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Feedbackwrench - Our Approach to Building a High Converting Website & Marketing System

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

Feedbackwrench - Our Approach to Building a High Converting Website & Marketing System

The above is a brief introduction to Feedbackwrench - Our Approach to Building a High Converting Website & Marketing System.

Let's move on to the first section of Feedbackwrench - Our Approach to Building a High Converting Website & Marketing System!

Feedbackwrench - Our Approach to Building a High Converting Website & Marketing System

everybody my name is rob satram and i
own feedback ranch we do web design we
do marketing and we help small
businesses get more leads and what i'm
going to do is i'm going to dive in here
a little bit to tok about if you have a
business like a remodeling company
an accounting company i help a ton of
accountants or anybody that has a longer
sales cycle
how do you embrace and increase your
close rates so how do you include
increase your conversion rate on your
website for your remodeling company or
your home building company or maybe you
have an accounting company or financial
planning any business that's not
immediately transactional so not junk
business not driveway seal coding or
anything like that i want to tok about
how do you increase your conversion
rates i'm going to give you about five
things here that will definitely
transform your business and this is a
big deal because you'll be using
ad spend you'll be spending on google
ads facebook ads um you'll spend time
with seo and all of this stuff and it
does nothing we have to build a better
mousetrap and i'm going to show you how
to do that the first thing that you need
to understand is that when it comes to
your website there's two things that you
want to do you want to build a high
converting website build a better
mousetrap and then you want to actually
traffic for your website building a
better mouse trap
is about conversion rate how do you get
people to actually take a step with you
and then the second thing is it's like
once you have a farm you have to buy
seed for your farm and you actually have
to generate um and bring more mice to
the mouse trap well the number one thing
that you can do to increase your
conversion rate is to embrace a healthy
sales relationship and a sales cycle
there's a good pace to a great sale
good sales don't happen immediately just
like a good marriage doesn't happen in
one day so you can't be the type of
company running ads in a website that's
just running around going will you marry
me will you marry me will you marry me
will you marry me you have to embrace a
good pacing so in a way if you think
about it
what we're trying to do is we're trying
to bring people from being a stranger to
a visitor to a lead to a customer that's
what your website and all your digital
marketing the entire footprint is trying
to do that i'll get into exactly how to
do that but the first thing is to
embrace that there's a pace
again a good relationship would be a
first meeting
and then you'd have a bunch of dates and
as you get to know each other you'd have
a proposal and then you'd have a
marriage a good sale is the same way
where they're curious about how you make
their life better then you enlighten
them to why you are yoda and you have a
forward where their problems get solved
you help them thrive or survive and
eventually they make a commitment to
either learn more about you book a
consultation call and go to the proposal
or maybe download a lead magnet or
whatever that is or even just keep
reading and then eventually they'll
become a customer but these are the
three stages that they need to go
through if you do not embrace this as a
remodeling company or anybody with a
longer sales cycle you're full and you
will drop sales so you have to think
about how do you optimize for this so
but let's tok about how do you actually
move people through so that they
increase the conversion rate well the
number one thing that you're going to
want to do is to to make sure that you
have a framework that you work through
okay so again here's the foundation of
the framework of if you do these things
on your website people are going to be
more likely to convert with you and then
i'm going to tok about how do we stay
in front of them because that's a huge
thing one of the biggest things that
people don't understand is that a good
decision doesn't get made in a moment
you have to embrace this process well
how does the process look you have to
have digital assets in place you have to
have videos you have to have blog posts
you have to have an emailing there's
basically a marketing funnel and a sales
funnel that we want to implement here
but you have to have content and you
have to have information that help
people become enlightened as to how you
actually work to solve their problems
because in 2022 and partikularly for a
more sophistikated customer
there's a lot of messages coming at them
they need to know how you help them and
they need to think about it they need to
do their due diligence they want to know
how do you do this you make these claims
that's great but let's put some meat on
the bone so
i'm going to move quickly through this
number one your website must have this
is all about how it looks your web
footprint needs to have a good user
interface where it makes sense people
know how to navigate your website your
facebook page your instagram your tik
tok your youtube you have to have good
branding i i don't know overemphasize
that but it should look nice there
should be an authentik look and feel
your website should not be filled with
stuff that does not represent your
customer your region or you it shouldn't
be all stok photography it should be
clean and responsive working on all
devices laptop desktop ipad from there
we have to say what does it say it has
to have good clear and concise messaging
okay people don't read websites they
skim them
also it needs to be customer focused
messaging your words and what you say
should be about them their problems and
what they want not about you and your
features it's about benefits for them
and how you make their life better
lastly i think you should invest into
brand scripting where we unbox we tok
about benefits we tok about the stakes
we tok about create a one-liner we show
authority and we show
