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fairway weekly ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

What is a FREE STANDING INSERT… & Can it work for YOUR business?

greetings friend entrepreneur and fellow,business builder marketing master Jim,Ackerman here with good bad and ugly ads,from viz kaboom where we're gonna give,you a marketing specimen and you're,going to tell me whether you think it's,good bad or ugly today a free-standing,insert something that came in a package,of advertising take a look at this,little guy here not too big well it,doesn't appear to be too big until you,open it up and realize that there are,I've skipped one there look at the pages,one two three four five six seven and,seven with the fold that is a tear off,envelope and then on the back eight,eight pages all to sell a little grow,box for you tomato garden coming in,general newspapers or ad packages that,you can find around hmm is this good bad,or ugly does this have a chance of,working that's the decision you have to,make I'll show you the sample pages,which will include the cover and inside,spread and of course the final spread,which includes the order form and the,tear off envelope you take a good close,look at these things stop the video if,necessary to really examine them and,make your determination about whether,this is good bad or ugly and then I'll,let you know what I think,[Music],this is one of the most intriguing ad,specimens that I have shown you because,it's old-school I mean way old-school,back in the days when print was king,they did this kind of a thing and it,might have even been bigger than this my,neighbors laughed when I ordered now all,they all want a tomato garden like mine,this is a repurposed of a headline,this is a standard kind of a headline,they all laughed when I sat down at the,piano but then I began to play that was,the original one now they all laughed,but now they want a got'em a toe garden,just like mine,same basic game of headline Scrabble to,come up with a better headline and then,on the inside look at the full-color,pictures very lightweight by the way,look at the full-color pictures look at,the massive amounts of body copy going,along with each of those pictures and,then finally you get to the final page,where there is an order form doesn't,mean you have to order on the order form,but it tells you exactly what they want,you to do and you can even tear off this,little envelope stik your cheque inside,paste it to clothes and send off your,cheque if you want to do it the,old-school way now what do we know about,this,well older folks like to grow tomato,gardens and older folks still like to,read the newspaper and they open their,coupon marriage mail packages and look,at these kinds of things so well this,might not be all that compelling to your,everyday millennial and I'm not saying,it's not I'm just saying it might not be,to the primary people that they're,targeting with this ad it's probably,dead on and for the nostalgia of it for,the sound marketing principles that have,been employed throughout the marketing,master says this,is good you may not have agreed that's,ok I'd like to hear why though I mean,you can't just disagree and leave it,there you got to tell me why you think,I'm wrong so leave your comments below,share it with your friends have them,comment as well have a nice little,argument if you want to over a beer or a,root beer and grow your understanding of,what works in marketing and why if you,do you'll notike that you'll be able to,employ those principle strategies and,tactiks in your own efforts to get more,customers who will pay you more money,more often the fastest easiest most cost,effective ways possible you learn it all,here on biz kaboom and good bad and ugly,acts,[Music],you

Episode 014: 5 Ways to Make Money with Games and the best way to Monetise Your Mobile Game

they often show they do reward videos,which will touch on in a minute but my,point was at the matching of the,demographic to the go yeah now there's,all sorts of filming you can do but,that's let me maybe try and keep on,point here if I if they're gonna show me,a game for and I have seen this like,little Sally's petting zoo yeah Barbie's,dressed up this is the rising high,extended tea break the game dev podcast,bringing you the best practikal,actionable advice for indie game,developers brought to you by rising high,academy calm the kettle's on so let's go,listen in well hey there and welcome to,episode 14 of the rising high extended,tea break my name is Kevin and I am,joined as always with Julie hello Julie,hello how are we today I'm okay thank,you good stuff what is on the cards for,the podcast today today we're gonna tok,about money and specifically the top,five ways to make money and monetize,your mobile game show me the money honey,let's make some money how