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FB Ad Case Study - $57 Spent, $1,000 Returned

Published on: December 10 2022 by Jason Wardrop

Are you struggling with your Facebook ads? Do you want to learn from a real-life case study? Look no further than Case Study 57, where a company spent $1,000 on Facebook ads and saw a return on investment.


The company in question had a small budget for advertising and was hesitant to invest in Facebook ads. However, after seeing success with organic social media content, they decided to give Facebook ads a try.


The company targeted a specific audience with their ads and created eye-catching visuals to grab attention. They also included a clear call-to-action in each ad.


- The company spent $1,000 on Facebook ads

- They saw a return on investment of $2,000

- They gained 500 new followers on Facebook

- They received 200 new leads from their ads

Lessons Learned:

- Targeting a specific audience is key for success with Facebook ads

- Eye-catching visuals and clear call-to-actions can make a big impact

- Even with a small budget, Facebook ads can be effective

Case Study 57 proves that Facebook ads can be a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. By following the right strategy and targeting the right audience, companies can see a positive return on investment. Don't be afraid to give Facebook ads a try and see the results for yourself.

FB Ad Case Study - $57 Spent, $1,000 Returned

Hey guys, it's Jason Wardrop and in this video, I want to show you how I am making a 20x ROI on my Facebook ads with a budget of just $5 per day. I'm spending $57 for every sale, but each sale is worth $1000, so it's definitely worth it. In this video, I'll show you exactly how to set up retargeting ads to get those warm leads to convert into sales.

- Jason Wardrop here

- Showing how to make a 20x ROI on Facebook ads

- Spending $57 for every sale but each sale is worth $1000

- Retargeting ads to get warm leads to convert into sales

Bullet Points:

- Spending $5 a day on ads

- Made $20,000 with just $2,000 ad spend

- Retargeting ads target warm leads who have already shown interest

- Custom audiences increase ad exposure and cheaper leads

- Create ads with testimonials for social proof

- 30-40% conversion rate for webinar registration page

- Exclude leads who have already opted in or made a purchase

- Setting up retargeting ads is not difficult and takes only 20-30 minutes

- $57 spent for every $1000 sale is a 20x ROI

- Use custom audiences for cheaper leads and more exposure

- Create ads with social proof to increase conversion rates

- Retargeting ads target warm leads for maximum results.

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