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food 4 less weekly circular ads

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads


okay, good morning. it is Friday, uh, December 16th, and it is time for Food For Less. okay, just remember that, uh, the parents store to Food For Less is Kroger. so if you have a Kroger um and a Mariano's here in the Illinois area, they are both Affiliates of Kroger. Kroger is the parent company. so we have quite a bit to go through. so let's get started, okay, and we have first the fresh pork half legs, or pork picnic roast, sold in the bag for 99 cents. okay, never heard this before and that's why I hesitated. okay, fresh pork half legs, okay, well, that's 99 cents a pound and it's sold in a bag. and next we have the cook's portion ham here, 57 cents a pound, but once again we do have the limit, one with additional 25 purchase. so you must purchase 25 at least in order to get the ham at 57 cents a pound. now here it says the shank or the butt, and it is bone in. okay, and more than likely you'll wind up purchasing 25 worth of Grill service anyway, okay, next we have here the fresh, boneless chuck roast- I'm sorry, chuck steaks or roast- for 3.99 a pound. and over here we have sweet potatoes, or russet potatoes, 49 cents a pound and moving along. we are here with the Tennessee Pride sausage patties Frozen- 7.99. moving down, we have the home run in Classic Pizza and in the back you have the connies- 5.99. now this week we have delays, or lace kettle cooked potato chips or the Fritos. so, like varieties, you must buy four in order to get it for 1.99 each. if you do not buy four, let's look at the small ready: it will be priced up to 4.99 each. okay, so it's best just to get the four bags. and we're gonna come over to the corner here. we know that this is a staple in this corner. there is no limit to this, right. so 13.99 and up. here we do have the Coke, Pepsi or squirt this week, the 12 pack, 12 fluid ounce cans, or eight pack, 12 fluid ounce bottles. the limit is eight and it must be bought in fours to get it for fourteen dollars. if it is not bought in four, let's see what we have here: 7.99 each, which is quite pricey, okay. so let's see what digital deals we have for this week. you know that you have to have the app or you can actually do it on your browser, for those of you who may have a laptop. okay, um, this week, with the due to coupon, you can get the Oscar Mario Baker for 4.77 each and you can get each pack up to five times. so when you click or clip, then due to the coupon, you can use that coupon up to five times. all right, and it must be done at one time. okay, what was I saying? oh, and they are in varieties. okay, with, this picture is happens to be the original and then you have the thick cut in the back. as long as they are, Oscar Mayer, remember, you can always go to the app, um, pull up the coupon and just tap on the coupon that's on the app and it will actually show you everything that uh qualifies under this digital coupon. okay, and there's only one time, meaning that you cannot buy three and think you can go back and get two more. it doesn't work that way. if the store, once you buy the bacon, the coupon will disappear. okay, so if you want five, you must do five at one time. as you can see, in one transaction, if you do not have the digital coupon is 5.77, so a dollar more, and down below we still have the butter on sale. you know, you guys are still baking for Christmas. um would make it 249, and again you can buy up to five packs at 249.. without a doubt, clipped it will be 3.99 each. so that is actually more than a dollar savings. that's like a dollar fifty cent saving. and we do know that butter is expensive now. so if you can purchase five and you have the app, click that coupon and get your five. okay, and let's go to the back and we will start up here. what is this? Savory roasted chicken. so this is the fully cooked chicken. you do not have to cook it. okay, it is in the deli and it's usually always in the bag and I'm sure they have different um flavors. sometimes you have like a roasted garlic or something like that. okay, and you must buy two to get it to for 12.. if you do not buy two in the same transaction, it will be 6.99. so let's move over to the King's Hawaiian bread. there's a 12 count for four dollars. you will find it in the bakery. just moved down to the decorated cupcakes: 12 count in the bakery for 8.99. oh, we have a larger section for the bakery this week and we have cinnamon rolls: four count, 4.99. and let's move over. looks like a pie. we have a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato pie. that is an eight inch for five dollars. moving down to the blueberry muffins or other varieties. so, if you like- I'm assuming like banana nut, just usually a pop, a popular one- they're five dollars and it's a four. count and look at the Cheesecake select varieties, starting at thirteen dollars and ninety nine cents. that looks good, okay. so what do we have down here and get your holiday Essentials? okay, this is a popular brand of candy, of well, chocolate, Ferrero Rocher- I have to say that slow- 7.99, and Hot Wheels energy track- 12.99. so a nice little toy, cheap toy, and a nice little gift. here is sleepwear, and you guys know it is time for those long journals, especially if you're in the midwest, or usually in the upper northern region. I want to stay East Coast, I'm in the midwest, so, yeah, we are cold. today we just had a slight snowfall, so this is a two-piece 12.99, which is