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foodmaxx ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Funny Grocery Ads 7 | #Try Not To Laugh

what's up? YouTube boy tea man here coming back at ya. um, first of all, I know it's been a few weeks since, 2 or 3 weeks, since I've even done a video. I did post an old video the other day that I had stored in the phone. but, um, I'm back now. I had a very severe case of food poisoning so I was out for weeks. I had no choice. but I'm back now and guess what? you'll never guess. bills. cash saver is at it again. these babies just keep sending me stuff and keep sending me stuff. without further ado, let's get right into it. first off. this one only has one good one in it. I had to show you this amazing craft barbecue sauce. that is some delicious barbecue sauce, man, I would love, love, love to have some of that. 88 cents for that jar? oh yeah, I've never tried white barbecue sauce, but hey, I ain't racist, I'll give it a shot anyway. moving on, next up we have the Williams sausage. as you can see, it's clearly labeled sausage. I don't know why my focus doesn't work. it clearly says sausage right there. as you can see, look at that sausage. that's still a pretty good deal for that 219 effect. right on, right on. and then, of course, we've got- where are you at this one's, my favorite one this week- these beautiful ripe cantaloupes. man, they can never, ever get them strawberries right. I don't know what it is about the strawberries, but they just can't get them right at all. I'm okay with it because they give me a good laugh every week. oh, those are some delicious, delicious looking cantaloupe and what a cheap price. but that package of can. that's why the cantaloupe in one package. it really is mm-hmm. I can't wait to get down to bilk a saber and get me some of that cantaloupe. I'm gonna check out what else we got here now. oh yeah, here we go. oh, look at this, we've got the Miracle Whip again, only this time it's Bush's baked beans. I like that better as a barbecue sauce. considering it was only 88 cents, you know what we ready. sure I wouldn't like those bacon beans. somebody served me that as baked beans. I'd probably be a little angry. I might even throw it at them. I'm just kidding kids. violence is never the answer to anything, unless you're defending yourself or someone feeds you that as baked beans. in that case, get violent anyway. we also have the best soy sound. which bread? look at these two packages of sandwich bread. man, that is some delicious looking sandwich bread, mm-hmm. and such a good price. spreads getting expensive these days, so that's nice. let's see what else we got. oh, right on, right on, they hooked me up this time, mrs Smith. apple or peach pie, yum, yum. who doesn't like apple or peach pie? that's a whole pie in that box. I'm assuming that's the Apple and that's the peach, considering that's got the green and yellow, or because apples worst, I don't know. that's a pretty good deal for a whole box of peach and apple pie. I tell you that much. I can't wait to try it, baby. and we got some best choice and mustard. look at that mustard. that's a good deal for that mustard. I don't think I've ever tried red mustard before, but hey, like I said before, I ain't racist with my food, I'm sorry. any color, long as it tastes good. that is some strange-looking mustard, though. I'll tell you that much. and who can forget? they always, always mess up the Pepsi products. this time it's a 24 pack of Aquafina water. look at that 24 pack of Aquafina water. that is just very refreshing looking water there. I mean that's if. I guess. if I got really thirsty, I would definitely drink that water if I had to. I mean waters, water, right? even if it's labeled Pepsi. I don't think I have much left than this one. see what we get. well, they almost got this one right. almost. they got the name-brand right. Little Debbie cupcake- just look at those cupcakes. see that, cupcakes. look at them. cupcakes. yum, yum, yum. I'd love to have some of them cupcakes. I had to eat all of them, all of them at once. gimme those cupcakes, oh, oh, oh. and then we're gonna end it. we're gonna end it with the best choice: jumbo biscuits. now, those look like some very heart attack inducing biscuits, if you ask me. pretty sure, if I eat all of those biscuits in one sitting, out probably be dead, or my arteries would be clogged enough that I'd know I'd probably be dead. but you know what? for eighty-eight cents I'm going and I'm gonna buy me some of these biscuits. I'm gonna pop them in the oven, you know, we're gonna see what that tastes like. maybe I'll even do a video about that. sounds good to me. I think that'd be a great funny video. to be honest with you. don't forget, come on down to Bill's cache sabers, where every item is confusing and you can save on meat. thank you guys for watching my video again. I'm sorry. it's been weeks. I had terrible bout of food poisoning. I am almost 100% up to par now. I'm almost 100 percent better. please like, subscribe, hit the bell, share this video, please. please, share this video. I really need the views. it's been a while and hey, I'm back y'all. I'll be watching all y'all's videos, commenting on them, thumbs up thing on them. you'll definitely know I'm back, baby. keep having fun y'all, cuz I know I'm gonna do the same.

