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facebook will start ads oculus

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Oculus Quest 2 In VR Facebook Ads Are Coming

Virtual reality advertisements are becoming a reality according to a new update by Oculus. This article will discuss what this means for users and the potential impact it could have on their virtual reality experience.

What is included in this new initiative?

- Blaston will be the first game to feature ads inside the actual VR game

- Ads will be local advertisements, similar to those found on Facebook

- There are concerns about the impact on immersion and the potential for intrusive ads

Impact on Immersion:

- Immersion is important in virtual reality

- Seeing ads for things in the outside world creates a hole in the virtual experience

- Ads need to fit into the virtual world to maintain immersion

- Interactive ads could be distracting and annoying

Developer Incentives:

- Developers can earn revenue from advertisements

- Ads should be tastefully done and not intrusive

- Some games can get away with having billboards or posters, but not all games will work with ads

- The impact on immersion needs to be considered

Virtual reality advertisements have the potential to be intrusive and impact immersion in virtual reality. Developers need to consider the impact on the user experience and ensure ads fit into the virtual world. If done tastefully, ads can be a way for developers to earn revenue, but it should not come at the expense of the user's experience. Ultimately, the success of virtual reality advertisements will depend on their implementation and how users react to them.

Why is Facebook making the Oculus Quest 2 so Cheap? Ads in VR!?

Hey everyone, my name is Will and welcome to Room and Goods. So, mostly everything has been leaked out about the Oculus Quest 2. You know, Facebook really needs to get some lessons from Apple to limit some of these leaks unless these were actually planned leaks from Facebook themselves. But anyways, the upgraded Oculus Quest 2 promo videos have leaked out and the specs of the headset are so far very impressive, specifically the chipset, which is a lot more powerful than the original Oculus Quest specs. So now we're wondering, why is it $100 cheaper than the original Oculus Quest if the Walmart prices that recently leaked out are actually true?

- Facebook's new Oculus Quest 2 has been leaked, and the specs are impressive.

- The new chipset is more powerful than the original Oculus Quest.

- The headset is $100 cheaper than the original Oculus Quest.

- Walmart prices that recently leaked out may be true.


- The Oculus Quest 2 will have a Snapdragon XR2 chip, which is a lot better than the Snapdragon 835 chip in the original Oculus Quest.

- CPU performance is two times better, video is four times better, and displays are six times better.

- The XR2 chip allows up to seven cameras, but the Oculus Quest 2 currently has four cameras.

- The Quest 2 will push 50% more pixels than the original Quest and will be nearly 2k per i.

- The Quest 2 has been bumped up to 6 gigabytes of RAM over the original Quest with four gigabytes of RAM.


- The Quest 2 is perhaps $100 cheaper than the Quest one, but we won't have full confirmation of the price until Facebook Connect.

- There are two different models, a 64 gigabyte priced at $299 US dollars and 256 gigabytes priced at $399 US dollars.

- Walmart prices may be true, and Facebook may be eating up the cost with each purchase of the headset.

Monetizing data:

- Facebook can make up the money in the long term and even more with our data through the use of the VR headset.

- Facebook can keep track of consumer behavior and use that data to target specific ads to users.

- Purchases serve as another data point about the individual and can predict what products or services users may like.

- Facebook monetizes data by doing research about the audience and providing tools for marketers or sellers to target advertising.

- The Oculus Quest 2 is an impressive VR headset with better specs than the original Oculus Quest.

- The headset is $100 cheaper than the original Oculus Quest.

- Walmart prices that recently leaked out may be true, and Facebook may be eating up the cost with each purchase of the headset.

- Facebook may be using the VR headset as a portal or gateway to users' data to eventually lead to monetizing their data.

- Facebook Connect will be on September 16th at 10 am Pacific Standard Time and will be officially streamed on Facebook Live and Oculus Venue.

Facebook Meta VR Leader Resigns | 5 Minute Gaming News

- John Carmack resigns from Meta and shares his thoughts on the company's efficiency and the metaverse

- Microsoft may add ads to Xbox Game Pass, causing frustration among gamers

- 2023 brings some exciting game releases, including the Dead Space remake, Resident Evil 4 remake, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor sequel


- John Carmack's resignation from Meta and criticism of the company's efficiency

- Microsoft's potential plan to add ads to Xbox Game Pass and the frustration it causes among gamers

- The excitement for 2023 game releases, including the Dead Space remake, Resident Evil 4 remake, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor sequel

- The trend of remaking old games and the nostalgia it brings

- The importance of staying motivated while building a business, including setting goals, surrounding oneself with positive influences, and celebrating small victories

- Despite the challenges in the gaming industry and business world, it's important to stay motivated and focus on the positive aspects

- Exciting game releases in 2023 offer a sense of anticipation and nostalgia

- The potential addition of ads to Xbox Game Pass is a frustrating prospect for gamers, but not yet confirmed

- John Carmack's resignation from Meta highlights the importance of efficiency and passion in a company's success.

Trapped in the Metaverse: Here’s What 24 Hours in VR Feels Like | WSJ

The metaverse is the next phase of the internet, where we have digital versions of ourselves called avatars, and we can do almost anything we can imagine, from getting together with friends and family, to working, learning, playing, and shopping. But what is it really like to live in the metaverse? To find out, I dared myself to spend 24 hours living in virtual reality.