do we do it,we've got games we want to earn Bank,let's make some money so what have we,got as number one we do have a list we,have a little wait always it's gotta be,done number one interstitial ads,instituted so we are toking,free-to-play games for us and we use,adverts and they are unnecessary evil we,don't no no no no my place is very evil,they are and players are used to ads now,let's just get this out of the way,players are used to add nobody,partikularly likes them but most people,understand the they're downloading a,free product and they're gonna see some,kind of ads yeah you and your still see,all the reviews saying you know too many,ads too many O's and sometimes there are,too many yeah,I think I think there's a balance to be,struck yeah and it's quite fine lines,he's a fine line you're always gonna get,people the haters gonna hate,you're always gonna get people that like,I downloaded this free game and you show,me a never and your you should die yeah,you do see though occasionally sadly if,I actually feel sorry for those sort of,people but then I've actually Stanley,who's that just say no this supposed to,be a free game I just want to play free,that's right and so let's get out of the,way and people will leave your bag,reviews for having adverse in your game,and try to make some money off all the,time effort skilled talent and hard work,you put into your games you're still,going to get people who are not happy,and you'll never change that no you,can't please everybody but they're all,there are best practikes that will touch,you and no doubt in a minute so let's go,let's concentrate on free-to-play and,advertisements first one was,interstitial interstitial so,interstitials interstitials are your,full screen ads that pop up with that,tiny little annoying X button that you,never press right and why they made it,so small who knows one can only get it,actually notike the common what game is,it's always on the game I'm playing but,the little the little X yeah pops up in,different corners oh yeah oh yeah oh,yeah it's definitely a thing which,corner really on you because you get so,used you get ad blind yes I used to got,ad pops up and your brain tells you yeah,it's not there now it's down there oh,yeah you can actually set that in some,add new,to move around and you'll see a lot of a,lot of the ones they put it down the,bowl because it's just unnatural yeah,because you're just conditioned to tap,that place,it's very sneaky and we could call it,sneaky oh you could call it stinky,anyway so interstitial so interstitials,are the big ads that pop up full screen,I'd love to say always a game over and,places where it doesn't interrupt your,play now,oh I have if your game developer with,games in the store you have you have our,sympathy here because a lot of the time,these adverts are served from the ad,networks and there's this lag and solo,like yeah so although we've got it set,if they don't serve up fast enough you,can come to a game over restart and then,the ad work have yeah or the ad work I,said yeah the egg work will kick in,again and come up during gameplay and,you just have to get that on a time when,you've got one of these people and there,you go there goes your review is an ad,hater,anyways early so that we have message,sympathy for that I don't think we'd,have many non game developers listening,but if you are a player then have have,funny a little bit of sin have a have a,bit of pee on us poor poor old out,developers that's late and they cost me,a minute okay you know any who's right,so moving on so interstitials interested,to your big full screen ads now,historically always statik you now get,some playable ads on the screen,interstitials which have become very,popular and they work quite well,actually I do I think unless you see,them countless times and you just then,you're just standing there waiting,you know it's really down to the match,yeah in there yeah no no I got I play I,play last hour and half quite luck which,is from kefir really cool survival game,I think you've got most innovative game,last year really good I'm totally into,that's all I really play to be honest,by chilly now I ever go on that and they,often show they do reward videos which,will touch on in a minute but my point,was at the matching as a demographic to,the game yeah now there's all sorts of,filling you can do but that's let me,maybe try and keep on point here if I if,they're gonna show me a game for and I,have seen this like little Sally's,petting zoo yeah Barbies dressed up with,only P you know come on now and so you,can touch with your feminine side yes I,always and so the point being is that,that the bad performing ads will be the,ones that match up with the demographic,yeah because sure you're more likely to,think oh so now that looks that's pretty,good at my street is that like yeah