FoodMaxx Grocery Haul & Ad(Price) Matching!!! Weekend Shopping Edition

[Music]. [Music]. good morning friends. it's Jen, it is June Saturday. it's Saturday and I'm heading out to the store and I thought I'd go pick up a few things and see if I can do a little. well, not too much, but I want to try price matching that food mech, since they do advertise it on their website, and most likely I'll probably get tomatoes and limes. I don't see anything else that the stores have that I would want a price match, but definitely limes and tomatoes because, um matter of fact, I'll show you really quick: cost plus- I keep saying Cost Plus. World Market cost less. food company has our Tomatoes 48 cents a pound, grapes are 98 cents a pound and cantaloupes are 88 cents each, which is pretty good, and that's about it all. they have egg. our eggs are 78 cents a dozen, so, yeah, that's about it. they have chicken drumstiks, but I'm not looking to get chicken drumstiks. but anyways, friends, okay, so I'm going to head out. it's going to be very hot today here in California, especially in the Central Valley, I think all of California. it's going to be a triple digit heat today. so I'm gonna head out. it's probably barely eight o'clock in the morning. I finished. I'm doing my biking this morning. I left about 540 or so and I got in some laps and took a nice shower and now I'm going to pick up some things for the weekend. okay, friends, so this is food Mex is a website to show that they do add much price-match. add match, okay [Music]. and so, as I said, I was gonna just try an item or two of price matching at food Mex. and yes, they do price match. however, I didn't notike the ad here for cost less, for cost less a food company. I wanted a price match these Tomatoes- 48 cents a pound and food max had them for 99 cents, so 98 cents a pound. however, when I asked the cashier if they do price match, she says yes, they do. and she looked at the ad and I didn't notike that. this darn ad that came with all the current circulars and my mail. it ended on the 13th. I was like what that was so frustrating, but anyways, I didn't get the tomatoes at that price. and the other thing that I did price match was um O'Brien's. their limes were 10 for a dollar and food max had him 6 for a dollar. so I went ahead and priced matched those. but anyway, surprise, smashed, food max does price match other stores. just got to make sure that the darn circulars are the correct dates. know how I got this one: came with the rest of them, but anyways, yeah, I was a bit bummed out, but anyways it worked out pretty good. so here is my receipt. I got some pasta, some pasta- penne Rigate pasta- for 99 cents. this here on this side is the actual sale price and this is the regular price, yeah, so I got two loaves of bread for a dollar 79 mm. 24 pack of flour tortillas- 279. excuse me, this one was a shocker. the classical style type of pesto. this is pesto. they had them two for $4, so there were two dollars each, and pesto is never $2 each, so that was a good one. so I'm low on my dishwashing soap, so I picked up some finished Powerball tablets for 379, and right now my husband and my daughter-in-law are really liking ramen soup, so I bought a bunch of those. I think I like $3 worth, and this was my biggest right here expense. I had to buy a bag of basmati rice for 1869, and then they had another brand of basmati rice for 10 pounds, for $16 in some sense. but I figured two more dollars I'll get me another 10 pounds. so 1869 for 20 pounds of basmati rice is good and he won't eat plain, regular long grain rice, it's got to be basmati. then I got a can of diced tomatoes for to make turkey chili, 2 cans of tomato paste for 49 cents. that's a really good price. some more ramen soup. and then I thought I'd stok up on some toothpaste. so I got two tubes of toothpaste with peroxide and baking soda for $1. my husband uses yogurt, so I got him a big thing of yogurt. and then apples were on sale. let's see, there were 99 cents a pound. bell peppers were 49 cents each. so goes up this way. so apples or 99 cents a pound and the bell peppers are 49 cents each. and then I got two pounds of carrots for 89 cents. cilantro was 39 cents. cucumbers, those were 29 cents a pound, 29 cents each, I think. yeah, 39 cents each. and then the garlic was three $4. and then I got a quite a few heads of lettuce. there were 49 cents, regular, a dollar ninety-nine. so I picked up four of those. and there's the limes that I priced match. those were regularly six $4. I got um ten for a dollar. because I'm a Brian's house, I'm ten for a dollar. and let's see, red onions were a great price: 39 cents a pound. you see, right here they're nine cents a pound for red onions, I got. some jalapenos were ninety nine cents a pound. spinach, that was a dollar ninety-nine a bunch, know as a dollar twenty nine a bunch. and there's the Roma tomatoes: they were 89 cents a pound. so, and let's see, I got wheatgrass for Izzy for a dollar ninety eight. and then they're having a really great price on their ground: turkey foster farms. you get three pounds of Turkey for five dollars and 99, 97 cents. so I got six pounds of Turkey for about eleven dollars in some sense. so I spent a total of seventy three nineteen today, which wasn't. it's not too bad. I'm just going to stretch my food as usual and I'm not sure if I'm going to come back out and do any shopping on Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes, okay, friends? so I'll show you what the food I bought now that I went over the the receipt with you, okay? so I just stopped off at CVS because I running very low on paper towels, so I picked up a six-pack of CVS branded paper towels- and I did have six dollars in ECB's, so it costs $7.99. you can see if it focuses. and then you see there the CVS manufacturer coupon: six dollars total and ECB's I gave. so our tax here in California is, at least in this city, seven point eight seven, which is pretty low compared to where I came from before I lived. it's not focusing anyways. alright, it's not focusing. [Music], [Music]. you [Music], [Music], [Music]. okay, friends. so thank you so much for watching and happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there and have a great weekend and I will catch you in the next video. bye.

