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family dollar weekly ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Family Dollar ad Preview 3/24 - 3/30

hello everyone this is trailing and,you're watching my youtube channel,living in wedding today and I hope that,all of you are feeling is highly brought,blessed and truly favored as I am I,would like to bring you the preview for,Family Dollar for next week which would,be March 24th and today what do we have,extra large Church in 399 this smart,coupon when the family dollar app we've,seen better we seen three for three last,week I'm sure everybody stoked up there,and then it's a four $94.90 Armand,Hammer okay and we have the OxiClean 195,with a smart coupon Walgreens if you can,catch it today or tomorrow,once that or you can get that for 99,cents with your $2 coupon that was in,this last Sunday's paper if you got your,coupons from New Jersey okay then we,have the home line bleach and Clorox,bleach you can see the price difference,you can compare and save if that's what,you want and we have the Donalds our,liquid dish detergent well for these,babies I gotta say CVS is coming up this,week with buy one get one free so,there's four Palmolive and they're also,coupons available online so that,probably be a better deal okay we got,the Vivi and the sparkle hey there's,been Vivi,coupons and the circulars to add on to,that okay we have more paper products,more people products Tide and drift to,the $2 smart coupon that you if you're,gonna get it make sure it's downloaded,to your app before you get to the,register $6.95,okay we have three 411 on the 12 packs,of Pepsi products we've seen a lot,better it seems like they're being up,and in their price lately we have Lay's,potato chips oh we have the Pringles to,bring those babies there's been coupons,for that if you still have any left you,can add on to save money on that Oh,General Mills cereal we've been getting,slammed with General Mills cereal,coupons and the weekly fliers so you,probably have some left on a dollar off,on of two which would bring that price,down to $4 a tea for the Hawaiian Punch,host is 2 for 5 that's not so bad cuz,they don't want you ready would pay for,them if you eat that price drop on the,oranges and bacon to 350 then we have,this guy more people products cots,better deal is at Dollar General when,you buy $15 worth you get $3 off and in,the last couple of inserts from the,paper there's been more coupons to go on,top of that,not to mention tomorrow Saturday so you,could take advantage of that for even,more savings so it's all up to you,495 for Charmin more paper products home,line smart coupons for home line okay,now we have mr. clean is on smart coupon,for 50 cents,to which makes him 215 Cascades more,coupon for that make sure you download,please coupons to your app and Dollar,General does not do overages okay i,dollars okay pots all price drop of 50,stacks,okay we have the all and the snuggles $1,more coupon in the app of your interest,in that that would make it to 95 now,these are on sale the doll general you,can get 2 for 4 which is a better deal,right now not to mention tomorrow is,Saturday so just putting that out there,if you're interested in getting those,products we motor oil,okay smoke up on 50 cents,$4 I know that their errors also coupons,in the circular because once you do this,more coupons in the app you can't um,they're like one uses so if you want to,get more than one it's always good to,get those okay - $2 off on Downey making,it 195 that is a pretty good deal,because right now Dollar General has a,sale going on for 250 up about 250 so,that's a better deal than that if you,want to hold off till Sunday or I think,I'm getting it from Dollar General okay,insect repellent one sell buy one get,150 of we have bath sheets,kitchen mats mugs pitchers Tupperware,plastik bowls and tumblers embroidered,kitchen towels shower curtains for Brees,sale three dollars off no to first,thanks the five price would be $3 dollar,50 you can that's a pretty good one,that's about what they've been going for,- okay then this is snuggles 175 after,the smart coupon oil overlay two dollars,off of two pampers always good to have,pampers smart go 4-2 dollars making them,$8 pampers and pull-ups but it's all,though good nights and pull-ups and once,okay to the pace two laws off we got,free it's free tooth paid the $2 coupon,from last week's fire there's a money,maker going on let's see the yes of 50,some sense after you everything is said,and done there is wellness allergy,medication swab price dropped to 88,cents panting three dollars off of three,and there are coupons going around for,this so let's check and see now we,finally have the last page paper plates,so does two four five with six packs,paper products cheese it's priced rub,this is