it's,it's in the same genre network so you,can filter through in that what you see,most of the time it's a way to life it,depends yeah we have done that we have,filled out on short post an exercise,time your time suck and the thing is as,well which is which is kind of,contradicting what you said but,sometimes if some of these like games,that don't have a natural fit or a match,sometimes it paying like donna shin eCPM,zai yeah and just one fluke in stoking,baby ten bucks that I say we don't,normally go into all of that and it,depends as well it depends who's playing,you know if you've got like a like you,see more of a girly or a kiddie out come,up you know you might might have kids,that you think oh I know it really might,like that and that's a gracious actually,it can kind of work yeah so it's it's a,difficult we just don't know who's on,the NW game half the time but let's go,through while we're on the interstitials,let's run off some ad networks that,we've used in the past and currently use,now so we will have all the links to the,ad networks over on the show show page,erosion high academy.com for which last,14 that's one for boys,Anamika that's 14 for this and will link,up all the ad networks and all that good,stuff over there so you can go and check,them out if you don't know them so we,have chartboost,our staple job which has been going for,don't easier probably one of the earlier,and networks out there that is stuck,around many have come and gone but job,Bruce is a staple for us and we default,to chop whose most times we also have,AdMob which is between the AdMob and,child boots are the ones that we always,go to yeah now they are at loving Rev,mob Facebook of course lead bolt in mobi,no pulp,don't want to say ax fire Lebow there's,tons are there's just tons now and for,us because we've been around for too,long to mention now we like to keep with,the ones that we know a stable yeah and,what's the word I'm looking for Jimmy,not stable but reliable constant yeah,and of course we have to sample your,banking details and stuff with these,companies and send off for your w8,Bernie forms and all your tax forms and,stuff especial

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Episode 3, Nokia Weekly News October 15-21st

geven van een margraff from the nokia,blog.com dit is episode 3 nokia weekly,nieuws hebben top stories van oktober,14th october 20 vers,zullen snel wist in a more time en,catcher,nokia suite beter for windows proces,released here's to be called nokia ovi,sorry wat dus een nieuwe look en feel en,het posten roon software updates more,likely you grab it not be realized a 0,keer de gang en ook een research at,service using nfc voor mobile games is,basically let's play het fysieke logics,in the real world lang microfoon dégradé,3gs already,en worden geschoold nokia world likes,this basic weer matching game die hebben,ook guards set up on table,en je wevideo fantastisch cards to,reveal what flights orchidee wit en,discards ionen check the game zal je,kunt door bill uitstaan nokia de haan,nokje in de yokai schoenen charlie,younger people by their phones,one reason camping dat idee dus de,partner met de boyband old one direction,to live a limited edition het de nokia,ziet uw en de nokia c3 market weeks at,nokia holtslag more but this new,strategy at nokia world in de nes vlees,symbian atleet regions van die vijf was,tussen liefste dan ook je en eet dus,hebben en de e7,zoals andere stemmen in terug de basis,te trekken pieter webeling je phone guy,elstar ground zero zero zero zero,en en dan goddelijke de aap in dit set,chuck voor op t bureau know much about,is altijd sinds we dan even checken,sluit waren tegen stress de bunch of,bugfixes,richard en oké hungry was recently,league this device is een een naam chat,holy love but this funny or die is,basically en nokia windows phone de,looks ik zeg wil ik dan ook je en nine,uw hebben de kamer pijn en in exact drie,op dus en colors will be released as,well there cyan magenta en blah couple,foto's op de nok jcb orly,het nokia windows phone de looks like,the nokia 603 is dat drie plus 7 inch,touch screen and physical by een set de,bar hem works packings learn more,baptisten is en nokia world from this,event is aan oktober 20 sec we just a,few days away nokia teaser uit stargate,showing up in the uk,each staat is om je ballon tattoo,schokkend proficiat closeup of het,product en de xacto nokia and nine,we nodig dit is een nokia windows phone,lucas op de color tiles in de background,reader subsidies part iii in de show,ex-partner zo dozeren staat nog geen use,this week al hebben naar de won xprize,of fairway of the cover nokia world on,oktober tony 26 zeven koppen lieten zien,nieuwe nokia windows phone devices if,you like the weekly video's of in making,peace klik de like button or leave,feedback in de comments en marco hem,thanks for watching,weekly nieuws we hebben laten cover,today,is af,zelfs een trie

