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find shopify stores

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails!

hello and welcome back. this is ashford rafi. once again in this video, i'm going to show you where can you find the complete list of shopify stores, how to find the store owner or ceo's name and how you can collect this ceo or store owner's email address easily. so first of all, you have to visit this website, myipms. i'm going to attach the link into the video description for your easy access. after visiting the site, you have to provide the shopify inks ip address here, which is after providing the ip address here, simply you have to click on this who is look up button and it is going to take us to the next page where you can see the ip owner is shopify inc and they own from this ip range to this ip range right now. if you click on other sites on ip, it is going to show us all the websites hosted with these ip addresses. that means all the websites using shopify right now. as you can see now, websites between this ip range to this ip range. we have got over 294 websites now. if i take you little bottom, you are going to find 400k plus websites using shopify. now these websites are no longer in business, as you can see here. uh, the list is pretty big- 16 000. so they used to use shopify, but they are not using shopify anymore right now. what you can do here, uh, to get all the results. if i click on this view, all records you are going to find on each pages. we have got around 50 shopify store listings and we have got around 5882 pages containing the shopify stores. now, if i take you to the fifth page, you are going to see these results. we are on 201. so to extract all these data, all these website urls, it might going to take a whole lot of time for you. so in this case, you can simply hire someone on fiber to get these data extracted on an excel spreadsheet or on a google spreadsheet. i'm going to attach the link of this site into the video description so that you can hire someone if you need. all, right now let me just verify if all of these websites are actually built with shopify. so, simply, i'm to copy the website url from here, let's paste it here, hit into the enter button and let's visit the website. right? this is the website and if you take a look here on this tool, which is um wapa laser, so, as you can see, the ecommerce platform. they are using shopify, right? so this is a shopify website. after that, if i take, let's say, this website as an example, all of these website is actually built with a shopify platform, right? just take a look. another website now, if i take you to this tool, just take a look. the e-commerce platform is shopify. not only this information. you are going to find whole lot of other information by using this tool. i'm going to attach the link of every tool i'm going to show you throughout this video into the description field. so, if you need, you can check them out now. let's cross them out. now. i have got some business data here on my um excel spreadsheet. now i'd love to show you how you can collect their owner or ceo's name and how we can find their email addresses easily. so first one: as you can see here, you copia. so i'm going to open up the website here and after that i'm going to copy the domain name from here. let's paste it again, and after that i'd love to type out owner or ceo and i'm going to add linkedin. so my goal is to find the owners information of these websites and their linkedin page so that i'll be able to collect their email addresses easily. okay. so here we go. lauren greenwood, who is the co-founder and president of ucopia: president. so yeah, i can take her profile from here. let's copy this profile and i'm going to type out linkedin here. paste now. i'm going to copy her name from here, copy, paste it here, and title is going to be co-founder and president. now paste this information. now it's time to collect the emails, so i'm going to use cell sql. just take a look. if i click here, let's click on this, and you're going to find this is the email address and this is the email address- so personal and work emails we have found. so i'm going to copy both of these emails from here and let's go back to the spreadsheet. paste this email here. sorry, okay, now i have got two emails for lauren. now let's say i need the email address and the founder or the owner's name of this website. simply, i can visit the website and let's just wait while it is working. yeah, now copy this from here: the url. after that i'm going to make a search again. i'm going to change the url only from here: owner, ceo, linkedin. so let's hit enter. let's see. here we go. this is the profile which i watched earlier. so here we go: lara casey larson, ceo of cultivate- what matters? so i'm going to copy the url from here. let's paste it here, and after that i'm going to take the name from here. copy, sorry, copy and paste the name here. after that i have to take the title, which is going to be ceo, or the chief executive officer, and then again, i'm going to use the tool which is cell sql and i'm going to attach the tool link into the video description for your easy access. simply copy these emails from here. so i'm going to copy all these emails, copy and paste them here. now i can simply remove the other texts. okay, so these are her email addresses for different companies, right? so this is the process: how we can get all the shopify store links or shopify websites, and then how to find the shopify store owner or the ceo's information and how to collect their email addresses by sell sql. and i'm going to attach all of these tools, all of these page links, into the video description for your easy access. i believe you have found this short video helpful. if you did, please give this video a like, let me know if you have got any question by commenting below and please share this video with your friends to help them out. thank you so much for watching. have a good day. bye.