actually not bad, and next to that we have Kitty corn. wow, they're really coming up with some names now. okay, one count- 9.99, and a poinsettia 6.5 inch pot- 8.99. that lets you know that it is their Christmas holiday. okay, hold on and I will get to the middle. okay, I didn't realize we have an extra page this week, so let's get moving. it's going to be a little bit quicker. this week we have the Hormel spiral sliced ham, bone in for 1.99 a pound. so we have meats on this page. you can get your Hormel canned ham- a five pounder- for 15.99. your Kroger turkeys limit- one with additional 25 purchase: 59 cents a pound. so if you want a turkey, make sure you do a 25 purchase to get this for 59 cents. and we're going to move over to the Cornish hens. is this a twin pack? 849? we have Randolph brand Bratz or Italian sausage: three pounds, 9.99. salmon fillet pharmacies: 8.99, fresh produce. so this is Purdue boneless chicken breasts or thighs, or Purdue chicken wings, bone in. of course they say no antibiotiks ever. 2.99 a pound. and let's move down here to the Kroger Brand breaded shrimp Frozen: 1.5 to 2 pounds, 9.99. move over to the Kroger Brand breakfast sausage: 2.99 to for. looks like eight here, two for, let's see, we'll just add two, four, six, seven, maybe about fourteen. okay, and here we have the Eckrich hot dogs: 10 for 10.. good price, stok up. kids will be out of school soon. take my, my last. one has a week to go. so stok up. next we have the Scott Pete both beef, polish sausage- 4.99. this is usually higher than that. okay, and what we have here? we have rib eye roast bone in- okay, pull out a little bit. 8.99 a pound. okay, let's flip. and we have our collards, mustard, turn of greens or kale- 79 cents a bunch. remember back in the day that used to be 49 cents and then the Cabbage usually was like 30 cents or something like that cabbage is 49 cents a pound, asparagus to 49 a pound. Kroger mini peeled carrots: that is a two pound bag, 199.. three pound bag of yellow onions: 199.. Spice World minced garlic: uh, 32 ounce, 4.99. and we have the Kroger Brand packaged vegetables at 4.99. that is a pretty large bag, 24 to 32 ounce. and we have pint of blueberries or six ounce raspberries or blackberries, two for five. and then next to that we have Simple Truth nuts, 12 ounce package. there are variety, select varieties for 5.99. shown are the walnuts in the back and the pecans in the front. okay, let's move along to the Kroger apples. you have a five pound bag, 5.99. Granny Smith Gala. next to that we have the Kroger brand of Naval oranges and a four pound bag for 3.99 and fresh pineapples two for three dollars. this is actually a nice little sale we got here. okay, hold on, let me flip. all right, so we have the malta meal. Let's Get Closer. maltamil family size cereal 22 to 30 ounce or Kroger Berean French toast stiks 12.


okay, hello everyone, let me grab my pen. as you can see, we are getting ready there- it is, it's up underneath me- to start our food for less. and how are you guys doing? where I am, it is in the afternoon, it is right now to 37 PM, uh, Thursday October 20th, and we are with a new sale there. we go through Tuesday, October 25th and by now you all should know- for those of you who don't, um, Food For Less is an affiliate of Kroger. Kroger is the parent company and, as you can see, we actually going to start out with Kroger. so, in the description box below, if you have a store that is listed, they are actually Affiliates of Kroger. Kroger owns them. um and uh, so the same cells that you see here. you should see, at least about 90 to 95 percent of the time, the exact same sale at the store near you, okay? so, with that being said, let's get started. let's see what we have going on this week. um, the store, if you are in Illinois, like I am, not only do you have food for less that is an affiliate of Kroger, but if there is a Mariano's near you, they are affiliated as well and their ad is actually much larger? uh, because of course it is a larger store. all right, let's go. we have Kroger breaded shrimp. we have, uh, Frozen 24 to 32 ounce for 8.99. and get your pen and paper, of course, so you can write down what you want to get. we have the boneless sirloin- not sir lion, or somebody say it's a lion- before we have the Boneless or loin tip steaks or roast for 3.79 per pound. uh, we have the E assorted pork loin chops with the bone in for 1.99 per pound. all right, so let's go over now. we have apples. every week now, whatever store you go to, apples are on sale. this is the season. so we have the gala Fuji or Granny Smith apples for 99 cents per pound. and in our section here we have the gem Chicago style beef patties- oh, I haven't heard these in a minute, so let's check the small writing: three pounds. or the Eckrich Smoked Sausage- 30 to 39 ounce, select varieties- for 9.99. Connie's Pizza or Kroger pizza rolls- 90 count, which is which you see in the back. all right, for 4.99. they have, of course, different varieties, and this is here every week. we have the Lay's potato or kettle cooked potato chips or the Fritos Frito-Lay baked snacks- select varieties. now you have to buy four in order to get them for 1.99 each, and, according to the small print, if you give quantities less than four, it will be priced up to 4.99 each. so it would behoove you to buy four and just get it for 1.99 each, or two dollars, okay. oh, so we're back with the sale here for those of you who partake in this: uh, 13.99 each when you buy two. so you have to buy two to get, um, whatever