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food4less ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads


okay, hello everyone there. we are all right, i didn't record last week, but basically because i only had five views and two of those were mine from week before. so i just said that i would wait until this week. until, you know, everybody starts to get back into the shopping mode coming up until christmas. so we have aldi and food for us and the dates are december 8th through the 14th and the same date will run forward for last, december 8th through december 14th. also, before i start, guys, this was my new- was not my new- website. i'm just now getting back to it. it is called coco's place, c-o-c-o-a-s-p-l-a-c-e dot com. um, come and take a look. i have a lot of little interesting, nice things there. you may find something that you like. okay, and that is my blog, and feel free to leave a comment. and on that note, let's start. we're going to start something different this week. i usually always start with all these, but we're going to start with foo for that. so let's go here. we are grumpy. oh, that looks kind of mushy there, doesn't it? okay, and chicken drumstiks or thighs balm in 99 cents per pound. ham, that says shrink or butt bone in limit one with additional 25 purchase. remember what i said about the little writing. so in order to get this for 57 cents, you have to have an additional 25 purchase. if not, it looks like, oh, this is the ham bone in. but they both need the additional 25 purchase in order to receive those prices. okay, tennessee price. i always say it will not be a food for us if you do not include your tennessee pride. and we have coca-cola. you must buy four of the six pack, four for eleven. we have doritos- must buy four, or a dollar ninety-nine cents each. okay, that's always here. and we have the russet potatoes: a 10 pound bag, a dollar ninety seven cents. uh, six ounce raspberries or blackberries, two for three. and there are your grapes: 97 cents per pound. and i think that is the whole first page. yes, all right. oh, and now we are back to the must buys. this week is the must buy five mixer match. and again there is the red box that separates it from all of the other items. so everything that is within this box, you must buy five. they do not have to be the same exact item, but in order to receive the price that is shown, you must buy five. so let's start here with the craft cheese: 16 gal. we have the thomas english muffin- uh, the maxwell house looks like a 24.5 to 31 ounce. can we have the gif peanut butter 249. kroger breakfast sandwich: that is a four count, so four in each box. the classical pasta sauce: tgif. let's move this down. here we go. snacks: the irish spring, the gerber puffs or little crunchies, and a? u by kotex. okay, guys. so those are the items that are included this week. is pan out in the red box or the by five, mix or match. okay, now back to outside the box. we have quaker instant oatmeal- two for four. chicken of the sea tuna- that is a five ounce can. if this used to be a six ounce can, okay. uh, we have jalapenos, whole jalapenos, all right. the haritas sodas, the kroger brand orange juice gallon- two for five. and we have stok up on this week's delicious deal. so here we have 13.99. there is a 30 to a 50 count in each box. okay, this one has the 30 count and they're 13.99. pasta: 99 cents a box. that is looks like either half a pound or a one pound box. okay, 99 cents. okay, and these are the spirits here. okay, and let's go over to the home running classic two count pizza, 10.99, so it's two in a box. hot pockets: you have the lasagna- oh, it says select variety, ready chicken, dutch farms. tortilla chips, two for four. nabisco family size- okay, they're both family signs. two for seven and these simply fruit drinks are two before. okay, and that's it on this page. to the back, we have cucumbers or green bell peppers, five for two dollars. yellow squash or zucchini, 99 cents per pound. salad tomatoes, these are four. council, that's usually four, and like a little container. two for three, okay, and your neighbor oranges are 89 cents per pound. and you have your ready-made salad bowls: 2.99. okay, this looks pretty good there. it looks like a chef salad, oh, it is the chef, and that one is the chicken caesar, okay. moving down, we have corn king bacon: 3.99, which actually isn't bad because bacon has gone up. we have oscar maya deli fresh lunch meat and if you look closer, what's all included? you have your 9 ounce or kroger dinner sausage, which is 3.99, so you have the italian sausage there and there's your lunch meat there. sirloin stiks, boneless, 5.99 a pound, for the fud franks for 49. and what is this here? center cup growing chops, 3.49 a pound, and let's go down. we have a pumpkin or sweet potato pie- eight inch, four dollars. or the crackers polish ham- 549 per pound, and that is in your deli. okay, so that's everything on the back page and that is your fault for last. so let's move on to the audi. all right, and now time for the all day. okay, again december 8th through the 14th, let's go. we have the half a ham: 85 cents per pound. again, naval oranges: 4 pound bag. avocados, 59 cents each. apples, and that is a two pound bag. brussels sprouts: one pound, 59 cents each. mango and dates: that is a one pound bag. okay, i'm trying to put this paper at an angle so the flash won't blind us. okay, here we go. salmon portions: 11.99 per pound. we have thin sliced chicken breast: 239 per pound- this is grass-fed ground beef- 