor and here you can,optimize the product's title,the description the variants images and,so forth,but what i'm going to do now is click on,variants because,here is where we need to hover over this,copy button,and click on it as you see it says,copied to clipboard so now i know that,the,products variants were copied now what,i'm going to do is head over to the,facebook marketplace,on the left side i'm going to click on,create new listing on the listing type,i'll choose item for sale and as you see,i have a button here,paste from auto ds this is available,from the auto ds,facebook helper extension that we,downloaded and installed and on top of,that you can see that we have a drop,down menu with a product some floor lamp,so what this is is a product that we,have on the facebook store on auto ds,that wasn't uploaded to facebook yet so,if i would want to import this product,from autods to facebook i would simply,choose it,this is what you do when you connect,auto ds to facebook for the first time,and you have products that are not,listed on facebook yet but you have,added them on auto ds,and if you guys are wondering once again,where it's getting the information from,it's from the variance column that i,showed you a minute ago,where we hovered over the copy button,and we left clicked on it,so now all of the variance information,is copied to the clipboard,back to the f

How To Dropship On The Facebook Marketplace: Beginner's Tutorial

the facebook marketplace is hands down,one of the best,selling channels to sell on today and in,this video i'm going to guide you guys,from a to z,how to drop ship on the facebook,marketplace from the moment where you're,uploading your first listing,how to find the best products to sell,how to sell them on the facebook,marketplace add in automation so that,you can scale your stores,and really profit well so if you like,being the early birds,before the competition arrives now is,the time and this is the video for you,quick intro and let's go,[Music],what's up everyone hope you're all,having a wonderful day today my name is,lyron from autods i'm the content,manager and i've also been dropshipping,for the last several years,and in this video i'm going to teach you,guys how you can dropship on the,facebook marketplace,not only will i be teaching you guys how,to do everything from a to z,i'll also give you a quick glimpse into,my facebook marketplace account,so you guys can see exactly what i'm,doing on that account,what products i'm selling how much i'm,profiting so that you can copy the same,practikes on your facebook marketplace,stores,so without further ado let's go ahead,and begin this video,one second before that if you are new to,our channel this is the kind of content,that we deliver,along with suppliers marketplaces,product research,drop shipping strategies interviews,success stories,and so much more click that subscribe,button,enable those notifications and let's go,most of the things that i'm going over,in this video you'll be able to read in,the blog,right below this video i'll leave a link,to that but do stay tuned in this video,because i'm offering so much more,valuable information than what you'll be,able to read below,so let's start from the beginning what,is facebook marketplace drop shipping,for those who don't know,so drop shipping is a business model,where you can fulfill your orders,and simply run and manage an online,store without the burden of buying and,holding any inventory,so it's really easy to get started in,this type of business model and that is,because it requires,no initial investment you only pay once,you get paid but what you do,need is the right knowledge and that is,exactly what i'm passing on to you in,this video,so drop shipping is that business model,where you can fulfill orders without,holding any stok,you upload products from your supplier,and you only pay once you get paid,you purchase the product once you get a,sale and you ship it directly from your,supplier to the customer,now the next question that people,usually ask is how to find products to,dropship on the facebook marketplace,one second before we get to that i want,to tok about the requirements for a,second,if you don't live in the us or you don't,have a us ip address,and a social security number it will be,very difficult for you to drop ship on,the facebook marketplace and that is,because,you won't have the shipping options when,you're creating a new listing,and the shipping options will allow 50,states in the us to be able to see your,listing since you can ship,out to all of them but if you don't live,in the us facebook will not,enable the shipping options for you then,you'll only be able to,select a specific location where you can,list your product on and,not so many people