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fastest ads hdr

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Lightning Fast HDR

all right. 1v6, say less critikal assets, nobody okay, was that an ace? yeah, it was. he thinks i'm backing up. nope, no way man. i'm here. dude, run your ass. [Music]. [ __ ]. she kisses you every night. what's up? i'm choking my shot so much, i so sure, thank you. thank you so much, dude. if he had lost that rain i would have actually yelled yourself. i would have been so mad. actually i'm not gonna do it. [Music]. you guys didn't see that. miss mobile, my name's. what can i hear you? my dick in your mouth. three my bros, bros, bros, my bros in the cave in the club. 360. yeah, 360 gun is so slow, can't play as aggressive as usual. man, that's ironic, i thought that you needed it almost. a special hatred for shotguns, oh, my god.

the fastest HDR 🥶

you're making me want to use my hdr. i'm gonna use it. how many grenades are they gonna throw? you're madly. have you ever, like, searched up a youtube video? crazy, if you use the sailor moon [ __ ]. good little clip. okay, he said i got the 1v5. okay, i know, that's right, i'm over here, lost. oh, how did i come out of that alive? he told her: oh, my god, i got domed things with this mob lovers guys so quickly. okay, there you go. i'm just kidding. it was chad dude, you're starting. by the way, oh, it markered him too. okay, i mean, i forgot. i got one image up top. i just saved him. um, [Music], [Music]. it's not viagra, goddammit, it's play your life. okay, let him die. yeah, he can't speak our language. and right in front of the truck, right below it [Applause]. yo, if he's above, yo, half of our team university. i thought i heard him defusing: dude, no robot. while stunned jizzy, how did he kill you, i don't know. oh, since the winner, good, kill, he's on it. uh, top window, top window. actually, it's like prime michael vic dude, i just don't understand that. back a tank because shield, there's one on top of the sniper you stun because they are weird. oh yeah, you're awful, i have the shield bombs on me. i got another one. oh oh, truck, uh, tanks like standing still. exactly perfect, one more going out outside toward tanks. jesus um [Music].

