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Fine Jewelry Dropshipping: Sparkling Opportunities

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, Mike Vasile here, and in this video, we're going to talk about how to make money on Shopify dropshipping jewelry. More importantly, how beginners can earn $100 to $700 per day. Before we get started, I want to remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online. Sign up for it in the link below.

Dropshipping as a form of market research:

- When I first saw this exact company, Pura Vida Bracelets, I did it the hard way.

- I literally went to AliExpress, a company in China that actually gets a bunch of suppliers and products that are over there and ships it over.

- I bought different variations, spent several thousand dollars, and took pictures to try and sell them.

- Not a lot of these bracelets were actually what people wanted, and we wasted a bunch of money on products that we did not know were actually going to sell.

- What I wish I did in the past was to create a Shopify store.

- Within literally five minutes, you could go ahead and create a custom website and just put all your ecommerce products instead of me literally getting hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of inventory and jewelry from China.

Creating a strong brand around your product:

- To succeed in dropshipping, you need to create a strong brand around your product.

- Take professional pictures, even using your iPhone.

- The thing about AliExpress is that if you literally just dropped it from AliExpress, it kind of looks cheesy.

- You need to create a strong brand around your product to succeed.

Partnering with influencers:

- Pura Vida ended up becoming valuable because they built a strong community around influencers that were promoting their bracelets.

- You need to figure out how to partner with influencers to succeed in dropshipping.

- Shopify will give you promo codes for that, which you could give out to certain influencers.

- You can make a deal with the influencer and give them 50% of all the profits for all the sales generated through their special promo code.

- Mia Stone will literally start making videos, which is free marketing for me, and send them exactly to my promo code.

The biggest thing you need to understand is that dropshipping is just the beginning. It's not the end-all-be-all. If you continually dropship like crappy products from China and you don't actually build a good brand, product, customer service, and customer experience, you won't actually sell for $130 million. Hopefully, this helps you start dropshipping with jewelry. If you want a fast and easy way to make money online, sign up for the free workshop below. And if you're new to the channel, make sure you subscribe. With that being said, I love you guys, and I'll see you guys later.

How To Make Money Dropshipping Jewelry With Shopify (2023)

How Regular People Make Thousands of Dollars Online by Dropshipping Jewelry on Shopify

- Dropshipping is a popular way of making money online without inventory

- However, many people fail to make a profit due to poor product selection

- In this article, we will discuss how to find profitable niches in the jewelry market and how to drive traffic to your store

Product Research

- Finding cheap jewelry on AliExpress and selling it for a higher price is not a viable strategy anymore due to high competition

- Niche down to find unique and interesting products that customers genuinely want to purchase

- Use TikTok to find popular jewelry items with high engagement and dropship them on Shopify for a higher profit margin

Organic Marketing and Influencer Marketing

- Instead of relying solely on paid ads, focus on organic marketing and influencer marketing to drive traffic to your store

- Use social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts to post product reviews and attract attention to your store

- Partner with upcoming content creators in the jewelry niche and pay them to do a product review video for your store

- Take advantage of Shopify discount codes to offer a discount to followers of the influencers you partner with

- Dropshipping jewelry on Shopify can be a profitable business if you do your research and find unique products

- Organic marketing and influencer marketing can be effective ways to drive traffic to your store without spending a lot on ads

- Use discount codes to offer incentives to potential customers and maximize profits.

HOW TO Dropship Jewelry in 2021

In this article, Wesley teaches how to dropship jewelry in 2021, whether for a physical or e-commerce store. He shares the exact methods that gurus use in their programs to scale their stores and provides free content to help viewers open their dream store. Wesley emphasizes the importance of finding winning products and shares his favorite strategies for testing and scaling products for maximum conversions and sales. To find winning products, Wesley recommends going to Amazon's bestseller section, filtering down to the desired niche, and sourcing products from AliExpress. Wesley then explains how to market the product through paid or organic means, with his preferred method being Facebook ads. He demonstrates how to use Adchill's one-minute product launcher to create a campaign with multiple audiences and ad sets in less than a few minutes. Wesley concludes the article by reminding viewers to keep their vision and brand in mind and to find unique products that fit their store and mission.

