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financing ads

Published on: February 16 2023 by pipiads

Paytm presents The Divide: A Social Experiment Music. Today we conducted an experiment to explore the divide between men and women when it comes to financial knowledge and management.


- Did you learn how to ride a bicycle before the age of 10?

- Did you learn music in school?

- Did you take any lessons in sports? (Video games not included)

- Did you learn how to iron your clothes while still in school?

- Can you make tea or breakfast for someone other than yourself?

- Do you usually make all the household bill payments yourself?

- Do you know the circle rate in your area?

- Do you know the price of gold today?

- Do you know the exact breakup of your salary?

- Do you know the details of the financial documents you're asked to sign?

- Have you bought a vehicle in your own name without consulting anybody?

- Have you bought insurance policies unassisted?

- Do you watch or follow the budget?

- Do you manage your own finances and earnings unassisted?

- Do you know how to invest in mutual funds?

- Do you know the difference between a mutual fund and an SIP?

- Do you make investments for your family members or spouse?

- Do you file your own income tax return?


- Initially, the questions were more general and people were going forward and backward.

- As the questions became more about managing money, the gap between men and women became evident.

- Women were often behind men in terms of financial knowledge and management.

- Women were not traditionally taught about money management and often relied on men to handle their investments and plan their future.

The experiment highlighted the need for actionable measures to bridge the gap between men and women when it comes to financial knowledge and management. It also showed that traditional gender roles can hinder women's ability to be financially independent and secure. It is important for individuals to educate themselves about money management and for society to encourage and support women in this pursuit.

Future of Finance

Embracing Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Insights from Google Teams

- The changing landscape of financial services

- Key consumer trends: increasing desire for self-service, mobile usage, and changing trust in financial providers

- The need for businesses to adapt through digital transformation


- Importance of gaining first-party data and using it to understand changing consumer needs

- Example of Current's successful growth through data and automation

- Need for accuracy and agility in fueling automation and machine learning tools


- Breaking down product and organizational silos to activate insights in real-time

- Example of Chase's successful video campaign through partnering with Google and other companies

- Combining automation and creativity to reach consumers with custom messages


- The importance of respecting consumer privacy in data-driven decision making

- Example of Square's use of data and insights to maximize marketing ROI and drive profitable growth

- The need for authentik commitment to responsible use of data

- With the right insights, agile approach, and commitment to privacy, businesses can be ready for whatever comes next

- Example of Square's mission to enable access and level the playing field for business owners through digital tools and solutions

- The need for businesses to adjust their strategies in response to COVID-19 and provide relief to customers

The whole working-from-home thing — Apple

The article describes a virtual meeting between a team of coworkers who are tasked with creating a recyclable design for a project called Pandora's Box. The team is working from home due to the pandemic, which creates additional challenges.

Team Meeting:

- The meeting begins with chaos, with children screaming and phones ringing.

- The team learns that they have to present new designs for Pandora's Box on Monday and that the design needs to be recyclable.

- They brainstorm ideas but struggle to find a solution that is lightweight, sustainable, and cheap.

- The budget is cut in half, adding to the challenge.

- Brian suggests making the pattern bigger, which leads to a breakthrough.

- They use their iPads to measure and calculate how much cardboard they will need.

- The team uses InDesign to create a design with more zing, but there are some design changes made by someone unknown.

- The article ends with a reminder that the team must present their final design on Friday.

The article highlights the challenges of working from home and collaborating virtually. Despite the obstacles, the team was able to find a solution to their design problem. The use of technology, such as iPads and InDesign, was instrumental in their success. The story also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication in achieving a common goal.