your choice is- for 13.99 each. if you do not get them in quantities of two, it will be 15.99 each, and I do not see a limit. sometimes there's a limit and this one does not have one. it's usually right here. okay, let's go up to the Coke, Pepsi or squirt. these are the bottles that are showing when you buy four, or they're back to four for twelve. okay, if you do not buy quantities of four, it will be 5.49 each. well, that's a good way to get you guys off of the pop. huh, I don't drink it like that. so we have the Kroger red, green, black or tri-color sequence grapes: three pound package for 4.99 for a three pound package. hmm, okay, can't be surprised with too many things nowadays. so if you have the app, if you have the Kroger app, the Food For Less app, the Mariano's app or whatever store that is listed below app, it will usually take you back to the Kroger store. though you have to clip these coupons. I would do that at the end to show those of you who do not know how and those of you who do know how you can go ahead and Skip and do that now while I'm going over these deals. so for this week to put a digital deal, we have the Kroger breakfast links or patties- 1.99 each with the digital coupon and if you do not clip it it would be 2.99 each- and underneath that we have the Kroger 100 Apple Juice: 64 fluid ounce for a dollar and 29 cents with the digital coupon. if you do not clip it, it will be 1.89. huh, not too much of a difference, but you know, every penny counts nowadays, especially at the end when they put that tax on. I don't know about you guys, but if you are here in Illinois, we are not getting any tax on groceries all the way through June 2023, okay, but that does not mean that local tax. it just said the state grocery tax, okay, and we have the reset or russet five pound bag of potatoes. grab your potatoes now. holidays are coming and you got to get ready for those potato salads that you guys make 2.99 for that five pound bag. keep it in a cool, dry place. now going there, your stuff is brown, it's nasty and Soggy. okay, we have tri-color peppers, three count package with 2.99. salad Tomatoes: 199 cents a pound per pound. we're coming over to the naval oranges: 99 cents per pound, and your pumpkin's larger medium: 5.49. so the medium is 549 and the large is 5, 49.. something about that doesn't sound fear. okay, let's go on over to the bar s bologna, or bologna, and the jumbo Franks. well, I guess they're variety, so the just, I'll just say Frank's four for five dollars. and come over to the Kroger cooking bag: seasoned pork ribs: 4.99 per pound. okay, so I'm sure that would not be 4.99. this looks kind of huge. I wouldn't be surprised if this run you somewhere between 10 to 12 bucks. okay, let's come down to the Kroger sliced bacon at 4.49, 16 ounce. kind of fatty there. come on over to the fry catfish steaks. I've been wanting some fish for a while. 5.99 per pound, and this is a farm-raised bone in. I know that matters to a few people, and it's come on over to the. I haven't seen this in a couple of weeks. they could picado for taco meat- 4.79 a pound. and what do we have this week in our Deli and bakery? Hoagie Rose, I haven't seen this either in a minute. six count, two for six dollars. and the Private Selection- yeah, it's a Private Selection- for 8.99 a pound. and they also have swiss cheese for 7.99 a pound. wow, okay, and that's what we have there. hold on and let's flip to the inside. okay, let's keep it moving. we are on the inside. I'm seeing a lot of your play, your, and on sale too. so that's ten for six. let's just move over to the bread and doing a mother's bread 199. come down to the Pillsbury Grand biscuits, Crescent or cinnamon rolls. buy one, get one free. the one that is of the Lesser value, of course, will be the free one. eight count. okay, stok up on that. also, we have the Croco cheese: two for four dollars. so this is the Kroger branches looks like shredded and black. get your cake mix and Duncan Hines brownie mix as well: 99 Cents, that's a pretty decent price. so stok up on your cake mix. everybody, don't have to do everything from scratch. okay, Nabisco, family size Chip Ahoy. you have the Orioles as well: 3.79. up top we have the Little Debbie Snack cake: 12, 2, 6 to 12 count- two for four dollars and below that we have the Kellogg Echo waffles. let go of my eggo- 4.99. come down to the ice cream. the Kroger brand is two for five. foreign decamps fish, stiks or fillets, 4.99. the Dutch Farm kids, a four for five dollars. and for the babies we have the Gerber pups or little crunchies. you know they had. I don't think they are there anymore. but you guys just start going through couponscom on your computer. they actually had coupons for this, 2.29, but they don't have them there anymore. okay, that's just a tip for you guys. and another tip for you all: Speed Stik deodorant, uh, 2.19. go to B stikcom and look for coupons. now, when you print out the coupon, hold on a second. I think I still have one. it may be expired though, because I haven't, I didn't use mine. hold on. okay, here we are. actually it expired on yesterday. look at that. 10, 19.. okay, but in any case, um, you guys can go on here and go to space dickcom, or you can just type in your browser on your computer. this is for those of you who have a computer that you can print out- okay, um, type in Speed Stik coupons and it will give you a site directly to the coupons. okay, and this is a 50 cents off, as you can see. now, do not click to print more than one copy because, unfortunatel.