are going to see that,listing so if you don't live in the us,or if you don't have a us ip address,and a social security number for,verification once you hit 500,in sales you should not consider drop,shipping on the facebook marketplace at,this time,but i will definitely keep you guys,updated if i hear,any news that this is now working for,international sellers so,us ip address social security number,those are the two requirements,to begin drop shipping on the facebook,marketplace of course you're going to,need a computer,an internet connection and the will to,learn how do i find products to dropship,on the facebook marketplace and not just,any products but the products that will,sell,will make us some profit because that is,what we are here to do,at the end of the day so let me show you,exactly how i find my products,and i'll even show you in a couple of,minutes my facebook marketplace account,which products i'm selling,where i'm getting them from because,everything that i'm doing is exactly,what i'm teaching you,i want you guys to succeed with your,drop shipping stores too,so this is exactly how i'm doing it but,one second before that,make sure that you've got your facebook,marketplace account active,on auto ds let me show you how you can,do that so that you can really automate,your store,add products in just a couple of minutes,instead of taking much more time than,that and also automating your price,and your stok monitoring so that if,something goes out of stok on your,supplier's side,the product will also go out of stok on,your facebook marketplace store,and if there are any price changes the,price will also change accordingly,on your facebook marketplace store and,on your ido ds account this,is a must for anyone who wants to have,lots of listings,without refreshing their suppliers pages,every day to see what's going on with,the stok and the prices,those people who really want to scale,and make great profits,it cannot be done without automation so,this is how it is done,first let's head to the auto ds platform,if you don't have an auto ds account,simply head to autods.com,register for your account get your one,week for only one dollar give it a try,and see if you guys like it i'm sure,that you're going to like what you see,especially when you learn,how to drop ship the right way so first,things first is you want to make sure,that you have your facebook marketplace,subscription,active so once you're inside click on,settings on the left side,then go to plans and add-ons and here,make sure that the facebook marketplace,plan is active,once you do that on the left side once,again on top,click on your stores or click on add,store if you don't have any stores yet,then click on add store right over here,and you'll have an option an ebay store,shopify store or a facebook store in,this case we are going with the facebook,selling channel so click on facebook,store,enter your store's name and i won't do,it now because i already connected my,store but just continue with the setup,process it's actually very simple,and once your store is added you'll be,able to see it right here on the left,side,so again i'm going to click on my stores,and i've got my store,right over here so this is exactly how,you're going to add your facebook store,right after you add the facebook,marketplace plan once you do that you,can start adding products,through autods and then simply upload it,to the facebook marketplace let me show,you how that is done,before that we're going to see how to,find the best drop shipping products to,sell on the facebook marketplace,so let's go ahead and have a look here,is my personal strategy for finding,products to sell on the facebook,marketplace the products that will sell,now the biggest advantage that we have,here,is that it's definitely an untapped,marketplace which means not a lot of,people are drop shipping on it right now,so you don't have to do any competitor,research at all,and this is one of the best things that,i love about this you don't have to see,what your competitors are doing,you don't have to try to copy other,people's practikes you can simply go to,your suppliers pages go to your,suppliers websites,see the best selling products and start,adding them to the facebook marketplace,because no one is selling them there,and the target potential audience is,simply sitting there,waiting to see those listings let me,show you what i mean so,you can choose from one of autods's 25,plus suppliers,any one of the suppliers that you want,to choose just go to their websites,find a best-selling product and add it,to the facebook marketplace i'm going to,do it with one of my favorite

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Why My Fully Automated Facebook Dropshipping Store FAILED!

