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father's day sale ads 2021

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Vintage Father's Day Special Commercials 2021- 1920's Flapper Girl

[Music] from [Music]. something very special just for dad. this father's day chaps partners by ralph lauren at your neighborhood thrifty drug and discount store chaps partners is just for him. this special chaps partners two-piece gift set includes a real man's fragrance with this one and seven ounce cologne and a matching two and three-quarter ounce cologne deodorant stik. this is a 10.50 value for father's day. get both for just eight dollars. fifty cents at thrifty. when you think of chaps by ralph lauren, think of thrifty hi stacy here from duke cannon's father's day emporium. we know what dads want for father's day: a nice pontiac sports car or perhaps tikets to the hottest music concert show. we don't sell those things but we do have some pretty nice gifts for all sorts of dads. sorts of dads [Music]. we have the perfect gifts for granddads, dog dads, biological dads, step dads, my two dads and lower priced items for absentee dads. duke cannon is not affiliated with the nbc program my two dads, so swing on by duke cannon father's day emporium, conveniently located next to the bonanza steakhouse in the i30 motor plaza. every monday is customer appreciation day where we serve free boiled hot dogs and whiskey for the family. we're conveniently open monday through wednesday from 11 to 4- 30 to service all of your father's day needs, or visit us at our internet website: duke cannons father's day emporium. here we go. for all the do-it-yourselfer dads out there, sears has the largest selection of tools for father's day, like this 54-piece craftsman mechanics tool set made in america, guaranteed forever. only 39.99 including case and sears exclusive quick release ratchet, or this craftsman three drawer rally box with tumbler lock. also 39.99 for thousands of gift ideas you can work with this father's day. make it craftsman tools. only at sears, bringing america's best to [Music]. you [Music], [Music], us [Music]. hold on [Music], [Music] it's is.

Father's Day Marketing Ideas | Restaurant Marketing

what's going on. it's court from cody media. i hope restaurant owners get butts and seats with digital marketing. father's day is coming up. it's right around the corner. so let's tok about some promotional ideas for father's day, and i think we should start with a joke. i love telling jokes. i'm a father. here's a dad joke. when does a dad joke become a dad joke? when it's a parent. get it a parent. hey, that that's my, that's my try for a dad joke, so let's tok about it. what can you do to promote your restaurant for father's day? well, first, there's i have a lot of ideas of all holidays that you can promote in my restaurant 365 marketing planner. every day of the year i have ideas. i'll drop a link below, so let's get into it. number one is to do a giveaway. you know i love giveaways, but um and to to for this giveaway, ask people to comment with their favorite memory of dad. okay, uh, that could be one question where we want to get engagement. or you could say: comment with um, what your, what makes your dad special? or comment with what your dad cooks. that's really good, maybe his best grill item. what you're looking for is something easy that people can share and people love toking about their dad and so you can share that and, um, that would be a really good thing to get lots of good comments. number two is obviously food specials. so here's some ideas. okay, you could, um, you could do a to go. if people are still nervous about going out, you could do it to go thing and maybe it's a barbecue kit and maybe, um, they can come by and you have it ready and you have the meat and you have the sides and everything ready for dad to barbecue, or actually the family. you don't want to make dad cook on father's day, right, but where you can have a whole barbecue kit to go, you could do a beer special. okay, dads love beer and so you could do maybe a, a beer flight or something like that, a special on a beer. or dad gets a free beer with uh, with a um entree, something like that. you could do a, um, a father's day, uh, special food. maybe it's a special burger, that or something that you create something unique for dad for father's day, and do it all weekend, don't just maybe do it on on sunday. do it friday, saturday, sunday. try to get dad and family to come in and celebrate, and don't forget about grandpa's too- grandpas or dads too, and so, um, tie that in, get them to bring the whole family out together. now here's a really creative one: um, on father's day or when you're celebrating, get a um, get a staff member to go around with their phone and ask tables where dad's celebrating- hey, can we take a picture of you and your family celebrating for father's day? all right, and get their permission. first, get a nice family picture, because, think about it, what are they going to do when you upload that and put that on your facebook or instagram? they're going to share the heck out of it, right? and that's going to get you tons of free publicity and it's going to give you some posts and some things you can share all year long. it doesn't just have to be father's day. you could tie it in with hey, come out and celebrate with your family and show pictures of families and people coming out to eat. there could be a really good way to get you content for your social media, but also get some free publicity, because they're gonna share the heck out of it. so those are my three ideas. if you have others, i'd love to hear it. drop it below, and don't forget about my restaurant. 365 marketing planner ideas every day of the year. father's day, mother's day, fourth of july is coming up, and so you can get it all. hope you're having a fantastik day. happy father's day to all the dads out there and i will tok to you soon. thanks.

