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facebook will start ads quest

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

- Facebook recently announced plans to show adverts in its VR headsets

- Facebook has two companies: a social network and an ad platform

- Is Facebook's desire to own VR purely about money or is there another reason?

Part One: Facebook's Users

- Advertisers try to minimize uncertainty for the brands they're trying to sell

- Adverts are charged by the number of impressions they get, but impressions are not always accurate

- Facebook wants a guarantee that its ads will be successful

Part Two: Surveillance Capitalism

- Capitalism evolves by finding ways to drag things outside of the market into the market sphere

- Surveillance capitalism takes private human experience and calls it behavioral data

- New markets are created based on selling the computational inferences and predictive analyses from behavioral data

Part Three: Our Data

- Biometric data doesn't change, unlike other data Facebook collects

- Facebook is moving heavily into collecting biometric data

- Body language is 93% of communication, and Facebook can now read and predict it

Part Four: Facebook and VR

- Facebook bought Oculus to own 53% of the VR market

- Facebook requires users to log in using their Facebook ID in VR headsets

- Facebook is investing in a brand new virtual digital world

Part Five: The Idea of Free Will

- Studies have shown that the brain can enact decisions up to seven seconds before we become consciously aware of making that choice

- Lack of free will can be interpreted as a fascinating quirk of life or something far more sinister

- By owning the digital world, Facebook decides what users see and when they see it

- Facebook's desire to own VR is not just about money, but also about owning and controlling the digital world

- Users need to be aware of the amount of data Facebook is collecting and how it is being used

Oculus Quest 2 In VR Facebook Ads Are Coming

Virtual Reality Advertisements: A New Reality for VR Users

Advertisements in virtual reality (VR) are becoming a reality, according to a new update by Oculus. What does this mean for VR users? Will it be intrusive? Let's talk about it today on BMF.


- VR advertisements are not new; we see them everywhere in mobile apps, websites, YouTube videos, and Google search results.

- Blaston will be the first game to feature ads inside of the actual VR game, and it seems to be local advertisements.

- Interactive ads may be immersion-breaking if accidentally clicked during gameplay.

- Developers will be able to earn revenue from these advertisements, but it needs to be tastefully done to avoid damaging the VR experience.

- Ads need to fit into the world that we're in and not remind us of the outside world.

- Developers should have the ability to stop ads from being there in the first place for certain types of experiences.

- Feedback on this issue is split, with some people okay with ads as long as they're not intrusive, while others don't want any ads in VR.

Virtual reality advertisements are here, and it's up to developers to implement them tastefully. Ads need to fit into the VR world and not be intrusive, or they risk damaging the VR experience. While some users are okay with ads, others don't want any at all. It remains to be seen how this will play out in the VR world, but developers need to be careful not to ruin the immersive experience that VR users crave.

Why is Facebook making the Oculus Quest 2 so Cheap? Ads in VR!?

- Oculus Quest 2 promo videos leaked out, revealing impressive specs.

- Snapdragon XR2 chip, higher resolution, and 6GB RAM.

- Quest 2 is $100 cheaper than Quest 1, but why?


- Snapdragon XR2 chip is more powerful than Snapdragon 835 in Quest 1.

- CPU performance, video, and displays are improved.

- Quest 2 has 6GB RAM, compared to Quest 1's 4GB.

- Quest 2 has 4 cameras, with potential for 7.


- Quest 2 is rumored to be $299 for 64GB and $399 for 256GB.

- Speculation about why Quest 2 is cheaper than Quest 1.

- Possible strategy to get more people into VR and eventually monetize data.

Data and Advertising:

- Facebook collects data from VR headset use and purchases.

- Targeted advertising is possible through data collection.

- Facebook monetizes data through targeted advertising.


- Possibility of an online accessory store for VR headsets.

- Premium head straps or floating headphones as potential accessories.

- Facebook Connect will reveal more about Quest 2.

- Quest 2's specs are impressive, and its price is lower than expected.

- Facebook's strategy may be to get more people into VR and monetize data.

F**k no! Facebook launch Ads in VR for Oculus META Quest Users!

Hey guys, welcome to VR Essentials! In this episode, we're talking about the recent news of Facebook experimenting with advertisements inside of the Oculus Quest. This is a big deal for several reasons, so let's dive in:

- This is the first episode of raw, uncut, unedited video for our channel.

- We're discussing the implications of Facebook's experimentation with ads in the Oculus Quest.

Why is this a big deal?

- Facebook is being taken to court by over 20 governments worldwide for antitrust.

- Antitrust means that Facebook takes your data to influence your buying habits and lifestyle.

- Advertisers, including governments, can use this data to influence who you vote for, what you like, what you buy, and more.

- Facebook can pull over 2 million data points from you and those around you every 20 minutes while in VR.

- This data includes your friends, loved ones, and anyone else nearby.

- Facebook's strategy and business plan is very different from other VR brands, and they're not in VR to make you feel good; they're there to take your data and influence your behavior.

What does this mean for Oculus Quest users?

- Facebook will blast ads into your Oculus Quest, potentially changing your buying habits even further.

- It's annoying to see ads in the first place, especially while playing a game in VR.

- Facebook is hiding behind the Oculus name, but Oculus is owned and run by Facebook.

