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featured collection shopify

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How To Make A Featured Product Slider On Shopify | Simple In (2022)

how to make a featured product slider in shopify. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. in this video, i'm going to be showing you how you can create a featured product slider. so when you open up a ecommerce store, you want your featured products to be present in a slider. so how can you add that to your shopify store without any coding experience? so i'm going to show you, step by step, how you're going to add that. it's very simple and easy and you just have to copy paste some code, so don't worry about it. now to get started with creating our slider, the first thing you're going to do is you're going to go on to your shopify account and from here, what you're going to do is you're going to click on online store. so whatever online store that you have created, it doesn't matter what kind of theme you've used, anything like that. all of that is not important. all you have to do is click on online store and you don't even have to open up the website editor. you're just going to click on actions over here and once you click on actions, what you're going to do is you're going to click on edit code. now, don't worry, it's very simple. you don't have to be very tik savvy. i myself am not a tik savvy person, but i can still very easily add my featured product slider. so once you click on the edit code, what you're going to do is you're going to be with this kind of empty template file and you can see, on your left you have all of these different sections. so on your top section you have your layout and on your layout what you're going to do is you are going to click on theme dot liquid. so it's very simple: go into your online store. i'll repeat, just to show you, guys, so you can follow step by step: go into your online store, click on the code editor, edit or edit code. so you're just gonna go into your online store. so just click on your online store, click on actions, click on edit code and from here, click on theme dot liquid, which you will find in the layout section. so just click on themeliquid in your layout section and once you enter that, what you're going to be faced with is the code. so what you're going to do is you're going to scroll down and scroll down until you find the body text. now, on the body text, what you're going to do at the end of this code. uh, what you're going to do is you're going to go on to paste bin, so pastebin is where you're going to add your collection slider. now, what you're going to do is you're going to copy these two lines, which are the first two lines of our code, and you're just going to copy these and you're going to go back into your editor and you are just going to paste these over here, like so, just like that. you're just going to paste these right at your copy section, so we're going to just add this over here, or add it like so. i'm just going to add it above over here, above your little body section. we're going to paste it, just like so. we're just going to place it like this: and once you have pasted these two lines, what you're going to do is you're going to click on save over here, and what these two lines basically are is that you have flickety, so you're basically adding flickity, which is a simple and easy slider, and what this does is that this enables the shopify to create your slider. so your slider is going to be the flickety slider. now to add your actual content, what you're going to do is you're just going to take a look at all of these sections over here. and now, after you have added your theme liquid, what you're going to do is you're going to go into your left, you're going to scroll down and then you're just going to click on sections over here and from sections, you're going to click on add a new section and you can name it a liquid and you're going to click on create section and once you create this new section, you're going to delete all of this information. so, in your liquid section, what you're going to do is you're going to go back into pastebin and from there you're going to scroll down and once you scroll down you're going to find schema. so we're just going to scroll down over here and you're going to find schema. so over here, in line 79, you have your schema and you're just going to copy that until you have the end of your schema. so you are just going to copy, copy until you have line 111, which is end schema. you're going to copy this and then you're just going to paste it on the new section that you created. so you're just going to click on paste and then you are going to click on save. now what this new section over here. the schema section enabled shopify to do is that you have your range and you have the title. you have the id labels and the maximum id, minimum id and the category and all of those details in the schema section. so this enables shopify to add your slider and add the presets of the sliders to fulfill the presets of your slider. so once you have added that, you're just going to click on save. and now, if you go back into your online store, you go into your dashboard. you're going to be able to customize. so you're going to click on customize over here and once you click on customize, what you can do is, let's say, you have add section and in your section you can find collection slider or featured collection and if you click on show more, this is going to scroll down and you can see all of your different featured collection sliders over here. so you can see over here that this is your collection slider and then you can just add your featured collection over here so you can choose the collection you want, the products you want or the collections you want. this is like the basic kind of layout and you're going to be able to add any kind of new presets with the code that you can find on pastebin. so this really enables you to be able to create a gorgeous looking professional flyer and to customize your shopify store other than leaving it at a spare basic. so it's just not all skin and bones, but instead your shopify store. it looks very professional and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. so once you have your sliders, you can add whatever content you want. so if you have added a featured product, you can have them displayed directly. i haven't categorized any product as featured products, so that's why i don't have any product showing up, but if you have your product categorized as featured products, then they will obviously show up in your future products collection. so once you do that, you're going to save all of your settings and you're going to exit after that and then you can view your website deceived, how it looks like. if there is anything else you want to change- and i hope you guys found this video helpful- and you're now able to create your own featured product slider on shopify. and if you know anyone else that really needs some help in creating their own shopify sliders or any kind of code information, you can easily find it on. paceman is a great tool for you to use. once you have, like, a basic understanding of how to copy paste the code, you can easily copy paste any kind of code and customize your shopify store or any kind of ecommerce website or business or e-commerce storefront that you want with the code that is available on pastebin. so we are about to end this video and to end it on a good note, i would like to request you guys that if you found this video helpful, or if you found this method exactly what you wanted or what you were looking for, consider subscribing to our youtube channel and sharing it with your friends and family, who might learn a thing or two from this video, or learn a thing or two from the hundreds of videos that we have on our channel. and, of course, if you have any questions, any queries about anything in this video or with related to our entire channel or any of our videos, make sure to leave a comment down below and ask us what you want from our videos. i tried to cover everything i could in this video, but if you want to see more details of the methods or the ways in this video, just let me know in the comments down below and i'll.