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

what's going on. my name is Simon and in this video, I'm going to show you, step by step, how to create a branded one product Shopify store from complete scratch. so even if you are a complete beginner and you have never built an online store before, after watching and following along with this video, you'll walk away with a professional and branded one product Shopify store. this simple but effective store setup is going to work for any product that you want to sell, no matter if you're Drop Shipping or if you're selling your own product. you have a lot to cover in this video. so turn your phone to airplane mode, get a cup of coffee and then let's get started building our store. foreign now, to make sure you get the best deal when signing up for Shopify, you want to make sure to use the first link Down Below in the description to sign up. this will take you to my special shoppie Fair landing page, where you can always find the best deals. so currently there's a three day free trial, which is going to be more than enough to set up our store, and then, after the three days, you're gonna have three months of using Shopify for only one dollar per month. so once you're here, simply type in your email address and then click on start free trial. when you get to this step, here you want to Simply type in your store name or your brand name. if you don't know what your brand name is going to be yet, don't worry, you can always change this later on. so just type in something random and then click on create store. once our store is created, we get to our Shopify dashboard, which looks like this: now, here the first thing that I like to do is go ahead and pick a plan, because this will allow us to use all the features within our free trial period. so we're going to go and click on pick a plan here on the top, and then here we want to go for the basic Shopify plan. this has everything that we need for our store and, as you can see, you get the first three months for only one dollar per month, which is almost free. so definitely a great offer. so let's click on choose this plan. here we're going to leave the billing cycle at monthly and then also add a payment method, and then click on Start Plan. now the next thing we're going to do is choose a theme for store. this is going to determine what the overall design is for our e-commerce site. so let's go to the left side, click on online store and then go to themes. now the theme that comes pre-installed with every Shopify store is the dawn theme. the dawn theme is pretty good, so you can check it out if you want to. however, I actually like to choose a different one for this storm. so when we scroll down, we can see a couple of free themes that we can also simply install onto our Shopify store. or, if you want to have more options, you can click on visit theme store right here and then you get to this page where you can find multiple themes for all different kinds of stores. however, most of these themes cost around three hundred dollars. I would recommend to Simply go with a free theme, which is exactly what we're going to do in this video. so the themes that I recommend the most for a branded one product store is either the refresh theme or the sense theme. I find that both of these themes are very easy to customize and work for pretty much every type of store. now, for this store, I'm going to use the sense theme, so I'm going to click on ADD right here once the theme has been added. we want to click on publish and then again publish, and now we have updated our store theme to the sense theme. now, before we go ahead and customize our store website, I want to First add the product that we intend to sell here on this store. now, if you're selling your own product and you're building a branded Shopify store for your own product, then you want to Simply go to products here on the top left and then you want to click on add your products. then you can simply type in the title of your product description, add the product photos, enter the price and so on. however, I know that many people watching this video are actually Drop Shipping from places like AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping and so on. so I want to show you in this video how to Simply import any product from AliExpress directly onto your Shopify store, which makes the process a lot easier, and it would also make the fulfilling process a lot easier once you get your first sales. so I've decided to build this store for this specific product right here. this: this is an electric mini portable blender that you can basically use on the go. it has a good reviews here on AliExpress and we can get it for around 25. I also found a similar product here on CJ Drop Shipping- see the GTA Drop Shipping. they have us warehouses so you can get quicker shipping times, which is a lot better, obviously, for your customers. so just to make it clear, because I see a lot of people are copying the stores that I show you how to build in my YouTube videos- I don't recommend you sell this product right now because it's already very saturated. so I'm just using this product as an example to show you how to build a one product Shopify store. so to import our product directly from AliExpress, we're going to use a tool called deezers or de-essers. I'm going to leave a link to this tool Down Below in the description, so click on that link, then you get to this page right here now. once you're here, click on try it free and then