449 area- 449 per pound. we have a pork stir fry, kicked- 7.99, and a carving ham: 349 per pound, and i believe that's everything in that section. so let's flip, yes, let's flip. and we have whipped topping: 69 cents. candy, going left to right: candy cane kisses and then your candy canes and then your meal: veal buttermilk pancake mix and then your pure maple syrup, okay, pork sausage roll and below that is your buttermilk biscuits. the jumbo next to all of that is your hash browns: 255 cage, free grade, a large x 225. okay, from left to right we have a fruit spread, french toast or brioche bagels, nature nectar not from concentrated orange juice, almond milk, maple or pumpkin ground coffee. and then you have your creamer- vanilla or caramel or caramel, almond milk coffee creamer. okay, let's flip. we have the- what does this say here? heart to tail pet snuggle cave and nicki him hiding in there. they look so cute when they're like that right and not scratching up their stuff. okay, we have the gingerbread dog biscuits. they want some gingerbread too. and we have dog treats, mini frosted, and we have assorted frosted dog bones. okay, we have- oh, this is pretty- led flocked alpine trees. that's pretty, okay, all right. um, gnomes- all right, extendable gnomes- all right. yes, okay, led mini ball garland- all right. flame less led candles, that is a four piece. oh, that is nice. and we have merry moments holiday lantern and we have the 24 inch metal lantern and we have some kitchen items, cookware. left to right, that is a mini cast iron. we have a cast iron fry pan or grill, and then we have the dutch oven- all right. now let me go back up because there's something in the middle. we have a candle set, includes 12 cable knit throw, and below that we have a sherpa throw, velvet plush, okay, and here we have a serving platter and a wood board. now at the bottom we have a hand cream gift set- seven piece. we have soap and lotion gift set. we have locker be kissed lip balm- looks like a set there, about three in there- and we have a smartphone earbuds charger or cable, or cable. so just separate, okay, and let's flip. okay. and we're continuing on this side with the rawhide bone or candy cane, the rawhide stoking, so your dolls can have a little stoking the hole or split antler and a playhouse, a cat scratching playhouse, okay, and a board book or squish mallow, squish mellow, set. there it is there. i'm not sure what that is, but there you go, hey, santa. toddler toys, figurines, blast, kit, dance, tots, activity binder, little thingies, all the toys. and there's a basketball over the door, okay. portable roll and score- okay, so you can move it anywhere and score. led projector- 129.99. portable patio here. long sleeve maxi dress- oh so holiday, okay. blanket, poncho, sweaters, jackets, boots, pajamas, all right.


okay, here we are. we're ready for a new week. we have the new aldi and the full follow-ups and the date is today, november 10th, going through november 16th, next week, tuesday. so let's start with it. we have the butterball turkeys: same prices last week, 87 per pound. we have the blueberries: this is per pint and these are the california red grapes and it does not stik that they are seedless, so we're gonna say that they have seeds and we're gonna go down to zucchini: 129 per pound. asparagus: 229 per pound. the granny smith apples: three pound bag for 189. we have dates: one pound bag um package for 4.89. wow, um. washington organic pears, that is for two pounds, 3.49. and we have the five ounce package of organic baby spinach and arugula mix: 259. okay, this is the boneless, skinless chicken thighs. it does not state the amount that is in the package, but it does save per pound, okay, so 179 per pound. uh, we have the boneless lamb loin roast, which is 7.99 per pound. the grass-fed chuck roast- this is organic, 7.99 per pound. and the antibiotik free whole turkey, which is 169.5. okay, and we are going to flip. we have the seasons choice steamable peas: 12 ounce, 79 cents. okay, time to get the stuffing, the bag stuffing: 169 for a 14 ounce. we have the lovin fresh hawaiian hawaiian sweet rolls: two dollars and nine cents. and we have the butter, you unsalted and your salted, uh, sweet cream, for 199 each. okay, a lot of bacon stuff going on now. and we have the ground coffee: 449. we have your deep dish pie crust: 119, and, as you can see, it was 35, 135. so we had 119 now. and we have the pump pumpkin pie mix- looks like in the can: 30 ounce, 229. and evaporated milk: 89 cents for 12 ounce. and what is this here? okay, thursday feast for up to ten guests, okay. and what we have here? the chocolate truffles: 349. the choker, european chocolate collection: 3.99. more truffles. hershey's york peppermint snowflakes: 2.95. and we have the macaroons: 209. and we have hershey's reese's miniatures: 295. all right, this is all we have. we just have one piece of paper. so we have the salami collection: 12 ounce, 6.49. cheddar assortment: 3.99. crumb debris: 349.. uh, this is a board. okay, we have an olive spread: 3.99. we have a goat cheese log for 249.. we have the cheese pearing spreads: 6.99. uh, we have four in there. okay, we have the breadstiks: 179, and your sourdough crackers for 199.. so all of this? i guess they're saying you can make a board with who's that? okay, so that is your. if you want to do a spread like that, all right. so let's keep it moving. we have an air fryer- when i was gonna say fifty dollars, i hate that penny thing. so we have a ambiano air fryer for 50 bucks. uh. you have