hefty storage bags trash bags,okay candy bars and candies $1 pet,supplies price drops for the puppies and,the kitties 10% off Domino's Wendy's,Ruby to Z or Zaxby's gift cards,okay that's always a good we have cell,phone sales price drop more cell phone,price drops more cell phone price drops,and this is from March 24th to March,30th these prices are good for,don't forget to like subscribe share and,comment down the bottle few have any,more deals going on if you're doing,something I'd like to hear about it also,I'm gonna be having a giveaway on April,1st so everybody that likes shares,comments and subscribes will be getting,an entry for that giveaway I'll be,coming at you in a little bit with the,details of that and showing you pictures,of what I'm giving away there will also,be um tomorrow I'll be putting together,some deals from CBS so stay tuned for,that and there's some really great ones,there I will be doing previews Saturday,for more flyers,as well tomorrow and the next day so,everybody stay coupon rich stay coupon,rich Blashaw

Early Family Dollar Ad Preview😁Another $5 off $25😀

[Music],hello everyone and welcome back to,blushes sweetly come to with a Family,Dollar insert no flyer yeah yeah this is,for November 3rd to the 9th we are,getting another 525 and these are the,new ads I'm hoping we get new coupons,but as of now I think some of those gang,coupons are good until the 9th and look,at this this is $2.00 take a dollar off,and you get the a just for a dollar they,have their home line laundry the dollar,off or the downy and we have closed,[Music],$0.50 off coupons,wait save more $3.00 off I wonder if,we're getting more coupon okay,next up oh look at that,this is 121 fluid ounce 2 for $5 that is,a great price right there and up we're,getting our coupon up and more also buy,three get one free,look at this this is $4 first got toilet,tissue and this smells so good so if you,haven't smelt it already go and check it,out X Mel's it's so nice I hope it,smells good when we wash too but you,know some sense don't work out like that,okay okay let's see the back here some,food item,that's a great price for the drakes army,hostess thing all right,so that's it for that one and we're,getting another five of 25 the week,after this is for November 10 to,November 16 okay so we have this old the,double pack it gets two four ten one two,three dollars to four seven well that's,a normal price it's not really anything,special this here,Tom for 250 okay and we have the,deodorants here not really too much,around here next page,oh this is going to be 395 with the,dollar opening at 295 for the downy over,Viva that's a good price for four of,aviva paper towels because those are,pretty expensive don't forget also at,Walgreens it's gonna be $5.99 for their,Reviva paper towels and if you can get,that dollar fifty off coupon even better,hey we've got some food stone and let's,start up here no way just a second,I think oh wait what did I just do,[Music],wait let's go back over it okay this is,upfront I actually had two papers I'm so,sorry so again you know I'm just a quick,view and then hands the next one I,thought I'd turn the page but actually I,I turn the page in the second one okay,the other side just another quick thing,over it you can always pause the video,if you're looking for anything specific,and that's the end,alright everyone like comment and,subscribe keep your eyes on the prize,back to the win,see you in the next one bye

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what's up YouTube meaning here coming at,you from my channel bunny birdie Gator,so I just got a message saying that the,thumbnail I wanted to share couldn't be,uploaded so hopefully you guys know what,this video is all about this video is,going to be all about this week's deals,at stores like Dollar General Family,Dollar Target and Walgreens you guys,there's lots of great deals and I want,to start sharing the deals and even more,of an efficient way by the means of,sharing sales sharing coupons stuff like,that I'm so happy you guys are here to,join me I've been coming with these,bonus videos because I have been getting,a lot of really great deals myself I've,been doing couponing and I'm feeling,like maybe that's something I want to,start incorporating more on the channel,here you guys let me know in the chat or,if you're watching this on playback you,guys let me know how you feel about that,is that something you guys want to see,do you guys want to see more weekly,deals I might do just screen capture and,show deals going to various apps or,websites or I could go old-school some,weeks and share paper ads you guys let,me know what you think but all I have to,say is you guys I have been getting so,many great deals lately I am finally,buying a lot of name-brand items again,at Dollar Tree or