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free adult ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Best Adult Ads Network - Exoclick, JuicyAds, Clickadu

Hi guys, here’s some of the adult ad network that I'm gonna recommend & compare today. I've owned a few adult sites before and I've personally tried all these networks. Let's get started. The first one I'm gonna recommend is 'Exoclick'. It's personally what I would recommend for beginner publisher that just got into the adult industry. Its publisher dashboard are very user friendly. Comparing to the other ad network, 'Exoclick' got the most of variation for its ads zone. Some of my favourite, which I think are ‘Banner’ and ‘Video Slider’. Banner are the most common ads type you’ll see on the site. its something like this: you will just placed it in high-traffic locations on your web pages. Video slider are ads that will automatikally slides in and plays ad upon page load. It’s a little bit annoying for the visitor, but the ‘CPM’ are much higher than normal banner ads. For my personal opinion, I think the rate that Exoclick provide are standard and normal, not too high or too low. This is good for entry level publisher to try it out And they’re the safest option. they’re some of the largest adult ad network on the space right now. you wont expect many issues coming from them. Juicy Ads: The second ad network that I’m going to recommend are ‘Juicy Ads’. For Juicy Ads. their dashboard are actually not that user friendly, as least for me personally. This is more suitable for intermediate publishers. However, Juicy Ads got one of the best featured that you cant find on any other ad network: The Ad Marketplace Feature. The Ad Marketplace allow you as a publisher to directly price your ad zone for certain prices. for example, you can see how I price for one of my banner ads. Then at the marketplace the advertiser are able to directly purchase it. some of they will straight up pay for whole month with good prices, provided that you got good impression for your ad zone. You can see in the example they basically sold their banner ads for almost 4thousands per month. For my personal opinion, I think Juicy Ads are suitable towards intermediate publishers who got good stats for their adult sites, for example. they got alot of visitor and they’re from tier 1 country like the united state. they can definitely make more profit selling their ad zone to advertiser. But if you’re new and don't have alot of visitor from your site, you would just do better in Exoclick. Last one is my personal favorite: Clickadu. Their ad manager just contacted me on day one one of my adult sites. they basically ask me to try out their “Pop under ad zone” and they promise they got the best rate out of the ad network And to my surprise they did What I like about Clickadu, besides how high they pay for Pop under is they got great support. if I encounter any Issues, I can just skype message my ad manager and they’ll reply within minutes. However, I’ve tried some of their other type of ads zone, like banner and In page push. Their CPM are not as high as Exoclick. Here’s my CPM for pop under for last month. The best part about Clickadu is their good support & their rate for certain ad zone like pop up & pop under. But keep it in mind they’re still rather new & small comparing to other adult network company like Exoclick. Also, their rate for other ad zone, like banner, are lower than exoclick. To conclude, I think each of the adult ad network got their own pros & cons. I would personally utilize each of their advantages. for example, one of my adult site will use the banner & video slider from Exoclick, but for the popunder ads we will go for Clickadu. In the end, the best strategy that I would recommend is just try out all the adult ad network and see which one work the best for you. Thanks, guys. I will leave all the links for the adult ad network below. feel free to register using the link to support the channel. Also, feel free to leave a comment if there’s question or feedback.