a casserole dish, a pumpkin- okay, for fifteen dollars, nine dollars. you have your two pack mini or one pack small pumpkin casserole dish and that's it right there, all the way up [Applause]. and we have- what is this here? a 20 cup rice cooker and steamer for 20.. not bad. we have a kitchen assortment- 8.99. your tableware fall tableware assortment- 189. your prep containers- five dollars. that is a 20 or 30 piece and then includes the lid and the count. we have your kitchen cabinet bin- 6.99. and we have a pantry organizer for 6.99- okay, and accent rug- eight. you have a holiday doormat for seven. you have your microfiber sheets- 15. uh. your layering rug, that's what they're calling it now, huh. eight. your rolling cart- thirty. uh. advent calendar candle or four, ninety, nine or five bucks. and your essential oil for five dollars. oh, we have something else here: your comforter set for 35 dollars. so this set, i guess, includes the top cover and perhaps the pillows, because i can see this in a pillow cover. but okay, there you go. it's a plush sherpa, comfortable set. all right, and that is it for audi. so let's move on to clear fellas. let's see what we have here: ground beef- let's read the little writing here- and also chroma ground turkey, 199 pound. uh, you have your chicken drumstiks or thighs, as you can see, bone in 99 cents per pound. there's your package we have. oh, look at here, guys, it's a limit of one, 49 cents a pound for a cobra turkey. that's a good deal. if you do not have, you're not going to be one of those who get a free turkey. this is 49 cents a pound and you are limit to one, and it says with additional 25 purchase. so you may have to make a 25 purchase on other items in order to get the turkey from 49 cents per pound. i'll always read the little small red in there. okay, and let's keep it moving. we have smoked sausage or oscar mario wieners, three pound for 5.99. uh, you have your coke, pepsi or squirt for three for 12.. and, as you can see, you must buy three, okay, three of the same or mix or match. we have sweet onions- three pound bag. or five count garlic- okay. so a five count garlic bag or a three pound bag of sweet onions at 99 cents- lots of small writing here, fine print. avocados or large mango: 79 cents, 10 pound bag of russet potatoes and your livation: 13.99. okay, let's see what we have this week in the red box. remember, the red box goes across. it's not a lot this week, but it is a buy 10, mix or match. so in order to get the price that you see- i say this every week- you must buy 10, and it doesn't have to be 10 of the same. you can mix and match anything that is in this box to get the price that is shown. all right, so you'll land the licks. the regular price on this is 249.. the regular price on the crayoner is 249, and you have here your velveeta or your craft mac and cheese and there's something else in here: your mission street carb balance whole wheat tacos- okay, and that is a 10 ounce 249.. if you do not purchase 10, each will be 2.99. okay, and this is the large size. make sure it says large size of general meal cereal: 1.99 each. that's the sale price. if you do not purchase 10 items, it is going to be 249 each. okay, we have your hawaiian punch: the regular price on that is two, looks like 39.. your idaho frozen potatoes: the regular price for that is 249. the ice cream kroger brand regular price is 249. your comfort baby wipes and regular prices of 179. regular price for your degree deodorant is 2.99 and your regular price for your small body wash is 1.99. okay, guys, so the price shown is your mixo match for your buy 10.. okay, now, moving along to below the box, we have your kerby cheese: 32 ounce, 5.99. sugar, 1.99, uh, and that is a four pound egg. chili pods: 4.99, 8 through 12 ounce. corn husk: 7.99 for 16 ounce. betty crocker cake mix: 99 cents, they came down. chop trumpet counter almost uses two for five, that is a 52 fluid ounce and it does say select varieties. okay, and i'm thinking it is. you know, some with the pope and some without the pulp, some with the vitamin c, like that. and we have your intamins little bites, two for five. juanita's harmony, that is a large 110 ounce can for 299. and your spirits and more spirits. you must buy two in order to get that? okay, that price. you have your chicken of the sea. tuna, five ounce can for 69 cents. if you want to make tuna salad, you have your jose olay takitos or snax: 399, your private selection. frozen fruit, that is a 48 ounce. your oreos, two for five. your jack's pizza must buy four in order to get four. four, eleven. each one individually is 329.. mozilla, 40 ounces, 319.. okay, last cake salad, tomatoes, that is a four count. two for three. you have your oscar miner daily fresh lunch meat or your hair shine smoked rope sausage, two for six, oh, let's go up. yellow squash or zucchini, 99 cents a pound. naval oranges: 89 cents. fresh asparagus, 1.99 a pound. one pound of strawberries or pineapple blueberries, two for five. tilapia fillet- these are frog farm raised, previously frozen. okay, 4.99 per pound, just keep going down. here we have your chicken wings frozen. this is a 2.5 ounce bag, no, 2.5 pound bag- 4.99. breaded shrimp: one and a half to two pound bag for 10 bucks. it has moved down here. your crackers: polish ham: 549 a pound. you have a pumpkin or sweet potato pie at four dollars and below that you have a kings hawaiian roll: 12 count for 349. and here we have cooked ham portions bone in butt or shank: 199 per pound. and here are fresh asparagus: 199 a pound nava.