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[Applause] locations: okay, hardpoint's moving. yo. what's going on? it's your boy, believe it. steven back with another video, and in today's video i'm giving you the best hdr quick scoping class setup that you can possibly have now. this sniper is a very heavy hitting sniper, so it makes it a little bit slower than like your marksman rifles and stuff like that, but this is no slouch though, guys. this is no slouch. if you want a freaking quick scope with a sniper, this is the sniper i would definitely definitely use. it is very, very powerful and if you hit it right, literally no hate markers, guys. but before i go into the class setup, make sure you subscribe. hit the like button and the bells. you're notified when i'm dropping more content. but you know what? i'm gonna just wait for you guys to do that. real quick, bro. you did it, appreciate y'all guys? all right, so without further ado, we're gonna hop into the hdr class setup. i really, really love this sniper, bro. when i saw um holo use it for the first time, i'm like, bro, i gotta use that no cap. so the best ads quick scoping setup for the hdr is going to be no muzzle, no barrel, because the barrels are going to slow you down. what you're going to want to put on is a laser, and the laser you're going to want to use is the tack laser. the reason why i'm going to be using attack laser is because you get ads speed, which is what you really need for quick scoping, aiming stability as well as aim walking steadiness guys- best laser in the game by far, and i know. it says that laser is visible to enemies, but you're quick scoping, so that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with you guys, so make sure you equip the attack laser. now. the next thing you're going to want to put on: you're going to skip the optik, because the optik that it has already is good enough. you don't need to waste a slot for that, unless you want to. it's up to you. whatever scope is better for you. now. my stok is going to be the fx stoker scout, because i get more ads speed and, again, because this is a quick scoping build, i want as much abs speed as i possibly possibly can, so i'm going to be running this stok right here now. everything else is pretty much up to you guys: the. the next thing i would put on, though, is a perk if you're doing more trick shots like 360s and stuff like that, you're going to want to put on fmj because you're going to get that pull up penetration. but if you're not doing uh, trick shots and 360s and whoopty doop doop, the next best thing i would say is focus, and i personally use focus because i get that flinch resistance. so when i'm hitting i can still snipe that person even though they hit me, and my gun will go all over and about. so for me i'll be using focus, but you can use focus or fmj. it is totally, totally up to you guys. now, the last two attachments is up to you guys. if you want to put an update on great, whatever optik you feel like is best for you guys, um, the next thing would be ammunition or underbarrel, but this right here is the best ads set up for this. now, if you want to be different, you can put a pie pod on it. you can get that recoil control when your crowds are prone. um, just to be different, i see a lot of people running just to be different. and you can run ammunition, a seven round or a nine round. if the five round is not good enough for you, just go with the nine round. you're gonna lose a little bit of ads and stuff like that, but this is my build that i would definitely run, and if it wasn't for the other two, i'll just. i'll do it like this, just the best quick scoping that you could do right here, guys. without a doubt, bro. so i'm gonna be pairing this with the rennetti pistol. this is my rennetti pistol build. you got the monolith suppressor, mk3, burst mod, of course, masquerade trigger, so i can get both the fire rate as well as the aiming stability on this weapon, as well as a 27 round mag and attack laser, because attack laser is the best laser in the game. and i want the ammunition, because you pretty much turn this pistol into a semi or smg gun. you're gonna want as many bullets as possible and the 27 round works wonders for me, guys. so that is exactly what i run on here, guys. um, eod goes in tracker so i can track people- i'm not seen by uav and i can keep going. as well as syntax, because the c4 has been nerfed, so you cannot do it as far as you want to anymore. as well as a spin shot, guys, because this is not war zone. i need to be able to heal up, but this is my setup right here. i might throw in the underbarrel, like i said, man, and i might put on the nine round mac- up to me in the moment, but it's just- or the fmj, but it's just that set up right here. so make sure you subscribe, hit the like button and the bell if you enjoyed this video. if i have gameplay, i'll put it in. if i don't, you know. you know the vibes, man, but without further ado. it's your fault. believe in steven. i hope you guys have a wonderful day and it i'm signing out moving. [Applause]. let's go. seconds dropped. [Applause]. enemies, thank you guys for watching man. thank you for coming by viewing my video on the hdr. i hope i can impress you a little bit and make you try out my best class setup. but make sure you subscribe, hit the like button and the bell so you're notified when i'm dropping more content, without further ado. man, it's your boy, it's your homie. believe in stephen. signing out, man. peace.

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Fastest HDR = BROKEN

i'm changing platforms. yeah, you're gonna be homeless by the end of the month. nice, oh my god. no, that should have been nice. how do you say it? like that cartoon character? yeah, i know i'm dead. i can't compete with the cause there. you can, let's go nice. never mind, maybe i can. uh, that was a nice jackie, that was a good job. that's a little you already know. all right, boys, it's baby holder time. what does that? shut the [ __ ] up, [ __ ] just because he's got a female in his lobby. what a [ __ ], [ __ ], bro. he got no play. golden got no play, oh my god. [Music]. yes, yes, oh, what. you saw me through the [ __ ]. good [ __ ]. i'm no knowledge of where the last guy is. [Music]. hey, that [ __ ] toking all this [ __ ] is top, mid, top, mid. that's how you're toking all that [ __ ]. mother milk. you know he always toks [ __ ] because of the females. but she's like: why do they always say that [ __ ]? because a little your little boyfriend don't know how to shut the [ __ ] up. oh, i'm gonna give you. oh, oh, is it a variant or what. oh my god damn, i need to figure out what that is, bro. [Music], shut the [ __ ] up. there's nothing using it like you do, unless you enter this round, you get me up. let me get left again. that quick i that's something like twice now, top or bottom. one more. send this game, baby. i missed. oh, nice shot. well, they all left too as well. but ggs, oh, they all. we're [ __ ] there, i'm not okay. [Music], you guys kill him already. oh my god, that's a bomba. one guy inside there, like inside their base, stinky. oh, help, help, help, help. where, by the truck, by the truck for the truck, he went back. he went back to his spawn, to our spawn, to our spawn. i can't tell you a more insane feeling. white boy bro, i heard a guy and fandom, i'm not enough- in the building with the forklift. oh nice damn. going crazy over here. oh my god damn. [ __ ] broke, broke, your aim, bro. distance camping, oh no.

