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Ford Patents Billboard Ads That Scan

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

With the advancement of technology, we are now facing the prospect of having advertisements displayed in our cars. Ford is reportedly developing cars that will scan billboards and display ads associated with them, potentially inundating drivers with unwanted distractions. This has sparked a debate about the impact of these advertisements on drivers' safety and privacy.

The Pros and Cons of In-Car Advertisements:


- Advertisements can provide drivers with useful information about nearby businesses and services.

- Advertisements can also help offset the cost of in-car technology and other features, potentially making cars more affordable.


- Advertisements can be a major distraction for drivers, potentially leading to accidents.

- In-car advertisements may also invade drivers' privacy, as they can collect data about drivers' preferences and habits.

Challenges and Potential Solutions:

One major challenge with in-car advertisements is that they may not be easily removable. Unlike ad-blockers on phones or computers, it may be difficult to prevent advertisements from being displayed in cars. However, some potential solutions include:

- Developing technology that allows drivers to opt-out of in-car advertisements.

- Creating regulations that limit the amount and type of advertisements that can be displayed in cars.

- Designing in-car interfaces that minimize distractions and prioritize safety.

While in-car advertisements may seem like a small inconvenience, they could have major implications for drivers' safety and privacy. As car manufacturers continue to develop new technologies, it is important that they consider the impact of advertisements on drivers and explore ways to minimize their negative effects. Ultimately, it is up to consumers to demand cars that prioritize safety and privacy over profits.

Ford patents something INSANE!! - The Future of Cars

In this article, we will discuss Ford's recent patent on using external cameras to display advertisements on a car's infotainment system. While this technology may be convenient for some, it raises questions about the future of car ownership and the extent to which we truly own our vehicles.

Implications of Ford's Patent:

- Ford's patent allows for in-car advertisements to be displayed on a car's infotainment system based on passing billboards and advertisements.

- While this may be convenient, it raises concerns about the future of car ownership and the extent to which we truly own our vehicles.

- This technology could potentially be used to remove certain features of a car and replace them with subscriptions, making cars more like services than actual products.

The Future of Car Ownership:

- With the rise of electric vehicles and over-the-air updates, we may be moving towards a future where we do not own our cars in the traditional sense.

- Leasing and renting cars may become more prevalent, as manufacturers have more control over the features and functionality of our vehicles.

- This shift towards cars as services rather than products raises questions about the longevity and reliability of our vehicles.

In conclusion, Ford's patent on in-car advertisements raises important questions about the future of car ownership. As we move towards a future of electric vehicles and over-the-air updates, it is important to consider the implications of these changes and the extent to which we truly own our vehicles.


Cameras are everywhere these days, capturing moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. While they can be used for good, they also have the potential to invade people's privacy. This article will explore some heartwarming, funny, and sometimes bizarre moments caught on camera.

1. Homeless Man Gets a Job:

- CCTV captures a heartwarming moment of a homeless man jumping for joy after getting a job.

- Shows the power of good news and the potential for cameras to capture positive moments.

2. Bear Moves Garbage Bin:

- Despite their reputation, a bear is caught on camera moving a garbage bin blocking a driveway.

- Highlights the unexpected kindness of animals and the potential for cameras to capture these moments.

3. Awesome Half Court Shot:

- A school custodian gets lucky and records his own awesome backwards half court shot.

- Shows the potential for cameras to capture cool moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

4. Woman Vacuums Garden:

- A woman vacuums her garden for over 10 minutes before realizing her vacuum container was wide open.

- A funny moment that highlights the potential for cameras to capture embarrassing moments.

5. Adoption Worker Delivers Good News:

- A security camera captures the moment an adoption worker informs a young girl that she will be adopted, and the girl's and workers' reactions are priceless.

- Shows the power of good news and the potential for cameras to capture heartwarming moments.

6. Security Guard Gets His Steps In:

- A bored security guard decides to get his 10,000 steps in during a snowy day.

- A funny moment that highlights the potential for cameras to capture silly moments.

7. Dog Fakes Injury:

- A dog pretends to be injured, and a man gets off his car to help, only to discover the dog's trick.

- A cute moment that highlights the potential for cameras to capture funny animal moments.

8. Domino's Pizza Driver Eats Pizza:

- CCTV captures a Domino's Pizza driver unable to resist the pizza toppings.