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okay, welcome to another week. everybody, we're getting ready to start our sales ads. so we have abby blue us and we received a save, okay, so let's get started with audi. okay, today's date? well, this takes place october 20th, which is today all the way through next week, tuesday the 26th, and we have michigan gala apples, caramel apples- three per pack, and the blueberries: 249 for pint spaghetti, butter squash or acorn squash. california peaches per pound, washington bartlett pears- that is a three pound bag. organic yellow potatoes, and that is a 24 ounce bag. and red grapes: 1.99 per pound and 3.98 for a 2 pound bag. these are the ginio italian style turkey sausage: 1 pound. parole wild caught cod cod. so fish, 7.89 per pound. we have a seasoned chuck roast and here we have fresh ground bison- okay, mama cozy's pizza kitchen. so we have pizza in the box for 449 through 4.99. okay, flip it over. and we have vermont creamery goat cheese dip. okay, we have a new little yellow section here. so we have a slice meats tray, um, salami, italian salami, yes, six ounce cheese spread, uh, okay, brie, creme de breeze- i'm getting that fancy here. red pepper spread or onion chutney, fig or plum fruit spread and premium mustards. okay, herb, what is that? corn cornichons, okay. extra virgin olive oil: okay, this is infused, so and i cannot see the writing on this, so i can't tell you what it is infused with, but it is 3.89 and we have the sourdough pita crackers and the italian breadstiks. okay, so this looks like for a little get together or a party or something. okay, keep it going. shrimp and lobster bake or lobster mac and cheese- this is really interesting this week. lasagna, rose, salted caramel cheesecake or pumpkin cake roll: um, uh, what is this? a nostalgic truck or tree? a porch? porch signs: 12.99. 8.99 for circle sign. well, as i always say things like this: uh, check out the dollar tree now, because a lot of this is there. okay, um, save you some coins for your necessary things. okay, we have an inflatable pumpkin candle: 4.99. fabric pumpkins: 4.99. i saw this for two dollars at dollar general. okay, all the and this other stuff, all right, just keep going. pop-up basket: um, wax milk warmer to wick candle and blankets: okay, crystal lip canister tray table. a mop or a broom- this is bamboo. a steam iron or a garment, steamer hair straightening brush- uh, utensils- 3.99. waffle maker, juice carrot. a vegetarian assortment. you guys can see all of this. let's keep it going. play that, okay. toys, ibuprofen, children's ibuprofen, mucus relay. i hope you guys got in on some of the um clearance section that i was telling you about in dollar general. that video was up in time and you would have saved a whole lot on this stuff. all right, but this is what it is at audi this week and the date: october 20th through to twenty six, miss gill, cheek gun drum stiks or thighs: 99 cents per pound. roaster steaks, ground turkey sold in a five pound roll for 9.95, if that's what you like. and tennessee pride and remember this, guys, this has always been in here for over a month now. so four, four, eleven must buy four to get it for eleven dollars. okay, this one is new, it is the cheetos. lays or lace kettles must buy three individually. they are. was that 3.79? there's your libation bananas: three pound bag ready red orange or yellow bell peppers are 99 cents. is that only for one over pound? i'm assuming this for one, michigan? oh, this is the honey crisp. see, aldi had the gala. all right, here we are. a pound of ground beef on a roll. okay, oh, back down to must buy five. so we tried to must buy six for two weeks, i guess it didn't sell, so they're now back to must buy five. so everything that is in this red box, you must buy five in order to get the price that is shown. so let's get started. you have the bandicams and, as you can see here, when you buy five or more, if not, it will be 4.99. okay, mix or match so that it does not have to be just this, it can be a few of each in the red box. all right, 88 cent if you buy, make some match 5, if not, it'll be 188. folders will be 6.99, primer will be 5.99, the gogurt will be 3.99, the jelly or the vegetable juice will be 2.99. i'm telling you the price that it will be if you do not get at least five of the items. okay, uh, ice cream would be 349, so it looks like you're saving a dollar. so far, 199. mario roll, the chris soap will be 4.99 and the speed stik will be 179.. okay, so mix the match, five of the items that is in the red box to get the price that is shown. all right, now drop them down. all right, arm and hammer. buy one, get one free does not say the price. right now, walgreens is having a. buy one, get two free. okay, check out your price at walgreens. kroger bath tissue: 12 double rolls: 3.99. fabuloso: 2: 5. cremate pasta, instant coffee, nest cafe, for- for a dollar for your noodle soup and more libation, and now two more. and homerun and pizza: 5.99. hostess, 1.99. candy: 9.99 for- oh, this is a very large bag, 100 pieces, look like in this. one oreo cookies, two for five, veto and nyx pizza- a lot of pizza going on. carving kit for the pumpkin, or candy- okay, let's clean it up. a fresh pineapple, pairs of oranges, mandarin, seamless, three pound bag. fresh tomatoes on the vine in a five pound bag of root set potatoes or three pounds of yellow onions- okay. what do we miss here? pork loin chops, grated shrimp, lunch meat, carcass, polish ham- okay, assorted conscious italian sausage- 449. or brats, bratwurst and taco meat- okay, 4.99 a pound. and that is the thing for us, and i do get