Shopify Collections Tutorial | Create Collections In Shopify Step By Step 2022

what's up, guys? is it Jake? and in this video I'm going to be showing you how you can set up different collections inside of Shopify. so we're going to go ahead and jump right into it. so we're inside of a demo store right here and I've just got some random assortment of products right here, and I'm gonna go ahead and show you how you can go ahead and create collections, to go ahead and organize different products together, so if you don't know what collections are, you can access it right here by going to products and then collections, and a collection is just essentially a group of related products that helps make the browsing process a lot easier for your customers. so I'm going to go ahead and create three different collections in this video and I'm going to use three different methods of creating these collections. that way, you guys will learn how you can create a collection in each different manner. so, first off, we're gonna go ahead and get started. so I'm gonna be creating a collection for gaming- so these two products right here- and I'm gonna be creating a collection for phone accessories- so this one right here and this one right here- and then I'm going to be creating a collection for gym stuff- so these two right here, and then, lastly, I'm gonna be showing you how you can showcase these collections on the home page inside your theme editor. so the first thing that you're gonna want to do is just make sure you know which products want you want to go ahead and group together into a collection, and once you've done that, we can go ahead and go over here to products and collections and get started. so once we're in here, most of the time you're gonna have a default home page collection, but we're gonna go ahead and create a new one. so we're gonna go up here to create collections and once this loads in, we can see that we have a few options available right here. so the first one I'm gonna go ahead and create is the gaming collection. so I'm gonna just go ahead and put gaming right there and then here we can go ahead and put a description if you want. however, you don't really have to put a description. we can just put a title and we can put a collection image here as well. so if you have an image, if, let's say, you're trying to make a page for that collection alone and you want an image on top of that page, it's like a banner or something. this is where you could put it, but for this tutorial I'm not going to do that. I'm going to just show you how to set up the basic collections. so down here we can see that we have to select collection type. so there's a couple different options we can do to set up the collection type. so the first option we're going to do is going to be automated and it's going to be based off of one of these conditions down here. so we can see that we can have two types. we can either do it manually, where we can add products to the collection one at a time, or we can make it automated, where existing and future products that we add to the kids to the store, if they match these specific conditions, then they're automatikally going to be added to the collection. so the first example I'm going to show you we're gonna do automated. so, like I said, we're going to be doing the gaming products first. so for this first condition, what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and open up the different conditions and I'm going to select a product title and then you can see we can make the product title equal or we can make it start with or ends with or contains. so there's a lot of different options we can do so. in this case I'm going to do the product title contains and then the word gaming. and if I go ahead and do that and then come down here and click Save, we'll see that this collection will go ahead and auto populate here. so we can see right here the products in this collection are updated. so I'm gonna go ahead and wait a second and refresh this just to show you how it's going to automatikally populate. so we went ahead and refresh it and you can see that now the two products that we have in our store- the game and headset in the gaming laptop of one ahead and automatikally populated inside of here as well. and let's say we were to add a new product that had the word gaming in the title, it would also be automatikally added to this collection as well. so this is one way you can create a collection and it's pretty useful. so the next thing I'm going to do is show you another automatik way that you can add products to a collection. so what we're going to do now is I'm going to click create another collection and we're going to go ahead and do the iPhone accessories this time, and in this case I'm going to do a product tag is equal to, and for this to go ahead and work, we're going to have to create product tags on these specific products that we want. so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go to all products, I'm going to right click and open this in a new tab real quick, and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go to these products, will open up the iPhone case first and I'm going to check its tags so we can see we can add product tags right here. so if I were to just put in iPhone and then just click Add, we can see that now this has a tag for iPhone, and then I'll just go ahead and click Save and I'm going to go ahead and go back to products, and now I'm going to go down to the shatterproof screen cover and I'm going to give it the same tag and that I'm gonna go ahead and click Save. all right, so now that we've went ahead and created those product tags, I'm gonna come down here and I'm gonna go into, just go ahead and type in the product tag that we just created, which was iPhone, and then we just go ahead and click Save, so we have product tag is equal to and then the tag of the products we want. we're going to click Save and now this collection is going to be created. so I went ahead and refresh the list. it normally takes about 30 seconds and you can see that now this collection is also auto populated with the two iPhone accessories we have here and, just like in the first example, if we go ahead and add another new product with the tag of iPhone, it's going to go ahead and auto populate into this collection right here. so I'm going to go ahead and create one more collection and we're going to add the products manually this time something. go ahead and create another collection and just in gym, and then in this case we can just go ahead and click manual and then we'll click Save right here and we're going to be able to add the products in in a second. so what we can do now is, right here, on their products. we can go ahead and search for products in our store so we can go ahead and add the drawstring bag, go ahead and add that, or we can just click browse and browse all of our products right here, and I would go ahead and add this other product to it as well. and there we go. we can go ahead and do that and once you add the products, it automatikally updates. you don't want to click Save and you can see that now we have went ahead and populated this collection manually. now the only downside of doing it manually is that if you add new products, new related products, they're not going to be automatikally added into this collections, that you're gonna have to go ahead and manually add them in, which is why normally, using the automated methods based off of keywords or tags is going to be a way to go. so now that you know how to create collections, I'm going to quickly show you how you can add them to your home page. so if we go over here to online store and click on themes, we can come over here to customize the theme and you can see that most Shopify home pages are going to have a feature collection right here. so we can see the featured collection section right here. if we click on it, we can go ahead and click Change collection. so if I click Change- and let's say I wanted to change it to the gaming- and then I click select, we can now see that my feature collection is now the gaming collection. now, let's say, I wanted to add a compl.

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How to Create Featured Collection in your Shopify Store | Educate Ecommerce