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okay, hello everybody, let me adjust the smile. all right, here we are now with the food for less. this ad will go all the way through Tuesday next week, October 11th. and remember, you guys, get your smartphones out pen pad so you can see if you can clip these items. all right, whatever it is that you feel that you may need. so let's get started with the fresh catfish steaks, bone in 4.99 per pound. and we have the fresh boneless chuck steaks or roast at 379 per pound. and we're gonna go to the pork spare ribs. these are in the bag at 199 per pound. and over to the seedless mandarins, three pound bag for 2.99. we have the Bob Evans sausage patties, 40 ounce, 6.99 different varieties. and we have the Gala or Gala Granny Smith or red delicious apples for 99 cents per pound. and let's come down to the instead El Taco pizza pie, 6.99. and now we are at the same lace, in the same spot every week: Lays, potato chips or kettle cooked potato chips or Tostitos, and these are selective varieties. you must buy four bags, mix or match, in order to receive the 199, each small writing. quantities less than four will be priced up to 4.99 for each bag, so make sure you buy them in fours to receive this price. let's move over to the- oh, this is the beer and stuff. okay, we have 13.99. there's no deal on that this week- and we're gonna move up to the Coke, Pepsi or seven up 12 pack, 12 fluid ounce cans or the eight pack- 12 fluid ounce bottles. you must buy three in order to get them for fourteen dollars. if you do not buy in three, they will be 7.99 for each case. okay, it's quite a bit of money. all right now, as you all know, we do the weekly digital deals. I've shown you in the last few videos how to clip these to your account. you must have the app or you can go on your computer under your browser of food4lesscom, sign up with your email and a 10 digit number. it can be your phone number or any number that you come up with. make sure that you can remember the numbers, okay, because you would need that when you put your number into the pen pad at the counter, and that is the only way that you will be able to receive these prices. okay, look in the description box to see if you have an affiliate of Kroger. Food for Less is an affiliate of Kroger, okay, and here in Illinois, Mariano's. so I have all of the stores listed in the description box. these sales should be the same exact sales as those stores. now let's get started with this. so look for the Oscar Meyer meet wieners, three pound. clip the digital for 4.99. if you do not and you go into the store without it clipped, it would be 5.99. also this week the digital item is cheese, the Kroger cheese, 32 ounce. with the digital coupon it is 4.99 each, without the digital, 6.99 each. I will also link the video to show you how to clip your coupon, so I will start doing that also as well. okay, because that's like repeating every week and you guys can just look at that. those of you who do not know how to do it, all right, let's keep going to the red orange or yellow bell peppers- four dollars, I'm sorry, four for five dollars. or the English cucumber- I was wondering, I saw the Cucumber, so let's do this again. you can get the red orange or yellow bell peppers or the English cucumbers- four for five dollars. moving on to the blueberries: 16 ounce- 449.. coming down to the fresh asparagus: 249 per pound. over to the broccoli crowns: yellow squash or zucchini: 99 cents per pound. moving down to the fresh corn, in a pack, four count package: 4.99. let's move over to the Oscar Mayer meat bologna and you can get the cuddle salami or the bologna, or bologna, but we know to say it as baloney. two for five dollars, good for your sandwiches. and let's go to the center-cut pork chops: 2.99, these arbonian- 2.99 per pound. let's come down to the Kroger. save the Kroger bacon, sold in a three pound package for 14.97. okay, so all those 4.99, look to pay 14.97 because it is only sold in a three pound package. all right, moving over to the St Louis style pork ribs: 2.49 per pound. and we have the deli. oh, let's finish the meat off here. what is this here? the fresh produce, chicken wings, no antibiotiks, ever bone in 2.99 per pound. now let's go over to the deli and bakery. we have the blueberry muffins for count for five dollars. and we have, um, the home shelf Savory roasted chicken. it is in the bag, fully cooked, two pounds. you must buy two to receive it for twelve dollars, and if you do not buy two it would be 6.99 for each chicken. and I also want to point out all of us, that's blueberry muffins, it does say, or other varieties. so I'm thinking like the banana nuts and things like that. okay, all right, let's go to the inside. okay, we're gonna start off with the Coffee-Mate creamers: two for six dollars, select varieties. come down to the Starbucks iced coffee: 4.99, and we're gonna go over 3D Kroger instant oatmeal: two for three dollars, and that is an eight to twelve count. coming down to the armor, back in here, the armored Vienna sausage or the Jiffy Mix six pack- they're both six packs for 3.79. now let's see what we have in the corner here it says mix and match. you can buy one, get one free. you have the Heinz Ketchup for 20 ounce, or the relaxic pickles, the 24 fluid ounce or sweet baby raised barbecue sauce. they also have the wing sauce, the dipping sauce, the English bone solid dressing, which is not pictured, okay, so you have select varieties here. let's keep this here for just another few seconds. okay, buy one, get one free, all right, let's move down to the cake mix. as I said, it's coming up to the holidays, so start getting your things. check your expiration dates to make sure that they will last through the holidays. you're 99 Cents. they also have the brownie mix as well. and pick up your carnations. evaporated milk. I know a lot of you use this and you're baking: three for five dollars. and you have your Ritz crackers- two for five dollars. and we move here to the V8 splash: 64 ounce. never tried these. 1.99 seems like a decent price. let's come down to the ice cream, your Kroger ice cream or ice cream sandwiches- two for five dollars. let's move down to the Gordons Frozen Seafood. I remember anybody old enough to remember their commercial Gordon fisherman- okay. um, we also have the Kellogg's Eggo waffles: 24 count- 4.99. now let's go to some household items. you must buy four to receive it for 4.49. so we have soft silk or Irish Spring body wash. guys, go to um softsoapcom and click on coupons to see if you can print. if you have a printer, print out some coupons. okay, and try it also on these sites. I'm not sure. I think you have to sign up with Colgate site, but always check on the actual websites and look under coupons. a lot of times you can actually print out coupons. this one is usually 75 cents. um, this can be 75 cents or a dollar, and these vary. sometimes they're 50 cents, sometimes they're a dollar. so okay, and you can actually use that. when you buy four. you can actually use those coupons and get additional savings. okay, just try it out, never know. and it also goes for the bar soap, the Irish springcom. you must buy four to get it for 5.49. and let's see what the small rating is. uh, quantity is less than four would be 5.49 each. less than four of the bar soap will be 6.49. and on that same Colgate website you will also find coupons for toothpaste. okay. so when you buy four, okay, here we go, buy four. they are 349 each. less than four would be 4.49 each. now, if you do not have a Kroger or an affiliate of Kroger, I personally would suggest you go to Walgreens. Walgreens- I usually always have some type of deal, um, on their toothpaste, and you can actually get some Walgreens points back in excess of like two dollars or five dollars. so try Walgreens as well. oh, we finally have a mix or match deal. so everything on this page, which I will go over, mix and match. when you buy three or more, you will save automatikally two dollars. go on your app. you may actually have a one dollar off of two on cereal. okay, so we're going to start off with the cereal. I'm not gonna say which price it is because sometimes you guys do not want to get three o.