a save. this is what's going to come out in this sunday's paper, october 24th. okay, this is one of the inserts, so let's see. if they gave us that they will change. they do change sometimes by sunday, so but, um, what we have so far in the early insert is retinol number seven: okay, we have some treats for the dogs and we have privacy here. good exploration date on the doctrine tyler and zarby's. so take a pain medicine and take your tail asleep. two dollars: okay, we have preparation h rapidly, and i hope it is rabbit and we have renews it. take these two dollar tree guys. buy two. no, buy four, get two free. take these to dollar tree. you can always wrap up on that. and this is what benefit benefit: save two dollars on a three pound bag. that's not a bad deal for dog food. and buy two of these trays and get one free. there's nothing there or here. you can take those two dollar general two guys. oh, such a waste of paper. nothing here, nothing here, nothing here, nothing here and on the back we have all. and the last time i only got to use one of these here because they cleaned out warmer. i could not find. i want some beads, so i'm going to take these this week before the paper come out, all right. so we're going to have a dollar fifty off of any snuggle product and that's inning snooker product there. however, on this one it is only for the in wash scent booster. okay, so, and there will be a two dollars. so this is going to be coming out on sunday, october 24th, but there is going to be another. um, i think there's going to be another insert, but it's not the same as the. it's the other one that we get, okay, so that is the same smart choice. that's what i'm thinking of, guys. i couldn't. i knew it was a s, so this is a save, but i believe we're going to be getting a smart source also. so that is what we have going on from october 20th through october 26th, and the safe insert is coming out october 21st, 4th. okay, see you, guys, in my next video. be safe, be blessed until then. bye, bye.

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okay, good morning everybody, or afternoon, wherever you are, when you're watching this video. uh, i am a little late. let's see here. okay, here we go. so let's get started with the audi and fufa ls, which is what i got. on this upcoming sunday, there will be a smart source and a png. okay, so that's going to be on october 31st. so, if you like, your tide, your gain, um, pantene, what else is in here? oh, yeah, png, look it up. uh, png products that's going to be coming out this coming sunday. all right, let's get started with audi and, as you can see, the date is october 27 through november 2nd. all right, let's go. california red grates: 85 cents per pound. oh, we have the apples back. karma apples- three in a pack. blackberries per six ounce mangoes: 89 cents. each. zucchini is per pound. cherub grape tomatoes- what is that? there, excuse me, is a 10 ounce package, uh, chicken breast eye of round roast, so roast- 549 per pound. lean ground beef: okay, five pound package is 11.45. okay, it says 220, 229 per pound. however, sold in a five pound package for 11.45, prices have definitely gone up. all right, here we go. this is the mama cozies pizza and these are all mama cozy, mma cozy's brand: okay, and you have your clancy's, which is the aldi brand, okay. beans: 59 cents per can, shredded cheese: 339- that is an 11 to 12 ounce. and this is purified water: 249 per pack. [Music]: pulled pork: okay, and your candy candy. candy candy. as halloween is on sunday, more than likely most of the kids will be trick-or-treating on saturday, so check the malls. [Applause]. okay, uh, a desk- this is the desk, only i don't see a price for a chair and let's keep going. we have a candle set, three piece. this is nice: 12.99. [Music]: a little up there, but nonetheless, you can find these again, guys, at dollar tree or even your dollar general, and it is good quality at dollar general. all right, let's keep going. little critters: 6.99 each if you're into that, and these are your wreath: 18.99. you know, go to dollar tree, pick up that little wire circle and they have these things here and you can just twist them up on your own. and it is way less than 18.99, especially if you are into the wreaths. okay, keep going. a planter soil- they just had this soil on our clearance at dollar general- is over with now. and there's your little greenhouse- okay, let's flip cast on your skillet. french oven. grill pan, electric grill, so that's a plug in right here. yeah, your silicone utensils. and let's go back up on this side- dutch ovens. this is soup season, so you're going to see a lot of the stuff going on sale in baking season as well. okay, dish set: good for your crust casserole makers. storage bowls, dollar tree trash can, collapsible box bag. and what is this here? kitchen mat. all right, and that is it for audi. this looks like it's going to be a little bit faster than before. we're coming up about what? six minutes? okay, food for less? okay, we're gonna have to do this a little bit better than these ads here. okay, beef skirt steak- haven't seen that? uh, you're baking 349.. three for 12.. oh, we've been having 4 for 11.. now it's 3 for 12.. let's buy 3.. see how they change. 