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First Day Back In Cali (ft. JR Garage)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

First Day Back In Cali (ft. JR Garage)

First Day Back In Cali (ft. JR Garage)

be funny outline
all apartments every tip out here like
two blocks away from Rodeo Drive is just
over there and the amount of supercar is
are insane no but I got my boys over at
J&J Auto picking me up the Ferrari and
m4 to be sick we should have kind of
content hopefully a lot of sick videos
to come then I'm hitting up at Tai
Lopez's house then going down meeting up
with Jarrett garage and Laguna and
driving back to our houses in San Diego
so that's what's to come see you guys
there I look so far
Ryan little got the car plug right here
everyone hit him up
links in the description get a car such
a good deal let him know I sent you you
guys think of the car for the week
taking this down to San Diego with me in
a few hours doing some photo shoots up
to four five eight beautiful palm trees
doesn't get much better than this right
in the heart of Beverly Hills cool
things you might not have notiked these
have the GTS redness
to San Diego so that word should have
stopped in Laguna
made up which it arrived we're gonna
bomb back with them back to the house do
little faster man before the party
Percy's party tomorrow to the mastermind
tonight just kind of hang out and swim
good to know each other a little bit
better but this carbon right now is
amazing I'm telling you like I am blown
away absolutely blown away and for LA
traffic it hasn't been that bad it's a
beautiful car it's the competition
package got full carbon fiber the GTS
it's nice but yeah I'll see you guys
hopefully for me to the carving time on
the coverage area
but if not I guess we are
we made it boom Jr's Levante this is
like the same color as ours sheesh mg
911 Turbo S
behind-the-scenes you need to do a 24
hour overnight challenge in the ski box
poke some holes in this in fact we are
learning you have one on each side the
other side what do you think this
thing's insane oh I haven't even
introduced the vlog so yeah my boy
just freed up some space on the laptop
waiting for junior garage and Kieran
they're taking a ton of photos with fans
and stuff out of this car event Lagoon
up the beaches litter it right there but
we're headed back to the house we're not
even stopping at my house so we're just
going straight to theirs and get to work
get some content coming out for you guys
but let me point this out I am in love
with this carbon fiber roof carbon fiber
little spoiler lip on the back it's I
love this dog
it's so sick there's Pagani's and why I
was over there I'm sure I put in a ton
of scrap metal to your beautiful virgin
none of the guys so super cool to
finally meet them in person headed back
to the house right now I'm trying to
catch a sunset for do a little
mastermind got the event tomorrow but
all the entrepreneurs that are already
in town are coming over again tonight so
a lot of fun
who do we got here
it's an hour and a half away bro hour
and a half it says yeah we're get the
make up a few got a good hour and after
we get to the house but it's whatever
I'm gonna introduce you guys everyone
wants to get back to the house I desert
what's that
best desert place in San Diego I'm down
all right for dessert they left the gate
pulling the levanta in out here at the
crib in La Jolla Clarke the whips just
finished a good almost two hour drive
back time to order some pizza get some
food got for dessert I got my jug of
water decided
but if we can't we'll be them people
doing some work editing wants a business
call listen to some music beautiful
sunset here in the Hornet
we've got the chopper overhead service
sound but it's amazing here first night
that jr. look at this view
beautiful night outside uploading
YouTube video right now gonna get that
published up hopefully tonight and you
know tell you guys about on my social
media but Jeff's over here recording a
little video got the sunset I might put
that in words from Keira they're doing a
little calling fans segment some good
reactions send me a message right now if
you want to be on the vlog and tok
we're only going like four or five
people and can you guys like pick up if
I call like please oh yeah give it a
second people still pick up 703 Virginia
alright go they give you hear now don't
call me but I want to text something
funny I'm shy okay pick up the call you
we rolling out getting some ice cream
bro I can't believe it just mine bro
right now like we're gonna have to get
dessert right now we're gonna be ending
all of our videos it's been a sick first
day everyone just flew in connected we
picked the cars got the house I've even
been to our house yeah yeah alright so
we just ended off Jeff's video now we
are gonna be ending off Maya I thought
it was only right to do it with the m4
here actually rolling out right now to
get some dessert yo if you want to hit
that start button I gotta finish it off
with the star right here before we head
out put a foot on the brake press the
any last words I'll take one I'll take
see you in the next

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