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first ads is retreating

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Hello everyone and welcome to today's video all about Facebook and Instagram ads. Today, I have a special guest with me, Linen Saperstein from the Experienced Experts. She's here to talk about Facebook Ads for retreats. So, let's dive in!

- Linen Saperstein, CEO and Chief Marketing Strategist at the Experienced Experts

- Marketing and advertising agency for boutique hotels and retreat centers

- Retreat marketing is her love language

- Marketing is a divine tool to connect with those who need your services

Why is marketing mindset important?

- Think about marketing as communicating your gifts to the world

- Start with a marketing mindset, regardless of the platform or strategy

- Marketing mindset sets the foundation for successful marketing

Debunking the myth about Facebook Ads for retreats:

- Facebook Ads take time and trial and error

- Don't expect immediate results

- Only those with a large audience can see instant results

- Don't waste money on ads if you're just starting out

The importance of retargeting and pixeling your sales page:

- Set up a pixel on your ads account

- Put the pixel code on every page of your website or sales page

- Retargeting allows you to reach those who have visited your site

- Gives you the opportunity to reconnect with potential customers

Differentiating cold traffic and warm leads:

- Cold traffic ads target people who don't know you

- Warm leads are those who have engaged with your brand before

- Warm leads are easier to sell to

Building a community through retargeting ads:

- Focus on providing value, not selling

- Offer free resources, such as meditations or pose videos

- Create an irresistible offer to build trust and loyalty

- Facebook Ads for retreats should be seen as a tool to build a community, not just to sell

- Take the time to pixel your sales page and retarget potential customers

- Focus on providing value and building trust with your audience

So, there you have it! Facebook Ads for retreats can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Remember to focus on building a community and providing value. Don't forget to pixel your sales page and retarget your audience. Happy marketing!

Robin Williams as troops "Retreat" at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

- I arrived here, and let me tell you, it feels great to be in a room with a big beer after just coming out of rehab. It's a good change.

- I was violating my own standards so quickly that I couldn't even lower them. But I won't forget that the entire audience just forgot about me.

- I also noticed something strange happening. The whole group of military people turned away from something. I wonder what it was?


- Was it revelry? Maybe the flag was going down. But shh, you don't have to retreat.

- It's not really in the orders at the moment. Maybe it's a good idea to back up and get out of here.

- Before we go, I need to finish my first beer. Oh, the flag is coming down. That's pretty weird in the middle of your performance.

- It's like a sudden interruption, just when I was about to finish. I had no idea what the retreat was, and I was scared. What do they know that I don't?

- It felt like I was the only one who didn't know what was going on. It's like being the last person in town who hasn't been possessed.

- Everyone quickly turned away from me, as if I was a threat. I had no clue what the sound was. I hope it's not something dangerous.

- Before we leave, let's take a photo to remember this strange experience. Merry Christmas!

- This whole situation has been weird, especially in the middle of everything. It's like a bizarre Christmas gift.

How to Market Your Retreat? Sell Out Your Retreat FAST!!

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me on my first YouTube live stream! I'm Nim Stant, a retreat leader and the founder of The Business of Retreat. I've been hosting retreats around the world for the past five years, mainly focusing on yoga retreats. Today, I want to share some important tips on how to plan, sell, and market your retreat.

So, let's dive in! How can you effectively market your retreat and find people to sign up? Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Announce it everywhere: Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, send emails to your list (if you have one), make phone calls, and send personal messages via text or Facebook Messenger. Get the word out to everyone you know!

2. Start small with a VIP list: Create a list of thirty people you have a relationship with and who already know and love you. These individuals will be the first to know about your retreat, so give them a VIP announcement. They are more likely to sign up and spread the word to others.

3. Create a payment plan: Breaking down the cost of your retreat into manageable monthly payments will make it more appealing to potential participants. Offer a payment plan that suits different budgets and timeframes. This will help market your retreat and make it easier for people to make a decision.

4. Partner with others: If you don't have a large audience or email list, consider partnering with someone who does. Reach out to people with a bigger following and offer them a commission or a significant discount to promote your retreat to their audience. It's a win-win situation!

5. Utilize paid advertising: Facebook ads are a fantastic way to reach a targeted audience and spread the word about your retreat. You can monitor your ads and adjust them as needed, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Remember, when using paid advertising, make sure your images and videos are professional and engaging. Invest time in creating high-quality content that will capture people's attention and entice them to sign up.

Now, I'd love to hear from you! How have you successfully marketed your retreats? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below. If we haven't connected before, I invite you to listen to my podcast. I'll post the link in the comments. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video!