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“Build Your Brand, Build Your Business” Live from Drake Media Studios

welcome everyone um my name is mindy,lampard i'm one of the co-chairs and i'm,on the zoo call today with one of our,other co-chairs lisa cohn um liza selzer,is also a co-chair and she is actually,part of this morning's panel um,welcome to our build your brand build,your business discussion it's going to,be a very interactive immersive,uh discussion on building a ribbon and,we certainly welcome your feedback and,welcome your questions please put them,in the chat,the program um is moderated by donna,drake,someone very well known to many of us on,long island so i'm going to turn it over,to lisa cohn,our one of our co-chairs to go over some,of the ground rules and some information,about the melville chamber and the,women's group in partikular,lisa take it away thank you mindy,welcome everybody so before we get,started today we just want to go over,some of the ground rules which we're all,pretty familiar with now that we've been,on zoom for a while we ask that you meet,yourself unless you're speaking um we,ask that you put your camera on for all,of us to see you if you're able and that,you type and identify yourself on the,screen so this way we know who we're,toking with,ask that you type your questions and,feedback in the chat we encourage you to,share your name and contact information,and just so you know the presentation is,being recorded,and at the end we ask that you network,have fun and enjoy our presentation,in the next slide please yeah i'm having,a little trouble with the next line no,worries,um,so,our agenda today this is the welcoming,and gathering portion of the event um,we're going to go over now as well the,overview of the women's committee and,the melville chamber from 8 40 to 9 20,we will have our panel discussion hosted,by donna drake with travis elfreff,internet from internet ad pros liz el,selzer from insight media and rosemary,klufell from fairway independent,mortgage company and at the end around 9,20 we'll open for questions and answers,um some closing remarks and again if you,could write those questions in the chat,that would be very helpful for us,so the overview of the women's committee,our mission our mission of the women of,melville empowerment network is to share,our expertise to open doors and to,provide access to chamber members,through resources our core values our,collaboration connection,education,growth and visibility and we thank you,for joining us in this wonderful,presentation today,mindy do you want to continue from here,sure,okay so you know the melville chamber um,really has a very very strong mission,i've seen a lot of chambers doing a lot,of different activities a lot of street,fairs and those kinds of things ours is,a little bit different a little more,coordinated effort we work with,businesses educational institutions,government resources and we really do,things to benefit the businesses along,the melville corridor and outside of the,melville corridor melville chamber has,an extraordinary reach across long,island we really try to provide,myriad of businesses and services with,networking opportunities so you'll see,some of the events that we have coming,up in a few minutes,services business to business if you go,on our website you will see discounts in,a directory that you can use to really,help grow your business,and then also form to create and,stimulate opportunities again we have a,lot of different opportunities from,networking to great interactive programs,such as this business roundtables to,really help businesses thrive on long,island,so here are some of the events that we,have coming up we do have our next,business roundtable coming up on,wednesday september 22nd,on a similar topic that really,integrates and complements what we're,going to be doing in today's program,our next gen group which is open to all,chamber members are really toking about,refocusing we've all been kind of in the,whirlwind um with covid and really,getting everyone to refocus really a,great forum um siobhan mcmahon monica,zytek doing a great job with that,program we have a business after hours,program so if you prefer the evenings,and social networking we do amazing,programs coming up and i believe that's,at maine 317,um coming up on wednesday september 29th,and then um our melville chamber of,commerce business expo,really an extraordinary event always,very well attended very well run uh by,the chamber at the huntington hilton,on tuesday october 12th,if you have any questions on these,please contact ted macaluso at the,chamber or ask any one of us and we'll,be glad to help you,alright so we're going to get to our,speakers now,as you can see donna drake has