compassion and empathy that we
understand where they are there's a
whole system that i have and that's a
different video
lastly you have to have meaningful calls
to action where is this relationship
going are people going to be booking a
consultation do they have a lead magnet
they can get what does that look like
then from there you have to have
customer reviews you have to have
customer testimonials you have to have
examples of your work not only should
they be on your website but they need to
be in your remarketing campaigns which
i'm going to get to in just a second
then last you have to have all these
deepening steps right people are going
to lean in and find out and do their due
diligence how is it that you work you
don't want to over complicate it but you
have to give them a little bit of
information and the more assets we
create for you on your website in your
digital marketing
the more likely you are to move people
along so what we have here is anything
that creates a deepening step that could
be all sorts of of social media posts
then we have video sales letters there
should be videos that basically have a
sales call with people and that's
essentially what i'm doing right now but
you're going to want to have a video
sales letter set up which is the the
same conversation you'd have on a phone
consultation done on a video on your
website in your remarketing so that
people can be in their underwear
watching your stuff in the middle of the
night once they're finally done with
things it shouldn't take a consultation
for them to understand what you really
do last you want to look at lead magnets
and then anything that builds authority
and we want to not only have those on
your website but in your remarketing
campaigns okay
and so we'll hit on that number one that
that's the framework that i would
recommend if you're trying to increase
your your um
your conversions the first thing is to
embrace a healthy sales relationship the
second thing is is to use this framework
i probably just gave you 10 different
things i could go on a list on each one
of those the third thing is
initially people come to you through an
ad or through content and and i'm going
to show you how to do that but then you
have to come to them okay so in this
i have a framework and this is what i
actually use it's from what i've
actually notiked working with all my
clients so the core of good marketing
the way that you intersect with people
is that you want to use search
and then what you want to do is they
come to you through paid search
advertising on google ads so that's if
i'm looking for a remodeler near me or
an accountant near me or a real estate
bookkeeper whatever that is
we would set up a google ad you would
pop up in front of them they would click
on you then look at your website then
chances are they are not going to
convert chances are 95 of the traffic on
your website is going to go away but a
whole bunch of them are looking for a
solution why else would they have
searched it so we use what's called
remarketing and remarketing there's a
handful of foundations to this
essentially what we're going to do in
the remarketing campaigns if we go way
down here is that
number one
we would want to go on google
display ads so that
the people that have been to your
website we create an audience out of
them so if they've been to your website
through an ad or whatever that is we
create an audience in google
maybe for 90 days so if i've been to
your website for 90 days you're part of
this audience and google and in facebook
and in linkedin and pinterest and
essentially what we'll do then is on
facebook instagram we will run ads to
people that are in that audience and and
that allows you to get to this 8 to 15
touches one of them our google display
if you've ever been on a news website
and you see an ad we can do that and
it's very inexpensive that's one way to
do remarketing
another way to do remarketing is on
facebook and instagram if they've been
to your website we can create and do a
great lead magnet or download where
people can get some information or just
have good calls to action another thing
that you'll see this is an example of
the sales letter right the idea is that
you can have a video conversation with
people and allow them to book with you
instead of making them call in to you
and have a consultation
the other thing that you'll see is that
there are youtube bumper ads that are
fantastik you can create bumper ads that
are very simple that would run and it
would only run to people that have
already been your website so the core of
good marketing right off the bat is that
people are going to come to you and we
want to make sure that we
get in front of them and command
market share by using paid search
advertising on google and on bing then
when they hit your website we need to
come to them with information and stay
in front of them so that you're top of
mind and also give them opportunities to
take a step with you
that's number three is to focus on
remarketing in general and by using
remarketing what's going to happen is
that they're going to have other
opportunities to come back to you
because here's what usually happens you
know this
i'm supposed to get an accountant i
search accountants i hit three or four
websites then all of a sudden i have to
get back to work and i don't take an
action or maybe i filled out two or
three contact forms then i go to work i
come back i eat dinner with my family i
put them to bed eventually i sit down
stairs in front of my smart television
and i have youtube on and boom up comes
the feedback wrench commercial that
reminds you that we would love to to
help you and serve you that's a great
remarketing then the next morning i go
through my morning cycle and all of a
sudden i grab my phone and i check
instagram or i check pinterest or tik
tok or whatever it is and all of a
sudden an ad pops up there and maybe
it's an ad that just reminds them of who
i am
maybe it's an ad that has a lead magnet
involved with them but no matter what
that's kind of the foundation of what is
going to help increase
your um
your conversion so let me dive into this
the the the next thing so if we were to
just recap again number one embrace the
healthy sales relationship don't get
over eager remember that good pacing
happens number two use
a high converting website and use this
framework on my website number three is
