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flurry ads sdk

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to the Flurry AppSpot rewarded ad space video, where we will walk you through setting up your first app circle rewarded ad space in Flurry AppSpot. As a publisher, you can earn more revenue within app currencies by incentivizing users to view an ad or complete an action. In this video, we will show you how to configure rewards and create a rewarded ad space.

Setting Up Rewards:

To set up your reward, go to the publisher tab and click on the manage menu. Then select rewarded options and choose the application you plan to show rewarded ads. From here, select the create reward link and enter the rewarded name, currency or virtual good being offered, an image, quantity conversion rate, minimum reward, and callback URL. Once done, click on the save button.

Creating a Rewarded Ad Space:

To create your rewarded ad space, click on the inventory section and select add spaces, then the create ad space button. In the basic setup section, enter the name of your ad space, select the application where you want ads to show, and choose the placement. In the app circle network section, choose your ad mix, ad unit type, orientation, and finally click on the save button.


Once you have completed setting up your rewarded ad space, you will see the code representing your ad space. Place this code in the appropriate view in your app and make sure you are using the latest Flurry SDK, which is automatically emailed to you. For more information about how to integrate this code, visit support.flurry.com.

By following these simple steps, you can set up an app circle rewarded ad space for your app and maximize your ad revenue. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected], and don't forget to check out our other videos to learn more about AppSpot. Thanks for watching!

Flurry Ad Space Creation

Hello and welcome to the tutorial video for the new ad space creation page in Yahoo app publishing. The purpose of this video is to show you the improved, easier way to set up a new ad space for your app. We will focus on two of our most popular ad formats: native stream ads and video ads.

How to set up a Native Ad Space:

1. Log into the Flurry portal.

2. Click on the Publishing tab, select Inventory, then Add Spaces.

3. Click on New Ad Space on the top right of the page.

4. Give the ad space a name.

5. Select the application where you want the ad to appear.

6. Leave the ad mix as standard.

7. Select the stream placement.

8. Optional: update the add details and advanced options.

9. Click on Save Ad Space.

10. Grab the code and integrate it into your app.

How to set up a Video Ad Space:

1. Follow steps 1-3 from the Native Ad Space section.

2. Give the ad space a name.

3. Choose the application that it's for.

4. Leave the admix set as standard.

5. Select full screen as the placement.

6. Open up add details and choose to accept only video ads.

7. Limit ads to a maximum of 15 seconds (optional).

8. Set a price floor for your video inventory.

9. Optional: configure advanced options.

10. Click on Save Ad Space.

11. Grab the code and integrate it into your app.

We have shown you how to create a new ad space to show native stream and video ads in your app. For more information on how to integrate video ads, please visit developer.yahoo.com/flurry. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you for watching!

Flurry AppSpot: Basic Setup

- Welcome to the Flurry appspot basic setup video

- Purpose is to walk you through how easy it is to start earning advertising revenue using Flurry apps

- Basic setup takes less than 10 minutes

- In this video, you'll learn how to sign up for app spot, create a basic ad space, and complete your basic integration

How to Sign Up for App Spot:

- Existing Flurry analytics customers can sign up via the publisher tab within the Flurry developer portal

- If you're new to Flurry, create an account at www.com

- After accepting the terms and conditions, you're ready to start your integration

How to Create a Basic Ad Space:

- An ad space is a place in your app that you designate to show ads

- Create a unique ad space for each location in each app where you'd like to show ads

- Three basic sections: basic setup, app circle network, and advanced options

- To create a standard ad space, only need to complete the basic setup section

- Start by entering the name of your ad space

- Select the application where you want ads to show

- Choose the placement (banner, top banner, bottom, or fullscreen for interstitial ad unit)

- Choose banner size (standard size of 320 by 50)

- Click on the save button

- You will see the line of code representing your ad space

- Place this code in the appropriate view in your app

- Make sure you're using the latest Flurry SDK, which will be emailed to you along with your ad space code

- More information about how to integrate this code and additional considerations for integrating interstitials at support.flurry.com

Completing Your Basic Integration:

- Three easy steps: create your ad space, update to the latest SDK, and integrate your ad space code

- Once you've completed your integration, you're ready to submit your app and start earning revenue

- After watching this video, you should be able to set up ads for your app and be on your way to maximizing your ad revenue

- If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

- Be sure to check out our other videos to learn more about appspot

- Thanks for watching!

Flurry: Global Gaming Update - Marmalade Webinar

Welcome to the Anomaly Partner Webinar Series! I'll be your host for today's webinar, which is designed to share thought leadership trends and tips around the services and integrations that work with the Marmalade cross-platform development SDK. Today's guest speaker is Richard Fleming, Managing Director with Flurry, who's going to share with you a global gaming update on the state of mobile gaming advertising and analytics and a forecast into what's likely to happen in 2014 and beyond.