hello to everyone. welcome to educate ecommerce youtube channel. in today's video, i will show how you can add feature collections to your shopify store. the featured collection section used on shopify is to focus customers attention on the specific collections and products. let's get started. first, you need to login to your shopify dashboard. from there, go to the online store on the left hand side under the sales channel. when you select the theme option, the customize option for the theme appears. let's click the customize button and you'll be sent to the theme customization page. customize page is where you choose a theme that defines the basic look and feel of your online store. you can customize your theme content and settings from your shopify admin by using the theme editor to match your unique brand. this is my online fashion store, with a few customized sections. the options for customizing your page can be found on the left hand side. as you can see, there are a lot of options available here to assist you in creating your own unique shopify store. you can add features like header images, featured collections, newsletters, images with text and so on. every theme has default sections. i'm using the brooklyn theme, so these will be my default homepage sections and if your theme does not include a featured collection by default. you can add one using the add section down here. my theme offered one for my home page by default, but as you can see, the grids are empty here. to begin adding collections, you must first create one for your store. so let's quickly make a collection first. for that, head back to your shopify dashboard. on the left side of the dashboard you will find the product option. click on it and select the collection option from the drop-down list. now go to the top right corner of the page and click on create collection. to start with, enter a title here. i'll change the title to big offer. we have the option to add a description below the title. you can customize the description to meet your needs. i will leave this for now. below that, there are two types of collections available here: manual collection and automated collection. a manual collection includes the products that you pick. unless you add or remove any items, the collection will always contain the same products. an automated collection, on the other hand, uses selection conditions to include matching products. automatikally. you can specify whether products must meet all conditions or any condition to be included in the collection, and you can add up to 60 selection conditions. i'll go with the manual option. you also have an option to add images to your collection from here. now press the save button. let's add the products to the collection. once you've saved your progress, use the search bar to find your products and then choose your products from the list. as you can see, i've added a few items to my collections. let's return to our customization page. now click on the feature collection section on the left hand side of the customization page. as you can see, some options will appear. on the right hand side. the first option will be the heading. you can edit your heading here. below that, you'll see an option to add your collections, and here you can change your grid style. it has two grid styles: one grid and one collage. on the home page, you can see real time changes. now click on the select collection button. as you can see, the collection that we created has now appeared here. click on it and you'll be able to see all of the products that we added are on our homepage. after that, click on the select button from the bottom right corner. then click on the save button to save our progress. let's take a look at our feature collection section on our shopify store's home page. our collections have been added to the home page, as you can see here, and that's how you add a featured collection in your shopify store. that's it for today's video, and i hope you found this video helpful. if you enjoy this type of content, please subscribe to our channel and i will see you guys in the next one. bye.

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Add Related Products | Featured Collection on Product Page Shopify Store | Missing Feature