simply create your account. once is logged in, we're going to click on Shopify and that will take us to the Shopify App Store where we're going to click on add app, then click on yes and then install app. then here we're going to go for the free plan and click on get started and then link our account to AliExpress. so we're going to click on AliExpress and then, if you're already logged into your AliExpress account, you're going to get to this page here. but if you're not logged in or you don't have an AliExpress account yet, simply Follow The Prompt, create your account and then you get to this page as well, where we're going to click on let's start importing products. then here we can simply skip the tutorial, and that takes us to the deezer's dashboard. now we also want to add the deezer's Chrome extension. so we're going to go to home on the top left and then click on Chrome extension, click on add to Chrome ADD extension and then, to always have our deezer's extension visible here at the top, we want to go to the puzzle icon and then make sure the pin here is blue, and that will pin our deezer's extension here to the browser. then we also need to log in again with our extension. so we're going to go to the deserts extension, click on deezers here, which will take us back to the deezer's homepage, then click on login and that should automatikally log us into our deezer's account. now, once that's done, our extension is working, so we can go back to AliExpress, the product page where we want to import the product from, in my case, for this store. as an example, I'm going to import this product here. so now, because we have the extension, we have now a new button here that says adds to Deezer, so we're going to click on this button and then we can see that this product is now being imported to deezers, and when that's done, we can go back to our deezer's dashboard and click on import list here on the left side, and then we should see the imported product right here. now, before we import this product to our Shopify store, we want to also click on edit product right here and then go to variants, and then here you want to go through all the different variants and delete every variant that you don't want to sell on your store. to delete any variant that you don't want to sell on your store, simply click on the trash icon here on the left side and then click on yes. when that's done, we're going to click on Save, and now we can send this product to our Shopify store by clicking on the orange Shopify icon. then I'm gonna untik this one here and make sure the also publish to online store is tiked, and then click on push to Shopif.

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How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey, what's up, guys? its online mine 24/7, and today we're gonna be toking about how to find successful Shopify stores and copy them. so today we're gonna be going through a website you can utilize to look and find the top-selling stores on Shopify. so in a second here I'm gonna hop over that website and we will get started. are you guys? we're on the website. the website is called my IP dot m/s. everything will be linked down in the description as well, so you can go ahead and easily find these sites for yourself. and so my IP dot ms. this is the website. you go ahead, click that link, type that in, and then what you're gonna also need is this code right here. so this is the IP address of Shopify Inc, the actual Shopify location in Canada, in Ottawa, that is, whether or not Ottawa Ontario. well, it's Ottawa Ontario. that's the place that they're located in. so you're gonna need their IP address. their IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.0. so once you have that copied, you're gonna just paste that in here at the top for the search bar. this is going to essentially take you straight to their IP address, and so, as you can see, this is their location. Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc. and now what we're gonna do then is click on other site, other sites, on IP, right here, this button and that is going to take us to the list of all of the top stores on the Shopify IP address. so, as you can see here they're listed from number one all the way to 51,000 is on here on their website. so they have tons and tons of stores, obviously. so, first off, just looking at the top 15, the first ones, colour-pop, then fashion Nova, all birds, Jim shark- I'm sure a lot of these you guys are probably recognizing. then it's the, the P Hut, the PI Hut, jeffree star cosmetiks, then you have movement watches, shop logan paul, fifty, fifty bottles, MN, l ml, King, ice city, social maverick by Logan Paul. shop KC nice tat, red dress, boutique bow. but just going through these you can see that, like, three or four of them are just youtuber shops. you know, like a lot of these are people, influencers, that are selling their own products and they're like the top Shopify stores. but even above that, you know, you have color pop and Jenova. then you have Jim shark. so fitness and beauty are definitely some of the top things, as well as influencer brands, as you could see with, like Logan Paul won, or them or the Maverick- so the Maverick merch, or the shop logan paul comm, or even the kc nice, that one down here at the bottom. so, as you can see, these are the top Shopify stores and on here you can then see what they're doing and what might be successful. so, if we look at the number one site on Shopify, colour-pop- so we could just