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Find Local Massage Ads - Near Me

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

who is advertising their massage services but they are making the mistake of being too generic. They are simply saying relax and rejuvenate with a massage which is a common phrase that many massage therapists use. There's no specific information about what type of massage they offer or any benefits that the client will receive. This ad doesn't stand out from the countless others that are out there and it's not compelling enough to make someone choose this therapist over another.

Now let's talk about some formulas for successful advertising. One of the most effective formulas is called PAS which stands for Problem, Agitate, Solve. This formula is all about identifying a problem that your potential client is facing, agitating that problem to make them feel the pain of it, and then providing a solution to that problem which is your service.

Another formula is AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This formula is all about grabbing the attention of your potential client, building their interest in your service, creating desire for what you offer, and then getting them to take action such as booking an appointment.

In conclusion, if you want to create effective advertising for your massage business, you need to focus on providing a clear and specific offer with a strong call to action. Avoid being too vague or generic and instead use formulas like PAS or AIDA to create compelling copy. By doing this, you'll be able to attract more clients and grow your business.

#1 Secret For Massage Facebook Ads

- Learn how to get leads and clients on autopilot with Facebook Ads

- Avoid common mistakes made by massage therapists when using Facebook Ads

Common mistakes made by massage therapists when using Facebook Ads:

- Mistake #1: Using boosted posts instead of Facebook Ads Manager and tracking pixels

- Mistake #2: Slashing rates to get new clients, when in fact, charging normal or higher rates can still attract new clients

- Mistake #3: Not upselling, which is a missed opportunity to offer related products like massage oil, CBD oil, or essential oils

How to get leads and clients on autopilot with Facebook Ads:

- Run a Facebook Ad with a free contest or giveaway that requires contact information (email, name, phone number) for entry

- Use automated follow-up emails to build trust with potential clients

- Offer a valuable package deal with a perceived high value and upsell with related products or services

- Use templatized systems and Facebook Ads courses to simplify the process

- Get results like 84 leads for 75 cents each by using Facebook Ads and avoiding common mistakes

- Sign up for the Phil Your Table challenge to learn more about using Facebook Ads for your massage therapy business.

How to Effectively Market Your Massage Business

How to Avoid Sexual Solicitors in Massage Ads

Joyce Gothier from Respect Massage received a call from a member who was not getting any good clients from her massage ad, but only sexual solicitors. They went through the ad and identified some mistakes, which Joyce corrected by creating fake ads to show how to focus and deter sexual solicitors.

Mistakes in the original ad:

- The massage room looked too bedroomy

- The ad used open-ended statements that might sound like code to someone looking for a happy ending

Correcting the mistakes:

- Use the Respect Massage logo to show zero tolerance for sexual solicitors

- Focus the ad on solving a problem that the target client has

- Screen potential clients through video intake to ensure a good fit

- Make the ad time-sensitive with a call to action

Fake Ads:

- Yoga for moms ad focuses on solving tight hamstrings problem with medical massage and offers a video intake to save time.

- Weekend warrior massage program ad is exclusive with an interview process to screen clients, offers a 20% discount, hot packs, stretches, and a Facebook support group.

To avoid sexual solicitors in massage ads, focus on solving a problem for the target client, use the Respect Massage logo, and make the ad time-sensitive with a call to action. Screen potential clients through video intake or interview process to ensure a good fit and deter sexual solicitors. Use Joyce Gothier's tips to elevate the massage profession and keep massage therapists safe.

Asking Massage Places For Happy Endings

The article discusses a person's attempt to get a happy ending massage in San Diego. The person shares their experiences at different massage parlors and their efforts to get a happy ending.


- The person expresses their goal of getting a happy ending massage.

- They prefer Asian massage parlors because of the perception that Asian ladies have softer hands.

- The person asks if the massage parlors offer happy endings or hand jobs.

- They offer extra money for the service but are told that it is not offered.

- The person shares their attempts to capture the moment on camera.

- They visit multiple massage parlors but are unsuccessful in getting a happy ending.

