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facebook will start putting ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

If your Facebook advertising strategy isn't working as well as you want it to, then you're not alone. Things have changed, and what used to work even a few months ago is dramatically different than the strategies and tactics that are succeeding on the platform right now.

Main points:

1. Facebook lead ads were once a terrible choice for businesses, but now they're amazing and one of the top picks for generating leads and making sales.

2. Campaign structures and default settings inside your Facebook ads manager account have changed, and many people don't know about these changes, which is a mistake. You need to set your campaigns up for success to get the most bang from your advertising buck.

3. Generating leads in the way that it's traditionally done is one of the least effective marketing strategies available today. You need to focus on acquiring quality leads and have a conversion mechanism to turn those leads into customers.

4. High level is the number one software used for this, and the secret feature that is used to take response rates from 3% to over 68% is the use of automations.

5. Advantage campaign budget (ACB) is the new name and new version of campaign budget optimization (CBO), and it allows Facebook to decide where to allocate your campaign budget. It's important to be aware of ACB and when to use it.

To succeed with Facebook advertising in 2022, you need to be aware of the changes and updates that have occurred, including the effectiveness of lead ads, the importance of quality leads and conversion mechanisms, the power of automations, and the new version of campaign budget optimization. By keeping these factors in mind and staying up to date with Facebook's ever-changing algorithms, you can create a successful advertising strategy for your small business.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Hey there guys, Jordan here and today we're going to dive into the world of Facebook Ads. Our last video got over one million views, but Facebook has made some changes since then, so I'm here to bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about launching your first Facebook ad. But before we get started, make sure you're subscribed with your notification bell turned on. Let's jump right into it!

- Facebook Ads - an opportunity for business owners

- 1.7 billion daily active users on Facebook

- 80% of the internet has a Facebook profile

- $17 billion spent on Facebook ads in Q1 2020

- 80 million businesses have a Facebook business page

- Average cost per click on Facebook is $1.72

The Facebook Advertising Platform:

- Facebook Business Suite

- Ads Manager

- Multiple Ad Accounts

- Ad Campaign

- Ad Set

- Ad Creative

- Testing for highest return on ad spend

Setting up a Facebook Business Manager Account:

- Go to business.facebook.com

- Create an account

- Set up account properly

- Add users and people

- Add partners

- Facebook Ads - cost-effective and popular ad platform

- Proper set up of Facebook Business Manager Account is important

- Testing is necessary for successful Facebook ad campaigns

NEW Facebook Video Ads Feature!

New Facebook Video Ad Features: Highlighting Crazy Data You Need to See

Meta has recently released new Facebook video ad features that are worth taking a look at. In this video, we will go through these new features and discuss their benefits.

New Features:

1. Video Engagement Data:

- New data points include two-second continuous video plays and cost per three-second video plays.

- Total video plays can be a misleading metric as only a few may have watched the video for three seconds or more.

- Comparing three-second video plays to total plays can provide more valuable data.

2. Breakdown Information:

- Breakdown options now include video view type and video sound.

- Video view type shows the number of people who watched the video through autoplay or click to play.

- Click to play is more valuable as it indicates more engaged viewers.

- Video sound shows how many people watched the video with sound on or off.

- Viewers with sound on are more likely to consume more of the video.

3. Implications for Advertisers:

- Video ads are not the only option and may not always produce the best results.

- Using text overlay to summarize the main point can help get the message across quickly.

- Testing video ads against other formats and going with what works best is crucial.

The new Facebook video ad features provide valuable data that can help advertisers optimize their campaigns. Understanding the importance of click to play and video sound can help create more engaging content and achieve better results.

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

In this article, we will cover the Facebook Ads Master Class step by step for 2022. We will go over why you should advertise on Facebook, the assets you need to start advertising, how to set up your Facebook page and business manager, how to create your first campaign, define your budget, value results, and optimize your campaigns.

Why advertise on Facebook?

