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Facebook Shop Approval: Get Verified with this Easy Workaround

Published on: November 20 2023 by Cameron Lawrence

Facebook Shop Approval: Get Verified with this Easy Workaround

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Verification Troubles
  3. Providing Additional Information
  4. Possible Solutions
  5. Fake Billing Address
  6. Modifying Existing Documents
  7. Risks and Ethical Concerns
  8. Submitting the Revised Document
  9. Waiting for Review
  10. Conclusion

Verification Troubles

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to get a shop approved on a platform, only to encounter verification difficulties? That's exactly what happened to me on the home and garden warehouse page. Despite providing all the necessary information and uploading supporting documents, my shop verification was still unsuccessful. In this article, I will walk you through the process and share my strategies for resolving the verification troubles.

For two days, I eagerly awaited the approval of my shop, hoping to receive good news. However, when I checked the page, I noticed a little icon indicating that further verification was needed. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to explore the issue while documenting my experience. This way, I could share any updates with you and offer potential solutions.

Providing Additional Information

Upon inspecting the verification status, it became clear that the platform couldn't verify my organization using the information provided. Despite uploading an EIN from the IRS and a gas bill as supporting documents, it seemed that more information was required. The verification instructions mentioned that the business phone number entered was not associated with the business. This left me perplexed as I had already provided legitimate documentation with my personal phone number. The platform suggested some ways to rectify the issue, including uploading a new supporting document that shows both the business's legal name and phone number or confirming the employee business email instead.

Possible Solutions

Finding a solution to this verification trouble became my top priority. After a careful evaluation of the instructions, I came up with a few potential approaches. One option was to create a fake billing address using a bill I actually possessed. I could then use graphic design tools like Canva, Photoshop, or Illustrator to add my business's name above my own. By exporting it as a JPEG file and including my personal phone number, it might appear more legitimate. However, this method could raise ethical concerns and might not be advisable.

Another idea was to modify an existing document, such as a gas bill, by changing the name on my account to reflect my business name. This way, the bill would show my business's name when the next invoice arrived. However, this approach would require waiting for a billing cycle, which could take up to a month. Additionally, it still wouldn't address the issue of the missing phone number.

Risks and Ethical Concerns

Before proceeding with any solution, it's vital to consider the risks and ethical implications. Manipulating documents, even for verification purposes, may be seen as fraudulent and could have legal consequences. The platform might not tolerate such actions, and it's always best to adhere to their guidelines. Therefore, I don't recommend following these methods unless there is clear assurance that they are acceptable by the platform's policies.

Submitting the Revised Document

Taking the risk, I decided to add my business's name and phone number to my existing gas bill, without altering or removing any original information. This would show the necessary details required for verification, including my name, address, and phone number associated with the business. It was a quick solution, but not the most legitimate one. I re-uploaded the modified document and removed the previous one to avoid confusion.

Waiting for Review

With the revised document submitted, a sense of relief washed over me. However, the wait for the review process to complete began anew. According to the platform, it would take approximately two business days to review my submission and provide an update.


In the world of online platforms and shop verification processes, it's not uncommon to encounter obstacles along the way. Verification troubles can be frustrating, but innovative thinking and following the platform's guidelines are essential elements for resolving the issue. As I eagerly await the outcome of my revised document submission, I remain hopeful that the platform will recognize the legitimacy and authenticity of my shop. In the next update, I will share whether my efforts were successful or if I need to explore alternative solutions.


  • Troubles with shop verification on the home and garden warehouse page
  • Platform couldn't verify organization despite provided information and documents
  • Possible solutions include creating a fake billing address or modifying existing documents
  • Ethical concerns and risks associated with manipulating documents
  • Submitted revised document and awaiting review
  • Importance of innovative thinking in resolving verification troubles


Q: Can I create a fake billing address to pass verification? A: While it may be tempting, creating a fake billing address raises ethical concerns and could potentially result in legal consequences. It's best to find alternative, legitimate methods to pass verification.

Q: Is changing the name on an existing document an acceptable solution? A: Changing the name on an existing document, such as a gas bill, may be a viable solution in some cases. However, it does not address the issue of missing phone number verification, and it's important to consider potential risks and the platform's policies.

Q: How long does the review process usually take? A: The review process typically takes around two business days. However, it may vary depending on the platform and their specific procedures. Patience is key during this waiting period.

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