less than one dollar,prices and I really really love it so,let's start you guys now I'm kicking,myself because you guys I was out of,town yesterday and I didn't realize it,because I just went to this event,yesterday and I came home and then I did,a search and I realized there was a,Dollar General where I was so yeah let's,look at some Dollar General deals you,guys they are owned by Dollar Tree and,Family Dollar Dollar Tree owns Dollar,General and Family Dollar love you guys,love you guys all so much I see you guys,all in the chat I'm really glad you guys,are here but look you guys with if you,spend twenty on a home seasonal or,apparel you,five dollars off yes look you guys so,Dollar General also has an app you can,do digital couponing hi Ana and New,Mexico you guys can do a lot of digital,couponing where you don't even need,paper coupons but they have a lot of,nice little deals for the week again,this is all these prices are effective,the 3rd through the 9th for all the ads,I'm going to show so to those of you,that maybe don't get a paper I normally,don't either and you guys just want a,way to see all of these in one video,then this is your video look you guys,with the digital coupon tied for 295,high Catrice in London you and there,yesterday,Elise ELISA three four three sodas I'm,not gonna try to take too long three,four five dollars cereals we have Downey,250 after the digital coupon it's a big,Downey 7 95 you guys know what I'm gonna,try to do maybe tomorrow if I get a good,start I want to try to do some penny,shopping because on Tuesdays if you guys,study the penny shopping list and figure,out what's the penny Tuesdays are penny,shopping days if you can find some of,the penny items I'm gonna go for it,tomorrow I think you guys I'm gonna do a,little extra driving tomorrow and I,think I'm gonna try to see if I can do,some penny shopping at Dollar General,tomorrow it's 20 degrees where you live,be that is cold,I don't know how cold it is here today,yesterday felt like 20 below zero with,the windchill factor I think instantly,safe 3 when you spend 10 on these brands,tik's beauty bag to sign up for a free,reusable Beauty bag with samples that's,a cool little feature yeah I just want,to kind of show you guys some of the,deals now the cool thing about Dollar,General I think they do a lot of the,just like family dollar you guys look,this is still going on for family dollar,the five off 25 okay let's see what's,back here Thank You Patricia yeah you,guys this is I don't know how this is,gonna go over I just figured I would do,this I haven't done this since probably,Black Friday and I just wanted to show,you guys some of these deals if you guys,see anything that you like feel free to,pause the video when you're watching,this on playback and just do a,screenshot but look at all these digital,coupons all these digital coupons make,things so much more affordable and the,digital apps the digital coupons and,these apps are just so so easy to use,see you guys can do it here you can if,you don't have a smartphone you can go,to DG comm and you can still be eligible,for these because basically all you do,upon checkout is enter your phone number,the phone number that you registered,when you signed up so if you don't have,a smartphone and that's not going to,work for you you can still digital,digitally coupon this way okay I think,I'm most impressed about any time we see,tied for a good deal or the bounce and,Downey products I think that's a great,deal I think this is also a great deal,the three four five cereals chips I,really only buy chips when they're on,sale or I buy them at Walmart,okay so that was Dollar General let's,look at let's look at Family Dollar next,and since they're owned by the same,company okay you guys so Family Dollar,your Dollar Tree bought out your Dollar,General hey William so William we were,just looking at the sales for the week,looking at the sales for the week I'm,not copying your ASMR channel by,thumbing through anything you guys check,out Williams ASMR channel he just,recently started it,and I know he looks through a lot of ads,and does page flipping if you guys are,into that style of ASMR but yeah I am,getting more into couponing and I just,wanted to start showing you guys more of,the deals versus oh this is so cute,I want to show you guys because let me,get back to what I was gonna say now one,of the main reasons I started my channel,is because I love sharing deals and I,feel like I don't have that many people,to share deals with and I felt that way,until I started my channel I want to be,able to share even more deals with you,guys because I think whether you're a,millionaire or not I think if you spend,a little bit of time and effort you can,save your family so much money and to me,it's such a thrill to get a deal and to,know