How To Market Your Retreat Part 1: 7 Attraction-Based Strategies For Promoting Retreats & Workshops

Welcome to How to Market Your Retreat: Part One - Seven Attraction-Based Strategies to Promote Your High-End Retreats and Workshops! I know you're excited about your retreat and the transformation you want to deliver. But I also know you're nervous about filling it up with amazing people. Don't worry, I've got you covered! In this video, I'll share a few things that will help you fill your retreat with ease.

First, let's talk about the distinction between short-term and long-term strategies. Are you in phase one or phase two of your retreat business? Phase one is the early stage, where you may not have a big following yet. Phase two is when you have more freedom and your retreats can fill themselves. No matter what stage you're in, it's important to consider long-term strategies because they will benefit you for years to come.

Now, let's dive into the seven attraction-based strategies for promoting your retreats:

1. Start doing email marketing: Email is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate directly with your audience. It's important to build an engaged email list that you own and control. Social media is great, but you don't own it, and you risk losing your audience if platforms like Facebook decide to shut you down. Email marketing is a long-term strategy that will support all your other marketing efforts.

2. Create a Facebook group: A Facebook group is a great way to gather people from Facebook and build a sense of community. It allows you to engage with your audience and invite them to join your offers or conversations. It's a powerful tool for filling your events and retreats.

3. Create content-rich videos on YouTube: YouTube is a platform where you can attract your target audience by sharing valuable content. It's important to optimize your videos for search and use keywords that your audience is searching for. YouTube can be a powerful tool for building your retreat business.

4. Embrace speaking engagements: Speaking is a long-term strategy that requires time and effort to build up. However, it's a powerful way to establish yourself as an expert and attract clients to your retreats. Look for speaking opportunities in your niche and start sharing your message.

5. Leverage partnerships and collaborations: Partnering with other professionals in your industry can help you expand your reach and attract new clients. Look for opportunities to collaborate on events, webinars, or joint ventures. It's a win-win situation for both parties involved.

6. Offer free resources and lead magnets: Provide valuable resources, such as ebooks, guides, or mini-courses, to attract your target audience. These free resources can help you build your email list and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

7. Use social media strategically: While social media shouldn't be your main focus, it can still be a valuable tool for promoting your retreats. Choose the platforms where your target audience hangs out and engage with them authentically. Share valuable content and invite them to join your email list.

Remember, building a successful retreat business takes time and effort. But by implementing these attraction-based strategies, you'll be able to fill your retreats with ease and deliver the transformation your clients are seeking. Stay tuned for part two of this series, where I'll share immediate short-term strategies for filling your retreats.

Ad Buyers Need Help On OTT Ads: Beet Retreat Panel

I'm excited about this panel because we're gonna look at it from the buyer's perspective where rubber hits the road, right? And we're gonna take it up a few levels. We're gonna talk about advanced TV holistically, so that could be data attribution index, fine VOD, OTT, addressable linear, let's talk about it all. So Julie, I want to start with you. You're probably the closest to the dollars, right? Tell me what the top three things your clients are most excited by in the current array of offerings and advanced TV.

- Audiences: They don't know what they're asking, they just know they're supposed to be moving away from demos and they know they can target people who have the propensity to buy their product. But they don't understand that that's an advanced TV ask.

- OTT: They just know there is a thing called OTT and they know they need to start spending there. The number one thing they ask is the actual duplication between the offerings between the two.

- Putting it all together: They want incremental reach and they want advanced TV tactics and levers to deliver that.

Shawn, tell me what you're hearing from the buyers. You have a very sophisticated offering with fabulous data addressability and Sling. What are the buyers asking for?

- Education and clarity in the marketplace: Buyers want to know which offering should be utilized to solve what problem. They want to understand what addressable is and what OTT is.

- Reach and frequency modulation: Buyers are looking for solutions to manage reach and frequency. They are interested in solutions like reach booster.

Brad, what are you hearing from the buyers? You have a fabulous product to offer. What are the buyers looking for?

- Differences across the market: Buyers are at different levels of maturity when it comes to advanced TV. Those embracing it fully are looking to remove friction and achieve total reach across different delivery mechanisms.

- Education: Buyers want to know how to go about using advanced TV and how to identify the right data to target.

Lisa, how are you helping your advertisers know what they're buying?

- Transparency in OTT: At IPG, they are buying in a managed service direct i/o function, which provides transparency. They make OTT look like TV to help move the dollars.

Forsee, what are your clients asking for and how are they using your product?

- Connecting the dots: Clients want a unified plan that spans linear TV and connected TV. They also want to extend their existing linear TV and measure outcomes consistently.