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can fully automate your facebook,marketplace drop shipping business but,there is one big problem,what's up everyone paul here from,dropshippingtitans.com where i teach,regular people just like you how to,start your first successful,drop shipping business and about four,months ago i released a video here on,youtube,all about how i made hundreds of dollars,my first,month drop shipping on facebook,marketplace now that video went kind of,viral and since then i've had a lot of,students get,similar results with their facebook,marketplace drop shipping,stores now one of the reasons this works,so well so fast for everyone is because,this is a very simple business model all,we're doing is taking items,like this one here on amazon and we're,coming over to facebook marketplace and,creating a new listing where we just,bring in the photo mark up the price,create a better title,pull in the description and then we list,that item up for sale and then once it,sells,all i have to do is go over to amazon,buy the item and have it shipped,directly to the address that the,customer on facebook marketplace,gives us so it's very simple which is,why it's been working so quickly,for so many people now one of the things,i toked about in that video was how,i really wanted to find a way to,automate,this entire process i wanted to be able,to quickly just grab like,10 items from amazon have them,automatikally in my facebook marketplace,account,and then if i make any sales on facebook,marketplace i want those orders to,automatikally be placed on amazon.com,and in the video i said i was working on,a way to make that,happen so what happened so to understand,exactly what's going on you need to,understand the difference between,facebook marketplace,and facebook shops so this right here is,facebook marketplace,anyone who has a facebook account has,access to facebook marketplace you could,just,come in here and start creating listings,just like i was doing right here,start listing items up for sale or,buying items you could just scroll,through here and,buy a bunch of items here so it's very,similar to like craigslist where you,just list up a bunch of old stuff that,you have or new stuff like we're doing,here for drop shipping so it's,very very simple and intuitive and very,basic in order to use this facebook,marketplace,now contrast that with facebook shops,facebook shops are a little bit,different,it is also a way to sell products,directly on,facebook but with shops they have to be,attached,to a page on facebook so this is an,example of a page,a page is set up by a business to,represent that business,on facebook so for instance i have my,own facebook profile this is it right,here but i also have a,page for my course drop shipping titans,this,page represents my business my course,now these pages they're free to set up,and if you set up a page you can also,set up a,shop on that page so here's the page for,mr beast and if i click here,click on shop now i can see his shop i,can see all the items that he has for,sale this is his entire catalog,right here now one of the differences,between facebook marketplace and,facebook,shops is that when i start browsing as a,buyer on facebook marketplace i see,items,listed for sale from many different,sellers all in one place,but when i come to a shop like the shop,here for mr beast,i'm only seeing his items i'm only,seeing the items that he,is selling so if someone visits your,facebook shop that's really great,because,all they're going to see are your items,which means that you're not going to,have to compete with,other sellers like you would on facebook,marketplace and there's another big,benefit with a facebook shop and that is,that you can have,the full automation let me show you what,i mean right here so we have an item,right here on,walmart let's say this is an item that i,want to drop ship onto my facebook,shop all i would have to do is input,this item into this software called auto,ds and as you can see the item is now,right here at the top so it's inside my,auto ds account what auto ds will then,do,is it will automatikally list this item,not onto facebook,but onto shopify now this is kind of,like a dummy shopify store that i set up,i don't actually use it i don't actually,have people going onto my shopify store,and buying these items but it,is here on shopify and then what i've,done is i've set up an app that will,then connect,shopify to my facebook shop that i set,up not the one i showed you before i set,up a new one,specifically for drop shipping so,there's kind of like a chain going on,right here there's the item here on,walmart which i've put into auto ds,which is then put that item into shopify,which is then put that item,into my facebook shop and now they're,all linked up,so that if this item goes out of stok,here on walmart or the price changes,here on walmart auto ds will recognize,that it will then,send that change to shopify shopify will,then recognize that,and then send that change to my facebook,shop so that if,any changes happen on walmart they will,automatikally happen on my facebook shop,as well and if you get any orders on,your facebook shop,then all that information can be sent,back the other way all the way to autods,who can then,automatikally fulfill the order for you,so this right here is,really powerful and