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fraud filter shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, it's Ori from Astor Web and I'm here to introduce you to Shopify's fraud filter app. This app is simple and free, and while there are mixed reviews about it, many of our clients use and are happy with it. In essence, it helps you filter out potential fraud by setting up custom filters and rules that flag or cancel orders based on those filters. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Setting Up Custom Filters

- Go to the app store and install the fraud filter app.

- Once installed, go to the app and create a new filter.

- Choose whether to cancel or warn about orders that match the filter.

- Select from various filter options, such as total price, billing information, shipping address, and client information.

- Set up the rule, such as total price greater than $50.

- Save the filter and start filtering potential fraud.

How It Works

- After a customer makes an order, the app looks at the rules set up in the filters.

- If the rules apply to the order, the app will either cancel the order or flag it.

- The app doesn't stop fraud, but it helps you filter out potential fraud and do better business.


- Set up a filter to flag or cancel orders over $50.

- Set up a filter to flag or cancel orders with a specific email address.

- Use the warning option when first setting up filters, and switch to cancel once you've established the legitimacy of the rule.

Shopify's fraud filter app is a useful tool for filtering out potential fraud in your orders. By setting up custom filters and rules, you can better protect your business and save time by not shipping orders that may be fraudulent. Don't forget to continually evaluate and adjust your filters to ensure they are catching potential fraud and not blocking legitimate customers.

Shopify UPDATE ! Avoid Chargebacks and Fraudulent orders with Shopify Protect

Shopify's New Fraud Prevention Program: Protecting Your Business

Hey guys, it's the Ecom Bull here and I have some exciting news to share with you. Shopify has just released a new free fraud prevention program that will help protect your business from chargeback fees.


- The program covers the total order cost and chargeback fee on fraudulent orders, so your revenue won't take an unexpected hit.

- You don't need to set this up, it is automatic and included as long as customers pay with their credit card using the Shopify Pay or one of the payment systems that they allow.

- This is a big deal because fraud can happen to anyone, regardless of which platform or marketplace you use.

- Previously, you would be responsible for chargeback fees on fraudulent orders, but now Shopify will cover them.

- Eligible orders must be fulfilled within seven days and provide tracking number from USPS, UPS, Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, or the Shopify fulfillment network.


- No need to worry about fraudulent orders impacting your revenue.

- Filters will help you identify protected orders and prioritize them.

- You can send orders with confidence, knowing that Shopify has your back.

Protecting your business from fraud is crucial in the world of e-commerce. Shopify's new fraud prevention program is a game-changer for small businesses, providing peace of mind and financial security. Don't wait, take advantage of this free program today and keep your business safe from fraudulent orders.

How to Prevent Fraudulent Orders - Protect Your Shopify Store

Introducing Fraud Protection for Shopify Stores: A Solution for High Fraud Risk Orders

Have you experienced a sudden increase in high fraud risk orders on your Shopify store? It can be frustrating and time-consuming to investigate and cancel these orders before fulfilling them. But fear not, there is a solution! Shopify has introduced Fraud Protect, which can help you prevent fraudulent transactions on your store. In this article, we will discuss how you can use Fraud Protect and other fraud prevention apps to protect your online business.

Key points:

- Fraud Protect is a Shopify feature that can help prevent high fraud risk orders from being fulfilled.

- Fraud Protect is available for some Shopify stores, and you can check if you're eligible by visiting the link: shopify.com/fraud-protect.

- If your store is eligible, you can easily add Fraud Protect by following the prompts in the search bar.

- In addition to Fraud Protect, you can also use other fraud prevention apps, such as Fraud Block, to cancel high risk orders before they're fulfilled.

- It's important to note that not all high fraud risk orders are fraudulent, but if you notice a pattern of similarity, it's best to cancel the orders to prevent chargebacks and other issues.

As an online business owner, protecting your store from fraud is crucial. With the help of Fraud Protect and other fraud prevention apps, you can save time and avoid the headache of dealing with high fraud risk orders. Take advantage of these tools and keep your business safe! And if you're looking for a reliable and affordable real estate education provider, consider signing up for Real Estate Express. Use promo code [INSERT PROMO/DISCOUNT CODE] to get started today.

How To Set Up Fraud Protect With Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center

- Fraudulent chargebacks can be frustrating for businesses

- Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a credit card charge

- Fraudulent chargebacks happen when a customer's credit card was stolen and used without permission

What is a fraudulent chargeback?