to focus on remarketing and coming back
to them
and the next thing is to make sure that
you have a clear
um header so on your website you should
have a very clear setup where um what
you do
where you do it and the main problem is
just boiled down very simple and there's
an image that really embodies what it is
that you do so
essentially you need a hero section with
calls to action right away people read
this in a z fashion so they're going to
see this as your logo and then as they
move across you see calls to action and
this is schedule a tax analysis schedule
a tax analysis and then the second one
is to call them so a z fashion happens
here you need to make sure that that
works and then you have a good hero
section that it has very strong calls to
action all right the next thing that you
want to do is you want to make sure that
you list out your value propositions
toking about what it is that they
actually get when they work with you
that's going to tremendously increase
the chance that they work with you so
make sure that you do statements and
explainers of how they actually benefit
when working with you
the next
tip and we're moving fast through the
rest of this is that your website and
everything should show a guide of what
are the one two three steps of doing
business with you so that they
understand what the process looks like
if they don't if it's a fog to them
about how they do business with you it's
gonna be a missed by the time they're
ready to take action show them what it
means so that you have a connect meeting
an analysis a strategy and scope
agreement and then an implementation you
want to show them what it looks like
when they do business with you the next
thing that you're going to want to do is
deeper in the site put all your text
everything on the beginning your site
should have very
um simple messaging very clear and it
should be easy to see and easy to use
and then
another thing that you're going to want
to do is work as hard as possible to
show your reviews okay your google
reviews your facebook reviews your
should be on there
and what that's going to do is it's
going to show why you're worthy of trust
so the last tip that i have and i hammer
this all day long but this is really the
linchpin if you want to increase your
your conversion rates work super
diligent at getting more google reviews
than everybody else in your sector or in
your area
this is huge but essentially what we
want to do is we want to make sure that
we have an opportunity to show your
reviews right so if i come to my reviews
on my website i actually have my reviews
i have a video showing all my
testimonials right on my home page here
i actually have a section that shows
videos of clients i just asked them hey
a couple of them are a little more
formal some of them are just um this is
an hvac company this is a software
company this is a concrete contractor a
masonry contractor this is an accountant
that i help i just asked them to quick
send me a video and that's huge but
ultimately it's the google reviews that
are going to make the biggest difference
in your business in fact if you take a
look at what that looks like so if i
type in feedback wrench what you'll see
is i've got 82 5 star reviews you know
how powerful that is you see that
they're all authentik and they're super
helpful and they work for you
i'm telling you if there's a one thing
that you can do that's going to help you
more is when you were to search like
accountant near me when you have a ton
of reviews people know that you're
worthy of trust so right now look at
this this is how i shop i see the google
ads and i'm like oh those are big
nationals and i come right here and this
is going to invite me in to see what
they do but i'm telling you if they
don't trust you if they don't see that
you've been
if you have an ample examples that
you're helping them it's not going to
work so here's how you get a review okay
this is really simple i want you to go
into your google my business app so
first of all set up your google my
business this
if you don't have your google my
business it's google.com forward slash
business get that set up and then once
you're in there in the desktop app
you're gonna grab the url okay and i
want you to grab the url and this is uh
and this is gonna change just you know
there's some things changing in here but
there's a get more review button and i
want you to take this url and i want you
to email it to yourself and i want you
to save it and then this is what you're
going to do
you're either going to call or you're
going to text your customer one by one
do not automate this do this yourself
okay and so a text that would look a
little bit like this
hey joe it's rob from feedback wrench
i'm trying to get more google reviews i
was wondering if you could help me
here's a link
text it to them then just say doesn't
have to be over complicated just let
people know we're not crazy that's one
way to do it right and then wait
till the evening and then say hey did
the link work and what you'll find is
they'll eventually do it i would do the
exact same thing through email so that
they have it there right so gently you
have to ask even better you call them
hey joe how you doing it's uh it's rob
feedback grinch here how you doing man
good hey hey i'm kind of calling for a
selfish reason i'm trying to get a
handful of my clients to give me a
google review because it's just it's
kind of hard for people to do
i was wondering if you'd help me out and
would you leave a google review for me
oh yeah i'd love to cool i will text it
and email it to you and i'll just kind
of follow up with you and remind you
because i know life is busy but that
would mean a ton to me and all you got
to do is just let them know that we did
your taxes and it went well right or
whatever that looks like
i'm telling you if you want to increase
your conversion rate your close rate get
reviews take those reviews put them on
your website make sure that they're kind
of everywhere and give it is many
examples so we embed them on websites
for people you want to have as many
examples as possible that you are doing
what you ought to do and uh that will
help in increase your conversions rate
your your click-through rate everything
will get better when you have these
frameworks good luck god bless and go to
feedback wrench.com if this is helpful

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