that you walked out of a place,getting a better price than everyone,else not like it's a competitive thing,but if you know you got $40 worth of,products and you only spent like ten,bucks that's amazing look at this you,guys they still have this going on if,you use the app so this this week I,don't feel like there's the most amazing,deals hey Sara,because I feel like I got a lot of these,things if you guys watched my haul the,other day I think it was Friday my,Family Dollar and Dollar Tree haul I,feel like I got a lot of these things,already so I don't know if my coupons,will still be available but I mean I had,just been loving getting all these,name-brand things I've been getting,snuggle and gained and tied and you guys,to be honest I've never as much as I,love those products I've never really,bought those on a regular basis because,I feel like they're too pricey but to,get them practikally for free I love,that like right when I got out of,college I was really into couponing and,then I don't really know what happened,I've always used them a little here and,there but now I'm starting to do the,deals like I'll get twenty-five dollars,worth of stuff and then all the,digital's will come off and then the,five dollars will come off and,and it's like Oh before you know it,you're only spending like $8 $10,after-tax are $6 and $8 after-tax Sarah,what happened honey you been in the,emergency room tell us what happened I,can't wait to show you guys this the,smaller size of this these are going to,be $0.99 in Walgreens this week you guys,99 cents for extra that's normally the,detergent I use is extra 250 for the,downy now I think also at Dollar General,look you guys hi Cydia 250 at Dollar,General 250 at Family Dollar you guys,again it's the same company all is 295,as long as you guys use the smart,coupons the humongous gain of 150 ounces,that

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hey guys it's ivy and welcome to the,coupon camp,we are at family dollar doing,a some a couple of cheap hauls,i am not doing a 5 out of 25 i did not,think those were good,deals for the falloff 25 so i said let's,just do,what i usually do and what i'm my,channel is known for,and that is a five dollar budget so,let's go,then we're going to do some quick walks,around because you all know the dollar,general have their,dollar closed and i'm trying to see when,it's going to start because i'm,definitely will be here to do it,okay we're going to do the,two for six off batteries,for breeze for six dollars and get three,dollars off we're gonna grab,two of those okay,oh one big paper cool,i'll show you that,okay,so let's go and get the one big this is,a digital coupon that i'm using,they are two dollars,and then we have one more thing to grab,on this easy view,and that is the army hammer dish um,arm and hammer pods,and it is a two dollar off coupon i'm,going to show you all the coupons these,are all digital's the first deal,and this is the armor helmet that you'll,be getting right here,it's it says 550 but it's on sale for,3.95,with a 2 off coupon so let's look at,what we have,this is the deal right here i'm going to,show you the coupon,to it you see this two febreze i just,got the down,the x is 2.85 i'm gonna go back and show,it to you i grabbed it and,then realized that the camera was,rolling then you get the vix,vapor cool for two dollars and then you,got the arm and hammer and the,32 count for 3.95 with a two dollar off,coupon i'm gonna show you,the coupons okay so this is the vix,coupon,it's digital dollar fifty off,that's the army hammer you wanna get,that one right there and it's two,dollars off,the axe is three dollars off so that,make it free,because it's 275 or 285 one of those,okay,no overage just free and that's the,febreze,two for six dollars with a three dollar,off coupon so,this deal should come out too this deal,should come out to 2.45,out of pocket under five dollars we,stand in our budget,guys if you are enjoying these type of,deals let me know i'll do more of these,and skip that five off 25 scenario,that family dollar have because i don't,think it was a good one and look at how,junky it is in here this is another,thing,look at this and i understand that,you know it's christmas but this is all,the time,you know if they had penny deals i would,be happy it was junky,but it ain't no penny deals it's just,janky,look at this and now they don't put,cameras up everywhere i guess the kids,you know they think the kids come in,here still but hell half the stuff lost,in the stuff,oh okay 275 that's how much it is,so those are free no overage that's free,okay guys,oh and i don't think they'll let us use,the axe i'm gonna try to buy one,act stik and get a body wash but what,happened is they're gonna make me,use the body wash as the bigger item i,think so let me check the