an,extraordinary,list of accomplishments and i'm just,going to highlight a few of those she is,a two-time telly award winner really,focusing on hope,uh motivation and resilience she's been,on the air for 12 years interviewing,many many celebrities entertainers,health and wellness professionals,and she really right now is focusing a,lot on content strategy video content,production and in 2017 she was a tedx,speaker so we are honored to have donna,um,moderating our panel today and providing,the studio for us to conduct this,workshop,travis alfreth is one of our speakers he,joined ad pros um and really has a lot,of experience with google and youtube,advertising for national companies he,really excels in helping businesses use,the google suite of offerings to grow,their business travis thank you for,joining us today,and liza selzer our other co-chair um,and just incredible,person extraordinaire she also as you,can see the general theme does it all,she is very involved with uh,media,and specifically tied to uh bus,the bus industry she has 20 years,experience in marketing sales,communications working with a myriad of,agencies,and advertisers uh to again spread the,word and build the brand,which is what we're here to focus on,today,and last but definitely not least is,rosemary cluefell she also is a,renaissance woman she's a speaker an,instructor a writer her specialty is the,mortgage industry but she also devotes a,lot of time and is now a certified mills,military housing specialist,uh and,also is in addition on her,night job is an extraordinary singer,i've had we've had the pleasure of,having her and her band the check evans,band at one of our events and i've also,seen her perform elsewhere so uh she,does it all,so we're very pleased to have an,extraordinary panel today and we hope,you really enjoy the enjoy the program,and learn a lot,okay,so um,lisa if we can let everyone know um that,we've finished here we're done,um,i just like i've just um,texted michael so he should be starting,all right i'm going to stop my screen,share now,and,where is michael on the screen,just give us a moment,where,you're moving michael,okay everyone while we're getting set up,if anybody has any questions or anything,that they'd like to to share with us,well then i'm going to reach out,they have a little bit of a tiknical,challenge,with uh the computer we tested,everything out this morning but,sometimes these things happen when you,do them live and we all know that don't,we um,we'll you know tok a little bit about,building,brands actually there's one thing i do,want to mention before we get into that,um the melville chamber the women's,group does a lot of extraordinary,program i just want to let you know,about a couple of programs we have in,the works that we'll be announcing,lately,susan decanto and diane neustadt are,working on a program on breast cancer,awareness,and we will be rolling out the,invitation to that very shortly it's,really going to tok about some things,about breast cancer awareness and,mammograms that are not common knowledge,so we are going to have that program,coming out shortly in november we're,hosting a program,um at the bristol assisted living thank,you to julie wexler that's really going,to celebrate our veterans and give some,support and let you know about ways that,you can help ve

Strategies to Enable Advertising Targeting and Measurement in a Privacy-Regulated World

hello everyone and welcome to our,webinar,strategies to enable advertising,targeting and measurement in a privacy,regulated world,today our webinar is sponsored by zavat,and we're going to be hearing from,someone from,a bit later who's on our panel but first,let me sort of set this up what are we,toking about today what we're really,toking about today is,a bunch of acronyms we have so many,acronyms in this world,gdpr ccpa we have mobile ad ids we have,ibfa,the world has changed quite a bit in the,last several years because of,privacy that has impacted or started to,impact targeting and measurement,and there are significant headwinds here,and what we want to do today is we've,got a great panel,a set of panelists that i'm going to,walk through and introduce in a moment,but,what we're going to be toking about,today is what exactly are these,headwinds,um how is this going to impact targeting,and measurement what are some solutions,what are some of the winners and losers,in all of this,and let's not forget consumers let's,definitely spend some time touching on,consumers,and so before i make the introductions,just a little bit of logistiks,uh i am going to be doing q a so i'm,going to allow about 10 minutes at the,end,if you navigate to the bottom of your,screen you'll see a little q a button,that you can click,go ahead and add your questions anytime,during this if you have any questions at,all go ahead and put them in