- A chargeback is the return of funds from a store to a customer

- If the chargeback is requested for a fraud-related reason, it is called a fraudulent chargeback

- Businesses that accept credit cards will likely deal with chargebacks

- If a chargeback isn't resolved, the business can lose the product, purchase amount, and pay a chargeback fee

How to protect your business from fraudulent chargebacks:

- Shopify's fraud analysis appears on each order and can help inform the risk of fraudulent chargebacks

- Eligible businesses can activate Fraud Protect for Shopify Payments

- Fraud Protect protects businesses against fraudulent chargebacks

- Businesses pay a small fee on each protected order and Shopify guarantees the payment

- Businesses that meet certain criteria are eligible for Fraud Protect

- To activate Fraud Protect, log in to your Shopify admin and go to Payment providers

- Read the terms of service and choose how to capture payments for orders not covered by Fraud Protect

- Any new eligible orders are protected once Fraud Protect is activated

- Businesses can change settings or deactivate Fraud Protect at any time

- Protected orders placed while Fraud Protect was active continue to be protected even after deactivation

- Fraudulent chargebacks can be detrimental to businesses

- Activating Fraud Protect for Shopify Payments is one way to protect against fraudulent chargebacks

- Businesses should always be vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect themselves from fraudulent activities.

How To Prevent Fraudulent Orders On Shopify WIth FraudJudge

In this video, Justin Cener teaches Shopify store entrepreneurs how to prevent fraudulent orders on their store. Fraudulent orders have negative impacts on your business, including damage to your relationship with credit card processors, bad reviews, and chargebacks. The built-in fraud protections with Shopify are weak, and all they do is alert you after fraud happens. Justin recommends using an app like Fraud Judge to prevent fraud and set up your store to never have to deal with it. Fraud Judge has automated fraud filters, anti-fraud alerts, and a huge database to manage fraud. You can even do ID requests for high-risk order verification and age or address checks. The app integrates directly into Shopify and gives you all the confidence to grow your store without any risk. To set up the app, press the add app button in Shopify and grant permission for Fraud Judge to connect. Select your plan and go to the rules section to fine-tune the way the app works. You can choose from three settings - warning, verify, and deny - depending on the specific activity of the buyer. You have full control over the rules, such as browser activities, billing and shipping country mismatch, and product count larger than usual. Overall, Fraud Judge is a powerful app that prevents fraud and helps you confidently scale your business.

Shopify Fraud Protection: How To Handle High Risk Orders [2021]

Running an e-commerce business comes with the risk of fraudulent orders. Scammers take advantage of online shopping to steal credit card information and place fake orders on websites. Handling high-risk orders and responding to disputes is highly important to avoid losing money and products.

Red Flags for High-Risk Orders:

1. Orders from search engines like Google

2. Billing address far from shipping address

3. Change in shipping address after order placement

4. Phone orders

5. Large orders

6. Multiple attempts to complete the order

Handling High-Risk Orders:

1. Cancel immediately or make due diligence and ask for proof of identity, credit card picture, and proof of date.

2. Use automations to detect and solve high-risk orders through order confirmation pages, emails, SMS, and Shopify Flow.

3. Use fraud detection and prevention apps to deeply analyze orders and offer insurance.

4. Not all chargebacks happen due to fraud; some customers may not be satisfied.

To avoid losing money and products, it is crucial to identify and handle high-risk orders properly. Utilizing automations, fraud detection and prevention apps, and due diligence can help e-commerce businesses protect themselves against scammers and chargebacks.

Shopify Store Fraud Prevention 101

In this segment, Chris from Gravy shares his experience of dealing with fraud in his Shopify store for the past three years. He highlights the red flags that indicate potential fraud attempts and provides tips on how to prevent them.

Red Flags:

- Zero emails or phone calls before purchasing, especially for high ticket items

- Billing address that doesn't match the credit card

- IP address location far from the shipping address

- Incorrect three-digit security code on credit cards

Prevention Tips:

- Verify the buyer's address and credit card information

- Ask for photo ID or a bill to verify the billing address

- Use Google Street View to verify the buyer's address

- Check social media accounts for information

- Call the credit card company to verify the buyer

It's important to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with high ticket items and potential fraud attempts. By following these prevention tips, you can protect your Shopify store from fraud and ensure safe transactions for your customers.

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