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Forget Etsy! Here Are 7 Alternatives For Selling Handmade Goods

Published on: December 9 2022 by MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel

Forget Etsy! Here Are 7 Alternatives For Selling Handmade Goods

Forget Etsy! Here Are 7 Alternatives For Selling Handmade Goods

in this video you'll learn about all the
different places that you can make money
selling your handmade goods and etsy's
not the only game in town and you can
turn your crafting side hustle into a
six-figure business
now etsy is well known as a marketplace
for buying and selling handmade custom
and vintage goods if you want to sell
your own arts and crafts etsy is an
excellent starter platform with over 80
million active buyers however etsy is
not the only option when it comes to
selling handmade products so this video
will explore etsy alternatives and sites
like etsy that are as good or better for
making money now to maximize your sales
you'll want to list your handmade goods
on as many marketplaces as possible so
etsy alternative number one shopify
shopify is an ecommerce platform that
allows you to sell your crafts and
handmade goods on your own website by
starting your own online store in
shopify you own the platform and have
full control over the look and feel of
your site and unlike etsy there are no
referral fees and you can easily build a
beautiful website to showcase your work
to potential buyers and drive sales now
to build a store in shopify you must pay
a monthly subscription fee of 29 to 299
depending on the plan that you choose
free credit card processing is included
with shopify payments and there are no
transaction fees for more information on
costs watch this video on shopify
pricing now if you're serious about
making money with your handmade goods
you must have a shopify store to
showcase your crafts here are the pros
of having a shopify store they're no
selling fees when you own your own store
you get to keep all the profit and you
don't have to pay any referral fees you
also have full control unlike etsy you
have full control over the presentation
and display of your products you also
have access to your customers etsy does
not provide access to your customers
contact information but with your own
online store you can generate repeat
sales with email marketing sms marketing
and other promotional channels now here
are the downsides of shopify there are
monthly fees shopify charges a monthly
fee that starts at 29 a month there's
also more upfront work to set up you
will need to learn how to build your own
website with shopify's tools and drive
your own sales and there's no built-in
audience unlike etsy you will have to
drive your own traffic to your website
to make sales etsy alternative number
two amazon handmade now amazon handmade
is a selling program within the amazon
marketplace where artisans can sell
handcrafted products such as jewelry
stationery toys and artwork with over
300 million active users amazon is the
most popular online marketplace in the
data gathered by statista shows that
amazon dominates the us e-commerce
market with a 41 market share now unlike
other marketplaces there is no monthly
listing fee on amazon handmade however
amazon deducts a flat 15 referral fee
per sale
now here the pros of amazon handmade
there is a built-in audience amazon has
an enormous built-in audience that
provides visibility to your products
there's also no listing fee amazon
handmade charges no monthly listing fee
unlike etsy which charges 20 cents per
item the listings don't expire and
artisans only pay amazon once a sale is
made amazon also has a ton of brand
recognition customers trust amazon
because it's a renowned brand that
provides fraud protection shoppers feel
more confident when making purchases
from unfamiliar brands it's also very
convenient amazon takes care of shipping
through their fulfillment by amazon
program and sellers can also opt for fba
to fill their orders from other sources
but here are the downsides of amazon
handmade there are sign up requirements
the application process is strict and
approval takes up to two weeks amazon
handmade only accepts sellers with fewer
than 20 people in their organization
there's also high commission fees amazon
levies a 15 commission on every product
and this value is considerably higher
than etsy's 6.5 there's also a
reputation for bargain hunting amazon
isn't the first choice for customers
looking for handmade goods and amazon is
generally known for selling inexpensive
off-the-shelf products there's also
limited categories amazon handmade has a
total of 16 categories digital
downloadable and electronic product
categories are currently unavailable on
amazon handmade you also don't get paid
right away amazon pays every two weeks
unlike etsy which pays after every
etsy alternative number three is bonanza
bonanza is a seller-centric online
marketplace that allows sellers to build
a relationship with their customers
bonanza has five million active monthly
visitors with most of them in the us and
the rest from abroad founded in seattle
the company has over 40 000 sellers and
22 million listings now bonanza also
doesn't charge a listing fee or any
monthly store fees however it's worth
noting that bonanza has a significantly
smaller user base compared to etsy which
has 95 million monthly visitors
however bonanza is a great marketplace