there,throughout,the webinar and we'll address them,towards the end,let me kick things off i'm ken allen i,am a 20-year vet,in the ad tik space i worked at large,media companies including yahoo and,microsoft,worked on the advertising research side,at both cantar and ipsos and i've also,worked at some smaller innovative,companies like samba tv and for,info recently about six months ago i,launched mallon advisory services,which is an advisory and consulting,service i do,corporate mediation life and executive,coaching and i do,tiknical strategic advising so let's,just kick it off and do some,introductions i'm going to,start with kamal bukhari i'm really,happy to have kamal here,kamal is a general manager of data and,analytiks at dish media sales,he's really sitting on set top box data,and,is looking to do research analytiks,reporting and so forth,in that role he oversees data product,road maps and we're just,delighted to have him here to give us,that perspective really about the modern,data,ecosystem as a res uh reflects on tv,next we have amon boyle,there he is svp of growth sciences at,integer media which is an omnicom,company,uh he's an analytiks data strategy,measurement professional so he's going,to be able to cover everything here,he has a phd in applied modeling,extensive experience and data mining,insights predictive modeling one of the,things about him is he knows a lot about,we're not going to tok about today but,knows a lot about visualization and has,received some accolades around his,knowledge and expertise there,next jim space who you may know,as the uh former president of the arf,yes the arf,for a full seven years he serves on,boards he does a lot of uh,he works a lot with industry,associations,just a long time been in the industry,and uh he's,the co-founder of sequent partners who,many of you,know they do a lot of great fantastik,thought leadership and work,finally ravi parvali from,tabat um he heads the median gaming,practike,at tavant has really a lot of deep,industry experience around,ad tik analytiks targeting measurement,a lot of deep understanding what's going,on in the publisher sets we'll be uh,reaching out to him,to get some of those publisher insights,later more recently he's been focusing,attention on,leveraging tiknologies like ai and ml,in some of these algorithms to solve key,industry challenges and so,welcome panelists i'm super happy to,have you here,to kick things off now we toked about,these headwinds,um what exactly are these headwinds come,out i hope i don't mind you don't mind,me going to you first,what exactly are these headwinds what,has happened in the last few years,to cause people to have some of these,changes,around thinking with targeting measures,thanks ken for having me,and thank you savant um for sponsoring,um,as ken said i'm kamal bakari a head of,the data analytiks team at dish media,dish media is advertising sales arm for,dish,network as well as sling tv so ken to,your specific,question the the headwinds has been you,know,as consumers are getting smarter about,their data,as well as a lot of these privacy um,standards that have been put in place,that started with gdpr then it came to,the united states as ccpa are,kind of separating the folks that own,data,to the folks that do not own data dish,media dish networks is in a very good,place because we have the direct,relationship with our subscribers where,they have the option of,opting out of any any type of data,collection any type of,advertising targeting ads but from our,experience,um our subscribers actually enjoy,relevant ads,um so we are we've been put in a very,good position,because we own our data um some,companies,um that are in our ecosystem that,license data from others or do not own,their own data,uh they're gonna be in a tough position,because they don't have that direct,relationship with the consumer thanks,kamal,um now let me let me go to you jim just,add a little bit more color here just,from a from a big picture industry,perspective,what are the top three things people,need to know about what's happening,in terms of privacy and what what what,you know how things have changed,what what exactly are these headwinds,yeah i mean i would start with,we all need to educate ourselves about,even just the current state of data,quality,you know there's a lot of missing data,messy data unmatchable data,inaccurate data and i don't mean to be,doom and gloom but,it's far from perfect right so um we,need we need to understand the current,state,and then we need to understand what the,impact is is being i can't say he's,going to because it's happening right,now and it's going to continue to happen,uh what the impact is going to be of uh,you know things like cookie deprecation,and and the the potential,for sdks having a more difficult time,tracking locations and all those things,that are happening