- A funny moment that highlights the potential for cameras to capture unexpected moments.

9. Arab Multi-Millionaire Helps Peruvian Boy:

- A store owner in Peru notices a kid studying on the streets due to electricity issues at home and posts it on Facebook. An Arab multi-millionaire sees the story and buys a house for the kid's family.

- A heartwarming moment that highlights the potential for cameras to capture inspiring stories.

10. Woman Steals Uber Tips:

- An Uber driver's dashcam catches a woman stealing the tips left in a jar.

- Shows the potential for cameras to capture negative moments and the importance of security measures.

Cameras have the potential to capture heartwarming, funny, and sometimes bizarre moments. While they can be invasive and raise privacy concerns, they can also capture positive and inspiring stories that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see what moments are captured on camera next.

Level1 News May 18 2021: The Dark Side of The Gas Boom

Government and Security: The Dark Side of Surveillance

In this article, we will explore the latest developments in government and security, specifically in relation to surveillance and the collection of personal data. We will examine how the government and private companies are increasingly gathering information on citizens, and the potential risks and consequences of this practice.

Surveillance without Warrants:

The Pentagon has been revealed to be surveilling American citizens without warrants, a practice that has been ongoing for over 20 years. The DHS has also launched a warning system to find domestic terrorism threats on public social media. These actions raise concerns about privacy and civil liberties.

Data Farming:

The government is paying companies to collect data on citizens, including from their cars and social media accounts. This raises questions about the outsourcing of government surveillance and the potential for abuse of personal data.

The Jedi Contract:

The Pentagon

Ford Transit Connect - PATS Programming with Forscan - P1622 Code

In this video, we will be looking at a 2008 Ford Transit Connect that has an immobilizer fault and a clutch pedal that is not functioning properly. We will diagnose the issue and fix it.


- Immobilizer light is staying permanently on.

- Clutch pedal is knackered and there are no clutch hydraulics.

- Engine management light is on and there is no response when turning the key.

Code Scan:

- Code P1622: ID numbers do not match signal is above maximum threshold.

- Key unrecognized and unprogrammed smart shield key or an incorrect patch type has been used in an attempt to start the vehicle.

- PCM identification is not known to the parts module.

- Ignition run accessory circuit failure.

- I supply is detect defective, causing the instrument cluster to remain inoperative for approximately 20 seconds after the engine has started.


- Attempted PATS programming using 4scan to realign everything.

- Initialized module and retrieved security out code from the patch.

- Turned the ignition off for 35 seconds and turned it back on.

- PATS module initialization was successful and the vehicle started.

- Clutch problem to be looked into.

Using 4scan, we were able to diagnose and fix the immobilizer fault in the 2008 Ford Transit Connect. We will continue to investigate the issue with the clutch pedal. Thanks for watching!

Home Depot Commercial: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

With the holiday season approaching, Lowe's has introduced robotic shopping assistants in one of its smaller hardware stores.

Benefits of Robot Sales Assistants:

- Can help customers find products quickly and easily

- Can assist customers with heavy or hard-to-reach items

- Can provide information on products and promotions

Potential Issues with Robot Sales Assistants:

- Lack of personal touch and emotional support

- Inability to diffuse arguments or prevent relationship conflicts

- Possible sexual harassment lawsuits from customers towards the robots

Comparison with Human Sales Associates:

- Human sales associates can provide emotional support and prevent conflicts

- Human sales associates can sense customers' needs and provide personalized recommendations

- Human sales associates can adapt to unexpected situations and provide creative solutions

While robot sales assistants may have some benefits, they cannot replace the personal touch and emotional support provided by human sales associates. Home improvement stores are a unique combination of factors that can ruin relationships, and robots are not equipped to handle the complex emotions involved. As Home Depot's advertisement suggests, the personal touch is still valued in customer service.

Commercial Breaks October 5, 1997 - A&E

Advertisements and commercials are a part of our daily lives. We see them on television, hear them on the radio, and come across them online. Some of them stick with us because of their catchy slogans, memorable jingles, or unique visuals. In this article, we will look at various advertisements and analyze their language, tone, and effectiveness.

Examples of Advertisements:

1. Yoplait Light Yogurt

- Only Yoplait light takes you to cloud nine.

- It's so heavenly, so divine,

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