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'00s Ad Breaks Vol. 2 - February 2001

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Groceries....Again....Food Maxx

well, it's time for our weekly grocery run at the old food packs. I'd love to come here late morning because it's not as crowded and I get that personal, impersonal touch over your stuff. let's see what's going on. you think parts are all to stop. [Music]. we've got the peppers. Apple. see what's around, why I'm covering the friggin landfill. English car's creaking snap. bad for cauliflower. right, buck 69. I don't think you can beat it. nice, kick-ass american-grown. I got beans. I got plenty of beans at home. look at the broccoli. a lot of broccoli crowns, you know, but the color looks all funked up on him. I don't like that real dark stuff on top. right, I'm gonna take a pass on this. I think there's a nice piece there, maybe supposed to be crowns, right, they give you the whole everything, the whole stok. so grab a little of this. it's my life, right, all juiced up. the weekly shopping run. now where in the hell is that? I just sat the thing down, right, I don't know. oh well, screw it. you know I don't need ads. I got enough stuff. I got enough stuff right now, yeah. so I'll go around there and check that out, keep that nice and dusted up. huh, looking good. don't think I'll get a chicken this week. I gotta get used to holding the camera steady right. I think we got enough spaghetti sauce. we got enough spaghetti. maybe we'll get some rotini today. definitely need some milk and some bread today. that's the key thing. I'm half getting tired of having waffles every day. yeah, that's the deal on that. that's steel on that. have any happen to waffles everyday and everything like that. [Music]. we get that through. okay, there you go. ha ha, playing lay Paquito. if they're. margarine is on sale which is not sell. I like that Smart Balance. think I'll get another thing of rolls for the future here. grab some milk and we'll get some bread. gonna be a nice warm day today, 75 degrees, March, first Sunnyside milk. right, it's a very light grocery run this week got plenty of diet, 7up and everything. so head up here. I think the bread is up here. thank you, sir. get a loaf of bread. I like to try different kinda stuff. the thing is with bread: is you gotta, you gotta dig deep, right and get the good stuff? grab one of those mofos and I think I'll get some, some rotini or something and we'll be on our way. as soon as I pick that up, I'll be on my way over. they're gonna drop my paycheck at the bank. god, I love payday on Fridays, you know I'll catch up with you guys after checkout.