right before us,we don't understand the impact and all,too often i hear people,say well my match rate is dust and such,and that's only half the story because,the other half of the story is how,accurate is the underlying data,and how accurate was the data when it,was matched up so,demos or product purchase matched up to,media data for advanced targeting for,attribution,for example and and it's not just a,question of data loss i mean we live and,we're swimming in millions of records of,data that's wonderful,it's a question of the bias right so if,after,if the data you you can acquire for for,targeting or attribution,let's say um comes from a partikular,source,it's not designed for research i mean,that's that's the other reality that we,live with,is that you know we're not using data,designed for research we're using data,that's,found and it comes in different,different levels of quality,so you know we don't know what kind of,bias that might introduce,and we don't know what happened with the,biases that are introduced through the,processing,and then in the end what we what we,don't know and need to know better is,what impact does that have,on the guidance on either the efficacy,let's say it's targeting,how good is the targeting or in the case,of attribution how good is the guidance,coming out of the attribution,you know is it is it too warped is it,like being looking at the world through,a fun house mirror,or is it good enough i'm not sure that,was three can i'm sorry,no problem nobody was counting well you,know i want to do a deep dive into,targeting a little bit now,now mobile is obviously huge these days,what exactly is happening in the mobile,ad id space w

West USA Realty- Weekly Webinar 1/27/2020

[Music],good morning once USA welcome to another,edition of our Monday morning webinar,well we are broadcasting live at the,epicenter of success at the center Wow,now I'm looking around the whoo we got,on the show today and I'm not so sure,we're gonna be able to to hold our own,but we appreciate everybody joining us,and a little sneak peek oh we got coming,up today of course we got Todd Minard,gonna give us a look at the numbers we,got Matt Baker here from the books pan,Baker team going to give us our mortgage,minute I'm going to continue our,conversation on improving customer,service and how to give and provide,better customer service our new,designated broker Dwayne Fouts is,stopping by he's in the back and don't,do that with Bob so if you are just,listening to the webinar and you want to,see our beautiful faces we've got new,equipment we got a new backdrop we've,got a new camera all you got to do is,hop on the facebook cuz we are on,facebook live has always got any,questions or comments or suggestions,feel free to email us at webinar at West,usa.com I think there is somebody in the,building that does manage those emails,and we'll take care of that for you,alright Todd what do we got going on,today well thanks a lot Mike we,appreciate this welcome everybody and,today we're looking at the numbers for,the last week ending today January 27th,we have 58 days close on market our,month supply is at two point one three,our absorption rate forty six point,eight for average list price 625 every,sale price Mike it's good to see that,come back down a little bit says that,we're really not getting all that,pressure based on just short supply 347,325 is what our average sale price is,and our list price the sale price,retention is back into that nice range,under 98% at ninety seven point nine,eight looking across at inventory well,this is still the story we're continuing,to we thought we had a little reprieve,last week Mike when when we took a lot,of listings but were we did still take,quite a few listings today but on for,this past week but unfortunately the,inventory continued to shrink by 2.8,percent we're down to 12,326 properties available in inventory,appending is at 50 196 that was a really,nice recovery and again very very brisk,for the first couple of weeks of,December I'm staying in line with our,seasonal trends for t 284 is what our,closed units are for the month so far,but again we got a few days left and,we'll see how that all pans out looking,at listings we're sending it we took,2006 listings this week that was up 5%,our days on market is sitting at about a,hundred and forty-seven for the entire,MLS and our closed inventory is sitting,at 58 days now some of you maybe haven't,seen the price range down here in the,bottom right hand side or if you've seen,it you really aren't really sure how to,use this in your day to day business but,again if you're taking listings working,with buyers and specific price ranges,this is here to let you know the,difference that there's differences,dramatik differences in the different,price ranges based on just looking at,the the overall armless