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all right, this is Thursday morning. we are at December 1st. we made it to December, guys. okay B are we still thankful? Thanksgiving is not the only day to be thankful. nowadays, as we look around, we see exactly what is going on around us and we need to be thankful every single day. now, with that being said, let's get into the ad. this is going to be your food for less and, as you can see at the bottom, this would go all the way through Tuesday, December 6th, but then next week Tuesday, that's me. and let us get started right away. we are going to start out with the fresh Heritage Farm boneless chicken breasts at 2.49 cents per pound, and then we're going to come down to the fresh bottom round roast or steaks. we have 3.79 a pound. let's move over to the fresh Kroger. oh, this is only 73 percent lean ground beef, so a little more fatty than usual. okay, and remember, the reason why it says Kroger, although we are at Food For Less, is because Kroger is the parent company of food for less. okay, and once again, if you are here around the Chicago region or any region around Illinois, you should know that Mariano's is also an affiliate of Kroger. okay, Mariano's. and this is sold in a five pound roll, which would be this for 9.95. so although it's 199 a pound, the roll already comes pre-packaged at 9.95. now let's keep looking. it says: or Bessie rib tips, which are frozen, and that is a 10 pound box and that is for 19.90. so this little block here is for two separate deals. you have a five pound roll of ground beef for 9.95, and then you have a 10 pound frozen box of Aunt Bessie rib tips for 19.90. okay, now let's go over to the pint of blueberries, or six ounce raspberries or blackberries, and that is two for three dollars. come down to the Scott Peterson- oh, I keep forgetting, they shortened it to Pete, so Scott Pete smoked sausage. so, like varieties, for 4.99. let's go over to the honeycrisp apples- 1.49 per pound. and then we're down to the Pizza Huts- 5.99, and looks like there are four puffs per box. okay, and as always, we know this little block here is always for delays. a little lace kettle cooked potato chips, and you have your Doritos and your Frito-Lay baked snacks or Smart Food popcorn 2014 each, but this is only when you buy three. if you do not buy up to three, it will be priced up to 4.99 each per bag. so buy three and you'll get them for 2.49 each. and there's your liberations. okay, 15.99. No Deal there. as far as limits, I don't see. and let's come up to your Coca-Cola, Pepsi or script six pack: 6.9 fluid ounce bottles. four for twelve dollars. so you must buy four. if you do not buy four, it would be priced at 5.49 each. okay, and let's see what digital Deals they are advertising in the paper this week. remember, you have to have a smartphone and have your app downloaded, or you can actually go on your browser, your web browser, if you have a computer, and you can sign up that way as well. so make sure you clip the deal if this is what you want. the first digital deal is going to be on your Oscar Meyer meet here and then do it again. okay, I believe I was saying about the Oscar Mayer wieners- meat weeders, aren't they meat wieners anyway? okay, but um, here we are. three pounds, no, okay, that's a larger size. 4.99 with the digital coupon. if you do not have the digital digital coupon, it would be a dollar more at 5.99. so let's see what's so special about this. six resealable packages for a total of 30.. so there would be five in a pack, okay, so five Linus H in a resealable pack, and there are six. so you have Thirty wieners for 4.99. okay, and let's go down to the Progresso soups, which are can be expensive and this is the 18 to 19 ounce can: a dollar 29 cents each. with you- do not have it clipped, it will be 2.49. so if this is what you like, it is best to have it clipped. and it is telling us that we can use that coupon up to five times so we can get five cans. if we clipped, then due tokupa and each can would be a dollar 29 cents each, and the same would go for the wieners. it and each box up to five will be 4.99. that's how that works with the up to five times in one transaction. just know that if you do not get all five, the coupon does go away, so it only gives you one time to use that coupon, okay, so budget accordingly. now we're gonna go to the back and let's start out with your Halo seedless mandarins: 4.99, large mangoes and 99 cents each. and then we're going to go down to the Kroger. try color peppers: three in a bag for 2.99. so it looks like you have your red, your yellow and your orange. and let's come over to tomatoes. on the vine, they are 1.79 cents per pound and the Kroger bagged vegetables at 4.99. it does says big pack, so 24 to 32 ounce for five dollars. hmm, we have to do some comparison on that. and we have the whole male black label brand bacon at 4.99. wow, [Music]. you Bob Evans sausage patties- 7.99. you have 30 patties in a box. catfish seize the bay catfish nuggets. these are three pounds 6.99, and above that you have your seasoned pork ribs. so this is the Kroger brand and it is in the bag, already seasoned, for you at 4.99. sometimes I'm really skeptikal about preseason stuff. you have to be real careful how they store it. and you have your boneless pork loin shops- 3.99. and let's see what's in the bakery, in the deli. so first we're going to do the fresh baked Private Selection butter croissants large nine count for 5.99. [Music]. probably could have picked some better pictures, huh, um. anyway, keep going. we have the home Shelf fried or baked chicken. it is an eight piece, fully cooked. in the deli, when you buy two, your final price would be two for twelve. if you do not buy two, it will be 6.99 each. okay, so let's see what's on the inside. all right, let's get to the mother's period: a dollar and ninety nine cents mother's bread, and this is the giant size. under that we have the hill Miss squeeze mayonnaise: 3.99, it's the 11.5 ounce. okay, and believe that we have Fabuloso 48 to 56 fluid ounce or the suavitel liquid fabric softener: 46 ounce, and you can get two for five dollars. come up to the