4 for 11, 3 for twelve? yep, apples. five pound bag reset potatoes or three pound yellow onions- that's the same. two for three in your libation. and what do we have over here? avocados or large mango, 79 cents each? okay, and let's see what we have in the red box. we have a must: buy five. you must buy five to get the price that is shown in the red box. okay, so let's get started. in the red box must buy five, mix or match. okay, less than a quantity of five. we gave you 279 per box, 5.99 each. less less than five, uh, 3.99, 6.99, i am according to prices- that if you do not buy five of the items, then that is what you would be charged. okay, this will be 349, so it looks like a difference of five dollars so far. this would be 449, 9.99, 4.99, 179 and 3.99. so this is everything this week that is ended by five. you must mix and match everything that is in the red box. okay, all right, now let's see what is outside of the box. juice: 1.99, idaho, oh, these are the packages. 99 cents. 99 cents for your beef ravioli or your nora rice kroger vegetables this week. or two for a dollar in the can of your biscuits. mix or match. buy one, get one, ten for six. you play some more libation here. spirits, okay, homerun in classic pizza: 5.99. or chuck e cheese: oh, i didn't know they had frozen pizza. chicken cheese, have frozen pizza, see my daughter's face. okay, more spin, more spirits here. there you go for those of you who indulge in that. and we have harmony: 2.99. that's a large can, 110 ounce, uh, instant coffee in this cafe. and there you guys go, it's coming up to your baking. get your condensed milk. that's kind of high, isn't it? okay, go to the. i saw someone with a huge cart full of these candles there at the dollar tree right now and they have a three, three, four, four for the dollar tree. they have a large selection of those candles. uh, what do we have here? ritz or chip ahoy, chips ahoy and kroger. frozen vegeta- oh, what is that? meatballs, okay, and click here and we'll be done in a minute. yellow squash or zucchini? i'm going to go downward. rs lunch meat: scott petersons- this is scott pete. they used to be peterson's, now it's pete. oh, okay, 4.99, give him some [Music] food. uh, we have eight piece chip, uh, fried chicken and something is down at the bottom here, guys, what is that? krogo double pepperoni pizza or deli flat bread pizza? five dollars? that's not pictured, but yeah, it's at the bottom. okay, let's just roll over in here. sirloin steak: 6.99 per pound, guys, see that, all right, let's get ready to go up the middle here. bar as frank's: four for a dollar. you know this used to be 99 cents, those bars, franks. i remember that because i used to buy them a lot, used to. uh. salmon fillets farmeries- okay, not wildcard is a farm raised and we have fruit bowls: five dollars. poblano peppers: 89 cents per pound. red, green or black seedless grapes. that is only a three pound package- 4.99. well, they're expensive now anyway. three pound bag of mandarins: 3.99, and we did this already. and if you would like to work it through for less, there you go. okay, guys, that's all we have. there's your food for us and [Music] your audi. any sales go through november 2nd. we are actually into november as of monday. wow, be blessed, be safe, wash your hands, put on your mask, see you too next time. bye.


okay, good morning everyone. today is september 29th, it is wednesday and it is time for another week. so we have food for last. let me put that over here. we have our own. um, oh, we have some pizza. [Music]. i'm thinking of doing a separate one for jewel this week. guys, i may start doing that, because jewel, oh, true value, because joel is actually, i'm a feeling, an affiliate of albertsons and i know that some of you all who do not live in the midwest area have affiliates of albertans. what is this? oh, wendy's. hmm, maybe i'll pay them a visit, who knows, i don't usually go there and we have a safe. oh, we're gonna go through this too. okay, so in this video we will have all the food and the same inserts. so let's get started. okay, oh no, that's through the last. i'm sorry, we always do all the first aldi. the date is the 195th and let's go, let's go, let's go. all right, pumpkins. i'm not a pumpkin fan, i'm just not. pineapples. okay, okay, these are three packs. okay, a three pack is 1.99. uh, grape tomatoes- sorry for the paws, i was getting a phone call. uh, okay, yellow potatoes. that's a five pound bag. family pack of split chicken breasts, lean ground beef, one pound angus burgers. okay, what is that? pumpkin sage or butternut squash ravioli soup, okay? um, i'm confusing myself. okay, these are the prices on the top. all right, here we go. salad dressing, the salad bar, italian salad- 269 um, poultry, spices and herbs, sourdough, mozzarella, broccoli, florets, steamable and more cheese or provolone. that's a 12 ounce frozen chuck roast. okay, what is that? pepper assortment, macaroni and cheese, posca kielbasa. okay, hang on. okay, guys, we are starting back up again. sorry, i got interrupted with a phone call, but here we go. um, i believe it was somewhere in here, so let's go here. yeah, cause i remember saying about the poliska kia, baska, napolska, kyobasa. and we have the chicken broth 119, black beans at 59 cents and diced tomatoes with green chilies. okay, that's some good eating right there in the tuffles, huh? okay, hold on and i will flip it over. and here we are on the other side now. so let's look at the reversible cuff comforter 15. you have your pillow, to go with it, a sheet set, twin, full or queen, and it's. it just says 9.99. i wonder if that 9.99 is also for the queen sheet set, though you know, the higher the price, the bigger the sheet sets, right, um, what do we have here? ottoman, a sherpa throw, i bet you that is warm in the winter. okay, that'd actually be good to keep in your car too, guys, you know, just in case you never know. a pajama set for the children. we have a vanity mirror. makeup. removing cloths- okay. oh, a visage: 20 piece