if you are missing featured collection section in your product page, then this video is for you. currently on my screen you can see that this is the product page and over here i have featured collection. if i am refreshing this page, then this featured collection section would be removed. so that means i have the same problem which you are facing. so how we can add, i will be showing you step by step. there is only single line of code that you need to add and then you are good to go. so let me show you how you can do that. so first of all you need to go to your dashboard of the shopify store. then after, if you have any theme, it doesn't matter- then you should click on themes, click on actions- but here this is the turbo theme, but if you have any other theme, you should follow the same steps. click on actions, click on edit code, then after you should find here templates. click on templates, scroll it down and here we have product dot liquid file, open it, and then after you should scroll a bit down and here we have sections. click on sections. here we have multiple sections. currently you can see that i have product template and i am interested to show uh featured products on my product page. so how i will be doing that is: here we have featured collection. can you see here featured dash collection dot. liquid. this is under the section folder. you should add this file name here. for example, i have uh this syntax section, featured dash collection dot. sorry, feature dash collection, then after uh percentage symbol and then bracket close. so these are the curly braces and inside of it i have added this line. so if you are clicking on hovering over this featured collection, then you will find here a simple arrow that means this file exists. if you are clicking on it you will be redirected to feature dash collection dot. liquid. so let me save these changes and then after you should refresh this page and you will find that featured collection section is over here. so one important thing is that how you will be choosing this collection from your shopify is like you have to go to themes and then after you should click on customize. basically we are interested to select different collection as well. click on customize and then after you should see here search online store. here we have a drop down menu. click on products and then click on default product, all right. so once you are selecting a default product, then this will be opening a customization page where you can select actually the collection of your choice. so now you can see that this is our product page and down below we have featured collection. so here you can see that this section has been added here, featured collection. click on this and here you can change the collection. for example, i have selected beauty. i am also interested to use daily essential for now. so here you can see that daily essentials are selected. now click on select and then you can also change the title of title from here. for example, you are interested to write here related uh, products. so here on the left hand side you can see that related products has been appeared. if you want, you can also change it. and one more thing is that products per view. if you wanted to increase four products in a row, then it is also good. and there are limit products. so how many products you wanted to display here you can also increase or decrease this. so here you can see that i have added 16. for example, you are interested to put 9? then you can see that these products are reduced. so this is one of the best way which you can do over here, all right. then click on save and, uh, here we have one more thing, which is slider. so let's see. so if you are you are interested to keep a slider, then this is also good to go. here you can see that the slider is displaying. so you have two options. you can put it as a grid. grid means all the products would be displaying here. otherwise you can put the slider, but for now i am interested to keep it grid. now this is done and let me refresh this page again. and here you go. you can see here we have related products or maybe featured products, featured collection, all right. so hope you enjoyed this video and this is really simple. thank you so much for watching this video. if you are new on this channel, then please subscribe this channel also like this video. if you have any other problem in your theme, you can ask me below in the comment section. i will definitely help you out in solving that problem. thank you so much once again. see you in the next video.