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Finally got MRI results, spending time together & Fathers day⌚️ ad

dad, do you want to be on camera? not until i lose my belly quiet on set, please. everyone in the house, lea is filming now. hello, everybody, welcome back. it's the middle of june. where, as this? where, where? where has this month gone? it's absolutely flown by. it's crazy. i vlogged the other day and i want to share this vlog with you guys because actually i actually had a really nice day out in levington. it was absolutely lovely. we kept saying to each other like we need to go out and spend more time together and actually do something and not just be a couple that just live together. we actually need to go and like, have fun and do things. so i wanted to share that. also. atcha's results came through from hospital and i think his first appointment was all the way back in um october. oh, my god, is my dad actually scrolling on instagram? i'm gonna have to shut the door on set one sec. so, yeah, so we had our actions hospital results back first. we'd heard from hospitals since, uh, well, for ages really, and i kept getting questions about it. so i will share that. and also, one thing i did want to say is: happy father's day, happy early father's day, if anyone's watching this before father's day. this video has actually been sponsored by nordgreen and for those of you who don't know, uh, nordgreen make beautiful watches and it's a danish watch brand. i've shared their products quite a few times in my videos and i absolutely love the design of them, and i managed to get nearly everyone in my family into nordgreen. so i got a gorgeous nord green um around christmas time and now father's day coming up. that's why i said: dad, you want to be on camera, i want to give you a gift on camera, but he's just gonna have to wait another week until father's day. but this is the one that i've got for my dad, so i will show you this in close up, but it's absolutely gorgeous. i got him the pioneer star watch, so they've got all different names. i think mine is philosopher's style for women, i'll show you. yes, i was going to give dad this before father's day, but he said: i want to lose my belly before i come on camera. so, uh, fair enough. and i've got him these gorgeous straps as well, which i think look really, really pretty, and if you don't want to wear it like with the metal, you could always switch out for the leather, like, for instance, mine. you guys have seen me wear it with the gold strap, which is a little bit more formal, and then the everyday look with the sort of brown leather, and you can get them in vegan leather as well. in fact, one of these is vegan leather. i actually think i prefer the vegan leather feel to the normal leather. i picked up both as extra straps to my dad so i could feel the difference. so for those of you who are looking for a gift for anyone or yourself- maybe you've got something coming up- i really do truly recommend uh nord green, because they're a fantastik company. they've got a giving back program, all of their packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is great. and also, just on the father's day thing, dads are so hard to buy for, like boys in general are so hard to buy for, in my opinion, and then when i saw these, i was like my dad would actually wear that, like he, and he needs a new watch because- no offense, dad, you're watching dead lovely to bits, but you just need a bit of like bit lord green. so do check out. my link is in the description and it'll be valid still after father's day, but you know, it's just quite a nice time of year to perhaps treat your dad or father figure or any man in your life, yeah, so i thought i would share that. hey, guys, on to the video. it's not all doom and gloom, but yeah, actually, hospital results have come back, so we'll cut to that now. hello everybody, welcome back, um, hope you're all well. i just thought i'd switch the camera on and do a quick update um with thatch, who i think is just getting ready. oh, you look lovely today. you look so lovely. just wanted to do a quick health update because i i do