haircut kit- that's nice. towel set, shower mat: okay, that's good for your parents, for those of you who may have seen your parents- okay. or disabled wax melts- i need to get some of those. no, pumpkin, sorry. no, shave, three wick candle- let's go down. i did say that. okay, let's go down. uh, shaver, visage gel, beat therapy- not quite sure exactly what that is, but okay. oh, bp, i'm not sure about the wrist. i never did like the risk. i found those to be inaccurate at times. don't quote me, though, not only nobody coming after me, but as a nurse of 22 years. that was my experience, so maybe, anyway, i like the yarn. uh, pumpkin candles- okay, snip it. omelette maker or a microwave popcorn maker- five dollars, okay. a hammock chair- all right. another chair, what is this here? okay, move it along. uh, paella pan- okay. hand blender: oh, i need one of those. grill pan- all right. okay, you guys see something here that you would like? hydration bottle [Music], artisan kitchen rub: okay, and candy, candy, candy candy. they should have toothbrushes down here too. okay, and there's your baby, your affiliate to kroger. um, and i am a testament to the fact that food's the left, although it is an affiliate to clover, they do not always follow every single kroger sale, so make sure when you go in store that you do check your sales, okay, um, if you are comparing it to kroger stores, okay, kroger is the parent store, all right. however, mariano's does go exactly by the kroger sale. okay, loin jumps, sirloin steak, those are some nice potatoes. where are the potatoes at nail sale here? um, kroger shrimp, raw. okay, what is this little thingy here? bob evans family pack sausage patties or a scamier sub kit? okay, so if you want to make a submarine sound, this is the kit for it. excuse my nails, yes, they're not done. okay, homer and classic pizza. uh, doritos or ruffles must buy three: 40.88. if you do not buy three, they are 2.99 each. okay, fresh strawberries, that is a two pound package. there you go. potatoes, five pound set. or three pound yellow onions, which i need, but they're too far. i can go right down the street to a jewel- all right, avocado- 69 cents each. or right up to the street to aldi- all right. for those of you moving right along. we have beef skirt steak: 7.99 a pound. wow, grated shrimp, that is a 1.5 to 2 pound bag. oscar meyer meat winners: 30 count. corn cane- yeah, i remember that. corn king, you know, pop you to death, okay, um, bob evans sausage beef patties: four pound, frozen. never heard of this. it's in the bakery. this is some type of cupcake. what is that? monte carlos: okay, 12 count. frozen tigers: all right. sweet corn on the cob tots, all right. why not just say cut corn on the cob anyway? chicken tender patties or nuggets- home chef fried or baked: eight piece chicken: 5.99. italian style gravy and sliced beef sandwich pack: all right, all right. or chronos- some say gyro, some says gyro kit. okay, and more, all right. fresh, fresh sweet corn- say that, five times five for two. naval oranges: three pound bag- 2.99. gala apples: five pound bag. fresh green beans or broccoli crowns- that broccoli looking awfully good there, red, green or black. seedless grapes: three pound package. craft cheese singles: 16 count. kroger orange juice: oh, that's a gallon guys. cheese varieties: that's a lot. oh, it's 32 ounce. okay, twinkies and cupcakes. you're playing yogurt, 10 for fun. what do we have here? cookies, different type of cookies, okay, cheese it for those of you who like the cheesy crackers. [Music]: tampico, this broke all this. let's say it's been years since i bought this very acidic um for us. we have, uh, skin things going on over here so that breaks us out. and oh, i did do the cheat symbols. okay, let's go to the page. all right, guys, there's always some type of sale back here. but let's see what we have today. we have campbell chunky's chuck edge. okay, all right. four, four, five. there's your instant coffee. there's, there's your readers. okay, four for eleven. okay, you must buy four to get 4 for 11.. this is the six pack: 16.9 fluid ounce bottles. if you do not get four, one will be 549. okay, mozilla corn or vegetable oil, 40 ounce. saltine crackers and mango sauce, toast cereal. so, all post cereal. three for five, guys. if you still have um coupons from, i want to say, two weeks ago, maybe september 19th, i believe they expire this weekend for iowa spring, some regions received 75 cents off of one and some received a dollar off of one. okay, that'll be a good price and a good time to use those coupons on these items. um, you must buy four to get to 2.99. if not, one will be 3.99. okay, um, you can go to soft soap to see if they still have any soft soap coupons and try irish springtubecom to see. sometimes they have coupons for those, but i know that softsoapcom usually have it. um, you can just print from there. i'm not sure if you even need to sign up for their website. i think you can just type it in and print off your coupon. okay, and use it on this sale. if you buy four, 299 each. um, if you only buy one, it is 3.99. you can only print two coupons per device, i believe. okay, and do not put in for it to copy or to print out four or five copies, because it will flag after one. they are coded individually. all right, um, colgate optik: one must buy four to get one in a 199 each. if not, is 299. same thing here. you can go to colgatecom if you do not have any coupons saved from the inserts and you can print them out at colgatecom. okay, and there you go. all right. now let's keep it going. we are already almost at what? 15, 16 minutes and this will be.