Elon Musk visits Twitter, comments on advertising as banks begin funding deal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has until 5 PM Eastern Time on Friday to complete his deal to buy Twitter or face the proposition of going to trial. Musk is getting the whole kitchen sink by spending $44 billion, but he tweeted that the reason he's acquiring the company is not to make more money but because it's important to the future of civilization. Musk says it's important to have a digital town square where a range of beliefs can be debated, but he understands that Twitter can't become a free-for-all hellscape where people can say anything. The current danger of social media is that it will splinter into extreme polar echo chambers and also blames traditional media for fueling that divide. If all the financing doesn't come to fruition and the parties don't sign on the dotted line by 5 PM Eastern Time tomorrow, the judge has ordered in Delaware that the trial will proceed in November. Reports from Bloomberg dispel rumors that Musk had plans to lay off 75 percent of Twitter's workforce. Musk plans to speak with employees tomorrow, the day that the deal is said to be closing and done. The goal he's pursuing is with humility, and failure in pursuing this goal is a very real possibility. There's a lot riding on Musk's ability to get advertisers and quality advertisers to come to Twitter.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Are you struggling with your Facebook advertising strategy? Things have changed, and what used to work even a few months ago is dramatically different than the strategies and tactics that are succeeding on the platform right now.

Bullet points:

- Facebook lead ads were once a terrible choice for businesses, but recent changes and some secrets make them amazing.

- Campaign structures and default settings inside your Facebook ads manager have changed, and leaving things on default settings is a mistake.

- The secret to generating quality leads that turn into customers is acquiring quality leads and having a conversion mechanism, like a marketing funnel or sales funnel.

- High level is the number one software for acquiring quality leads and turning them into customers.

- The real power and secret feature that takes response rates from 3% to over 68% is the use of automations.

- Advantage campaign budget (ACB) is the new version of campaign budget optimization (CBO) that allows Facebook to decide where to allocate campaign budgets.

- You should leave ACB off when testing a new campaign.

Facebook advertising strategies have changed, and it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest tactics and strategies that are working. Using quality lead acquisition and a conversion mechanism, like a marketing funnel or sales funnel, along with the right software and automations, can lead to successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Remember to tweak your campaign settings, like ACB, and test new campaigns to find what works best for your business.

How to get unlimited funding to build your business in 30 days...

The Single Equation that Helped Me Turn $1036 into Over $120 Million in Sales

In this video, the speaker shares the single equation that helped him turn $1036 into over $120 million in sales. This equation is the central concept behind growing portfolio companies with 100% equity, without taking on outside capital or investors.

The Equation:

The equation is called Client Financed Acquisition, which means getting customers to pay for all marketing and acquisition costs. The equation is:

30-day cash > 2 x (cost of acquiring customer + cost of fulfilling customer)


1. Cost of Acquisition: This includes marketing, sales commissions, and advertising costs.

2. Cost of Fulfillment: This includes the cost of fulfilling and selling the product.

3. 30-day cash: This is the net free cash flow to the business within the first 30 days of a customer entering the business.

To use this equation, the 30-day cash must be greater than two times the sum of the cost of acquiring and fulfilling the customer. If the 30-day cash is greater, the business has a negative acquisition cost and makes money getting customers.


This equation allows businesses to cash flow anything they need by plugging into the universe's money. It enables businesses to make money all the time, making the business less stressful and more fun. It also allows businesses to weather storms and grow without capital constraints.

Client Financed Acquisition is a process that can be applied to any business in the world. It is a game-changer for businesses that don't have a lot of money and need to think differently to play the game. By using this equation, businesses can grow without taking on outside capital or investors, and make money getting customers.

🔥Facebook Ad Campaign Results🔥 Generating Equipment Financing Leads With Facebook Ads

In this video, Matty Ice from Leech for Locals breaks down the recent Facebook ad campaign results for generating equipment financing leads. He explains the overall strategy used and plans for the future.

Campaign Results:

- 51 leads generated at just under $4 per lead

- Total spend just under $200

- Link click-through rate at 1.87%, indicating good audience resonance

- Static video ad performing well with above average metrics

Campaign Strategy:

- Use Facebook lead forms to generate first name and email

- Build a list and rely on funnel and automated follow-up to generate higher intent leads

- Lead with value, such as free guides or webinars

- Mix up ad types to keep audience engaged

- Use appointment reminder automations to increase appointment show rates

The campaign generated high-quality leads at a reasonable cost per appointment. By focusing on building a list and providing value, Matty Ice was able to generate leads with high intent to book appointments. Keeping the ad types fresh and using appointment reminder automations also contributed to the success of the campaign.

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