get questions all the time from people about um actua's mris and colonoscopies that he's had. and just to put it into perspective, you got your first colonoscopy last year. wasn't it like before november, before christmas? was it just before christmas? okay, so the colonoscopy before christmas. and then you were meant to have your mri in january and then it got pushed all the way to april. and now we are on the 12th of june and we've just heard back from from the mri. yeah, so his 12th of june, he had the mri just for his birthday in april. so i don't know how many weeks that is. yeah, i mean it's no surprise, got the letter through now. so i had four centimeters of active inflamma. oh, no, sorry, shows four centimeters of active inflammation of the terminal ilium. yeah, basically i don't know what that is. and then it just basically says: diagnosis of crohn's disease. oh, i'm just, it's an inflammatory disease, uh, in in the bowel, yeah, and you've got in the gut. so that's why i used to basically pass it, basically why used to pass out. remember, i'd have like the flare up all of that. and we've just done some reading online. it says here that they want to start treatment. i've got no idea what the treatment is for crohn's. i don't know if you can treat. you can't cure crohn's, apparently, i think. i think you, you can't cure it, but you can have medication to bring some of the inflammation down. and also you have to watch what you eat. so there's certain foods that will just be more irritable for your bowel. so well, you eat quite well anyway, but basically it's more like leafy foods, isn't it? and like no processed foods, no, no, like lower sugar, not refined, just more whole foods, basically, isn't it? yeah, and i think you do quite a good job of eating that, and i am really trying to think back to when you've had those flare-ups. it's never been like we've eaten processed food and then you've had a flare-up like it's not. so i don't know. it's gonna be really. i think it's gonna be a long, a long stretch of like getting you know what i mean, like getting it under control, but so far, like you, haven't had a flare up for a while. so november 2012, 20.. so it's been what? six months, seven years? so yeah, and what's annoying me about this letter is that he goes: i think the diagnosis here is crohn's disease. you know, you're like, you think or you know like that's basically what he's saying. it suggests from the symptoms and from looking and seeing a four centimeter ulcer, yeah, an inflammation, it says here. interestingly, at his colonoscopy in october, the nurse endoscopist thought that the terminal ileum itself was normal, although it was not biopsy. then, on the mri, they see the active information. i don't understand, like some of the other lingo, but that's what the consultant gastro enterologist has said. so i thought i'd do an update because lots of people always ask me like: did arch ever hear back from that mri? well, it's now june and he heard back. so fingers crossed for us trying to help act, sort that out through food choices, and you know he's really healthy person and he really doesn't eat, yeah, a bit of ice cream here and there, but he really doesn't go over the top. so, yeah, hopefully we can, you know, do the best we can with what he's got. it doesn't seem like it's a thing they just get rid of, like i think people just live with crohn's because there's someone in his family that's got crohn's, um, and it's just like ongoing, but it does explain all the fatigue and just all the like lack of zest for life. so today, in other news, we're about to go and, uh, have a nice little afternoon together. we've planned this because we're like we never actually just go out, me and you, and just hang out and have lunch and mooch around. we're just stuck in our routine. so much tonight in front of the laptop most of the time. my dad the other day was like why are you working all the time? why you just work, work, work. and then he was like you and i should just go and do things and i have fun and i actually live your life. um, because i swear i'm stuck to my laptop all the time and there's just a lot g.