hello, this is George senda, the guy from Pittsburgh, the real official, authentik one and only guy from Pittsburgh, original two to accept no substitutes or imposters. well, there's the Imus bag. I'm gonna be saying today: clean the kitchen. I had to put another dish down in here, another dish in the kitchen and the rest of it gotten me Johnny cat container. but that had a lot more cat food and I expected all right what the food max right was too. last night was too tired to do an unboxing video, haul video. here's what I got. I got Heinz ketchup and they had a thing on the mayonnaise. stay in the mayonnaise in the icebox wherever you bought. to catch up, you got a free Heinz mayonnaise and I was very frustrated. I had a cute one that carried around for two months. I couldn't find high's mayonnaise. anyway, it was for a free jar of Heinz mayonnaise new product and it expired on the 30th. then I didn't know that and food max had it. I bought a peach- I'm gonna use this in a dustbin for the stuff on the floor- and I bought a sweet honey barbecue craft. this stuff has a kick to it. they had a coupon and I've still got people out of the bottle. you buy two of these and get one free, so I've got that. I got a bag of salad. I've got two. michelin is beef and peppers. they lay like the hue like 89 cents. you're really cheap. Kathy gave me one of these and so I want that to morale of these things. this is cheddar- worst Hillshire friend. it's cheddar with cheese sausages. I was shocked to see everything in this store I looked at that I've been buying for ages was super expensive. this was the cheapest thing I saw us throw other than cheap burritos. this was 79 cents. well, soup blew my mind. I got two cans of this. this was 179. all the other soups for 2:29. we got to bell peppers, three tomatoes for the salad you can - chili at 129. this is the cheapest chili and I got two of these for two dollars and the church gave me four dollars in gift card. so I actually spent $3. but what got me is I wasn't get nectarines. they were out of seeds. I've got no fruit and if I go to the secret, I wasn't got half this stuff. that's why I go to food bags. but everything this store I looked at, the prices are just shooting through. today Amazon announced they're gonna be paying a minimum wage of $15 an hour to them- lowest employees. so everywhere in the country is getting wage increase, except people on Social Security like me and Cathy. so there's the month supply of cat food, almost. so if you can, please donate, go to my Amazon wishlist or send me gift cards or checks or money order so I can buy next month's cat food. I'm ten cans short, I think, or six cans. I have two counties and for the month, but it's breaking me. a thirty-two can container at Walmart is $16 and eleven cents and the 41 is $22 and I forget what. the 24s, I think. it's about fourteen dollars plus tax. so, and this thing was thirty bucks. so it's just really wiping me out and I just can't afford it anymore. I've got to go to a cheaper brand of cat food or ask for some help. so I can get caught up now. I am doing one thing now. I should have given them sixty one dollars. I gave the rent three hundred dollars, my rents to forty one, and I should have gave him sixty two dollars. next month I'll give them a sixty two dollars more than the rent and that means in the cheap ways of October, October, November, December, January. in February, I will not have to pay rent. now I would like some advice from people and please be nice, no troll comments. should I pay an extra month Internet bill or should I buy an extra months of cat food? or should I pay the Internet bill and then put the extra 140 dollars away in the bank? what do you think I should do? because I'm torn. I don't know if I paid the ninety dollars for the Internet I would still have a hundred and thirty dollars and that would probably cover cat food for an extra month. but I would like to have some money put aside for emergencies. I'm never able to say anything because I'm spending so much money. Kathi will start getting fifty a month, but next month I'm gonna give her about ninety because for bridge toll and gasoline to West Sacramento we're gonna go pick up the cat carrier and that cat carrier, the boot cat tree and my other Mac that's in storage. I'll have to tear that down and hopefully there's no dead creatures in