it's really cool,but there's a problem with it the,problem is that this,is only automating your facebook shop,and the only way you're going to make,money having products in a facebook shop,is if someone actually visits your,facebook,shop but the problem is how do you get,someone to actually visit your,shop that is the biggest problem you see,when you're selling on facebook,marketplace people will just come in,here and start browsing for items i come,in here start looking around and there,are a bunch of different sellers in here,if i buy this item it's from one seller,if i buy this item it's from a different,seller so it's a really great place for,all these products to be put into,one marketplace but in order for someone,to,find my facebook shop they actually have,to search for it they actually have to,want to come to,this page so in other words i would,search here for mr beast find his page,and then click through to his shop and,then need to buy the item so that means,when you set up your shop you have to,get people,to visit it now for someone who's big,like mr beast that's not going to be a,problem people are going to be visiting,his page anyway but for the shop that i,set up for,drop shipping no one's visiting it it's,a new company no one's ever heard of it,no one's going to be searching for it no,one's going to be visiting that page and,then visiting that shop,and actually buying from it so that,shops even though it's set up even,though it's automated,it's not making any sales because no,one's visiting it but,all hope isn't lost because facebook,actually has a solution for that so,facebook,now has a way for you to link up your,facebook,shop with facebook marketplace which,means that all the items that appear in,your shop's catalog,will automatikally appear in facebook,marketplace as well,which means that as someone's browsing,facebook marketplace just like i am,right now,some of these listings might be from,sellers using the traditional way of,listing,items which is what i showed you at the,beginning of this video and others,have facebook shops that are linked up,with facebook marketplace,so this is what the chain now looks like,we have this item here on,walmart we go ahead and plug it into,auto ds auto ds will then automatikally,list that item to our shopify store,shopify through the app will then list,that item automatikally for us,into our facebook shop and then our,facebook shop will automatikally list,that item onto facebook marketplace,then you can go ahead and give this,video a thumbs up because the entire,thing,won't work without enough thumbs up on,this video but ser

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Automation For Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

what's up guys it's cameron and i was,thinking i've been doing a lot of videos,for,softwares you know i always do fb and,fox that's the one i personally use the,most,it handles price tracking all that kind,of stuff i'm about to do some videos for,auto ds i've got usa drop videos coming,again and you know i've done videos for,list quick i'm starting to get into,these other softwares and experiment,with them,again,i'm always partial to fbm fox but you,know what i'm toking about they just do,everything i need them to do but if i,had to pick a gripe for all of the,softwares together if,they're all missing something that i,just i don't even know if it's possible,they could do,but i would love,if they could do isn't our biggest,problem like we get lazy and we stop,listing,like,like i don't know about you but me it's,been since i've started my channel you,hear me come on here and and have the,same complaint which is like you know,what if i'm being honest with myself i'm,super lazy and i don't list as much as i,should you know i don't list 10 a day or,40 a day that number we all tell you it,changes all the damn time who cares what,it is,you just got a list like you're not,going to get any sales if you don't list,and in my opinion,right now,the landscape is if you're not listing,things that actually sell,and even this has to be taken with a,grain of salt or whatever the hell is,saying is,i i just don't think we list as much as,we think we do now i could be wrong and,if you pay va's they're listing for you,right they're listing for you every day,but like when you have a va you're also,like well i don't know what they're,listing on 20 other people's accounts i,don't know what their thing is i know,it's not like i get a peek behind the,curtain i can i can train them if i want,i can do all these things but at the end,of the day whatever gets like spit onto,my shop or my marketplace,for all i know it's on thousands of,other people's accounts,either way,you know i was i was trying to come up,with something i can't remember what it,was the other day but i was thinking,about word generators,and,i've used those in the past just to help,me list so if i'm like you know what i'm,just not feeling creative today i'm not,i don't feel like doing crazy stupid,product research that's all complicated,i don't have time for that crap right,now,so i would literally go to google and,search for a product name generator,and then i would just,search in amazon or walmart those things,that popped up in that generator but i'd,add funny on them or,you know blue like i added some kind of,adjective that made it a little bit more,you