How A Small Jewelry Company turned $40 into $1.2m

Liv Portillo, the founder of Dbl Jewelry, turned a $40 investment into a seven-figure business solely through organic social media posts. In this article, we will break down four specific Instagram and TikTok posts that helped catapult Dbl Jewelry to a profitable business.

1. Custom Made Products Encourage Organic User Generated Content:

Liv's most popular product was custom and handmade jewelry, which seems counterintuitive for a business to scale. However, a photo of a customer wearing their custom name necklace was shared, which encouraged organic user-generated content about the brand. This, in turn, brought in more sales.

2. Showing Behind-the-Scenes Process:

Liv's TikTok video, showing her customers how she made her jewelry, was the first time she showed her process. This is the counterintuitive genius of selling custom-made products in the TikTok era. After nearly a decade of seeing shiny finished products on Instagram, customers are excited to see the behind-the-scenes of emerging brands.

3. Sharing Business Tools:

Liv uploaded a TikTok spelling out the tools and websites she uses to run her business. This post helped her grow her TikTok account, as her growing following was great social proof for anyone interested in Dbl Jewelry.

4. Controversial Videos:

Liv's best-performing TikTok was a custom order fulfilling a controversial request. This shows that custom products often come with good stories, and good stories make for great social media content. Liv even launched educational videos for anyone who wants to start their own business, proving her entrepreneurial success.

Liv Portillo is a genius at developing a social media following for her products and developing products for her social media following. Her success in turning a $40 investment into a seven-figure business shows that organic social media posts can bring success. For anyone interested in starting their own business, head over to Shopify.com to get started with a 14-day trial because the world needs more entrepreneurs like Liv and like you.

Best Method to Dropshipping Jewelry On Shopify (2020)

Wesley, a YouTube content creator, shares his method for dropshipping jewelry on Shopify in 2020. He emphasizes that he is not a guru looking to rip people off, but rather wants to provide free content to help people achieve their dreams. Wesley suggests researching Amazon's best sellers list for women's jewelry, then using Aliexpress to source similar products. He encourages dropshippers to build relationships with sellers to get better deals and access to new products. Wesley recommends using PPC campaigns to increase sales and conversions. He uses Agile's 1 Minute Product Launcher to quickly launch three campaigns with unique ad sets. Wesley suggests being specific and targeted when selecting audiences, demographics, and copy for ads. Finally, he reminds viewers to comment their winners below for a list of winning products and to check out Agile's website for more information on their method.

How to find a reliable jewelry dropshipping supplier?

- Greeting and topic introduction

- Importance of finding a reliable dropshipping supplier for jewelry business

Tips for Finding a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier for Jewelry Business:

- Determine the materials and style of jewelry you want to sell

- Search for suppliers through dropshipping directories and Google searches

- Compare prices and quality of different suppliers

- Look for detailed product specifications and high-quality images

- Consider shipping costs and delivery times

- Build a relationship with the supplier and ask questions

- Place a test order before working with a supplier

- Recap of tips for finding a reliable dropshipping supplier for jewelry business

- Encouragement to subscribe and like the video

dropshipping jewelry on shopify & facebook ad strategy (2021)

In this video, the speaker shares their secrets on how to build a successful jewelry business in 2021. The focus is on using Facebook ads to acquire new customers 24/7, and the speaker shows how to find winning products to sell. The process involves testing products quickly using a tool that creates video ads and landing pages automatically. The key is to test more products than your competition and focus on the winners. The speaker offers a challenge to double your ad conversions and a money-back guarantee. The goal is to help entrepreneurs build a massive brand and become the next Elon Musk.

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