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first oculus ads partner already retreating

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Aerospace giant cancels Oculus Quest order for new technology

In this article, we will discuss a new technology that was canceled by a large Aerospace company, leading to the cancellation of a 40,000 unit order of Oculus Quests.

The technology is built on bare metal, meaning it doesn't require any specific privileges or permissions on the computer. It deals with the frame buffer off the camera and re-lights it right before it hits the video card, creating an interactive perception of depth.


The technology was first showcased at Tik Beach Retreat, a conference in Jamaica.

The creator of the technology, Richie Edward, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mobius, presented the technology for the very first time at the conference.

The technology turns the front of a computer into an interactive air, with the back immersing the user in a 3D room.

It recognizes the intention of the user's view and responds accordingly. For example, if the user looks down, it knows they are trying to look there.

The technology is programmable, meaning it can respond to the human body and perform different functions.

It works on any operating system and can be used with any type of media, including movies, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files.

The technology was canceled by a large Aerospace company, leading to the cancellation of a 40,000 unit order of Oculus Quests.

In conclusion, the new technology showcased by Richie Edward at Tik Beach Retreat is a groundbreaking development that has the potential to change the way we interact with computers and media. Its cancellation by a large Aerospace company only highlights its potential and importance in the tech industry.

4EVR Special Edition: Quest 2 has arrived!

Hey folks, welcome to another video! As you may know, Oculus headsets starting with the Quest 2, or starting January 1st, 2023, require a Facebook login. Some people are opposed to this, while others are all for it. In this article, I'll share my thoughts on why this doesn't bother me and why I'm excited for the Quest 2.

- Oculus headsets require a Facebook login

- Some people are for it, while others are opposed

- This article shares why it doesn't bother me and why I'm excited for the Quest 2

Why Facebook Login Doesn't Bother Me:

- My Facebook profile has no personal information

- I don't use Facebook regularly and removed myself from most groups

- I joined Facebook in 2009 with a fake name to play a game

- I only use Facebook to play MouseHunt

- I don't have a profile picture and don't want to be tracked

- Having a Facebook login allows for more social features on Oculus

- I enjoy using Facebook Connect in Oculus Home and Oculus Venues

- The Facebook login requirement for new hardware is not a big deal to me

Unboxing the Quest 2:

- I received a free Quest 2 for review

- I have never made a biased review and will share my honest opinion

- I have owned various VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift and Quest

- I purchased a Quest 2 through a Costco deal and will receive it soon

- I am excited to preview the Quest 2 with the 64GB version

- The Facebook login requirement for Oculus headsets doesn't bother me

- I don't have personal information on Facebook and only use it for gaming

- I am excited for the Quest 2 and will share my honest review soon

FROZEN Live at the Hyperion 2017 4K ULTRA HD Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

The article discusses various dialogues and scenes from the movie Frozen. It includes characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and others. The article highlights the importance of love, family, and trust.

Scenes and Dialogues:

- Elsa apologizes for the accident in Kochi and decides to remove all magic to keep everyone safe.

- Anna's parents die, and Elsa becomes the queen of Arendelle. Elsa isolates herself from the world to control her powers.

- Anna falls in love with Hans but later realizes that he was not the right person for her.

- Elsa refuses to bless the marriage of Anna and Hans as she believes true love takes time to develop.

- Anna sets out to find Elsa to bring back summer to Arendelle.

- Kristoff helps Anna in her journey and introduces her to his reindeer, Sven.

- Olaf, the snowman, joins Anna and Kristoff on their journey to find Elsa.

- Anna and Elsa reunite, and Elsa brings back summer to Arendelle.

The article portrays the importance of true love and family. It highlights how Elsa and Anna's relationship is tested, but in the end, they overcome their differences and reunite. It shows that trust and communication are key to maintaining healthy relationships. The article also showcases the movie's humor and the importance of supporting characters like Olaf and Kristoff.

Virtual Reality and Astrology, with Kent Bye

- Chris Brennan introduces the Astrology Podcast and his guest, Kent Bye, who hosts the Voices of Virtual Reality Podcast.

- They will be discussing the intersection of astrology and virtual reality, their shared backgrounds, and the history and future of virtual reality.

Background and Shared History:

- Chris and Kent met at a Northwest astrology conference in Seattle in 2009.

- Kent had just started the Esoteric Voices podcast and was interviewing astrologers at the conference.

- Over the past decade, Kent has interviewed 300-400 astrologers and has seen the evolution and resurgence of astrology.

- Chris was initially not an astrologer, but became interested in the archetypal cosmology of astrology and developed his own tracking software.

- They discuss the influence of Richard Tarnas and his work on outer planet cycles and their alignment with technology.

History and Future of Virtual Reality:

- Kent discusses the history of virtual reality and how it has evolved from early experiments in the 1950s and 60s to modern VR technology.

- They discuss the potential for VR to be used in astrology, such as creating immersive birth chart experiences.

- Kent predicts that VR will become more accessible and mainstream in the future, with advancements in haptic feedback and artificial intelligence.

- They also discuss the ethical considerations of VR technology and the potential for addiction and misuse.

- Chris and Kent have a shared interest in exploring the intersection of astrology and virtual reality.

- They see potential for VR to enhance the astrology experience and for astrology to provide a unique lens into the history and future of technology.

- However, they also acknowledge the potential risks and ethical concerns of VR technology.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Exclusive Clip | Time Cycles | @dckids

Every superhero has a tragic event that changes their life and turns them into the hero they are today. But what if we could travel through time and stop those events from happening? That's the idea behind our time-traveling adventure.

Heading 1: Let's Do Some Time Traveling

- Robin proposes the idea of time traveling to stop tragic events from happening

- They travel through time cycles using Azarath, metrion, zinthos

- Music plays as they travel

Sub-heading 1: Engage!