hello everybody. today is september 1st, wednesday, all right, and here is the audi ad, which starts september 1st through the 7th. so let's get started. today we're starting out with lean ground beef- 1.99 per pound, green grapes, 95 peaches, 139 per pound and blueberries 229 per height. okay, mushrooms, kiwi, sweet corn [Music], zucchini, organic zucchini, and this is organic spring mix. lamb loin chops- name chops, okay, chicken breast, family pet miners per pound- 99 cents per pound, and baby back ribs: 389 per pound. now, let's flip it over. okay, graham crackers, hershey chocolate, six pack- and i guess this is for s'mores. and uh, marshmallows, 10 ounce. okay, let's stay in this blue section. gourmet cookies, and this is whipped topping and sugar cones. all right, let's flip back over here. bacon, cheddar or or unseason black angus patties, okay, tritila chips, salsa, corn dip, and these are your hamburger or hot dog buns- 79 cents each. you know the holiday is monday. uh, we have here, bro, earth and bun length leader. so the long hot dogs, chicken breasts, frozen beans and cheese single slice, and across the bottom you have the water. oh, last week it was two. oh, this is spring. last week was the. uh, purify for 229, i believe. okay, now we have the looks like beer, and then lemonade and 3 foot 12 coca-cola which includes the sprite. okay, hold on, i passed it to flip it. so, bacon, thick slice, summer sausage underneath chicken wings, the bag frozen, the cheese blocks. cream cheese, hot sauce, ferments, soda, barbecue sauce, 95 cents, the mayo 248. let's pop back up crackers, spinach or jalapeno, artikhoke dip- what is this? pretzel swims, garlic, parmesan or bacon, habanero pretzel, slims, don't know what that is. keep going. uh, what do we have here? a can of diced tomatoes with green titties, cheese, milk and some beautiful flowers. okay, this clip. okay, oh, it looks like outdoor games: ping pong, soccer, ball, football. okay, there you go. ring toss. now let's go here. i'll just let you guys look at that, pillows and stuff. okay, and that's it for audi. i hope that this was better this week. just going right across it very closely, you guys can see. all right, let's get on to food for less. okay, here's food for less, starting with your meat: asparagus, skirt steak, chicken breast, ground beef, patties, 10 for 10.. you know your libations: beers and stuff um, coke, pepsi or squirt, sweet corn, whole seedless watermelons, plums or nectarines and peaches, and your chips. you must buy four. and the same goes for the kopelsio squirt. you must buy four for that price. okay, hang on. all right, we are starting at the top with the bacon, and this is their sprouts. or italian sausage ribs, kroger shrimp- that's a two pound bag breaded shrimp. and there's your ice cream, apple pie, giardiniera underneath, baby back ribs looks like potato salad is 3.99 in a three pound tub. macaroni salad is included in that, as well as coleslaw, beef and gravy- okay, chicken ahoys, crackers and more beer. okay, here we are. broccoli crowns, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers and cucumbers. fruit bowls, already cut grapes- that's a three pound package, 16 ounce. raspberry, blackberry, 6 ounce. or blueberries height- okay, fresh. and your bouillon cubes, uh, gorilla sauce, pasta sauces- just a 24 ounce, 48 ounce of whistle cheese, mexican cheese, which is actually good for um. tortilla chips, pour on your tacos and whatever else you want to make. there's some cheap toothpaste, apple kroger juice, 12 count, not bad. okay, let's flip over last page. oh, they don't have the buy for four or whatever mix and match. okay, well, let's go. juice minima beans, three, four, five. this is their bombs. and hamburger bonds, which is about what? 20, 25 cents. cheaper than odd, no it, more expensive than holiday. i'll d is cheaper only by 20, 25 cents. okay, 12 to 16 pound bag of charcoal deodorant, space stiker suave, 1.2 to 1.8 ounce, and your cheeses and dips on the top ten for ten. mayo helmet and your sliced cheese here. okay, and that is okay, guys. and this is the early edition here in the midwest, in chicago area, of the save that will be coming out september 5th. this is going to be a quick one. it's a little thick though, but we'll just flip on the first page. here we have krispy kreme, some girl, some gerber coupons. i've never seen them like this before, only on um couponscom. but yeah, there you go. neosporin, band-aids, seneca, natural fiber- oh, there's a boost coming out, four off of two. expiration date: october 31st. so that'll be good. hmm, that must be expensive to have it that high anyway, okay, uh, what is this? lint chocolate, if you like your rich, rich raise for your dogs or kitties? i guess nothing there. eye care: contact solution fluid: okay, some more eye care, look like drops back here. sustain and i caps and nephron: uh, equal, okay, next expiration date: there, number seven, never had those. uh, we have here all over the place with this camera. okay, herbal essence: free plugs up to three dollars. okay, scar medicine, let's go. treatment, there you go. moderna and blister care compete for those of you who have rebate. um, i bought a rebate office. look, look out for this. on sunday you may have some offers there. a waste of paper, waste of paper, and oh, i guess i'll stok up again. centrum's coming, okay, i like being melted, going, all right, and there you go, um, usually on, by the time sunday gets here, this is totally reconstructed and we either have more or they take out some. but this is like an early edition of the save. okay, all right, see you guys next week for more ads. bye, be blessed.