How to Add Collections to Homepage Shopify. 2022.

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we'll be going over how to add collections to your home page. this is going to make your homepage more appealing. it's going to make it easier for customers to discover your collections and your products, which should hopefully lead them to making more purchases, which is exactly what you want with your shopify store. so we're gonna make this a super easy tutorial here, so make sure you stay to the end of the video. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it's gonna come with a 15 day free trial, so make sure you check out that link in the description below so you can test drive everything for yourself. then we show a quick video detailing the full feature set. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today, all right, so let's dive into it now. i'm in the dashboard for our test store here, and the way to add collections to your home page is you simply want to navigate to the left side of the page. here you want to click on online store. so once this loads here, you're going to get several sections and it's going to automatikally load the theme one, which is what we're looking to do. so i'm going to be testing this today with the debate theme. here. you can do this with any of your themes. the process is going to be very similar throughout, as it's going to be through the same customization process, along with accessing things in the same manner. so we want to do here is that once you're on the theme section you want to head to customize, this is going to load the theme customization dashboard for your shopify store. we can customize the layout of your product pages, your home page, as well as the navigation and different appearance items based on your theme. you're gonna have different options, as you can see here. most shopify themes by default, are gonna have some kind of featured collection, but you may be wondering: how do i add another one, how do i customize it and how do i customize the layout? so on the left hand side, you want to head to add section and here it's going to show collection list or featured collection. this is going to be changed slightly by that language, but overall it's going to be very similar. so here we add a collection list. so it's going to be the first option where it's going to show the overall categories. i'm going to show the second one here before we get into the editing. that's going to be a featured collection where it's going to feature the products from that collection. so that's going to give you two options. this one is good for overall categories, so we click into it on the left. here we can see collection: select a collection. so let's say camping, so it's going to feature a product image. the next one i'm going to select into: select another collection. i'm going to say summer. lastly, i'm going to put surfing and i realize i actually have to select this here and hit the save for that to go through. so after doing that, this gave me three featured collections. so that's gonna look on desktop and mobile. it's gonna look great there. so if we switch to mobile it's gonna compress those a little bit. we can even change the collections per row. so let's say i want to put four, three maybe. i just wanna set that to two on desktop and it's gonna compress to one on mobile, depending on how you want this appear to your store. leave that as three for now. so next, if we go to the featured collections, you get the same options here. we can select how many products per row, how many rows we want to have, and we want to show product vendors as well as the view all button, so the customer can expand this featured collection here to view all the collections. now all you want to do is just select a collection. i'm going to select the home page one here, hit select, then hit save. now i don't have many products on this test store here, but they're all going to display nicely in an easy to digest manner. if you ever want to customize where it appears, well, head over to the left hand side. if you see these dots here, there's six dots. you can drag it around the home page so you can make it appear exactly where you want to. maybe you want it to appear at the very top here, right below the slideshow. you can make that there. maybe, if you want it at the bottom, you can put your collection list above that, or, if you wanted to, the very top here. you could put that there as well. the customization is up to you. now that you've added your collections to your homepage, this can make it really easy for the customer to navigate, as a lot of times they might be searching up your brand name on the internet and heading to your home page. you want to make it easy for them to find exactly what they're looking for. so, overall, this concludes the video on how to add collections to your homepage. let me know in the comments if you have any questions. if you like the video, i would love it so much if you hit that like and subscribe button below. lastly, i want to mention profitcalc again, the one-click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it's going to come with a 15-day free trial and there's a link in the description below to access that trial there from the shopify app store. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video.