coupon,okay the second scenario that you could,do guys,is the axe so with a digital,you grab one of these,and you that's a digital coupon you're,gonna do one dub,which also is a digital coupon okay,then you're gonna grab one vicks,right here at two dollars,and one of these for 3.95 with a two,dollar off coupon,okay once you get all of that,you should be paying three dollars and,eight cent,five cents out of pocket for that second,deal i'm gonna do the first deal,and see how i can do this second one let,me see how i can swing this,uh axe so they shouldn't take it off,guys so i'm gonna grab it and see if it,works so,i will let you all know when i come back,you know that,so here's the axe body wash for four,dollars so i'm gonna grab,it and see if it works so i'm coming,back to get more,so i'm gonna get the one for four,dollars,or she might say i have to use the,coupon and get it which is another thing,that's good,that coupon is right here and they come,out of the 1115,retail me not okay so um,they had a lot of little christmas deals,in him guys but like i said it was so,junky i just could not and they did not,have a good fat off 25,but i do want to bring you scenarios,because i want my channel,to be branded and known as the five,dollar budget,channel not all of those different high,budgets that type of stuff,so just work with me for now guys and,hang on because we're gonna get it to,get this channel together,okay so what they got over here you know,i need another one of these,this eggplant i lost the top,to my coffee cup so,i need one of those let me see what else,oh what's that a 10 piece juice glass,now they have now dollar family dollar,even though it's junky,they have the best gifts,sets to me the best gift sets,okay oh look at that ornament,so y'all know i'm gonna come back and,get this because i want this to go on my,burlap,tree okay and,it's a couple of them so i can go to a,different ones these are all they dollar,on just a whole little dollar,oh this thing hold on,look oh i love that one,that's pretty then you got the miracle,of the season,wings and a picture frame,and you got the dogs,the peace signs of course i'm come back,and get the noel sign,this is my daughter guys this shoe right,here huh that's her,and this my granddaughter and these are,all one dollar,then you got the drawing kits that you,could draw the frame art,in and look at these,[Laughter],oh my goodness that's pretty okay,then they got all the santa hats they,got all the santa hats,when we used to get these socks when we,were little and then you wrote your name,on it,that's what these remind me of i love,them and i had an uncle who used to stop,buying stokings with candy okay so,these are three,these right here okay so,finally done with clowning they got,these,i like those let's see i,actually i like these are they bails,that's garland they don't really bales,though but those are a dollar also,those are five that hang it reese,five bucks okay,these are three these are the steaks oh,no these are the hanging ones,they three bucks oh i like that,now i might consider that for the top of,my tree i like that,okay and then this is how it looks in,the back,i might consider that for the top of my,tree but like i said i like,really big stuff trees stuff with,everything else,oh i love that but you guys oh y'all,already know i'm coming back,i'm coming back and get that oh wow,they have some cute stuff too look at,that it's got the lights hanging off of,it that is so,pretty okay guys i just thought of a,quick scenario while i was in line i'm,gonna grab one more of these,275,and i'm going to grab one of these for,3.85 i'm gonna go ahead and do that,first deal,and let that be free and then i'm gonna,get the,bata x and get the body wash free,so uh yes that's what i'm gonna do okay,so let's go let me see if that'll work,okay,and so we got a good deal,okay guys here is my haul from family,dollar,yes it was good um would have been,445 but i did get this because,they having a competition and whoever,wins the most,they will end up with 350,per employee for christmas so help them,out guys,great haul guys yes,here it is right here,5 45 out of pocket i'm so proud this was,like a good haul i i'm telling you guys,i will do all small hauls,try and keep them small if i can't get,though some good five by 45s going,because i do not want to do five off 25s,five off of 25s if they're no good okay,so i'm going to keep it to what my,channel represent and that's a five,dollar budget,thanks guys for tuning in hit like,subscribe,share this channel oh and uh,this plus the,body wash they do accept that coupon but,i did not,get it but they do accept it so,if you all want to do that deal right,quick do that but i would do this one,for five bye

Family Dollar $5 off $25. All Digital Couponing. $0.95 Tide detergent!!