The article highlights the person's efforts to get a happy ending massage and their experiences at different massage parlors. It sheds light on the illegal nature of such services and the risks involved.


Welcome to Day 10 of the Legion Challenge, where we create three different lead generation campaigns using Facebook, YouTube, and the stealth method. Today, we will be focusing on massage therapists.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign:

- Use Facebook lead generation objective to capture leads on Facebook's platform without a landing page

- Target audience based on location (e.g., Dallas), age (e.g., 35), and interest (e.g., massage)

- Use a picture or video of yourself working with clients and add a template with attention-grabbing headline and exclusive offer

- Use the Facebook form feature to capture leads without typing anything in

- Add a proxy policy link and a thank you screen

YouTube Video Campaign:

- Create a Google AdWords account and select custom video campaign

- Target audience based on location, demographics, keywords, and topics related to massage (e.g., spa, Terapeak, manicure, pedicure)

- Create a PowerPoint presentation with images of massage techniques and a call to action at the end

- Save the presentation as a movie and upload to your YouTube channel

- Use the video URL as your final destination URL in your AdWords campaign

Stealth Method Campaign:

- Use the Gmail campaign on Google AdWords to display ads in the top two ads in Gmail

- Target audience based on location, language, keywords, and interest in spa and massage

- Use a template with attention-grabbing headline and call to action (e.g., call now)

- Add your logo and marketing image to the ad

In conclusion, by following these steps, you can create effective lead generation campaigns for massage therapists using Facebook, YouTube, and the stealth method. Happy marketing!

Facebook Ads for Massage Therapists

Attention Massage Therapists: Get More Patients with Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to attract new patients to your massage therapy business? If so, Facebook ads might be the solution you need. In this article, we'll explain how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign that targets the right audience and encourages them to book an appointment with you.


1. Identify your target audience based on distance from your office, website visitors, and income level.

2. Create a Facebook ad that offers a free 15-minute massage with no strings attached and expert advice from a certified massage therapist.

3. Use a landing page with a simple form to collect the name and email of visitors in exchange for your offer.

4. Follow up with an email that offers a bonus consultation to those who call now to book an appointment.

5. Retarget those who visited your landing page but didn't sign up with ads that feature testimonials from satisfied customers.


- More targeted advertising than ever before

- Personalized messaging that resonates with your ideal audience

- Increased urgency and motivation to book an appointment

- Opportunity to build trust and credibility with testimonials

- Retargeting ads that keep your offer top of mind for interested prospects

Facebook ads can be an effective tool for attracting new patients to your massage therapy business. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a successful campaign that targets the right audience and encourages them to book an appointment with you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your business with Facebook ads!


Hey guys, Kurt Simpson here and in this article, I will be sharing my Facebook Ads seven-step checklist for getting more massage clients. As someone who has been using Facebook Ads for over five years and has successfully grown multiple businesses with them, I know firsthand the power of Facebook Ads. In this article, I will be sharing my personal experience, tips, and tricks to help you create effective Facebook Ads that will help you get more clients and leads.

- Sharing personal background and experience with Facebook Ads


1. Attention-grabbing intro

- Importance of crafting a catchy intro to grab the audience's attention

2. Use real pictures

- The benefits of using real photos instead of stock images

3. State your offer clearly in the bottom headline

- The importance of making your offer clear and concise in the headline

4. Promote a great offer

- Tips on creating a compelling offer to attract more clients

5. Use emojis

- How using emojis can help add personality and catch attention

6. Clear call-to-action

- Importance of having a clear CTA to guide the audience towards taking action

7. Use a correct objective and be prepared to follow up

- Tips on setting the right objective and being prepared to follow up with potential clients

Additional tips:

- Importance of hard work, learning, and overcoming challenges

- The benefits of constantly testing and investing in education

- Benefits of Facebook Ads: constant flow of leads and clients, minimal effort, and attracting genuine customers

- Examples of success with Facebook Ads

- Recap of checklist and additional tips

- Encouragement to try out Facebook Ads and work towards growing your business.

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