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Find Wholesale Suppliers Easily With This Free Tool - ImportYeti

Published on: December 9 2022 by MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel

Find Wholesale Suppliers Easily With This Free Tool - ImportYeti

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Find Wholesale Suppliers Easily With This Free Tool - ImportYeti

in this video you'll learn how to find
out the suppliers of any seller in
amazon or any competitor you find online
in the united states for free
if you enjoyed this video don't forget
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when new videos come out now every
shipment that passes through a c port in
the united states is documented on the
public record and with a free tool like
import yeti you can access these records
to find useful information about any
company's suppliers and with this data
you can research your competitor's
suppliers if you're looking for a new
factory you can easily find and use the
exact same manufacturers as your
competition you can discover your
competitors best selling products if you
need product ideas you can find out what
your competition is importing from china
you can know how much your competition
is importing analyze the health of your
competition by dissecting their entire
supply chain and you can also negotiate
better pricing find out how much you are
buying compared to other sellers to
negotiate better pricing with your
factory now in this video you'll learn
how to use a free tool called import
yeti to access the us import and trade
database to find wholesale suppliers
now first off what is import yeti well
import yeti is a free online tool that
allows you to browse the us import
database to find out where retailers are
sourcing their goods every shipment that
passes through a port in the united
states must have a bill of lading which
is free and public information
now a bill laden contains important
information such as the date of the
shipment the name of the factory the
factory address the retailer name the
shipment weight shipment quantity
country of origin and other detailed
shipping parameters now import yeti was
created by david applegate in order to
make import data accessible to
e-commerce sellers and the tool is 100
free and david accepts voluntary
donations to maintain the software
now how does import yeti work the import
yeti works by collating over 70 million
us customs c shipment records into a
searchable database online now all you
got to do is just type in the name of
the retailer you wish to research and
import yeti returns the following
total c shipments over time a list of
suppliers product breakdowns based on hs
code a list of the top 10 wholesale
vendors top 10 supplier relationships
and a breakdown of imports per country
and a list of the most recent sea
shipments now you can use this
information to reach out to the exact
same factories as your competition and
have your goods made by pre-vetted
now is import yeti legit well import
yeti is 100 legit and safe to use the
software simply collates information
that is publicly available online into a
searchable database now in the us
customs data and import records are
public information as a result any
company that imports products into the
us from a foreign country by sea is
documented on the public record
all import records can be accessed
directly from the united states customs
and border protection agency and other
countries actually provide similar
documentation but import yeti only
supports the united states at the
present time
now here's how to use import yeti to
find suppliers finding suppliers with
import yeti involves four basic steps
one you need to find the legal name of
the company you're trying to research
then you use import yeti to find out
your company's suppliers
then you research potential suppliers by
browsing the us import records and then
you determine whether the supplier is a
good fit for your company so let's break
this down step by step step one find the
legal name of the company now before you
use import yeti to conduct a search you
have to find the legal entity name of
your competitor's business so first off
locate the brand that you're trying to
and in this example we're going to find
the legal entity for a private label
company on amazon selling garlic presses
now the brand name here is mitba but by
typing this name into import yeti it
yields no results now this means that
the brand mitba is not the name of the
importer on record so before performing
a search on import yeti you must first
find the real company name
now every serious brand on amazon files
for amazon brand registry which requires
a trademark as a result you can find the
real company name by performing a
trademark search now using a tool like
justia performing search on the brand
name now here justia reveals that the
brand mitba is registered under guladi
adi now step two is to perform a search
on import yeti so now that you know the
legal entity behind the brand you can
type that into import yeti to retrieve
the results and in this example you
would type gelati adi into the tool and
look there's a match now by clicking on
the result import yeti will return all
the import records for that company
step 3 use the import records to
research potential suppliers import yeti
will provide you with a list of
suppliers that the company uses along
with detailed shipping records for each
vendor now according to import yeti the
brand mitba imports their garlic presses
from a company called shanghai shin dig
now from here import yeti allows you to
perform further research on that
supplier by clicking a link
using import yeti you can quickly
perform due diligence on any of your
