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Facebook ROAS Down in June? #Facebookads #FacebookAdvertising #Facebookmarketing

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is also a hub for digital advertising, with many businesses relying on Facebook ads to reach their target audience. However, recent data shows that the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Facebook ads has decreased in June. In this article, we will explore why this may be happening and what businesses can do to mitigate the impact.

Reasons for Facebook ROAS Decrease:

1. Increased Competition: As more businesses use Facebook ads to reach their audience, the competition for ad space has increased, which can drive up the cost of ads.

2. Changes in Algorithm: Facebook frequently updates its algorithm, which can affect the way ads are displayed and the targeting options available.

3. Ad Fatigue: Users may become tired of seeing the same ads repeatedly, which can lead to lower engagement and conversion rates.

4. Economic Uncertainty: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic uncertainty, which can lead to lower consumer spending and fewer conversions.

What Businesses Can Do:

1. Use Creative Ads: Creating engaging and unique ads can help businesses stand out from the competition and grab the attention of their target audience.

2. Target Specific Audiences: Narrowing down the target audience can help businesses reach the most relevant users and reduce the cost of ads.

3. Experiment with Different Ad Formats: Testing different ad formats, such as video ads or carousel ads, can help businesses find what works best for their target audience.

4. Monitor and Adjust Ad Campaigns: Regularly monitoring ad campaigns and making adjustments based on performance can help businesses optimize their ads for better results.

While the decrease in Facebook ROAS in June may be concerning for businesses, there are steps they can take to mitigate the impact. By staying up-to-date on changes to the Facebook algorithm, creating engaging ads, and monitoring and adjusting campaigns, businesses can continue to see success with Facebook advertising.

Facebook ROAS Down in June? #Facebookads #FacebookAdvertising #Facebookmarketing

Why Your Facebook Ads Results Are Going Down in June: A Seasonal Trend

- Facebook advertising results going down in June

- Common reaction: blaming Apple, Facebook, or other factors

- Actual reason: seasonal trend that happens every year

- Explanation of what's happening, what to expect, and how to plan for it

Reasons for Decreased Performance in June

- Annual advertising cycle: Q1 low, Q2 high, Q3 settling, Q4 holiday season

- Q1: low demand, more inventory, easier to get conversions

- Q2: more advertisers, promotional periods, higher demand, higher costs

- Q2 costs: skyrocket until mid-June, then drop dramatically

- Q2 conversion rates: drop as people have already bought what they need and are traveling

Opportunity for Success

- Mitigate issues by spending less when people are less likely to buy

- Use the time to work on other skills and disciplines (email, SEO, site design, etc.)

- Business success requires fighting battles you know you can win and using hardships to improve complementary skills

- Taking advantage of this opportunity will lead to even greater success in Q3 and Q4

- Don't blame Facebook for your business's failure, it's a choice

- Seasonal trend causes decreased Facebook ad performance in June

- Planning for and mitigating issues can lead to an opportunity for success

- Use the time to work on other skills and disciplines to improve overall business success.

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