hey y'all welcome to my vlog today is a,real time family dollar couponing haul,before i get into today's video i do,want to let you know about a couple of,previous deals that i do plan to take,advantage of for this trip if you,remember from last week there was a,smart coupon,for the family size cereal so if you,purchase two family size cereal you get,one free i was praying this deal was,still available because i wanted to take,advantage of it and luckily the coupon,is good until the 13th as you all know i,love my cereal this is a deal i will be,taking advantage of this week if you,remember there was a deal on the suave,and vaseline lotion if you purchase six,dollars worth of this lotion you get two,dollars that you're able to use towards,your next shopping trip now if you,remember i had some issues with the,suave deal similar to this and i have,that video linked below that partikular,deal was if you purchase,nine dollars worth of suave body wash,you get three dollars that you're able,to use towards your next shopping trip,that didn't go very good so i was a,little scared to do this deal,but instead of doing suave i did do the,vaseline deal so i purchased two,vaseline lotions,and the deal,word so i do have the two dollars that i,am using towards this partikular,shopping trip family dollar had some,good deals this week it seems everyone,is having a deal on tied laundry,detergent at family dollar it is on sale,for 4.95,if you use your two dollar smart coupon,you do get it for 2.95 now if you happen,to do the swap deal that i just referred,to,if you have that coupon,that is what will make your tide 95,cents,also there is a good deal on the 52,ounce of ajax dish detergent it is on so,for 295,if you have your two dollar smart coupon,it will be 95 cents this is another deal,i do plan to take advantage of there is,a sale this week on hefty trash bags it,is on sofa 475. as you all know i love,hefty hefty is really the only trash bag,i use but i have my video linked below,where i actually found a good deal last,week at walgreens where it was buy one,get one free the only difference is the,walgreens brand they actually have 50,trash bags per box whereas hefty only,has 25 sometimes 28 if you're lucky i,actually prefer to buy my hefty trash,bags at walmart i have that video linked,below,but this is not a bad deal if you like,hefty trash bags like i do if you need,to stok up on toilet paper there is a,deal on cottonell cottonelle is on sale,for 5.95 this week if you download the,dollar smart coupon that will make it,4.95 i do think it's a good deal but,here's my issue with cottonell,or toilet tissues that are similar to,cottonell i'm very apprehensive about,those type of toilet papers because the,one ply tends to kind of clog up the,toilet as you all see i do buy scott,toilet paper because scott is what's,called a two-ply toilet paper so it's,not as thick as cotton nail i just,prefer to buy scott toilet paper because,it's not as thick,but if you like cotton nail this is,actually a very good deal,so,foreign

Family Dollar $5 off $25. All Digital Couponing. Gain detergent! Stimulus Check Update

hey y'all welcome to my vlog,today is a real time family dollar,couponing haul family dollar has some,really good deals this week there is a,deal on gain laundry detergent it is on,sale for 3.95,there is a one dollar smart coupon which,makes this 2.95 i don't like this deal,too much the most i've ever paid for,gain laundry detergent is 1.95 i know,you're thinking that's only a dollar but,when you're a couponer a dollar goes a,long way i do think that family dollar,will come down and this deal will be,1.95 or even 95 cents over the summer so,if you're able to hold off on gain i do,think you can find a better deal there,is a deal on the larger size of thai,laundry detergent it is on so for 8.95,there is a two dollar smart coupon which,makes this 6.95 even with this being the,larger size i don't really think this is,a good deal i do think walgreens would,have the better deal because then you're,able