it. and the my mother is horrible, very uncomfortable chair to sit in. but every time I sit in a chair in our house they're all kind of flimsy. I'm afraid I'm going to break them. I wait to get much and I've decided that, other than the hot dog buns for the Cheddar's worst, I'm gonna lay off bread, the bread I'm getting from the soup kitchen. he made me go to the bathroom a lot and it made me feel sluggish, so I'm gonna stop eating bread entirely. Bill O'Reilly, formerly at Fox News, when he was on the air he said he stopped eating bread completely and in two months he lost 40 pounds. so I'm gonna lay off bread and see what happens. no more peanut butter, no more jelly them were. I got mayonnaise but I used that for tuna fish sandwiches. I got some enough to make tuna salad, alright. or chicken salad, cans of chicken and tuna. and maybe I can get pita bread or something that would be a little less problematikal. and I've tried Trader Joe's gluten-free hot dog buns. they taste horrible. they have no taste there. I made some hot dogs when beta ate one and I couldn't finish the other one I had to throw in the garbage. they taste awful, so I don't even know gluten is, but when you take the gluten out it's an animal and they make you eat that stuff. all right, this is jordyn sender, the guy from Pittsburgh. have a great day. stay wet. worm dryer. cool, it's a case maybe. and stay safe out there and I will see you tomorrow night with Jeremy. no joy. live as we do our NFL prediction video for Thursday night and do some commentary on the Steelers, the Bears and what have you, and then Thursday I will be live. I'll do a live video. I'm not sure what time, but it is getting darker every night and I have to feed the cats early and earlier because of the raccoons. when we went out yesterday, Kathy couldn't believe it when she saw the raccoons in the stik. their body is stiking in their heads. they were looking around the sewer drain and she did the living there. I said, and I guess they feel safe. till it starts pouring, they live in the sewer drain, they stay in there. no one could attack them easily. so but the raccoons will fight the creek. I hear them at night when I got on the feed catch or throw out the garbage. they're fighting in the creek, they're fighting each other. it's gonna battleworld raccoons and you hear those growling and hissing and and you know. but that's why I can't feed dry food at night, because the raccoons come over and push the cats out of the way and eat all their food. I went out to feed the cats one night and had three times to changed the way. there was a mama cat, she had four babies and there were two adults with her and there were seven raccoons and they were all making a beeline for the kiddies food. so this is why I have to not feed them dry food except in the daytime. I give tokie and tiny and oranjee and a little bit of dry food every day, but it's getting to the point where every night it's getting darker earlier and it makes you really hard. probably by December it will be dark at 5:00 pm and that means that's gotten feed them at 4:00 and I don't like to go over to the Senior Center when there are no cars there for fear that they'll get run over or something. so, all right, this is jordyn, send to the guy from Pittsburgh. have a great afternoon, the great evening, and I'll see you tomorrow night. I got things to do here today. it's Cathy's inspection day. she's busy cleaning and she went, had a discussion with the other girlfriend I used to have and I said: son, do it. she didn't like it and I said, Kathleen, it's been like 35 years, get over it. who you? you, hey, you got involved there in your lighter. well, I like YouTube and I like my first girlfriend who died- but I didn't kill her, by the way.

Foodmaxx Grocery Haul

hi, friends, its Jan and today I'm heading grocery shopping. I got some grocery shopping to do. I do have a full house, so I'm gonna get a little extra than what I normally do, and I got my grandbaby in the back. he's gonna accompany me, so let's get going, friends. anybody know what that is right? okay, so I got to get my Chinna for my. and what did Liam choose - as a reward for helping his nanny in the grocery store? he chose a three pack of fruit flavored chap stiks, lemon balls, bombs. how are those, Liam? [Music]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music].