Bullet points:

- Started with games like Beat Saber

- Moved to AltspaceVR for social interaction

- Tried out meditation apps

- Had breakfast at the foot of Machu Picchu

- Worked out in Supernatural

- Attended meetings in Spatial and Horizon Workrooms

Living in the metaverse for 24 hours was an eye-opening experience. While it's clear that there's a lot of potential in the metaverse, there are also many challenges that need to be overcome, such as privacy tools and moderation, as well as the need for smaller, more comfortable headsets that can run for longer on a charge. Nonetheless, it's an exciting time to be exploring the possibilities of the metaverse, and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

⚡ WARNING! ⚡ Do NOT Link Your Oculus Account To Your Facebook Account Before Watching This! ⚡

Hey everyone, it's Luca here from lukeaker.com with an important message about linking your Oculus account to your Facebook account. As I recently received my brand new Oculus Quest 2, I discovered that merging your Facebook and Oculus accounts is the first step to logging in again. However, once linked, there is no way to undo the link, which can cause problems, especially if you link to the wrong Facebook account.

Key Points:

- To log into Oculus, you must first link your Facebook account to your Oculus account, effectively merging them.

- There is no way to undo the link, so be careful which Facebook account you link to.

- The Oculus application dashboard is the same for everyone and features paid content. You must search for free items.

- If you link to the wrong Facebook account, you will not be able to access features in the Oculus application or participate in social aspects.

- The social aspect is a unique value proposition of VR, and linking to the wrong account will limit your ability to create virtual networks and venues.

Overall, be careful when linking your Facebook and Oculus accounts as there is no way to undo the link. Ensure you link to the correct Facebook account to avoid any issues accessing features and participating in the social aspects of VR. Remember, the social aspect is a unique value proposition of VR, so linking to the wrong account will limit your ability to enjoy this aspect fully.

Ads In-Game On Oculus Quest, Facebook Smartwatch, Hidden Oculus Quest Pincode & More!

Facebook's New Smartwatch

- Facebook is creating a smartwatch with two cameras and a heart rate monitor, planned for release next summer.

- The device will have a detachable display for taking pictures and videos that can be shared on Facebook and Instagram.

- There are concerns about the privacy of Facebook's smartwatch, especially with access to cellular data and 24/7 surveillance through cameras on the wrist.

- The ergonomic design of the smartwatch is also questionable, as it may not be convenient to take the watch off the wrist every time a photo needs to be taken.

Hidden Passcode Menu in Oculus Quest

- There is a hidden passcode unlock feature for Oculus Quest in the Android 10 app.

- Once set up, the unlock pattern will translate to a PIN for easier access.

- The new feature adds more privacy to the Oculus Quest and prevents others from accessing the device without permission.

Facebook Ads in Oculus Quest Apps

- Facebook will soon test ads in Oculus Quest apps, starting with the Resolution Games title, Blast On.

- The company aims to create a self-sustaining platform for VR development through ads and app sales.

- While ads may be annoying to some, it can also be a source of income for developers and can potentially be seamlessly integrated into VR games.

Who Cares About the Metaverse?

The rise of the metaverse and the recent release of the Meta Quest Pro have sparked a lot of discussion and debate. With Facebook's rebranding to Meta and their heavy investment in VR and AR technologies, it's clear they see the metaverse as the future. But is this just another trend, or is it the real deal? In this article, we'll delve into the world of VR and AR, explore the potential of the metaverse, and examine the Meta Quest Pro headset.

Defining VR and AR:

Before we get into the metaverse and the Meta Quest Pro, let's define some terms. VR, or virtual reality, is the technology that allows users to be fully immersed in a virtual world. AR, or augmented reality, overlays virtual objects onto the real world. Both technologies can be difficult to understand without trying them out for yourself.

The Metaverse:

The metaverse is a term used to describe a fully immersive, shared virtual world. It's been the subject of science fiction for years, but with recent advancements in VR and AR technology, it's becoming more of a reality. Facebook, now Meta, sees the metaverse as the future of the internet, where people can interact in a more meaningful and immersive way.

Why Meta is Investing in the Metaverse:

Meta's heavy investment in VR and AR technologies and their commitment to the metaverse can be attributed to their desire to control the future of the internet. As the internet is currently controlled by ads and devices, if Meta can control the software, hardware, and ads of the metaverse, they can regain control and make more money. The Meta Quest Pro is just one step in this direction.

The Meta Quest Pro:

The Meta Quest Pro is a technologically advanced headset that boasts a custom Snapdragon xr2 plus processor, 256 gigs of storage, 12 gigs of RAM, and a suite of sensors for face tracking. While it's a bit chunky and doesn't fold down, it's comfortable to wear and the touch Pro controllers are a new and exciting addition. The current version may not be tempting to everyone, but future versions are predicted to be much smaller and more portable.

The rise of the metaverse and the release of the Meta Quest Pro have generated a lot of excitement and discussion. While it's difficult to predict the future, it's clear that VR and AR technologies are advancing rapidly and the metaverse may soon become a reality. Whether or not Meta's heavy investment in this technology will pay off remains to be seen, but for now, the Meta Quest Pro is a promising step in the direction of a fully immersive virtual world.

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