competition suppliers to answer the
following questions
does the supplier ship to your country
if the supplier has never shipped to
your home country then you should
probably not use that vendor how large
and established is the supplier check to
see how many customers the supplier
works with and if a supplier makes only
a couple shipments per year then they're
likely a small factory or middleman
what production volume can the supplier
handle based on the size of the shipment
scent you can determine whether a
factory has the capacity to meet your
production requirements and does the
supplier work with reputable brands if a
supplier works with well-known brands
they are likely reliable with
exceptional quality control
now the final step is to determine
supplier fit for your company now just
because you find a reputable supplier in
an import yeti does not mean that the
vendor will be a good fit for your
company you also have to find out
whether the factory can match your
production requirements so for example
popular brands like oxo serla tabla and
william sonoma import garlic presses
from a company called wonder household
as a result this factory likely produces
high quality products with excellent
quality control however these companies
also import hundreds of thousands of
units per month and likely have
extremely high minimum order quantities
now if you're a brand new seller you
can't use the same factories as the
larger players instead you want to find
a supplier that is willing to work with
a company your size and overall they're
different factory types that work with
different sized companies browse the
shipping volumes for each manufacturer
to find one that meets your requirements
now for more information you can watch
this video on how to approach a new
wholesale supplier now you're probably
thinking to yourself man i don't want my
import records to be shown in the public
record so how do you hide your bill of
lading and your import records well you
can hide your bill of lading from the
public record by using a third party
exporter of record service basically a
third party handles the entire shipping
process on behalf of your company and
becomes the supplier of record for the
shipment so as a result your real
supplier info will not be displayed on
the bill of lading the other way to hide
your import information from the public
record is to request confidential
treatment of your shipments there are
three ways to request confidentiality
one you can submit an automated online
application for electronic vessel
manifest confidentiality i'll post a
link in the show notes you can also send
a paper request to the address which
i'll include in the show notes or you
can submit an email request to vessel
manifest confidentiality at cbp.dhs.gov
now all confidentiality requests must be
renewed every two years and you must
submit renewal requests within 60 days
of expiration now what are the
alternatives to import yeti and this
browsing of the public record is not new
info really but there are three import
yeti alternatives panjiva import genius
and jungle scout however all three tools
charge a monthly recurring fee compared
to import yeti which is 100 free
but here's an overview of the three
import yeti competitors the jungle scout
supplier database it's a tool that
allows you to browse the us import
database to find your competitor's
suppliers but compared to import yeti
jungle scout offers a better user
interface and collates to import records
in a more organized fashion however
jungle scout does cost money but if you
sell on amazon already chances are you
already own jungle scout and the good
news is that the jungle scout supplier
database is included for free with any
subscription the second tool is called
panjeeva and panjeeva is a service that
provides a searchable database to
research the entire supply chain for any
company now impor yeti offers the exact
same information as panjiva except
panjeva charges a high monthly fee to
access the same data right now panjeeva
does not publish the cost of their tool
online and you must request a free demo
to get pricing but in the past panjiva
used to charge 299 dollars a month
and the final import yeti alternative is
called import genius an import genius is
a service that provides real-time
shipment records for any company in the
us using a searchable database but they
also offer complete trade data for the
following additional countries as well
with import genius you can find data
from argentina bolivia chile colombia
costa rica ecuador mexico and a whole
bunch of other countries as well now
overall import yeti is equivalent to
import genius for accessing us import
data but the main reason to use import
genius is to access the additional
country info
now you should leverage these import
records to find and vet suppliers and
thanks to import yeti you can have
access to the import records of any
company in the united states now this
information is especially useful for
amazon sellers when a competitor
undercuts you in price you can find out
who their suppliers are and ask for
similar pricing when you want to vet a
new supplier to make sure they're legit
when you want to find suppliers that are
not listed on alibaba and when you want
to find out how your shipping volume is
compared to other customers to negotiate
a better price now in the past all this
data used to be expensive but thanks to
import yeti this data is now free for
the masses
hope you enjoyed this video now if you
like what you saw there's actually a lot
more where that came from if you
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started in e-commerce thanks for

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