know specific instead of just a,general search term like,lawn furniture or something you know,it'd be like funny lawn furniture or,gray lawn furniture or you know like,cast iron or whatever you know like it,doesn't matter like just extra,adjectives to kind of further niche down,a search,why can't softwares do that now i'm not,a software engineer i this is out this,is not me,but as a person who just could if i if i,could will something out,into a tool that i would maybe find,helpful if you don't care about what,gets listed,because you can go in there and list,specific things but you want,items to just get listed,without paying a va for it,which might make the va's upset i'm not,saying this is a real thing i just would,for somebody like me i think this would,be valuable especially if i'm just doing,an experiment right,it would be so cool if like fb fox or,whatever other software,would just have a thing where it was,like,you can tell it you want 30 items listed,per day,and it just like is a random product,generator and you know so it's like it's,got like three fields or two fields and,you can put in like like like i always,like novelty or funny or something like,that,like funny,like bathroom decor or something you,know like because then it could be like,one of them's like tools one of them's,adjectives and one of them is like the,actual like category or something you,know what i mean like it's i don't know,what you would do or even if you just,typed in those fields yourself and they,weren't drop down menus it would just be,so cool you could select walmart ebay,amazon whatever,and then every day,throughout the day you'd get like two,items from those searches and then maybe,you you can have a setting where it,shuffles those terms so it's like you,know,it just it literally searches random,crap but just on amazon,now this would this would,come up with its own problems right,you'd have things where it's like okay,well what about variants i try to avoid,me i try to avoid variants at all cost,because even in my vip group those of,you who are in it i've posted products,that i'm like hey this has sold for me,like 40 times in the last two days right,and then all i get is a bunch of,questions like okay well are you selling,this one is it this one and i'm like oh,that's right it's got a variant i don't,know i just click the link when it gets,a sale or my va does and because i use,fbm fox it sends me straight to the,product that's selling i don't have to,worry about which one so usually when i,send out a link of how what's selling i,don't i don't specify that link,that goes to the exact one is the one,i'm selling so i it doesn't matter,anyway you'd have to like try to make,sure that the variant things i know we,don't trust software's when it comes to,like handling variants because they,don't do a great job but,it would be cool,if that if you could have a software,just list random crap for you every day,now a lot of you guys won't find that,valuable because you're like well if,it's just listing random stuff there's,no way would be best sellers i'm not,saying they'd be best sellers it might,just be complete bullcrap,but for those of you who are scared all,the time that you're not that not,listing is gonna cost facebook to like,blacklist you for some reason this would,be the cure to that emotional attachment,to listing every day because we all have,our excuses for listing every day,you've heard them all one is just,facebook will hate you if you don't list,like 10 to 20 items a day they're just,gonna be like hmm why is that guy not,listing he must not be serious,kill his account like that's dumb but,i've thought it you've thought like,there's,we've all said it like it things have,changed over time we used to think that,it's not a thing now it's it's to the,point where it's like oh you know it,doesn't matter if you list every day,you've heard me come on here and argue,to you it's like real life brick and,mortar businesses,if i'm here in kansas where i live and i,open up a store and i want to utilize,facebook to sell products,no,i'm not going to come up with 10 to 15,brand new random things in a catalog,for my brick and mortar business that i,get to sell every day now i'm gonna have,a finite list of products and chances,are when i'm creating the store i'm,gonna list them all at once i don't want,to like if i've got 50 products or 100,products i sell in my clothing store,the idea will not be ah we're going to,get this facebook page started so that,we can we can reach more people on the,internet and do e-commerce with facebook,but because facebook's a little scary,and sketchy,let's just upload like 10 of our hundred,items at first just pick the best ones,the ones that are more important to sell,and then we'll slowly trickle all of our,inventory online like that doesn't make,any sense if you're a real person,wanting to sell stuff you would just,have all this stuff in a sheet and,upload it right away,and then after that you wouldn't be,uploading anything,until you order new inventory and then,even at that point you wouldn't be,ordering 100 new items or even 20. if,you're a small business you'd be,uploading very small amounts of things,because you'd order like oh yeah we've,got these new shoes in oh yeah we've got,this new like funny gadget in or,something,you maybe have five new produc