Shopify how to create a Featured Product Slider

christian fromm. let's build off. in today's video we're going to modify features collection, interviews sowie content and interactive slideshow eigentlichen die zeit herunter display, ein extrem really happy monster. destatis video, because i think it's great idea and i can't think about, how die slideshows working general ali can use them. zuletzt in the short and defend wird, starting at t shirt mit der sport, wie bei firstgate terror, ebenfalls clique des nil. action button in gold to go ist der shop im falter, denn hier der fürstlichen, über die you ist, simply duplikate originalversion auf dieses feature collection soll it again later die switch von johann to use and health darin point? so let's go to folder des calls actions or at the featured collection. ist es action on der homepage und ihr gefeiertes gold collection dort, liquid computing, because it's not called features collection, liquid petrol. down to the bottom of the so called scheme attac und intensiven ages featured collection and even more important role down to the bottom we find anywhere defined so called presets, und dies presets arts council for what is displayed in der live customizer der deception reeves. the featured collection dafür ist die to do is simply: everything is eben hier annual cradle news action, and maybe we can't collet-serra collection der slider empirisch generated in here and paste clipboard in dem i can say this fire action weeks away des action-adventures ende customizer, so let's go to the space age. was mentioned that we can change des features collection in tune it. safe collections, leider in den safe, bisweilen. gern nokia will quick check on the front and open live. customizer of the decade refresh. we should find aber news action in hier. yes, i can say you have featured collection which is der originalversion and the featured collections. leider wird es auch im copy and rather go ahead and at least two pi team, die nzb 6m settings and originals action which makes sense because we just go with it in some. any collections of the best sellers display sowie setting for women want to display als think this setting doesn't make sense sowie going to remove the work on turning des intellectual slideshow saerbeck mit wie viel genau search for any change. control elements in der vsm research, die keyword range, and i can say they have to be salz and the first one has agreed responsible for the second and we are going to remove ist ein teuer control element. wartet ein every move. setting for life customizer. we have to take care. battles value is not calling for the functionality of this section. so sei die resorts back dat. well, you might be used somewhere in the context of this file and the us to take that. so let's go ahead and remove cynthia element zuvor groß. das action epos ist just in der apa hf des vdk. have to check out this section works and if this setting ist ok, so let's try to read this file. eines not to compete, at least a twitter container auf klare space with the sections settings. titel ist noch blank, wie simply red. the title and you were able holding collection selected in der live customizer and we find s switch statement on the sections ethics grid and, if you remember, das ist corresponding to the amount of product data display perron. and here is simply die feinde maximum high tik 3 team with all dies, individuell cases of products bei maximum hat will be pfeifern der theorie pixelproducts der maximum hat wie three hundred vor die fünf pixel. so der dies items mit intro, wenn down below the belt product limited to found off corax potro beim service ambac, create an ordert list and for every product in der selected collection up to the product limit, die wanderlust element wo alles ein bisserl hold the product. ich find any projekt in der collection of collection ist select wenn mappus am place holder. images in der live show. you get on the front and remove der selected collection mackenzie displays 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