In conclusion, buyers are excited about audiences, OTT, and putting it all together to achieve incremental reach. They are looking for education and clarity in the marketplace, solutions for reach and frequency modulation, and simplicity in achieving total reach. Transparency in OTT is important for buyers to know exactly where their spots ran. Clients are asking for a unified plan that spans linear TV and connected TV, the ability to extend reach, and consistent measurement of outcomes.

How I Promote My Retreat

In this video, I'm going to answer the question that I get all the time about how I promote my retreat. I'm going to share with you all of the strategies that I use that actually work to promote and enroll participants into my retreats. I'm going to start with speaking as a strategy, then I'm going to talk a little bit about webinars, preview events, YouTube videos, email marketing, referral marketing, Facebook ads, and social media. And finally, the absolute number one best strategy to promote my retreats. Stay tuned!

- How to effectively promote and enroll participants into retreats

- Strategies that actually work

- Importance of speaking, webinars, preview events, YouTube videos, email marketing, referral marketing, Facebook ads, and social media

Speaking as a Strategy:

- Teach something valuable that leads into the retreat

- Focus on teaching about a big back end and invite them to a conversation about their possible big back end


- Similar to speaking, but done online

- Talk about business models, big back ends, and how to build and grow online coaching businesses

- Invite people to a meaningful conversation

Preview Events:

- Live in-person events to share valuable content and offer the retreat

- Use email marketing, Facebook ads, and word of mouth to fill the audience

- Offer meaningful conversations for those interested but not ready to sign up

YouTube Videos:

- Create videos on topics related to the retreat

- Lead people into the community, list, and meaningful conversations

- Utilize email marketing to deliver more value and content

Email Marketing:

- Consistently deliver value and content

- Offer a discovery call or strategy session to get people into the next step

- Build and own your audience through email lists

Facebook Ads:

- Use ads to get people onto the email list or into webinars and events

- Not a direct lead into retreats, but a way to build the audience

Social Media:

- Create a group or container for people interested in your offering

- Gather people from various platforms and communicate with them in the group

Referral Marketing:

- Guide retreat participants to think about people in their lives who could benefit from the retreat

- Ask for referrals without contact information and follow up with the referrer for introductions

- Promoting and enrolling participants into retreats requires a combination of strategies

- Speaking, webinars, preview events, YouTube videos, email marketing, referral marketing, Facebook ads, and social media all play a role

- Consistently deliver value, engage with the audience, and offer meaningful conversations to lead people into the retreat

Case Study | Cristina - Maruia River Retreat

In this article, we will discuss the experience of Christina Holapainen, the general manager of Maruya River Retreat, and her journey in working with a marketing consultant, Damon. We will explore the impact of their collaboration on the business and the results achieved. Christina will share her thoughts on the strategic thinking and disciplined approach that Damon brought to the table.

Key Points:

1. The importance of strategic thinking in marketing: Christina emphasizes that marketing goes beyond creating attractive visuals and copy. It involves strategic thinking and aligning business objectives with target customers' needs and mindsets.

2. Setting up audiences and propositions: One of the key contributions Damon made was helping Christina define her target audiences and crafting compelling value propositions for them.

3. Testing and tweaking ads: Damon introduced a testing phase to analyze the effectiveness of the ads over time. This allowed them to find a balance between the messaging and market demand, leading to better results.

4. Confidence in difficult times: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and lockdowns, Damon's strategic approach gave Christina the confidence to navigate through uncertainty and continue marketing Maruya River Retreat.


1. Increased bookings: The collaboration with Damon resulted in a significant increase in bookings. Christina highlights an upsell opportunity that came through an ad, leading to a larger package sale.

2. More inquiries: The ads generated more inquiries, providing Christina with the chance to engage with potential customers directly.

3. Confidence, competence, and credibility: Working with Damon helped build confidence, competence, and credibility for Maruya River Retreat, especially as a new property competing against more established businesses.

Ongoing Effects:

1. Transfer of technology: The knowledge gained from working with Damon has been transferred to a junior marketing manager, ensuring the continuity of effective marketing practices.

2. Diversification of marketing channels: Christina has expanded the marketing mix by incorporating print ads in local dailies, targeting the same audience as their Facebook marketing.


Christina recommends Damon's program to business owners who want to diversify their revenue channels and achieve sustainability in the long run. She believes that the program is beneficial for both beginners and experienced marketers, as it provides a fresh perspective and the opportunity to learn and adapt to new environments and challenges.

Working with Damon has had a significant impact on Maruya River Retreat's marketing efforts. The strategic thinking, disciplined approach, and continuous optimization have led to increased bookings, inquiries, and confidence in the property's offerings. By implementing Damon's strategies and recommendations, Christina has been able to create a sustainable business that can thrive even in uncertain times.

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