click this go to website button and it brings up this pop up here with the actual web site so you can utilize the types of things that they are doing. that makes them a good store. so, as you can see, they have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing for putting in your email address and you can see the certain types of tactiks that the top stores are utilizing. so, as you can see, color pop definitely you can see why there's such a great stories, because they're utilizing that beauty niche and they're selling products that people really want for a very cheap price in comparison to other brands might sell them for higher prices. so you can see how they're doing their store. you can look at their layouts and just their overall, what they're doing on their store. another thing you can also do- which I'll have that down in the description box as well- is you can. if some sites it's not easy to actually access their bestseller list, like it is on colour-pop, and you're gonna have to copy and paste in the collection slash- best sellers, so you can see. all you have to do is copy in that and it'll take you to their bestseller list. so if we go ahead and copy this over here to another tab so you can go ahead and paste this in it's a collection slash- all question marks, sort by best selling- that will be down in the description box as well. if you do want to utilize this, where you can sort it by best selling, and then it will sort the website because, like I said, not every website is as easy to find the bestseller list like colour-pop. some sites have it more or less hidden so you can't see their bestsellers. but, as you can see, their bestsellers are this shadow palette, this I set and this other powder shadow, so you can just look through and see what are some of the best sellers on their site. now, obviously, color is like the number one sight. it's very hard to try and replicate what they're doing so you can actually look up stores within a specific niche as well. so not only can you just look up the top 15 stores and see what they're doing and what, what, why they're succeeding, what are some of the tactiks they're using, and if you come down here to the right on the view all records, you can actually see all the stores you know, not just the top 15, it will list them all out. now, if you're looking for a specific niche- say, for example, you're in the dog niche- you could just type in dog into the title to find all the different types of dog websites. this would work also for the beauty niche, for any niche you know, even even the soccer. you know you type soccer into the there you're gonna find a bunch of different soccer stores that have that in their name. so, as you can see, East Coast soccer shop, you have TNT soccer shop, Pele soccer soccer store online. so you can see all the different stores that have that in their URL and it's- and you know, most stores that are selling a certain type of product are gonna have the name in their URL and so you be able to find those sores within your niche. so so say, for example, we were doing dog niche, okay, you could just go ahead and search that on here. like I said, all you had to do to find this page was just click on the view all button at the bottom right on the first page and so you can find. like bird dogs you have spotted dog company baked for your dogs. so let's go ahead and click on one of these. let's go on dog paw Polycom. as you can see, they have two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors per day. now, if they were even just to convert five percent of those people, you know, you can see how some of these stores are making quite a bit of money okay on this list, because they're the top, the top visited stores through this tracker here. so if they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors, okay, let's pull up the calculator- they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors and they converted, let's just say, five percent of those people and this is per day, right? so one hundred and forty nine, let's say they made twenty dollars per hour per cart. that's two thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars per per day, right, I know it's the exact is the. but you know you $20, 5% of that times 20, and then you multiply that by seven, for seven days a week. you know that's $20,000 a week, right there. but if they make $20 a perv, it per five percent of the visitors, or maybe even if they did, if they did more than that, maybe they made $30 per visitor. okay, say, for example, they're a higher-end brand, right, 2,980. and then we multiply that by point zero, five, so five percent, and then we multiply that number: 149 converted people. so five percent of that times $30. four thousand four hundred and seventy dollars a day. okay, times seven, it's a lot of money. all right, that's just per per week. and if we multiply that by four per month, it's one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars a month. if they're converting that many people, okay, now, obviously they may not be converting that many people, they might be getting a lot of non conversion, but still that's crazy for them. on it, you know the amount of visitors they have. so let's actually go to their website. so we're gonna go to the website. dog Polycom- here, as you can see, it pulls up dog lovers, apparel and jewelry- says you'd see they sell a bunch of different products here and a lot of these products you could easily find these on Aliexpress. these are straight up dr.