to further diversify your sales
here are the pros of bonanza there's low
commission fees bonanza charges only 3.5
percent which is much lower than etsy's
6.5 commission
sellers can also choose from
commission-based tiers where bonanza
advertises products on behalf of sellers
on channels such as google shopping it's
also really easy to import your products
bonanza makes it easy for sellers to
import products from other online
marketplaces like amazon ebay etsy and
shopify bonanza also provides shipping
integrations to connect your shop to
third-party shipping couriers like ups
fedex and usps
but the best part is that bonanza allows
you to build customer relationships
unlike other marketplaces bonanza gives
sellers access to customer information
and this helps sellers build
relationships with their customers and
establish a brand so overall bonanza is
very merchant-centric bonanza helps
merchants build a codeless e-commerce
website when they're ready to make the
jump as well
here are the downsides to bonanza
there's low traffic and inventory
bonanza has few listings and doesn't
attract a large audience compared to big
name competitors like etsy and amazon
sellers must upgrade to higher tier
memberships and offer bonanza a bigger
cut of their sales to access bonanza's
supported ads
there's also delayed inventory syncing
merchants have complained that inventory
syncing from ebay and amazon to bonanza
is kind of glitchy so if you sell the
same products on bonanza and other
marketplaces your inventory counts may
not update in real time but the biggest
drawback is low sales merchants have
complained of low sales on bonanza
compared to larger marketplaces like
amazon and ebay however if you sell
quirky or unique products bonanza can be
an excellent option to explore that's
the alternative number four redbubble
now founded in 2006 redbubble is a
print-on-demand company that helps 728
thousand designers sell their art
globally redbubble is known for its
quirky and standout designs and has
almost 2 million unique monthly visitors
now the process to list artwork on
redbubble is simple once a customer buys
a product with the seller's artwork
redbubble prints a design and ships it
to the end customer now redbubble
assigns every product a base price and
adds a markup value for sellers and the
typical markup is about 20
but sellers can adjust their prices at
any time now red bubble partners of
brands and lets artists create and sell
licensed fan art designs through their
redbubble partner program now here are
the pros of redbubble it's a great side
hustle redbubble can be a great source
of passive income as designers don't
have to do anything after uploading
their designs the company takes care of
the printing and shipping it's also
really easy to use redbubble has a
user-friendly interface and an easy
artwork upload process
and there's unlimited potential here
once an artist uploads a design it stays
on redbubble forever the designs can be
a recurring source of income as long as
the listing is active on the platform
and redbubble offers a large number of
products they offer more than 60 types
to print on and sellers can put their
creations on all or choose specific
product types you don't have to deal
with inventory redbubble manages
printing and shipping on the seller's
behalf and print on demand is an
excellent option for those who want an
e-commerce store without the headache of
managing inventory and then finally
there's no listing fee redbubble doesn't
charge any fees whatsoever designers
just get a cut from their sales but here
are the downsides to redbubble there's
no control over inventory because
redbubble takes care of everything
except design sellers have no control
over product material or print quality
you also don't get paid right away
redbubble pays on the 15th of every
month unlike etsy which pays after every
sale there's also a lot of competition
because selling on redbubble is free
there's a lot more competition and
designers need to create unique and
trendy designs to stand out from the
you also don't get to establish a
customer relationship redbubble does not
provide any customer details which makes
it impossible to build a relationship
with customers ncl term number five is
ebay now ebay a well-known etsy and
amazon alternative is the third largest
online marketplace with a 4.2 market
share in the us
now ebay has a presence in more than 180
countries and has 182 million active
monthly users now ebay stores allow
merchants to sell new and pre-owned
products in categories such as toys
automobiles collectibles and pet
supplies now ebay also has a unique
selling system that lets shoppers bid on
products in an auction now this feature
can help sellers sell products far
higher than their original selling price
here are the pros of ebay it's got a
huge built-in audience like amazon
amazon has a vast audience and sellers
can reach buyers around the world
there's also great brand recognition
ebay is the third largest e-commerce
store in the us with established brand
authority as a result shoppers are
willing to buy from unknown brands on
their platform there's also a lot of
different ways you can list your
products sellers can list their products
in an auction based or a fixed price
auction based listings work great for
collectibles whereas fixed price
listings work well for everyday items
it's also really convenient for shipping