How I Automated My Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Business (FREE GUIDE)

drop spring on Facebook Marketplace is,pretty easy all you have to do is just,copy and paste images into Facebook,Marketplace word for sale done deal,however sometimes this process can get a,little boring or even I would say,annoying when you have to do it for a,hundred time a day I mean how many,lessons can you list a day 10 20 50 100,things God get just hectik sometimes,okay also how can you track price,changes and quantity changes on your,supplier website when you have hundreds,or even thousands of listings well in,this video I'm gonna show you how I,automated my Facebook Marketplace,dropshipping business to the point where,I only spend an hour to a day using this,partikular software that I'm gonna tok,about it works both for regular Facebook,Marketplace and Facebook shops very easy,to use super fast efficient and this is,the way you kind of scale this business,because the biggest obstacle on,dropshipping on different marketplaces,is the scalability and you have to,utilize software if you want to scale,this to the higher levels because you're,gonna spend too much time on listing,things manually when you can list faster,quicker more efficiently utilizing,software last week I released a free,Facebook Marketplace dropshipping course,that you can find on YouTube this video,has over hour and 18 minutes and it goes,over all the basics step-by-step Stuff,how to start Dropship on Facebook,Marketplace and this video today is kind,of like a follow-up that toks about,automation on Facebook Marketplace so if,you want to learn the basics I recommend,go go ahead and check out that other,video that I'm toking about if you do,however know the basics and you want to,learn more about automation stay here,watch this because you're gonna find a,lot of valuable stuff here okay so the,software I'm using currently for my,Facebook Marketplace automation is,called Autodesk and I've been using it,for a very very long time specifically,since 2020 when I started dropshipping,on eBay Marketplace because Autodesk,works with multiple different,marketplaces okay not just Facebook and,eBay but also Shopify Wix and I believe,one more and also they have a pretty big,community and a YouTube channel you can,go go ahead and check out they have a,lot of useful stuff over there but also,a lot of big drop shipper people are,using it such as Ecom king or Paul Jay,lipsky and I've tried a lot of different,softwares in the past and I'm gonna be,honest with you out of the years for,Facebook Marketplace didn't work so well,a few months ago I've been using for,eBay dropshipping since forever but for,Facebook it was kind of glitchy however,that has changed they really put a lot,of effort listen to the feedback and,they change a lot of stuff and I think,right now this is the best software for,this type of automation okay why am I so,confident in out of these because I,tried most of the softwares out there,even the ones that are very independent,and niched and I always go back to our,2DS because,it works okay it does what it needs to,do it allows you to copy and paste your,listing very fast it tracks your,inventory tracks the price changes,quantity changes on your supplier,website they have a little product,research tool that you can use as well,they have a own platform and auto,auditing system where they handle your,orders so you don't have to do anything,they're able to spoof Amazon tracking,numbers so they convert TBA tracking,numbers into like FedEx Etc and they can,pick a custom location so it all can,always show your location your house,that's being sent from there they remove,metadata from the pictures from your,supplier so nobody knows where your,listings are coming from and there's,some audio features as well which I,don't really remember because I don't,really use all of the features but they,have a lot of stuff and it's a really,really good program all right I believe,we should start with the guide so down,below you're gonna see the timestamps on,this YouTube video so if you want to,skip a part and go to the next one,because you are familiar with this,feature maybe you just want to go to the,next one feel free to use it but let's,go to get started click on the link down,below under this video and you're gonna,be taken to this page that you see right,here on my screen okay what this page is,is the Autodesk page where you can,register your account and that's what,we're gonna do here right now when,you're a new member you have to open in,your account and you're gonna do it by,clicking here where it says start now,for one dollar okay so click on it and,it's gonna ask you to put your email,address you know you need an email,address to create an account you can,also sign up with Google it's up to you,which option you want to do but I,already have my account so I'm gonna,click on login now once you registered,you will have to pick up your,dropshipping plan so make sure to switch,it to Facebook and they have multiple,different plans that you can pick the,cheapest one starts with 1990 if you,pick the annual payments and their most,popular option is the one for 34.90 I,suggest you try that one just because,that one has the price monitoring and,restoking and also if you don't like it,you can always cancel the subscription,because your first month is gonna cost,you