Nutella: two for four dollars. I believe there is a coupon. I know there is a paper coupon that came out a couple of weeks ago, but if you missed that and then we're going to check, I'll check the app before I upload this to see if they have a digital, but I do know there was a paper coupon for Nutella. but in any case, 13 ounce, two for four dollars. then you have your zatarains- haven't had this in a minute. seven to eight ounce for 1.99. I like the yellow, the yellow rice, and under that we have the Palm Olive: 32.5 fluid ounce, 2.99. if you have a laptop, go to Palmolive com or put in now. this is for those who have computers and can print um Palmolive dish liquid printable coupons and something should pop up. I believe they have, if they still have them. I think they were 50 cents off, yeah, so try that way. they did have a um, a paper coupon that came out in the papers, but I believe those that may have expired. okay, just trying to give you a little tips on saving a couple of extra pennies. and we have the Tropicana orange juice: 52 ounce, two for seven dollars. and, of course, go to scottbrandcom [Music], sign up and get you some, uh, some coupons through Scott brand. there are usually 75 cents off, one or a dollar of one, and when you buy two they are 9.99 each. and this is the 12 roll if you only buy one. look at that price drop there: twelve dollars and 79 cents, okay, and so, and this is some good tissue, okay, so for twenty dollars, there you go. okay, so go to scottbrandcom. that I do now, because sometimes I do print. and another tip: just know that if you are printing through your computer, do not change the number of copies, because you will get the same code for that one coupon. and they may they don't tell you that you're using it fraudulently, okay, so what you want to do is you clip the coupon and then you print it, and then you go back and clip it again and then you clip it. um, then you print it again and you will receive two separate codes. you can only do two prints per device, so if you have kids with a laptop, grab that too.


all right, good morning everybody. as you can see, we are getting ready to do our food for less for the week and remember this is the month for Thanksgiving. let's see this ad will go through Tuesday, November 8th. so this is one of the next three ads that we have to gather our stuff, our groceries, so that we can prepare for the holiday. I already have the audio for this week, so if you want to check out Aldi, go back and watch that one. and, as you know, hoof OS is an affiliate of Kroger. so if you have a Kroger store near you, these are some of the ad, but some of these sales that will be at Kroger store. but, as you know, Kroger is a larger store, so they have a much larger ad. also, if you are in the Illinois area, um, food for less as well as Mariano's is an affiliate or our Affiliates of Kroger stores- okay, and Mariano's actually have a larger ad as well. but the sales that are present in this ad should also be present In Those ads or in the stores as well. so let's get started. we're going to start with the fresh 73 lean ground beef, and now the small writing says: that is it. it is sold in a five pound package for 9.95. so if this is what you want, then prepare to pay 9.95. also at Bessie's rib tips, now those are sold in a 10 pound box for 19.90. so although it says 199 per pound, it is already measured out. you have the five pounds for the lean ground beef for 9.95 and you have the aunt Bessie rip tips in the 10 pound box for 19.90. my God, okay, moving on to the fresh boneless Chuck bottom round, or still knowing tip roast- 379 per pound. we have the center cut pork loin chops, bone in 249 per pound. all right, let's move over to 18 ounce blueberries for two dollars and 77 cents. and we have the Bob Evans breakfast patties, select variety: 6.99, and it looks to be 30 patties in each box. okay, we are over to the avocados- our 77 cents each. if you look at the already add, they are cheaper. I remember this. I think they were like 59 cents or something like that, but they are cheaper. so if it's worth going over to this too already, then go over there and pick it up there. um, we have the pizza puffs: 5.99- looks like four puffs. okay, let's move down to delays or lace kettle cooked potato chips. we also have the Cheetos and the Fritos, so like variety. now you do have to buy four in order to get them for 1.99 each. if you do not buy four, they can be priced up to 4.99 each. okay, and we're gonna come over to your little corner here. these are 15.99. you have the 24 pack: 12 fluid ounce bottles or cans. I think, wow, now we're gonna move up to okay, we are back to four for twelve. so this is the time to pick these up if you want to have this available for your holiday. you have the six pack: 16.9 fluid ounce bottles. now, when you go online, it'll tell you whether the cans are included in this as well. okay, so anything less than four. look at here. they will be 5.49 each. so your best deal is to just divide them in four and we're gonna come over, please, due to two deals. as you know, this is on your app or, if you have a browser, go to www dot. whatever store you have: the food4lesscom, your krogercom, mariano'scom- okay, in the description box I will list all of the stores that are Affiliates of Kroger, so you can check there. and we have the 18 count egg. so this is the good time, or the best time to pick up some of your egg products. they will be 1.99 each and if you do not clip it, it would be three dollars and 49 cents each. okay, so check your app, make sure you clip the coupon and go pick up your eggs. and here we have the Nabisco Oreo cookies, the honey made graham crackers. so, like variety, they would be 2049 cents each. these are good for those of you who make your pies. okay, if you do not clip the coupon, it would be 3.99 each. all right, so those are two, just two, of your digital deals. remember? I showed you last week how you can actually go into your app and see what other digital weekly deals you have. okay, and just keep going to the five pound russet potatoes. time to pick up your potatoes- 2.99. let's go over to Collard mustard, turnip