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How To Find Shopify Store Best Sellers

how to see the best sellers for any shopify store. well, that's really easy. just keep watching. [Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on our channel. my name is ennis, i'm working for you and, as always, start the video. if you have any questions or any video requests, you can find my instagram right here or just drop me a comment below. i do reply to each comment on, also each message on my instagram, and my instagram is in the description box, by the way. so today i got a comment from a guy- well, i think he's a guy, i don't know- but he asked me how he can know the profit or the revenue of shopify stores and i did tell them that that's roughly an estimate most of the tools online. they will only give you an estimate and no one can know the true profit or the revenue for shopify stores because simply, they don't have the access for the data on the analytiks on the back end of shopify store. and also, even if they do, they cannot tell you those numbers because simply, you can easily suit them or anyone can sue them if you are one of those stores. so if you did act little bit smarter and you did access the terms of services of those tools, you can easily see that they say it's only an estimate and they can't know the exact number or the revenue for drop shipping stores or shopify stores because, simply, it's actually illegal. so they can't do that and they will only give you an estimate. and you can take that with a spoon of salt, as they say, and that access to our video today, which is how you can see the best sellers for any shopify stores- and this is not an estimate, but it's actually very true and you can see the best sellers for any shopify stores because it's simply it's built in inside the platform of shopify and you can disable it or hide it if new. if you do own a shopify store, you can disable that future and anyone can see the best sellers of your store. the only thing you can do in order to stop that is actually removing the product. that's the only way to stop it right now. and knowing the best sellers for shopify stores is really helpful because you might discover some competitor and you want to know the best stallion products that he's actually selling right now, because he's simply a competitor and if you did discover the best sellers for it, you can also adopt those products and set them as well. and also, there is a lot of tools that will show you the best sellers for shopify stores and they will actually charge money for it, and there is plenty, not one or two. they will charge you money to show you something that's already available for free and it's actually built in, and shopify stores: you can just add a parameter to the url and it will show you the best sellers, but they do actually charge money for it and i'm not gonna name any here. i'm just saying: make sure to read the terms of services, because they do mention that in their terms of services. and, without anymore toking, let's show you how simple it is to do so. so, as you can see, right now i'm accessing again google search engine because, yes, we will do a simple trick- that trick that i really do love- to find some drop shipping stores to do demonstration on it. and by using the trick that i do you really like and i do mention in plenty of my videos- we will find a specific shopify stores that sell in a specific product and we will do demonstration on it to find the best ceiling for it. and the trick is really easy and you will really like it if you discover the power for it, because you can play with it to make google search engine to show you anything you want and i will use it in my next video to show you drop shipping products on a check tok application. and we will use actually this rig right now, but in completely different way and you will see in my next video. so right now, as i said, we will use this trick to find shopify stores and we will do demonstration on it to see the best sellers on this partikular store. so to do that and find shopify stores that selling the same product that you are selling as well, head over to google search engine and simply type in in the search bar in text, two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks you will type in powered by shopify, and after that hit space- and make sure you don't include space here, otherwise it will not work- and type in again in text, two dots and two quotation marks again, and this time between the second two quotation marks, you will type in a keyword that's related to your product. i'm going to go for a broad niche here because i don't do research for a specific product as as for the moment. so i'm going to type in here gadgets and hit enter and here is, as you can see, 300 000 results. they are shopify store that's related to gadgets and, as i said, we're only using district to find super 5 stores that sell in a specific product and we will pick a random store and we will go for it to find the best sellers for it. so let's just go for this one here. it says gear, garden and here is, as you can see, this is a shopify store and i think it has plenty of products here. let's see shop: all here is, as you can see. there is a lot there: accessories, eco, smart gardens, gadgets, plants, grow lamps and so on. there is a lot of products here. so right now we want to know the best sellers in this partikular