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Fake Shopify Sales: Exposed!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing how to fake sales on Shopify. We will explore two methods that are easy to use and can make it appear that you have made a lot of sales, even if you haven't.

Method 1: Inspect Element

- Right-click on the sales number you want to change.

- Click Inspect to open the Inspect Element tool.

- Change the sales number to whatever you want it to be.

- You can also change other information on the screen using this tool.

Method 2: Create an Order

- Go to the Orders page on Shopify.

- Click Create Order and select the product you want to use.

- Click Mark as Paid to complete the order.

- The sale will now appear on your Shopify app and other platforms.

While we do not recommend using these methods to deceive customers, they can be useful for testing or educational purposes. It is important to be transparent with your sales numbers and not mislead your customers. We hope this article has been informative and helpful. Thank you for reading.

Faking Shopify Results | How "Gurus" Fake Their Sales

Ways to Fake Shopify Sales:

- Creating Fake Orders: This is the most common way to fake sales. They create a new order, enter fake information and mark it as paid and fulfilled. Dead giveaways include a mismatch between the number of orders and visitors, and a timeline that lacks important details.

- Using Stolen Images: They take success stories from Google or Facebook and claim them as their own. Context can be a helpful tool in identifying this.

- Inspecting the Element: They go into their browser and manipulate the numbers in the sales graph. Pay close attention to the graphs as they can give away the deception.

How to Identify Fakes:

- Look for a correlation between the number of visitors and orders.

- Look at the timeline for details like the customer's email address and last four digits of their debit or credit card.

- Use context, like the quality of the video and audio, to judge the legitimacy of the claims.

Why 99% Of Shopify Dropshipping Gurus Are FAKE! (Dropshipping Exposed)

- Many people watch these gurus and think they can get rich like them

- Sad reality: most people won't succeed

- Gurus focus on finding winning products and Facebook ads, but not store optimization

- They sell the lifestyle of becoming successful and rich in ecommerce, but it's not that easy

Why are They Fake?

- Most make their money from selling courses and mentorships, not drop shipping itself

- They don't talk about store optimization and how to get more sales without spending more money on ads

- They show their followers how to create typical AliExpress dropship stores that bring no value to customers

Examples of Fake Gurus

- Ecom King and VRM Ecom: only focus on Facebook ads and winning products, not the source side of things

- Achampan: friendly but same problem as before, content only about Facebook ads and winning products

- Guru who reviewed subscriber stores: bases stores off simple things, not the buying process to actually get sales

- To actually succeed in drop shipping, focus on store optimization and conversion rate optimization

- Take advice from channels that give free value and think about if it actually makes sense

- It's not as easy to make money in drop shipping as it used to be, but it's still possible

How Dropshipping Gurus FAKE Results on Shopify

Exposing Fake Gurus: How They Fake Results and How to Spot Them

- The prevalence of fake gurus in the online business space

- The danger of falling for their scams

- The purpose of the video/article: to educate viewers/readers on how to spot fake gurus and avoid being scammed

1. The Number One Way Gurus Fake Results: Draft Orders

- Explanation of draft orders and how they are used to fake results

- The ease with which draft orders can be curated to make it appear as though a guru has made millions

- The danger of falling for these fake results and investing in their courses

2. Another Way Gurus Fake Results: Paying for Followers

- The red flag of a sudden jump in followers without a corresponding increase in engagement

- How to tell if a guru has paid for their followers

- The danger of following fake gurus and investing in their courses

3. The Importance of Realizing the Illusion of Social Media

- The ease with which gurus can fake their results on social media

- The importance of gauging a guru's authenticity and credibility before investing in their courses

- The danger of trusting fake gurus and investing in their courses

4. How to Spot Fake Testimonials

- The prevalence of fake testimonials in the online business space

- The importance of messaging the people who provided the testimonials to verify their authenticity

- The danger of falling for fake testimonials and investing in a fake guru's course

5. Why Refusing to Go on Instagram Live is a Red Flag

- The importance of engaging with one's followers on social media

- The red flag of a guru who refuses to go on Instagram Live

- How going on Instagram Live can expose fake g

How Shopify Guru's & Scammers Fake Their Results

- The problem of fake results in e-commerce

- Misinformation and regurgitated advice from self-declared experts

- The importance of questioning the source of information

Fake Results:

- Using other people's screen grabs

- Editing the web page directly within Shopify

- Creating fake orders

- Not showing supporting evidence

How to Tell if Someone is Genuine:

- Proof videos showing the user's name and stats

- Web pages must be refreshed

- Videos are better than static images

- Stats should make sense

- Supporting evidence should be provided

- Beware of people who don't want to share their results

- The importance of leading with proof

- The goal of providing real value and helping people

- Request to subscribe to the channel.

Big Scam Using Shopify (Don't Do This)

Title: What You Can Learn from Shopify Scammers

Scammers can be clever and there's a lot we can learn from them. Although we don't advocate scamming, we can dissect a particular scam and show how anything can be sold on Shopify.

Key Points:

- You can sell anything on Shopify

- The store Recommendation Letters Pro sells recommendation letters for college and jobs

- The store uses a clean website and convincing video to sell their product

- The product is digital, so the margins are high

- Although we can't confirm if they fulfill their orders, the store has created a successful brand out of a goofy product

- We can use our imagination to create unique and successful Shopify stores

Scammers may not be ethical, but they can be clever. By analyzing a particular scam, we can learn how to sell anything on Shopify. With the right imagination and effort, we can create successful and unique Shopify stores.

Come Creare Risultati Fake Su Shopify (Ecco Come Ti Truffano)

- Importance of being aware of online scams

- Personal goal of entertaining and making people laugh

- But this video is about something serious - how people can be scammed online


- The dangers of playing with people's money

- The real people behind YouTube ads that scam others

- Creating fake stores and products to scam people

- Demonstrating how to create fake orders and sales to appear legitimate

- Using fake numbers and statistics to deceive others

- Warning against falling for these scams and being vigilant

- Reminding viewers to be careful online and not fall for these scams

- Acknowledging that there are both honest and dishonest people online

- Encouraging viewers to share this video to spread awareness

- Thanking viewers for watching and ending the video

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