greens or kale, 79 cents a bunch, and for those of you who like cabbage instead, 69 cents per pound. and we have your navel oranges at 99 cents per pound. below that, we have your Gala, Fuji or Granny Smith apples sold in a five pound bag for 5.99. and we're gonna come over to the Vienna beef frank. so these are your beefs. up um beef hot dogs- 5.49, and down below we have Moana orange sausage snakes- oh, they still have more. like this was a huge butcher shop here in Chicago, several locations, 9.99, okay, and here we have your fresh Purdue chicken wings- no antibiotiks ever- 2.99 per pound and below that we have Seas- never heard of the Seas- the bay catfish nuggets, Frozen- three pound bag for 6.99. moving over to what is this here? coming down there, it is fresh boneless Chucks, bottoms or soloing tip stiks, 4.79 cents per pound. and let's see what we have in the deli and bakery. first we have the glazed donuts, 12 count for four dollars. and then, right next to it, we have the Stone Ridge Ranch shaved pastrami or other varieties at 11.99. okay, let's hold on. now go to the inside. all right, so we are now to the inside. we are going to the 32 ounce of Kroger cheese- for those of you who may want to use this for macaroni and cheese- 6.99. coming down to the Kroger canned vegetables, they are now at 79 cents. and your Carnation evaporated milk, this goes pretty fast- four for five dollars. and also, for you Bakers, we have the granulated granulated sugar: four pounds, two dollars and nine cents. and we have the sweetened condensed milk, the Eagle brand. remember that I was getting ready to sing something. that's okay, two dollars. and tell me two for five dollars, all right. so we are now at the Tropicana orange juice: 52 fluid ounce. two for seven dollars. and let's move along to the mini muffins, or even the Hostess Donuts. we have them for two for five dollars. and also- well, this is the same, isn't it? the little ditty? mini muffins- five count. so there are five in here. okay, below that we have the Kroger Deluxe ice cream or Kellogg's Eggo waffles- tin count- two for five dollars. okay, did you run those? pizza is on sale this week. when you buy two, there would be 6.49 each. the small writing says: quantities less than two will be priced at 7.29 each. okay, let's move down to the Stouffer's party size mac and cheese: 2.99. below that we have the Totino's Pizza Rolls: 130 count in the bag, or 10.99 in the frozen section, I believe. now we're gonna go over to the Colgate total toothpaste. I hope you guys are going to Walgreens or CVS to pick up these, because at least you get points back, okay, and they're about the same price. but if you do not have a Walgreens or CVS, by all means pick it up for 3.99, and on top we have these stay free pads: 14 to 24, account 3.29, and still say these should be free or at least covered by insurance. right, we're gonna go up to the chorus body wash. oh wow, 4.79. I think that increase. okay, these are the 18 fluid ounce bottles. okay, let's see what we have for the. when you buy six, only 50 cents- this is usually by five- save a dollar. first it will save two dollars and then it will save a dollar. now we're only saving 50 cents, huh? and then this one up to six. okay, so everything on this page, you have to buy Six in order to receive this, the bottom sale price, the lowest sale price. okay, let's get going. what's included is this: Pillsbury, so we have the pills- very Grands- and biscuits. Crescent or cinnamon rolls- let's see if it is there, okay, uh, TGI Fridays: Frozen appetizers and your Campbell turkey gravy or chicken broth and you're elected milk. Monterey family pack burritos or chimichangas. we have some vegetables from bird's eye and some red gold diced tomatoes. up here you have Kellogg's area. make sure you check your app to see which sizes are included in the deal. okay, you can find out by checking your app. remember I said if it's in a little yellow box with the sale price, then that is what is included. but you want to look for the ones that are two dollars and 99 cents and I'll link that video t.


okay, good morning everyone. let's get into our Food For Less ad. we are a little late. however, the ad does go through Tuesday, September 27th, all right, and these are the dates for the ad, so you can see. and let's get started with the fresh boneless pork: loin chops at 2.99 per pound and we're going down to the sirloin tip steaks or roast- boneless- 3.79 per pound. we have the fresh Heritage Farm chicken drumstiks or thighs, bone in for 99 cents per pound, and the hot price here is: uh, are the strawberries? one pound package, two, four, four dollars, two for four dollars, all right. uh, we have the Tennessee Pride family pack, totally larger pack, 40 ounce sausage patties, or we have the Parker House, which is in the back sausage for 6.99. we have the fresh pineapple too, for three dollars, and we Michelina's entrees. they're 99 cents. just go down to our Frito-Lay section. you must buy two to receive the price of 2.99. these are the larger bags. if you do not buy two, they will be priced at 5.49 each. okay, we're gonna go over to your Libations here. you must buy two in order to receive them at 12.99 each. if you do not buy two or four, they have to be in two increments. they will be. you see that, 15.99 each. uh, is there a limit? yes, you can only buy four. all right, and we're gonna go to our pop section. some say soda. you have the Coca-Cola, Pepsi or squirt- I haven't seen the squirt- okay, but this time it's a little higher- 3 for 14.. usually it's 4 for 12, I believe, and you must buy them in threes. if you do not buy them at three, there are 7.99 each. and let's go over to our digital deals of the week: water, and this is the 40 pack at 3.99 each. and that is with the digital coupon. remember, you have to have the app or you have had to create an account through your browser online in order to clip these coupons. if you do not have it on the app, it would be 5.29 each, joined by and here we have the digital coupons, for 279 each, and that would be a six pack: 16.9 fluid ounce. if you do not have the digital coupon, it would be four dollars and 79 