ebay collaborates with shipping partners
so merchants can sell their products
locally and globally you can also sell
used goods ebay allows sellers to sell
second-hand products provided they are
labeled as such in the listing you also
get paid sooner sellers can choose to
get paid either daily or weekly but here
are the downsides to ebay there's a lot
of extra fees ebay charges a 35 listing
fee up front and then once a product
sells merchants are further charged 10
to 15
of the final order value it's also a lot
of piracy although ebay has partnerships
with law enforcement to fight piracy
there are still counterfeit products on
the marketplace
you're also limited by what you can list
new sellers have a listing limit of 10
products with a value of up to 500 per
and unfortunately ebay has a reputation
for being cheap ebay is like the go-to
place for bargain shoppers as a result
there's pressure for sellers to provide
lower pricing and free shipping etsy
alternative number six is folksy founded
in 2008 folksy is one of the biggest
online marketplaces with 10 000
designers artists and artisans residing
in the uk
folksy has
000 monthly unique visitors with 85 of
its traffic based in the uk so folksy
known as uk's etsy is famous for its
handcrafted gifts and supplies now folks
he charges six percent for every sale
but only on the items and not on the
shipping fees so here are the pros of
selling on folksy there's no commission
on postage unlike etsy and ebay folksy
doesn't charge any commission on
shipping you can also list unlimited
items now the first three listings are
free and then it's 15 pence per item
however sellers can pay just five pounds
a month to get unlimited free listings
you can also easily import your listings
folksy allows sellers to import product
listings from etsy easily sellers need
to have a folksy plus account to use
this service you also get paid
immediately once a customer buys a
product the seller receives the
compensation immediately via paypal
but here are the downsides to folksy you
have to be a uk resident folksy
restricts sellers outside the uk however
buyers can be from anywhere in the world
there's not a lot of traffic on folksy
either folks a doesn't have the same
reach as etsy however folksy can be used
to complement etsy or other marketplaces
the other downside is that it's
inconvenient to ship folksy doesn't have
fulfillment centers like amazon or ebay
and furthermore their shipping
integration software lacks features that
other marketplaces possess folksy also
has a pretty bad mobile app the folksy
mobile app is buggy and sellers need to
log in through their desktop to access
certain features and then finally
there's no currency conversion
international visitors do not have the
option to view pricing in their
respective currencies then finally we
have etsy alternatives just artisan
just artisan is a handmade marketplace
supporting independent artists makers
and entrepreneurs and they're the latest
entrant in the handmade online
marketplaces segment launched in june of
2020 just artisan has found mass support
from ex-etsy sellers
now just utterson doesn't allow
reselling all products must be
handcrafted by the seller or a small
group of sellers now products can be
listed for free on just artisan however
there is a selling fee of 7.5 on each
now just artisan still has a long way to
go and as an early adopter you have the
opportunity to grow with the company now
here are the pros of selling on just
artisan you can sell digital goods just
artisan allows sellers to list digital
items in contrast to other marketplaces
like etsy there's also no listing fee
unlike etsy just artisan doesn't charge
a fee to list products on their platform
it's also artisan centric just artisan
aims to establish a community of
independent artisans and makers and
being an ex-etsy seller their ceo
listens to the input provided by sellers
and is open to making changes on the
now here are the downsides there's very
low traffic because just artisan is
brand new their traffic is low and most
sellers sell on just artisan in addition
to other marketplaces there's also a
relatively high commission fee although
there is no listing fee just artisan
charges 7.5 for every sale and this
value is higher than etsy's 6.5 percent
so those are nine etsy alternatives and
the question is which one is the best
well the best etsy alternatives depend
on the products that you sell so for
example if you're a designer and you
don't want to hassle printing and
shipping products check out
print-on-demand companies like redbubble
or society6 ultimately your goal should
be to start your own e-commerce website
having your own online store gives you
more control over your brand and you
won't have to rely on online
marketplaces that increase their
commission fees on their own terms
now the most important aspect of owning
your own store is that you can build
lasting relationships with your
customers which will increase your
repeat purchase rate hope you enjoyed
this video now if you like what you saw
there's actually a lot more where that
came from if you subscribe to my channel
below and if you are interested in
learning how to sell physical products
online then click over here and take my
free six day mini course where i'll walk
you through everything that you need to
know to get started in e-commerce thanks
for watching

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