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Fast Shipping a Must for Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the experience of using only TikTok and Instagram Reels for Shopify dropshipping, and how it resulted in real profits. We will also cover the mistakes made and how they were fixed. Lastly, we will share a winning product and strategy for those interested in starting a similar venture.

Using Only TikTok and Instagram Reels:

- Goal was to hit a certain profit per month using only dropshipping

- Found a product on TikTok with 50 million views and priced at $40

- Researched and found the same product on Amazon for $40 as well

- Ordered the product from Amazon with Prime shipping

- Created videos with family members using the product and posted on both TikTok and Instagram Reels

- Posted consistently at 9am for best results

- Made website with simple design and optimized for conversions

- Only made viral videos, not sales videos, which was a mistake

- Most sales came from Instagram

Mistakes Made:

- Did not make a single sales video

- Only made viral videos which did not sell the product effectively

- Did not post consistently enough

- Did not make use of YouTube Shorts

Winning Product and Strategy:

- Selling products that are similar to well-known brands or products

- Selling winter and gym products during the winter months

- Use both viral and sales videos, and post consistently on multiple platforms

- Do not use unreliable product research tools

Using only TikTok and Instagram Reels for dropshipping can result in real profits, but it is important to avoid mistakes such as not making sales videos and not posting consistently enough. Selling products that are similar to popular brands or products and posting during peak seasons can also lead to success.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

Starting a Shopify drop shipping business from scratch and aiming to make over $1000 in one week without using any money.

In this video, I will be sharing my step-by-step process of starting a brand-new Shopify drop shipping business and trying to take it from zero to over $1000 in just one week, without using any money. I will be using social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok to advertise my products for free and show you how to find winning products and suppliers for your business.


1. Finding a Winning Product: I will be searching for viral products on TikTok by typing TikTok made me buy it and changing the date posted to this month. I found a cordless hair curler and a heat protectant spray that goes well with it.

2. Finding a Good Supplier: I will be using Spocket to find a supplier for the cordless hair curler that is selling for $28.30 with shipping times of only 7 to 14 business days. I will sell the product on my store for $59.99, which is a fraction of what other stores are selling it for.

3. Building the Shopify Store: I will be making my store look like a real brand by adding high-quality photos, product information, and customer reviews. I will also be using the After Sell app to offer post-purchase upsells to increase my revenue.

4. Advertising on Social Media: I will be using TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to advertise my products for free by posting viral videos of people using the cordless hair curler. I will be consistent and post at least one to two videos every day.


1. Social Media Performance: My TikTok account gained over 100 followers and received high engagement, while my Instagram and Pinterest accounts did not perform well.

2. Business Revenue: My drop shipping business made $839.82, with a profit of $432.60 after expenses like Shopify and PayPal fees.

By taking advantage of free advertising on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, it is possible to start a successful Shopify drop shipping business without using any money. Consistency and high-quality content are key to building a following and increasing revenue. The use of the After Sell app is also a great way to offer post-purchase upsells and boost revenue.

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

Today, I'm sharing the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. These are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I handpicked each and every one of them so that you can succeed in your Dropshipping store. In this article, I'll be showing you the ad that's currently going viral, the competitors' website, and the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it.

- Sharing the top 10 products for 2023

- Proven and validated products going viral

- Handpicked for success in your Dropshipping store

Product #10: Scooper with Weight Measurement

- Ad going viral with nearly 450,000 likes and 10,000 shares

- Can be advertised as a food prep or pet product

- Competitor's website poorly merchandised

- Competitor selling for $19.99, but AliExpress price is $4.31

- Can sell for $39.99 by targeting bodybuilders and weight lifters

Product #9: Heated Gloves

- Classic example of Clickbait marketing

- Goes viral every year and is an Evergreen product

- Competitor's website is simple and doesn't have reviews

- Competitor selling for $45, but AliExpress price is $18.32

- Can be sold for

$10,000 In 24 Hours Shopify Dropshipping With (NO PAID ADS)

In this article, we will be discussing how to achieve ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store using only Tick Tock organic traffic. This method has a profit margin of around 70 percent, making it an excellent opportunity for those on a low budget.


1. Search for Tick Tock Made Me Buy It and filter videos by most popular and most engaged of the week to find winning products.

2. Click on top videos, check engagement levels, monitor functioning stores and see if they are uploading frequently.

3. Search for product niche hashtag on Tick Tock and see how many views it's getting and if it's popular.

4. Look for videos with over a million views but under 10 million views.

5. Make sure the niche is getting tens to hundreds of millions of views on multiple videos.

6. Search for the product on AliExpress and begin promoting once the profit margins align, which should be around 40 percent.

Other Strategies:

1. Use a Facebook ad spy tool like Product Spiral to find winning products that do well on both Facebook and Tick Tock.

2. Create a list of five to ten different products and choose the one that your inner circle prefers.

3. Focus on products priced between $14.99 to $29.99 for the best selling products on Tick Tock organic.

Tick Tock organic traffic is a complete game-changer for beginners on a low budget. By following these steps and strategies, anyone can achieve success and generate ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store. Remember to take your time and choose the right product for you and your audience.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 2 Weeks (Insane Results)

In this video, the speaker challenges themselves to take a Shopify drop shipping business from zero dollars to over a thousand dollars in just 14 days. They plan to do it live and reveal every single step, including finding a good product to sell, marketing the product, building a Shopify store, and getting video advertisements.