picture so we,take a look and basically in green you,can see that sixty seven point two,percent of our entire inventory is under,fifty five hundred thousand dollars so,that's where our market exists for the,most part we're averaging 73 days on,market for that price those price ranges,and you can see each individual price,range is the number of units the days on,market and the percentage of the total,inventory so obviously this will help,you looking at the red zone,we're at a hundred and fourteen days on,market for prices between 500 and a,million dollars and that represents just,over 20% of the market and our,million-dollar activity we don't go too,deep into this goes up to 5/8 million,we're sitting at a hundred and eighty,three days on market with 12% of the,entire inventory taking a look at our,street over week in our month over,months over the last week we increased,by 5% again 1900 last week that was a,little way too low for a week before so,2006 is kind of nice we want that to be,in that 2400 range or above 2400 is,really the threshold nothing under will,usually show us that we're adding to,inventory versus losing from our over,active inventory looking at pending,right now again we're up to 5200 almost,from 4,000 this is a great seasonal,recovery again we're used to seeing,these numbers closer to 6500 to 7,thousand and this will happen as we ramp,the year up as we get closer to April,when really our summer buying season,starts I'm taking a look in our month to,date where this is good last year as of,February through the end of the year we,averaged positive growth somewhere,between eight to ten percent if you,remember Mike Weir prior to that over,the last couple years we were you know,continuing to shrink a little bit so,this is really really good but starting,off at 20 percent I can't wait till the,end of the month I've got to see the end,of the month numbers this is exciting,for a nerd like me but the thing is is,that if you trick if you take it a look,at these numbers these tell you what's,happening in the market and the,pressures and the you know and and,really what your buyers gonna go through,in or what your sellers going to go,through so taking a look at month supply,we're at two point one three that's a,good number we like it closer to three,threes our sweet spot as we've always,toked about you know this is down 18%,week over week our price ranges this is,something that last week we toked about,look at that we were at 381 the number,the right there were three hundred,eighty one thousand dollars we bumped up,we started the year you know basically,somewhere in the vicinity of about you,know 360 so a 20 thousand dollar jump in,a period of a couple of weeks was really,concerning to me as a number cruncher,and I wanted to get this and you know,kind of pay attention to this for you,guys to see if we were all of a sudden,finally getting that pressure not,finally good finally bad seeing that,pressure on that list price because we,don't have any inventory and there's,more buyers in the market and of course,your your pending increases your,inventory drops typical supply and,demand says price is going to go up but,for a year and a half you've heard me,tell you that's not what we're,experiencing it's been a very very,steady moderate properly adjusted growth,and we're real happy to report that the,drop to 347 is not a negative it's,actually a positive because it was,really just growing too quickly so we'll,continue to monitor that week over week,and keep you engaged so days on market,you know looking at the entire inventory,is pretty stable looking at our sold,we've gone from 61 days down to 58 70 is,really the sweet spot there so again we,haven't seen 70 in a while except for a,few hit and misses but again that's what,we're looking for in those as far as,rules of thumb and our list price to,sale price retention again,this is the difference between what the,list price was at the time the seller,accepted or the buyer whoever accepted,the offer last and at the time that the,person accepted the offer that went into,escrow and changed from active to,pending so this is showing normally,historically for 40 years this has been,right about to 22.2%,so anywhere between ninety seven point,eight ninety eight percent is exactly,what we want to see here because it says,that the sellers going to give up about,two percent of their list price at the,time they've accepted the offer and also,it says that this does not have anything,to do with the concessions so you know,you still have the opportunity for some,great negotiating on your buyers behalf,so here's all the different ways you can,see Us Weekly,we're posted to Alexa flash briefings,what you do is go into your flash,briefing settings and look for a West,USA realty market analysis we're happy,to have you there also you can find us,on Instag