- Anomaly Partner Webinar Series

- Designed to share thought leadership trends and tips around the services and integrations that work with the Marmalade cross-platform development SDK

- Guest speaker: Richard Fleming, Managing Director with Flurry

- Global gaming update on the state of mobile gaming advertising and analytics


- Over 1.3 billion active smutty devices

- 90% of all devices are seen

- 5 billion app sessions in the world each day

- About 7-10 apps per device

- Flurry provides free analytics for over 490,000 apps

- Significant penetration in the market


- Mobile advertising business is growing fast

- Mobile ad business worth around 17 million in 2013

- Value of mobile advertising is going to explode to over 37 billion

- Significant growth in advertising for games

App Usage:

- Apps are disrupting almost every sector

- 115% average growth in app usage

- 66% growth in usage inside games

- Messaging and social is an incredibly hot sector

- Significant growth in the number of apps being produced around the world

- Over a million unique apps for users and consumers to choose from

Local Markets:

- HSBC phrase: thinking global but acting local

- Local team is essential for cracking local markets

- Localizing language and cultural look and feel is key

- Major opportunity in China


- Christmas Day behaving like a week

- Games and social apps downloaded two times the rate of a typical day in December

- Other categories also experience growth in downloads over Christmas

Mobile app analytics tracking best practices using Flurry

In this interview, Tasman Sing from Flurry talks about the mobile app analytics suite and its benefits for app developers. The new changes in the Flurry dashboard are discussed, along with some best practices for developers to follow.

Key Points:

- Flurry is a mobile app analytics suite that allows developers to understand user behavior in their app.

- The SDK can be installed in less than five minutes and provides information such as session times, active users, etc.

- The new Flurry dashboard allows for up to five apps to be viewed at once, as well as the ability to create groups for apps.

- Real-time metrics and the Explorer tool, which includes segmentation, funnel analysis, and cohort analysis, are new additions to the dashboard.

- Best practices for developers include including analytics from the beginning and choosing custom events to track that align with business objectives.

- Flurry offers a two-level event structure with custom events and parameters for more granular tracking.

- Developers can access documentation and learning resources on the Flurry website.

Flurry provides app developers with powerful insights into user behavior that can help them improve their app and drive growth. The new changes in the dashboard make it even easier to view and analyze data. Following best practices such as including analytics from the beginning and choosing custom events to track can help developers get the most out of Flurry.

Flurry Native Ad Integration with Swift HD

In this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate native ads using Flurry and Swift. We will use a pre-built table view controller with a custom cell class and a sample application to display the native ad assets.


1. Bring in the Flurry SDK by adding Flurry SDK files needed for serving native ads.

2. Create an Objective C bridging header file to use the Flurry SDK.

3. Start a Flurry session with the app delegate in Swift by using the Flurry start session method and passing the API key.

4. Initialize the ad space in the view controller class by importing the Flurry add native delegate and using the method with space to pass in the ad space name.

5. Fetch an ad by using the native ad not fetch ad method and trigger the callback function ad native did fetch ad to grab the native ad assets.

6. Extend the table view to have three rows and add logic to contain the native ad in between the two content rows.

7. Iterate over each asset name and pass it into the UI elements.

8. Construct a URL to grab the data from and display the image.

9. Display the sponsor name.

By following these steps, you can easily integrate native ads using Flurry and Swift in your own applications. Dynamic fetching of ads can be added to insert between your own content. This can result in a seamless and profitable user experience.

Rewarded Video Ad Space Setup

Welcome to this tutorial on how to set up rewarded video ad spaces with Flurry. In this video, we will guide you through the process of creating an ad space and configuring it to run video ads. Let's get started!


1. Creating an ad space

- Log in to the Flurry portal and go to the Publishers tab

- Select Inventory and then Add Spaces

- Choose Create Ad Space

- Enter the name of your ad space and select the application it is for

- Choose the type of ad (banner or full screen) and save the basic setup

2. Configuring the ad space for video ads

- Select your ad mix and choose rewarded or client-side rewarded

- Leave the backfill option as yes

- Choose whether to preview ads in portrait or landscape view

- Select whether users can view ads in catalog view or full screen take over

- Choose whether the video ad should autoplay or be user-initiated

- Skip the RTB Marketplace block

- Set up any blocks you may have for your ad space in the Advanced Options section

- Choose the display policy and save

3. Defining rewards for users

- Enter the name of the reward and upload an image

- Enter the conversion rate for the reward

- Enter a minimum reward amount (optional)

- Enter a callback URL

- Test the URL and save

4. Pushing the ad space live

- Download the latest version of the Flurry SDK

- Add the ad space code into your app

- Submit your app to the app store

Congratulations! You have successfully set up a rewarded video ad space with Flurry and are ready to start earning revenue. For more information, visit the Flurry support site or contact [email protected] for extra help. Thanks for watching!

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