product. let's just say, for example, i'm selling stuff that's related to garden and so on and i want to know the best sellers in this partikular store so i can know they are actually successful and i will be selling the same products, so i will make the same money, obviously. so to do that, simply scroll down description and you will see this code right here. as you can see, it says air collection, forward slash, all uh question mark, sort dashboard equals best dash station. just scroll down, as i said, to the description box and copy it like this and get back to the website, this website right here, and make sure you do remove anything besides dot com backslash. in this case, it's a collection. just remove it and paste in the parameter here and after that, simply hit enter and hair is. as you can see, this is a parameter, not in the website, but actually in every shopify store because, as i said, this is the future that's built in and shopify store and you can stop it, and the only way to stop it is simply remove this product so no one can see them. obviously, as you can see, this is the best selling product and also the shopify store owners. they did not create this collection of bestsellers. as i said, this is a parameter and shopify stores- and i know some people will mistake this for our collection. let's just show you actually that this is works on every website, not just this one. for example, just go for gamestonegadgetsao. i think this has to do with australia, i think so. for example, this one right here. i don't know if he has many products. yes, he does, so let's just access this one. as i said, simply, after the dot com or anything like that type in backslash or forward slash, sorry- and pasting the code that i will copy from the description box and hit enter, and here we go: the products that are best sellers for this partikular store, as you can see. oh, this is really cool. yeah, this is cool. this will be- will be best sellers for, for sure. as you can see, this is the best sellers products for this partikular store and you can do this on any store. for example, i'm going to go zeus, gazettescom, just to show you, guys, that this is actually works for any store, just not just this ones and heroes, as you can see, because, as i said, simply, this is a parameter inside shopify platform and no one can stop it, not even the shopify owners or stuff. but on order to stop it, the only thing you will need to do is simply remove the best sellers products on your store. so, guys, that's how you find the best sellers for any shopify store easily, as you saw, just by adding a parameter to the url and, as i said, some tools and some plugins. they do charge money for this and it's unbelievable, right? so the parameter that we did add to the url. as i said, you will se.

How To Search For Products On Shopify Stores

what if a shopify store doesn't have the search bar on it and you want to search for a partikular product on that specific store? how you can do that. that's exactly what i'm going to show you in this video. [Music]. hi everyone and welcome back to on our channel. if you don't know, my name is ns and i'm working for you, so if you have any questions or any video requests, make sure to check out my instagram. it's right here or in the description box. i do reply to each comment and also each message on my instagram. if you are wondering why is that? well, because i'm working for you and also lately, almost all of my videos are questions by my subscribers. they do ask me a question and i do reply to them with the proper information to do that and to answer the question. but also i do make a video based on their question, so anyone or everyone who has the same question, he can easily find the video and see how he can do that. and today i got a question from a guy asking me. well, i think his guy- i don't know he has a weird username on youtube, but anyway, he asked me how we can find a specific product on the shopify store that doesn't have the search bar on it, because the shopify store has a lot of products and it will take him a lot of time to start searching for each product, looking at the titles and pictures, to find a specific product on the store. so he did ask me the question and i did reply to him with the proper information and successfully he did find a product with the tip or the trick that i did show him and i was going to do demonstration on that store that he did ask me about. but after asking him he declined and he does not want to share that store because that store is his competitor. so he does not want to share that story yet. he's still working on those products and so on. but i did remember in my last video- i think in the last video or maybe the one before it- i did share a trick on how to search for other stores that selling a specific product and in their store they did demonstration on it. i did notike that he has a lot of products, maybe over 200 products. so i will do demonstration on that store to find a specific product without having to search on the search bar. and i do remember the website does not have the search bar. i'm not sure, but i think it doesn't have. even if does have the search bar, i will not use it and i will show you an alternative way to search through the website, even if it does not have the search bar, and without any more toking, let's just jump to the screen and show you how you can exactly do that. and hold