one dollar anyway and once you log,in you're gonna see the main dashboard,so here on the left you have a bunch of,different tabs okay and here in the,middle you have the steps they kind of,want to help you out when you're,starting out they're gonna give you,seven steps that you need to do I,already did four of the steps on this,account it's pretty cool because every,step whenever you click on it it's gonna,tell you what to do so the first thing,they're telling you at the store okay,then they're gonna tell you to add the,product Etc publish your draft and you,know these are the steps that you need,to do in order to start using out ideas,and they also give you YouTube videos,whenever you uh starting out so if you,are not sure what you know what to do,they're gonna show you a YouTube video,that explains what you need to do so the,first step that you need to do is to,need to add a store and what they mean,by store is uh is either your Facebook,Marketplace account or Facebook shops in,this video we're gonna do both but I'm,gonna start with Facebook Marketplace,okay so to add the store we're gonna,click on add a store and it's going to,ask you what type of store are you,trying to add okay is it an eBay store,Shopify Facebook I bought a Facebook,plan so I'm gonna go with Facebook store,and now it's asking me if it's a,Facebook shop or a Facebook Marketplace,in my case it's a Facebook Marketplace,account right now so I'm gonna go with,that one and click continue,now it's asking me for the store name,what they mean by the store name is what,do you how you want to attract this how,you wanna know that this is that,specific store so for example I'm gonna,use my personal account so I'm just,gonna put my name and maybe last name so,to know that this is my personal,Facebook Marketplace account just so,it's easy for me to track you know which,store is which I'm gonna put my name and,click on continue,as you can see right now here on the top,my name is being shown that means that,this is the store I'm operating right,now which is cool all right so now they,are giving you two other steps uh pick a,product and put as a draft and publish,your product and stuff like that I'm,gonna skip to the step number four that,toks about Chrome extension okay,because that's what we need we're gonna,need two Chrome extensions to operate,this platform okay so I'm gonna click on,download extension and this is actually,the first one that they want you to do,it's called Auto DS drop spring helper,so the reason being why you want to have,two other uh Chrome extensions because,one is for kind of like a product,research tool and also allows you to,import products into Auto DS

Automate Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Listing (ZeeDrop Review)

if you've been looking to automate your,facebook marketplace dropshipping store,then look no further than this video,be sure to smash that like button,because in this video i'm gonna be,toking about the best,program out there the best chrome,extension that you can be using,today in order to automate your listing,process on the facebook marketplace,dropshipping this isn't 100 automation,but it will bring you pretty damn close,to it and it's going to make your life,so much easier i've never really toked,about this program before i've only,really done,or mentioned it in a couple videos but i,want to make sure that i go in depth on,this program,and the best part about it is that it's,only 12.99 a month,it's very inexpensive it's an easy to,use chrome extension and it has a ton of,suppliers that you can list from,it also does messaging saves templates,for it there's a lot of things that this,pro,program can do and it's only getting,bigger and better you can go on other,platforms as well,but we'll only be toking about facebook,marketplace dropshipping in this video,so hopefully you enjoy it,and i'll see you inside my computer all,right so here we are inside of my,computer and the software that i'm,toking about,in this video is z drop z drop a lot of,people have heard of it already but a,lot of people have not,and what it is is a simple chrome,extension that you can see right here up,in the top right,that basically does a bunch of stuff for,facebook marketplace,not only facebook marketplace but etsy,poshmark murkari,but we're only going to be toking about,facebook marketplace because that's what,i think is the biggest platform that,everybody that's following me,is using at the moment and the best part,about it is it's a listing tool,it's pretty much automated but you know,it's not 100,automated you still need to put some,work in yourself but it cuts out all the,tedious hard tasks that you need to do,it also has a messaging feature where,you can have templated messages where,people are sending you the same messages,on facebook non-stop,if you've been selling on facebook you,know that people ask the same questions,all the time there's a bunch of other,stuff it can do it does,preset templates it does has a bunch of,different settings that you can use,and they're adding things every single,day so here's the suppliers that you can,use,currently in order to drop ship onto,facebook marketplace i believe it works,on the other websites as well,but um i really only know facebook,marketplace the best part about it too,is you can ask them to add it and since,it's,pretty simple of a