cents each. okay, and at the end of this video, of course, I will do the clip through the app, okay? um, here we have on the back the Kroger red, green, black ore, tri-color, seedless. great three pound package for 5.99. we're gonna move over to the pairs. you have the busk or Department and a dollar and 29 cents per pound, and under that you have your salads. these are your Kroger brands. okay, Kroger is the parent store too- Food For Less, remember that. and they're three for ten. there you are the parents door for quite a few. just look down into the description box and you will see, and you may have a store near you. here we have the broccoli crowns or tomato on the vine, and a dollar, 49 cents per pound. and we have our greens. we have our Collard, mustard, kale, Alterna, 89 cents each for a bunch. okay, so they're probably already pre-packaged. if they are each, usually it will say per pound. and we're going to move over to the Oscar Mayer basic Lunchables. for those of you with kids still in school who like these, these are the ones without the drink. they're three for five, and down below that we have the Heritage Farm brand chicken breast- three pounds- or chicken tenders or cutlets- 2.5 pounds Frozen. Okay. so check your pounds and make sure you're getting the correct item: 9.99. and next to that we have our fresh Atlantik fillets. these are Farm Rays, I know sometimes people are interested in that if they're wild caught or farm raised, 8.99 per pound. and on top we have the 85 lean ground turkey, 16 ounce, two for five dollars. that's a good price, especially the meat ground turkey. and over here we have the first T-Bone or porterhouse, 7.99 per pound. and let's check out Dylan Deli and bakery. we have our Hoagies, six count, two for six dollars, so beautifully, and right next to that. okay, we have two things here. the first thing we have is the Private Selection turkey breast, 8.99 per pound, okay. and then over here we have our Private Selection Kobe or Kobe Jack cheese, 7.99 per pound. so a pound of meat and a pound of cheese. let me get you a 9 and 8, 17, almost 20 bucks, all right. so let's go to the inside. okay, we are now at the canned chicken of the sea, light tuna, 89 cents per can. there is no limit, well, at least not in the paper. you know there's a different story whenever you go in. we have a deer, we have Daisy- wow, Daisy- sour cream, 1.99. and we have our Yoplait yogurt ten for six. and your coffee drinkers. you have your Starbucks at 4.99. Andy idahoan mashed potatoes or casseroles- four for five dollars, good price. and we have the cream at pasta. this is an old brand, four for five dollars. they've been around a long time. and right next to that, of course, we have our Prego, three for five dollars. these are 23.5 to 24 ounce. and underneath that, to go with it, we have our granulated sugar at 1.99. some people do put sugar in their sauce to each his own. we have the homerunian, then Crust Pizza- 5.99. we have the totinos pizza rolls: 50 count, 3.99, and of course, these sausages. we have the brown and syrup- four for five, without a tin count. and moving over to the electrolyte Solutions, 299. so if your sodium, potassium or magnesium is all there, you go. and on top we have the Hershey's candy bars: 69 cents each other, and the Crest toothpaste, 10 for 10.. grab that while you can. that is a good price. and they're 4.2 ounces. that is a very good price. okay, and we're going to flip to our last page and, as you all know, this is Hispanic Heritage Month, so let's see what we have on this page. we have the boneless beef, chuck stiks or roasts- 4.99 per pound. we're gonna go across, going to go to the white onions: 89 cents per pound, and the fresh jalapeno pepper: the 89 cents per pound- directed for me to Franklin, but he is the time without landing. and we have the fresh baked belilo rolls at 199. they are in the bakery, okay, so look in the bakery, for these six count. and okay, a 24 pack for 27.99. and we have the mission tortillas, or tortillas, 30 count in this pack for 1.99. okay, it says select variety. I didn't know if they were the corn or the flower, but either. or any harritos drinks, love this right here. four for five, and we're gonna go over to the rainbow multi-pack snacks. two for five and the Valentino red hot sauce: 169.. my goodness, somebody must be walking out there. um, we have the nor. oh, I need these. the bullion for 5.99. I need some more of this. the chicken flavor: okay, we have the Saint Jude Day of the Dead, unscented candle. two for three. it's interesting stuff, never seen, this. okay, and then we have the trees, or sour cream. two for five. I like the queso fresco, I like the sky, okay, and there you have everything, and that is actually the ad. hold on, okay, we are back to the front page. you guys know that the glare is there, because if I turn it off it will be dark. let me see. yeah, see, it goes very dark, so I'm going to turn the glitter back on. the actual app is here. whatever story you have. remember to look. in the description box I listed all of the stores that are included within the Affiliates of, or under the Affiliates of, Kroger. okay, Kroger is the parent company and they actually own quite a bit of stores, so all of the ads should run simultaneously and should be actually the same. so we're gonna look for the water. this is actually a very good price here: for 40- 40 in a pack- 3.99. that is a excellent price. and then you have your pot. I'm not a pop drinker, but those of you who are: let's look, okay. and there we go. okay, so we are on the front page. remember the way I do it, which is quite simple: instead of going all around, we go to the bottom and we hit savings. that is right, right there. okay, clip that and I go. this pops up first and it says: here, view our coupons. so we're just gonna click on that. don't mind my nails, I haven't done them for a week yet, okay. and then you go look and scroll, as I always say, but for the sake of the video, we're just gonna scroll to see where we can find the Kroger purified water, so let me just scroll up. well, we reached this first look, you would know, by seeing weekly digital deals.