on, please, if this video helped it, you want help me out pressing that like button. make sure to check out the channel and subscribe for more future videos. otherwise, let's just jump to the screen right now. so, as you can see, this is the shopify store that i did demonstration on it on my previous video and we will do demonstration on it right now, and i did notike that. he does have actually the search bar, but we will not use the search bar. as i said, i will show you an alternative way to find a specific product in the store because, for example, if i did access the catalog area right here, as you can see 279 products. so if i want to look for a specific product, i need to keep looking at the titles and pictures and so on and scrolling down and go to the second page and again looking at the pictures and titles and so on and, as you can see, it has 25 pages. so i need to go through all of them to find a specific product and that would take me a lot of time. but you click it on the right video because i will show you a unique trick to find a specific product in the store without having to go through all pages, because not every shopify store has the search bar on it. this one still has it and most the shopify stores- the old drop shipping stores- that partikularly they do remove the search bar. so for this demonstration, let's just go for the page from here to 15 just to pick a, a product to do demonstration on it. what is this baby nipple? let's just go for this product right here. so let's just say that i did actually, uh, come across this product on maybe facebook ad delivery on some spy tools or something like that, and i do remember what the product is or the name for the product. so right now i did access the website, just like this, and i need to find that partikular product, which is this one. let's just remove the the page here. it's called baby nipple, so let's just remove this. i want to find the baby nipple product inside this store and, as you can see from here, it does have 279 products. so i need to keep looking like this and, if you do remember, i did find it on the page 15.. i need to keep going like this until the page 15 in order to find it. so how can a search inside this product that doesn't have the search bar- and it does actually just imagine it doesn't have the search bar- to find the baby nipple product? well, it's easier than you think. simply, the first thing you're going to do is copy the link for the website and make sure to copy only the name, without the https. two dots into forward slashes, just like this. in this case, it got the gadget paradiseorg, and if you are the owner of gadget paradise, i'm sorry man. i've been doing two demonstration right now on my videos about about the different stuff, and i'm using this shopify store. i did find it by the trick on google search engine to find competitors, which is a really good trick, so i'm sorry, man anyway. so, after you did select the the name for the website, simply right click and copy it and after that open up a new tab and access google search engine, just like i'm doing, and typing in the search bar, of course, site two dots, just like this, and pasting the name for the website, which is paradiseorg. as you can see, this query is called a google search query. with this query, we did your google search engine to only show us results from this partikular website and after that hit space and type in two quotation marks, just like this, and between them we will type in the name for the product that we want to find. and, if you do remember, we did pick a product for a baby nipple, so i'm going to type in here: baby nipple, just like this: this is the name for the product that i want to find, so i cannot go through all the pages in order to find it. i'm going to do this and after that, hit enter and it should be the first one in the result. yes, here it is. as you can see, actually, it has two more products with no, this is just baby- specified by stiffer pacifier. the first one, i think, is our product. yes, this is the first one, which is our product, that we are looking for. let's just check it. as you can see, this is the exact product that we are looking for. i just did this trick to find this product, which is site two dots and the name for the website and two quotation marks and between them, the name for the product. just do this. if the website doesn't have the search bar, it has a lot of products, just like in this case, right here and here is the product. we did successfully find it without using any tools or anything like that, simply by using our fingers and our brain. so, as you can see, this was really simple, right, and you can do this trick on any website. it does not have to be a shopify store or any website. i mean any website. you can actually do it on youtubecom that we are watching right now, or facebook or whatever the website name is. you can simply replace the name- uh front of site two dash with the name of the website that you want to search on and after that you can look up anything on that partikular website, even if it does not have the search bar. and, as i said, this video is a question by one of my subscribers. so if you do have a question or any video request, make sure to check out my instagram right here or in the description box because, simply, i'm working for you. otherwise, i think my job is done and thanks for watching and catch you on the next one [Music].