software they can get,this added in in like the next 24 hours,or 48 hours from when you,ask so if you have any questions or you,want to just message them here,and you will be able to or in the bottom,right my face might be covering it up,you will get it added fairly quickly to,the actual,uh software itself so another thing is,there is a discount code down below,in the description and if you use that,there is,some form of a discount i have not fully,worked it out yet that you will be,getting,every single month on your z drop,subscription,so the best part about z drop again uh,also is the fact that it is only,12.99 per month you get the first seven,days for free,and after that it's a very reasonable,program like the price is extremely,reasonable it's about the same,price as a spot and paste or anything,else like that,very simple very helpful automated,listing tool for your business,there is a lot of videos as well that,can help you out on your journey,because this video might not answer,every single question,that you do have so once you want to,sign up for it all you really need to do,is click sign,up and then go through the steps and do,so you also need to download it when you,click download right here,it brings you to the chrome extension,there's already a ton of users for it,and then you just download it that way,so once you do download it it will be,right here,and you need to log in and some of this,is blurred out,but what you need to realize here is,that there's you know here's all the,products it can monitor your products,and i know these products are blurred,out for the most part but it can monitor,your products and,also reprice them i do not think that's,the best way to go about it,it's not 100 as well put together for,you know tracking prices and shipping,prices for specific,suppliers as it is for just listings sku,grid itself has,so many more years in the game of,scraping data that way that i think you,should still be using sku grid for your,repricing,aspect there's also the bulk feature,where you can list items in bulk,that's one thing that is i'm not going,to go over too much in this video,the monitor feature like i said where,it's going to monitor your prices and,update them check prices and update it's,just in the beta at the moment,here's the address this is where you can,actually pull in your customers,addresses um in order to actually do,just a spot and paste like copy and,pasting for suppliers,again this software isn't 100 built for,that,and these are all just add-ons over time,i still think spot and paste is a better,aspect for or a better tool to be using,for copy and pasting,of actual customers information just,because that's what they are built for,zdrop was primarily built for copying,and pasting or just,auto listing your orders on a facebook,marketplace so how would you do that you,go,click here on templates you need to,select a template they give you some,examples so if you click here,you'll see that you know a lot of people,use emojis when they first get started,or at the beginning of their actual,listing like click buying out button to,place order,where everything is covered by the,facebook commerce policy,or fast shipping brand new inbox things,like that so you can add this in i think,this is too much so you can delete it,or you can create your own where you,just need to click select template,name it and then um you know put in some,html there,so they have a couple examples you can,do that you need to make sure that you,put in this,squiggly bracket description squiggly,bracket because that's going to get you,description you can click here and have,them add it in,[Music],and then you just save the template once,you save it you have a template that you,can use,and then what you want to click here is,settings so once you have settings set,up,i wouldn't take this profit percentage,as a given,i want i would think that if you're in,my training use the,profit percentage that is inside of the,spreadsheets or just like what the,spreadsheets tell you to list the item,at,because this is not 100 accurate um but,then you get to pick your custom,template,uh if you want to use that and then you,can put you know hide from friends i,always put hide from friends so that you,don't bother your friends with all your,marketplace listings,condition new list as in stok quantity,you can pick whatever you want i put 10.,if you want to put fixed tags you can,but i don't i don't really do that,so that's that you can also log in and,there's other stuff inside but there's,really not,anything that that much that important,inside there,for me to show in this video besides the,templates that you can use for messaging,people which i'll show,in later videos but let's now,move forward and look into how to,actually list with this program so,basically if you go to any of these,suppliers websites z-drop will,automatikally just integrate in,at the top of the website so i just,clicked on walmart.com,i found an item and once you click on,the item you will realize that there is,you know there's a ton of different,options here there's create multiple,listings for each variation since,there's variations,but all variations are out of stok,besides green uh,electric pressure washer should do,pretty well considering summer is right,around the corner,and then you're going to see something,that says copy to poshma