- You should either wait to buy a Quest or sell your current one, as Facebook is not trustworthy.

- Be aware of what's happening with Facebook and VR.

- A Facebook feed will likely be integrated into the Oculus Quest in the future.

- Don't trust Facebook's intentions with VR or your data.

- Thanks for your support, and we'll see you in the next unedited, raw, first-cut video.

This makes 78% of Facebook Advertisers QUIT

Why Starting an Online Business or Social Media Marketing Isn't as Easy as Some Make it Seem

There are many people who have created videos on how to start an online business or how to do social media marketing that have set unrealistic expectations. They have made it seem like Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising is easy and anyone can set up a campaign that will succeed from day one if you just follow their steps. This can set people up for failure when they first start running Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

The Danger of Believing It's Easy:

When people take the advice of these videos and create their first ad campaign, and it doesn't succeed from the start (which is highly likely), they assume they've been lied to. Instead of thinking they've been lied to about how easy it is to get results, they think they've been lied to across the board and that the whole platform is a waste of time.

The Reality of Facebook and Instagram Advertising:

The reality is that the meta ads platform does work. There are millions of Facebook and Instagram advertisers, and many businesses have been created off the back of successful Facebook and Instagram advertising. However, it's not easy and it's not a guaranteed success. Facebook advertising is a skill, and in order to succeed at anything that is skill-based, you have to be good enough to get results.

The Competition:

An advertising platform like meta works by competing against other advertisers for people's eyeballs. The cost of Facebook and Instagram ads rises to the point at which the best can succeed, and the ones that aren't very good at running ad campaigns can't. Any form of marketing that has a large potential upside is going to be highly competitive, and you're going to have to compete against those who have been doing it for years and are obsessed with getting better results.

The Solution:

The solution to this problem is to choose the competition that you enter. Start with a local competition where the level of competitor is not too high, and then move up in steps. Commit to running Facebook ads for 12 months, and pick a market or niche that is small enough that you can easily become the very best in that market.

Starting an online business or social media marketing isn't as easy as some make it seem. Facebook and Instagram advertising are skills that require dedication and practice to master. However, with the right approach and mindset, anyone can succeed. Choose your competition wisely, commit to the long-term, and focus on becoming the best in your niche.

Ads In-Game On Oculus Quest, Facebook Smartwatch, Hidden Oculus Quest Pincode & More!

Facebook's Upcoming Smartwatch Raises Privacy Concerns

Facebook is set to launch its first smartwatch next summer, featuring a display with two cameras and a detachable wristband for taking pictures and videos. However, concerns have arisen over privacy, given Facebook's reputation for surveillance. The smartwatch will also connect to cellular mobile data and have an e-SIM for 24/7 surveillance.

Passcode Unlock for Oculus Quest

There is a hidden passcode unlock for the Oculus Quest, which fits the theme of the device and looks like it was built to be there. The app only allows for an unlock pattern, and it seems that once set, the pattern translates to a pin number. This added privacy feature may be appealing to users who want to prevent others from accessing their Oculus Quest.

Facebook to Test Ads in Oculus Quest Apps

Facebook plans to test ads in its Oculus Quest virtual reality system in the coming weeks, with ads appearing in Resolution Games titles and two other unnamed apps. The company aims to create a self-sustaining platform for VR development, with app sales and targeted ads generating revenue. While targeted ads can be annoying, seamless integration into VR games and experiences could make them less intrusive.

Facebook's foray into the smartwatch market raises privacy concerns, given its history of surveillance. The hidden passcode unlock for the Oculus Quest may be useful for users who want added privacy. Ads in the Oculus Quest, while potentially annoying, could generate revenue for VR development if integrated seamlessly into games and experiences.

Facebook Meta VR Leader Resigns | 5 Minute Gaming News

- John Carmack resigns from meta, Facebook's parent company

- Carmack expresses thoughts on meta's effectiveness

- Meta's struggles lead to loss of shareholder wealth

- Microsoft considers adding ads to Xbox Game Pass


- Carmack's thoughts on meta's effectiveness:

- Operating at half the effectiveness

- Some may think we're doing just fine

- Others will say half or quarter efficiency

- Carmack's thoughts on meta's Quest 2 headset:

- Successful product makes the world a better place

- Could have happened faster with different decisions

- Built something pretty close to the right thing

- Room for improvement, fill products with give a damn

- Thoughts on meta's metaverse:

- Idea with no real foundation or innovation

- Like scraping at the scraps in the bottom of the barrel of Second Life in 2012

- Meta's struggles:

- Challenges lead to loss of nearly two thirds of its value

- Reminder that some people have too much money and spend it on stupid things

- Microsoft considering adding ads to Xbox Game Pass:

- Survey asking players if they'd be willing to pay lower fees with ads

- Request for Xbox not to do this

- Upcoming game releases:

- Dead Space remake in January

- Resident Evil 4 remake and Star Wars Jedi Survivor in March

- Thoughts on game remakes:

- Nostalgia factor

- Good opportunity to fix flaws and make games more accessible

- Advertisement for Discord channel

- Carmack's resignation highlights meta's struggles

- Microsoft considering adding ads to Game Pass raises concerns

- Exciting game releases coming in early 2023

- Join the Discord channel to talk about gaming topics

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