How to Find Successful Shopify Stores 2022

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify master class and today we'll be going over how to find successful shopify stores. we're gonna go over three different strategies here and three different websites where you can find other successful shopify stores that you can take as inspiration. you can look at the products you're selling. you're not going to be in this alone. there are tons of shopify stores to take as examples. so we're going to go over these different strategies here, so make sure you stay to the end of the video so you understand all of them. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one-click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it's gonna come with a 15-day free trial. it's gonna allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to growing your business. there's gonna be a link in the description to access that free trial. there i'm going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. so the first site we'll take a look at today is myipms. so you're essentially going to find shopify here and then look for similar websites. so what you're going to type in is in this whois lookup. click on it there and it's going to load an example shopify store. then you want to see other sites on this ip and from there you're going to get a full list of different shopify stores. it's going to be sorted by traffic. so if we go to view all records, it's just going to give you this massive list of shopify stores. so you can start clicking through here, getting some really good examples, especially at the top with some highly visited shopify sites. the next one to take a look at is built with. so if you simply search for shopify, you don't look up. this is going to give you a full list. now to get all the shopify stores, you are going to need a premium version. is there a 3.8 million shopify customers? you can download a section of this here just by using the free plan. you're also just getting a huge list of different shopify stores. tik spend their socials, estimated employees, traffic, as well as the location where they have set up their shopify store. it's also going to give you estimated revenue as well. so overall, those are two tools that are really easy to use. this is going to give you an overall view and an overall list of tons of shopify stores that you can look up and use as examples or inspirations for your very own store. so the next website we take a look at today is called similar web. it's gonna effortlessly analyze your competitor's landscape, and so you're going to insert a url or a website here. this works really well if you know you have a competitor or a similar shopify site that you want to see how well they're doing, where they're getting their traffic from, and similar websites to that. it's going to lead you down a rabbit hole of sorts, and there is a very generous free plan. so once you enter an example url, click that search button. it's gonna load quite a few statistiks so we can see the estimated employees that you're founded, their hq as well as their estimated revenue. we also get statistiks such as the global rank, category rank that allows how many visits and your average duration. we can also get information on their country targeting, so we can see most users come from the uk, followed by the united states. we get estimations on their demographic. so let's say, your shopify store is starting out, you find a competitor here. you want to see, possibly, what audiences they're targeting. we can see what demographics they're getting. you can say, okay, 25 to 34 is the age selection, maybe i'll include 18 to 24 as well and i'll target them. on facebook we can see most of them are mail, so maybe i'll target them as well rather than creating a completely broad category. we also get other websites visited so you can see the audience interest. you can see opmcom might be an example. i mean, youtube and the guardian are kind of generic. we also do get competitors and similar sites. so if you just wanted to open up all of these here you get additional competitors that this site has. you can see their marketing and traffic and so on. so it also has a great marketing channels overview. so we can see the percentage that came from direct referrals, search, social and mail, as well as their top keywords. those can allow you to spy a little bit into their marketing strategy as well as the referrals they get. it could be something that you emulate as well to help bring traffic to your own shopify store, so for another really great channel here. so this concludes the video on how to find successful shopify stores. let me know in the comments what you thought of it, if you enjoyed it, i would love it if you hit that like and subscribe button below. and i also want to mention profit calc again. the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store comes with a 15 day free trial and the link is in the description below. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video.