Finding a Good Product:

- Use AliExpress drop shipping center to find trending products

- Look for products with many drop shipping orders

- Use Zen Drop instead of AliExpress for faster shipping times

- Found a face lift up belt product that is in demand and unique

Marketing the Product:

- Use influencers, especially on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

- Search for influencers using relevant hashtags in the niche

- Check their profiles for an active following

- Email 30 to 40 influencers to get a response

- Ordered video advertisements from Viral Ecom Ads

Building a Shopify Store:

- Used competitor stores for inspiration

- Included high-quality photos, buy more save more, benefits, before and after results, how it works, FAQs, shipping and delivery, money-back guarantee, and customer reviews

- Used Smarter Mail and other apps for the store


- Only got two responses from 36 influencers

- One influencer had 500,000 followers and asked for $600 for Instagram story, TikTok, and Twitter posts

- Made $1,400 in sales in five days of influencer posts

- Got over 51 orders

- Expenses totaled $1,074, resulting in a profit of $326

- Profit margin was 25%

The speaker successfully took a Shopify drop shipping business from zero dollars to over a thousand dollars in just 14 days by finding a good product, marketing it through influencers and video advertisements, and building a Shopify store. The profit margin was 25%, which is a good aim for any drop shipping business. The resources in the description can help others with their own personal drop shipping business.

Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Dropshippers Make (Shopify)

In this article, we will go over the top 10 mistakes that beginners make in dropshipping. These mistakes are crucial to avoid because they can completely destroy your dropshipping business. We will provide actionable tips that you can use to prevent these mistakes and have a successful dropshipping business.

1. Not checking shipping times for countries

- Check shipping times for each country you are advertising to

- Different countries may require different suppliers

- Avoid sending products with long shipping times to prevent unhappy customers, refunds, and chargebacks

2. Setting unrealistic goals

- Dropshipping takes time and effort

- Do not expect to make a lot of money right away

- Focus on learning and getting sales first before scaling

3. Starting with a realistic budget

- Do not start with a small budget

- Allocate a two or three thousand dollar budget for testing products

- Try to get a job first if you do not have enough money

4. Not focusing on viral products that solve problems

- Find products that fill a gap in the marketplace

- Sell products that solve real-world problems

- Avoid selling odd trinkets or competitive niches like fashion products

5. Starting out with a general store approach

- Focus on fewer products that are merchandised better

- Start with a niche store or one product store

- Create a reputable brand by being very focused on the problem you are trying to solve

6. Avoid selling copyright or trademarked products

- Do not sell products with any characters or references to other companies

- Avoid getting your store shut down or facing legal implications

7. Not understanding the profit you are taking home

- Use apps to track real-time profit

- Knowing your exact profit will help you scale quicker and be more successful

8. Not using credit cards to leverage points for your e-commerce business

- Use credit cards that offer cash back on marketing expenses

- Pay off your credit card every month

- Capitalize on rewards to book flights, Airbnbs, and more

9. Not setting up a legal business entity

- Decide what type of business entity you want to create once you have revenue coming in

- Sole proprietorship may work for starters, but it will be more tax advantageous to run an S corp as your business grows

- Talk to a local CPA for more information

10. Not staying up to date on books and taxes

- Talk to a certified tax professional to help structure your taxes

- Keep your books up to date using apps like Quickbooks

- Submit a profit and loss statement to your accountant at the end of the year

By avoiding these 10 costly mistakes, you will be able to have a successful dropshipping business. Remember to focus on solving real-world problems, set realistic goals, allocate a realistic budget, and keep your books and taxes up to date. Use credit cards to leverage points for your e-commerce business, and make sure to stay up to date on legal business entities. With these tips, you will be well on your way to having a successful dropshipping business.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 14 Days (Insane Results)

one sale for 24.99, bringing in a profit of 12.01. Day ten was similar with only one sale, but this time for 19.99, resulting in a profit of 7.92. On the eleventh day, we had two sales, one for 19.99 and one for 24.99, giving us a total revenue of 44.98 and a profit of 23.44. Day twelve brought in three sales, two for 24.99 and one for 19.99, resulting in a profit of 21.37. On the thirteenth day, we had two sales, both for 24.99, bringing in a profit of 14.97. Finally, on the fourteenth day, we had four sales, three for 24.99 and one for 19.99, resulting in a profit of 46.86.

Overall, even though the first 14 days of the challenge did not result in any sales, persistence and consistent effort paid off as we were able to generate a steady stream of sales in the following two weeks. While the profit margins were not always high, it was still a successful challenge considering we started with zero budget and only used organic marketing methods. This just goes to show that with dedication and a bit of creativity, anyone can start their own online business and achieve success in the e-commerce world.

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