- They go back to the past to stop tragic events

- Music plays as they engage in their mission

Sub-heading 2: Crystals and Music

- They encounter a problem where the crystals are not harmonized and the planet is collapsing

- They realize they have to play the right music to save the planet

Sub-heading 3: Stopping Superhero Origins

- They successfully stop tragic events from happening and prevent superheroes from being born

- Applause and celebration ensue

Heading 2: A Dangerous Shortcut

- In a separate storyline, a father and son navigate a dangerous neighborhood

- The father warns his son not to go down a certain alleyway

- They take a shortcut through Happy Lane instead

Heading 3: Back to the Present

- The time-traveling adventure is over and they are back in the present

- There are no more superheroes because they have successfully stopped their origins

Thanks for watching our video! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button to see more of our adventures. And check out Teen Titans go to the Movies in theaters everywhere on July 27.


It's July 11th and we're heading to Glacier National Park. Mark made this reservation about three months ago and it seems like you really do need to book a year ahead if you want to get close to the park. We eventually found a place in Big Fork, Montana, about 43 miles from the West Glacier National Park entrance. We're actually meeting our friends Pat and Paul here and we'll spend the next 10 days in this area.

Exploring Flathead Lake Area:

For two nights and three days, we'll explore the Glacier National Park and stay in a lodge on the east side and a cabin on the west, and there's more about that in an upcoming video. But for now, we'll be exploring the Flathead Lake area, which actually turned out to be really nice. Seeing this all with friends is kind of like being on vacation from, well, from our vacation life.

Pine Meadows RV Retreat:

We have arrived at Pine Meadows RV Retreat in Big Fork, Montana. Not this park, we have to take a hard right to get into Pine Meadows. And after talking to the owner, the way Mark understands this park is that it was originally developed as an owner-only private campground park for RVs, complete with casitas and concrete pads. But in reality, only a few of them were finished, and the development slowed down and stopped. The current owner, Derek, bought it and is in the process of completing and improving it. Each site does have full hookups. I assume it's called a retreat and not a resort or RV park because it has no bathrooms or shower facilities, no dump station or laundry. You're all on your own, but remember, each site does have full hookups.

Bike Trails:

The next day, we decided to hit one of the bike trails nearby. Here's a pro tip that we have learned the hard way: when others are focusing on something, don't interrupt, whether it be putting bikes on the rack, hooking up a fifth wheel, or even just setting up your sewer pipes. Distractions can cause one to miss a step. We have missed steps before, and as you can see, this time we were a distraction for Paul.

Flathead Lake State Park:

After buying some cherries, we headed further down south along the lake. Check out these mountains; how hazy they're looking. That's from the fires out west. I really hope this doesn't affect our Glacier National Park visit. We'll see. And now we're gonna head a little bit further down south and visit one of the six state parks that's on Flathead Lake.

Miracle of America Museum:

Now we're heading on a little bit further to the museum in Polson, Montana, called the Miracle of America Museum. Sometimes it's called the Smithsonian of the West. Miracle of America Museum has over 340,000 artifacts and counting. It offers a peek into the past with some things you've never seen before, or you may have no idea what they were even used for.

Overall, our trip to Montana has been a lot of fun. We've explored the Flathead Lake area, stayed at Pine Meadows RV Retreat, and visited the Miracle of America Museum. We're looking forward to spending the next 10 days with our friends and exploring Glacier National Park. Hopefully, the fires out west won't affect our visit too much.

10 Things Caught On GoPro

Have you ever wondered what YouTube would be like without GoPro? It's hard to imagine the platform without the amazing POV footage that these cameras have given us. There are countless amazing GoPro footage out there, but we have compiled a list of the absolute best ones. From near-death experiences to animal encounters, these clips are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

10 Things Caught on GoPro:

1. Subway Surfers

- A group of friends decided to go exploring and brought their GoPro along.

- They walked through a railroad tunnel and heard an oncoming train halfway through.

- They barely made it out before the train came barreling through.

2. Is That a Monkey?

- A biker strapped on his GoPro and captured footage of his ride.

- While riding through an alleyway, a strange animal jumped onto the path.

- The unknown creature was analyzed to be a possible monkey.

3. Mid-Air Collision

- Two small aircraft collided in midair while carrying 11 people.

- The terrifying minute was caught in their helmet-mounted GoPro cameras.

- Everyone involved only needed treatment for minor injuries.

4. An Insane Backflip

- Kelly McGarry strapped on a GoPro to his helmet during the 2013 Red Bull Rampage.

- He did an incredible backflip while jumping a 72-foot gap.

- The entire run has garnered 177 million views on GoPro's YouTube channel.

5. Water Landing

- A plane suffered engine failure and had to do an emergency water landing.

- The entire thing was caught on GoPro and the passengers remained calm.

- Unfortunately, there was one fatality, but the rest were rescued by the coast guard.

6. Attack of the Yak

- Four mountain bikers came into contact with a yak while going down the slopes in Tibet.

- The yak charged one of the riders, but he was able to dismount and ride away safely.

7. Beat Up by a Baby Moose

- A man was attacked by a baby moose after trying to set it free.

- The man's one-liners during the attack mitigated the brevity of the situation.

8. Stuck in a Cave

- A group of friends were exploring a cave when one of them got stuck in a narrow pass.

- Water was quickly rising around him, but he was successfully pulled out by his friends.

These incredible GoPro footage showcase the amazing capabilities of these cameras. From life-threatening situations to breathtaking moments, GoPro has revolutionized the way we capture and share our experiences. What's the craziest thing you've ever captured on your GoPro? Let us know in the comments!

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