- 1.93 billion daily active users

- 28 billion total ad revenue per year

- Cost per click of around $1

- CPM of 11.54 cents

Benefits of advertising on Facebook:

- Sell more

- Generate leads

- Distribute content

- App installs

- Test your offer

- Micro-segment your target

- Only pay when you get a click

- Predictable returns

Assets you need to start advertising:

- Business manager

- Ad accounts

- Facebook page

- Domain

- Pixel

- Payment method

Creating a Facebook page:

- Use real brand information

- Give Facebook as much info as possible about your business

- Create more trust with Facebook

- Avoid having your ad account disabled

In conclusion, Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for selling products, generating leads, and distributing content. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start advertising on Facebook with confidence and see predictable returns.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Facebook ads have evolved significantly in the past few years, with the adpocalypse caused by the iOS 14 update being a significant hurdle to overcome. However, Facebook has managed to adapt and create new options, making it an effective marketing tool if used correctly. In this article, we'll provide you with eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and pro tips designed to improve your Facebook ad performance.

Hack 1: Lead Ads

Lead ads are an excellent strategy to capture leads without having to direct users to a landing page. Facebook has made improvements to the algorithm, targeting, and the way people interact with lead ads, making them more effective. With lead ads, you don't have to integrate them with your email autoresponder, and Facebook provides retargeting options, making them cheaper than the traditional method.

Hack 2: Building Your Email List

Building your email list is crucial in service-based businesses, where a smaller group of people generates a significant sum of money. Having a strong email list means you can share valuable information with your subscribers, establish authority, and generate more leads.

Hack 3: Retargeting Engagers

Retargeting is still an effective strategy if done correctly. Rather than targeting website visitors and email lists, Facebook's improved lead forms and engagement audiences can be targeted more effectively.

Hack 4: Video Ads

Video ads are engaging and can generate more leads than other ad formats. They're effective in grabbing people's attention, and with the rise of video marketing, they're a must-have in any Facebook ads campaign.

Hack 5: Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a great way to target users with similar interests, behavior, and demographics to your existing customers. Facebook's improved targeting options make this an effective way to reach new potential customers.

Hack 6: Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tracking tool that allows you to track user behavior on your website and optimize ads accordingly. It's an essential tool that provides valuable insights and improves ad performance.

Hack 7: Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads allow businesses to retarget users who have interacted with their products or services. These ads are personalized, making them more effective in generating leads and sales.

Hack 8: A/B Testing

A/B testing is crucial to any Facebook ads campaign. Testing different ad creatives, copy, and targeting options can help identify what works best for your business.

Facebook ads have come a long way in the past few years, and with these eight hacks, you can improve your ad performance and generate more leads and sales. Whether it's using lead ads, building your email list, retargeting engagers, using video ads, targeting lookalike audiences, using Facebook Pixel, dynamic product ads, or A/B testing, these strategies will help you achieve your marketing goals. So, apply these hacks and get ready to see your Facebook ad performance soar!

How Facebook Ad Strategies CHANGE based on EACH COUNTRY!

Running Facebook ads for different countries requires different handling and understanding of various variables. This article will summarize the important factors to consider when running ads for different countries.

Factors to Consider:

1. Audience size: When grouping different countries, it's important to understand that they behave like audiences. Facebook will spend more money on the bigger audience, so it's best to group countries with similar audience sizes together.

2. Language: The language used in ads is important and should be tested for each country. English can work in some countries, but others may require the local language.

3. Time zone: Grouping countries based on their time zone is essential to ensure that ads start at a normal time and spend properly.

4. Delayed reporting: The delayed period of reporting varies by country, so it's important to understand the delay to optimize ads properly.

5. Lookalike audiences: Creating lookalike audiences for smaller countries should be done separately in different campaigns.

Running ads for different countries requires careful consideration of audience size, language, time zone, delayed reporting, and lookalike audiences. By understanding these variables and grouping countries accordingly, advertisers can optimize their ads and achieve better results.

Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged - Which is Best?

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru talks about the When You Get Charged setting within Facebook Ads Manager. He explains the different options available and which one to choose for optimal results.

Bullet Points:

- Different campaign objectives result in different options for the When You Get Charged setting.

- The options available are impression basis, link click basis, or through play basis.

- Changing the option does not affect the results but only changes the way data is reported.

- Facebook charges on an impression basis to generate the highest revenue per impression possible.

- The When You Get Charged setting is not as important as other settings like optimization for ad delivery and campaign objectives.

- Ben's free Facebook group, Facebook Ads Mastermind Group, is a fantastic resource for Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

In conclusion, the When You Get Charged setting within Facebook Ads Manager does not affect the results of your ad campaign. It only changes the way data is reported. Other settings like optimization for ad delivery and campaign objectives are more important. Join Ben's free Facebook group, Facebook Ads Mastermind Group, for valuable resources and a community of like-minded advertisers.

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