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Print on Demand Father's Day Strategy

thanks, dad, for not pulling out and creating a freaking legend. that feeling you just got is the exact feeling that you want to get, whether you were laughing or just wanted to slap me, and it wouldn't be the first time. i did cop a few from dad when i was growing up for being too cheeky, but getting that reaction in the news feed is what it's all about. if they cry, they buy, and if they laugh, they also buy. in this video, i'm going to take you through your next few weeks with a sprint into father's day. the date we're aiming for is june 19th, which is father's day in the usa. i've been looking forward to this holiday all year. metal art is absolutely going to blow up for it, so you've got to get your thinking caps on and thinking about how to create art for dads, for somebody else to buy for dad. if you're wanting to sell jewelry or watches with shine on, you're going to want to keep an eye out for the shipping cut-offs- and that goes for any suppliers anyway- which gives us about four to five weeks of testing. no matter what the shipping cut-off is, you're going to be experiencing higher levels of sales into the actual holiday than you would any other time of the year. here's a power tip: when you are selling into any period, any holiday, and there is a hard shipping cut off, make sure you state that date in your ad copy, because what that will allow you to do is keep those ads running past that time, because you've clearly stated that after that they will not be getting their orders. the worst thing you want to be doing is turning off those converting ads. now, like i said, that testing period is four weeks from that shipping cut off. that goes for any holiday outside of q4 or christmas, where the buying tent is through the roof. but those four weeks is where you're actually ramping your launches all the way into the actual shipping cut-off and you're gonna hit your peak about three days before now. when you're starting, you want to have in mind the number of launches that you're going to do through this period. it makes sense that through these sprints, no matter what holiday it is- we've had valentine's day, mother's day, we've got now father's day- these sprints is where the buying intent is higher and we've got opportunities to run our sales and make more money outside of these periods, outside of holidays. you're going to see that the conversions, that the success with winners is a little bit lower now. whilst humor is great for shirts, tumblers and mugs, they aren't great for profitability. this is why i've been so excited about metal art- because metal art. to me, it just makes sense that it is a more of a manly product, and father's day is a perfect opportunity for us to design pieces with guys in mind. no matter what product you're wanting to sell, making it personalized is a great way of capturing attention and potentially making extra sales. so if you're selling engraved watches on, shine on. make sure you've got the artwork swapper in there and give people the opportunity to put the kids names on that actual product. same with metal art, same with shirts, whatever it is. give that opportunity for them to put their names in there and you're going to have a better chance of connecting and making those sales. just as i was about to press publish on this video, sean on went and released a brand new product and i think it's got amazing potential for father's day, father's day and beyond. the open work face watch is mind-blowingly stunning. so if you want to start selling that, make sure you look for the link in the description below and get started with that now if you want to work with me personally, i have a coaching program for print on demand where i'll give you the road map to creating a six figure print on demand business. if you want to see what that's about, go to podhackscom and read through, watch the video and if you like the sound of that book, a call where you'll speak with me personally. i hope to be speaking with you soon. if you enjoyed today's video, make sure you like, subscribe and ask any questions below. the more that you engage with these videos, the more it shows youtube that you want to see this content and the more that i'll be able to see what kind of content you want me to create in the future. love it. thanks, guys. tok, to you soon.

Father's Day Sale

hello and thank you for checking out our video. at custom sound shack we make the most awesome custom led and neon signs. trust me, your dad doesn't want another necktie this year or world's greatest dad t-shirt or coffee cup. he would certainly be the envy of his buddies with one of our amazing custom signs for a long time to come, as the led lights are gauged to burn for 50 000 hours or more. click the shop now button on this ad to go to our website or check us out at customsignshackcom. all of our designs are available in single color signs for as low as 30 dollars in our 12 inch by 8 inch size, up to a full color 24 inch by 24 inch sign. right now we are offering our biggest sale of the year for father's day: buy one, get one free. yes, you heard that right: buy one, get one free on any purchase of 100 or more. with your purchase of 100, you will receive a free 12 inch by 8 inch single color led sign of your choice or thirty dollars off a second larger sign. these amazing two color led signs you were seeing in this video start as low as sixty dollars in our twelve inch by eight inch size. these are also available in a sixty inch by twelve inch size for 99 dollars, with a very popular 24 inch by 16 inch size for 165 dollars again. click the shop now button on this ad to go to our website or check us out at customsignshackcom. we custom make each order to your specifications. with our state of the art tiknology, the sky really is the limit. want a custom sign for your dad and his sports team's favorite colors? we can do it. once you add a certain logo, we can do that too. anything is possible. we are taking orders for father's day delivery now through may 31st. don't you want to light up your dad's life? here is your ultimate chance. at custom sign shack, we have been lighting up lives with these awesome led and neon signs since 2019. our company was founded on very simple principles: offer the best quality custom lighted signs at the lowest price in the country and back that up with top-notch customer service. our goal is for each of our customers to have the exact sign they want without cutting any corners to stay within their budget. for this reason, our prices are solely based on the overall size of the sign and the amount of colors. we did not charge for the actual design itself. no need to try and simplify your design to stay within your budget. with our low prices, our signs are in every one in every businesses budget, with signs starting at only thirty dollars and our most expensive led sign is only 275 dollars. as the owner of this amazing company, i personally inspect every sign prior to shipping. your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me and everyone at custom sign shack. your satisfaction is so important to me that all customers have access to my personal cell phone number. at custom sign shack, our customers really are number one. you.

FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS 2021 | Gifts for Him

hello, welcome to my channel. my name is kim. today i'm going to share with you my top 10 father's day gift ideas. number one is the hooray heroes customizable book. so i came across this on facebook ad, and what you can do there is you can customize the characters for the dad, the mom, the children or even the grandparents. if you go to their website, you can choose a story and you can also pick the character's appearances. and if you want something that'll make a tough man cry, then i think this is a good gift option. if he's always having sore muscles due to workout or even a physically demanding job, then i believe this massage gun is a really great gift. i personally bought one for myself, and what's good about this is that it has different kinds of intensities and you can also change the head of it according to the body part that you would like to massage. whatever profession he may have, dads would always appreciate a good classic leather belt. just make sure he got his size. one of my favorite on this list- this samsonite briefcase. so it's quite heavy, because i got this for my husband a couple of years ago and let me tell you this is one of the most used items that he has, because you can practikally carry a lot of stuff. it has so many compartments. i think i got it on sale, too, because you can actually put some discount codes on samsonite. you can put your laptop, your ipads and papers, documents, chargers, power banks, your entire house, you name it. i think you also have different color options, such as black and cognac or brown. before we continue on, if you gain any value out of this video, make sure you give this a thumbs up. number five is the brightness sneakers from adidas, and it's actually one of their classic designs. that's why it makes it so worth it. number six is a perfume that he might like. i'm not going to give a specific scent here because it's very subjective. number seven is the fitness tracker, namely this lentil-like fitness tracker. so what i like about this is that it tracks the heart rate, number of steps, sleep, if his running or cycling, and if he's the type of person who's into fitness and doesn't have a fitness tracker yet or would like to get back on track, then i think this is a good gift for him. since quarantine, a lot of people have been doing their own self grooming, partikularly cutting their own hair. my husband and i did that too, a couple of months ago- and what we use is this grooming kit. basically, you can change the head of it in order to use it as a mustache trimmer, beard trimmer or even something to cut the hair with. it's quite sharp and sturdy. you can charge it so you can use it without the wire around it. number nine is for dads who love barbecue, and i feel that this next gift will excite them. this portable grill is perfect whenever you would go for an outing at the beach, camping or even at your backyard. number 10 is a very adorable t-shirt. you can get this from amazon, which is a copy and paste t-shirt, and this is partikularly for the wives who are kind of frustrated that their baby looks exactly like their husband. the dad can wear coffee and the baby can wear a paste. if dad doesn't have a baby anymore, then you can also gift him this t-shirt. it's very adorable because it says here: it's not that bad, it's father figure, and this is a very cheeky way of complimenting your husband or your dad about being a father figure. and that is all i have for you today. thank you so much for watching. let me know which one is your favorite at the comment section down below. if you like these kinds of video, make sure you subscribe to my channel and also check this playlist over here that you might like. thank you so much and i'll see you on tuesday. bye, [Music].