to add your points or any,registered rewards to your purchase,there is a deal on the large size of,extra liquid detergent the,175 ounce is on sale for 4.95,there is a one dollar smart coupon which,makes this 3.95,i do think this is a very good deal and,i have taken advantage of this deal,before and i will have that video linked,down below,if you're in need of any pampers there's,actually a very good deal at family,dollar,the pampers is on sale for 8.95 there is,a two dollar smart coupon which makes,this 6.95 there is a deal on the scott,comfort plus the scott comfort plus 12,roll is on sale two for nine dollars,i do think this is a very good deal,unfortunately i don't like comfort plus,i prefer regular scott toilet paper but,if you don't mind the comfort plus this,is a very good stok of item it looks,like the large size of fabi lusso is,back on sale for two dollars and fifty,cents as i told you all with family,dollar i was actually able to get this,item for one dollar and i will have that,video linked down below i do think,family dollar will go down to a dollar,or at least a dollar 75 on this product,so if you're able to hold out i do,believe you can get a better deal there,is a deal on a brand called modessa body,wash and also selected sponges both are,one dollar but there is a 25 smart,coupon which makes to 75 cents i'll be,honest i'm not familiar with modesto,body wash but if it's equivalent to a,brand that you're familiar with i don't,think this is a bad deal if you have,sensitive skin like i do i would proceed,with caution but the sponges is a very,good deal you can definitely purchase,that there is a good deal on the family,dollar brand of paper towel,it is,2.75 there is a 75 smart coupon which,makes this two dollars so that would be,as if each paper towel was a dollar a,piece if you're starting your stokpile,or adding to your stokpile i do think,this is a good deal,summer is approaching and from the looks,of things it does look like we're going,to be able to celebrate summer the good,news is we did get a message from our,governor here and it looks like things,are going to begin to come back to,normal around may 1st with that being,said i do think we're safe to purchase,products for the summer and it looks,like family dollar has a very good deal,on coolers it looks like the large,cooler i believe is a 45 court is on,sale for 30,this is good if you plan to go to any,amusement parks this summer or if you,plan on having any picnics at the home,there's also a very good deal on hefty,paper plates and plastik cups it is on,sale for 3.75,you know i love my 88 cent deals from,family dollar and there is 88 cent deal,this week on palmolive dish soap this is,a very good stok up item there is no,smart coupon for this so you can buy as,many as you need we do want to be,considerate of others so i would,purchase at most two,and i do want to tok to you all about,the stimulus checks that just went out i,believe the stimulus checks started to,go out around the beginning of april,because i remember hearing people got,theirs around april 3rd april 4th i,didn't receive mine until april 11. the,remainder of everyone else got their,stimulus checks around the 14th this was,a help for everyone as you all know and,i'll have my video linked down below i,am blessed to be completely debt free i,did use this money to make some passive,income investments and i will speak on,that in a later video i hope with this,amount that you all were able to save,some of it and start those savings,accounts in case for whatever reason you,have to be out of work,i still wanted to show you all how even,during the hardest of times you are able,to start stokpiles there is a video and,i will have that video linked down below,of a young lady who actually goes over,the stimulus package according to,reports it looks like congress is trying,to pass another bill to where you're,able to receive an additional two,thousand dollars her video goes more in,depth about that and i will have it,linked down below,[Music],[Applause],you