the *ONE SHOT* FAST HDR CLASS in WARZONE SEASON 1 (Best MW HDR Class Setup) Warzone Pacific New Meta

where today's video is the best one-shot hdr sniper class setup for warzone. sadly, only 11 of you guys that watch my videos are subscribed. if you do enjoy the video, please drop a like and consider subscribing to the channel. i really appreciate that. we post horizon videos just like this every single day. also, in the comments down below, let me know what gun you guys want to see me use next. yeah, let's get straight into the class set up right now, all the attachments, and then we got the gameplay afterwards. so stay tuned. alright, so for the attachment training, the first attachment is going to be the monolithic suppressor right here at the bottom, then moving on to the barrel for the second attachment with the 26.9 hdr pro right here at the top. now moving on to the laser for the third attachment definitely had to put this tack laser right here for the extra aim down side speed. and then moving on to the stok. for the fourth attachment, we're going to stoker, scout, stok all the way at the top, just for the extra aim down high speed as well. and then for this last attachment, it's really up to you. you guys can go with the variable zoom sight or basically any one of these scopes right here. it's up to you. or, if you like, the normal scope it comes with, you can definitely choose one of these magazines right here, or you can definitely go slide a hand perk as well, which is definitely what i'm gonna go with for right now. so, yeah, definitely try out either one of those class setups. let me know what you think of it and, as always, thank you so much for watching the video. [Applause]. bounty target identified: slot the bastard. collect that armor. collected armor. [Applause]. well done. enemy soldier incoming. we've got gas moving in. friendly loadout: incoming a wheel target: go down. only 25 left. keep up the good work. bounty target is up. let's get it done. friendly precision airstrike: county target is down here. watch the skies, i'm here. marxism friendly uav over here. enemy soldier incoming over here. get to the new safe zone. [Music]: enemy soldier incoming: cease fire. friendly target movement. i'm moving in, dropping into the air. look at you still camping. oh, making fire here. that cash is ours. tally won.


i turned the model warfare hdr into the king of rebirth island. yeah, we heading for the sun shawty got my heart. i ain't tripping for the fun. yeah, i won't start, i ain't tripping on [Music]. what if i told you on rebirth island, for the hdr to hit you don't need a barrel and you don't need a suppressor and you don't even need all five attachments? ever since the car 98 and the swiss k31 got a nerf, everyone's been searching for that new rebirth island sniping meta. although i will say the car 98 and the swiss k31 still do very well on rebirth island, there's just no longer that one headshot potential that we all know and love. that also comes with fast ads speed. we use this partikular hdr build and man, i have to tell you it was close to a car 98 replacement. for me. it felt good, it had decent ads speeds and man, did it slap. everyone keeps saying the zrg is the perfect replacement and i totally get that because it's basically hit scan right now. it's gotta be the ugliest sniper i've ever seen and to me it's just awkward to use. so we made some tweaks to the hdr and we've got some solid gameplay for you. we'll, of course, have the loadout at the end of the video. if you like what you see, make sure to hit that like button and share with your friends, and if you want to find your way back, make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit that noti bell. enjoy the game, play and we'll see in the next one. and, as always, good luck. stay frosty and happy. hun. baby, he's dead. they don't look so friendly. got himself. [Music]: yep, they're down here. one what? [Music] yeah, they're fighting each other. good, wow, i got right on top of me, see him. he got sniped 32 meters. oh, i see him. god, so frustrating. oh, you're good on the cluster if you can get up here. no way, i got sniped from somebody else. oh my gosh, that's so frustrating. how are they both sniping? i mean, nice buyback that one got another one, same right there. hey, that's a good buy bag, that's clutch, good job. so, as promised, we got the tac laser, got the stoker scout stok. we have the bipod underbarrel and the sleight of hand perk. now we again. we don't use all five attachments because anything else you add affects the adsb. now, if you don't mind that, maybe you had a bigger mag or maybe you had the mono suppressor completely up to you, but this was the build. i loved it. i hope you guys enjoyed it. make sure to leave a like on the video. we'll see you next time. [Music].