How To Make Money With Simple Adult Ads

yo yo, welcome to video learning machines. in this video, i want to tok about how to make money with simple porn ads. okay, it may sound a little weird- the title and everything like that- but it's very serious because you can make big, big money literally doing this kind of stuff. okay, now, these ads, they don't have to have nudity or anything. this i mean like you can use adult advertising sites, um, and basically advertise mainstream stuff or adult stuff or dating stuff and all this stuff are relevant to that space and adult industry stuff. but you can literally do drop shipping. you can literally promote freaking clickbank offers, you can promote affiliate offers outside of just dating and it's like you make these ads and it's not strict at all. it's one of the biggest opportunities ever and i want to spread the awareness about this. it's a very big deal. um, i make a lot of money with this and i've made over a million dollars with the power of simple porn ads or just adult marketing in general, just the power of that traffic. um, it's the cheapest in the world. there's so much of it. it's not strict at all. okay, this is why i love it so much. uh, you don't need to see anything. all you do is you set up campaigns and you just leverage the traffic. okay, this is the same people over on facebook, really okay, the same people over on youtube, and you can advertise for them for way cheaper. okay, the cost per 1000 people on facebook or youtube or anything like that, which i love those platforms to advertise on because they're a little bit higher quality. but when you know what you're doing and you get in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people, okay, uh, per 1000 impressions, uh, is like 30 cents on average, okay, or less, or a little bit more with adult traffic, and it's like 20 to 50 per one thousand with facebook and freaking youtube. if you don't know that, okay, so it's a very crazy. now there's two ways you can advertise with adult. there's freaking banners and then there's pop under. okay, pop under is crazy cheap, okay, and then there was banner traffic and there's tricks of how you use each one of these. there's huge tricks in fact. um, but in general, like i said, have a great offer, okay, absolutely fantastikal, no-brainer, irresistible offer, okay, and then you just run traffic to it 24- 7.. but first you optimize: okay, after you've tested for a few days with a decent budget of like 20 bucks to 50 bucks per day. you basically get all this data and now you optimize with your best performing ads, best performing landing pages, best performing offers- if you're split testing offers, okay, uh, like i said, this can work for just offers like drop shipping, physical products or your own digital products or freaking affiliate marketing, other people's stuff and earning a commission. all of these work. all these make crazy money every single time. okay, um, it's funny because most people don't realize this and i'm glad in some ways because there's no competition. by the same time, i see the opportunity, i'm like i am willing to tok about it and network with people and absolutely spread the awareness and share people powerful stuff that can change their life, because if i could change someone else's life, i know how that feels and that is one of the best feelings in the world. okay, i make well over ten thousand dollars per day and it is the most gratifying feeling in the world and there's no better feeling than that. and i feel like people lose their purpose when they don't know what they're doing for work each day or they're not hitting their goals or at least moving towards goals and seeing that it's possible, because when you know things are possible, uh, you can hit it and keep improving because, just so you know, 100 000 per day is possible. there are people doing that. there's people making millions per day, but that's big, big businesses. uh, it's very doable and it's a life-changing stuff and you really only need a thousand dollars per day. okay, i don't even spend a thousand dollars per day on just living and stuff like this. really, okay, sometimes i'll make big purchases here and there, but at the end of the day, do you really need that much money? and the truth is it's a good way of keeping score and it is a superpower in today's world. and if you want to make freaking money with adult marketing, you can absolutely make money. it's one of the easiest ways to make money i've ever seen. uh, learning it and doing it is easier than doing anything else. okay, making a video like this. it took me a long time to just be able to make a video like this. just tok um, and it takes a lot of people a long time too. and then, just on the total and other end of the spectrum, if you're able to set up a simple ad, you don't have to work a day in your life, ever, man, ever. okay, it's so simple. okay, because you literally set up ads and make money and flip cash all day long. you don't need that much money to start out either. okay, you maximum need like 500 bucks and even below that. okay, that's maximum minimum. you only need like 100 bucks. first, you need the knowledge. so, if you want to learn, watch these videos on this channel. if you want even more depth knowledge, i literally have trainings. and if you want very special methods that demolish, okay and literally help you crush it, uh, i have that. okay, i have that available for you. you can check that out. the link is down below. all the links are down below. and yeah, guys, you can literally get signed up on freaking affiliate networks, all this stuff, and just demolish it. bro, uh, make so much money. okay, because these networks have super high converting offers and when you know what you're doing, with the right training, i tell you guys what exactly to do. okay, it's really powerful. um, so, yeah, that's basically all there is to say basically about that. okay, you basically have ads, your split testing, you can sell anything on this on these sites. mainstream stuff and adult stuff doesn't matter either way, they both make money, okay. so it's like: what do you want to do at the end? hey, do you want more money? this is huge, okay. thank you so much for watching their machines. i'll see you guys in more videos. peace out.

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⚠️How to Make Google search ads with adult Marketing⚠️ | Google search ads Campaign

yo yo, what's up? learning machines. we're two days into the month here with crack revenue here and in this method, i want to share with you guys. it is crazy powerful, okay, basically no one's ever toked about this stuff, and this can be applied to tons of different offers and vertikals out there. uh, this is the power to change your life literally right now. okay, um, we're going to be toking about the most powerful traffic in the world. it's considered the most warm traffic. it means people with buyer intent searching, okay, to buy stuff. so, or convert on stuff. so let's see this. okay, we could just look at top offers here because they have the most attention anyway. okay, this is what i wanted to show. uh, all these offers have the top attention. okay, so let's look at this. this will literally change your life. uh, get ready. okay, so here we are. i'm already have one typed in already, just because, okay, chatterbait was one, we just saw there- my cams- and uh, let's see another one. okay, um, and i think there's big pill brands and stuff like this semen axe and weird stuff like this: um, royal cams. get ready for this. oral camps. okay, so we're in circuit. some won't pull up, okay, but some will. okay, looks like most of them did. this is the search volume they're getting. now we want to look for opportunities of keywords here. okay, so let's look for some opportunities. let me move my over here, guys. okay, all of this is opportunity. okay, so basically, you can bid on these keywords and, by the way, sometimes the bids are very low pay. i mean very, very low competition. i would actually be willing to say most of these don't have any competition. look, it's low, low, low, low, low. what you're doing is you're basically brand bidding and you're not directly brand bidding per se, and you really should do landing page, but in some scenarios you can direct link. okay now, um, google ads doesn't really like adult marketing, so there are scenarios around this. and, by the way, the other thing is you can literally find keywords for offers that are in the mainstream, and this is where the big opportunity is. okay, um, i really recommend: don't do offers that are fully adult-like: royal cams, all this stuff. that usually won't get approved, but if it does and you can get around it, you can absolutely crush it. if you need to, uh, redirects, if you need to do a landing page, you do a landing page and switch the landing page after approved, do whatever it takes, because the cost per click is much lower than this on most of these and, uh, essentially you can literally, um, take, take advantage of this stuff, okay. so high payout offers- i've shown you guys on cell health, all these different pill offers, neutral offers- these things get searched. okay, this is one right here. okay, i made a lot of money with this, still am. this is semen axe. okay, uh, it's some weird pill. okay, and basically this is its search volume: twenty seven thousand, freaking thousand people. your cost per click might be a dollar, but it's very intent based and you get paid out a couple hundred dollars per sale on average. okay, uh, these are people actually deliberately looking, uh, for the siemens. you could direct link in this scenario, most likely, and usually okay, uh, just depends. if google stripped that day, it's really off and on. but, uh, facebook's way more strict on everything else. they're not even really correlated fully because facebook's not really a search engine. okay, uh, google is, you guys can absolutely crush it. okay, these are like different names of popular people. i guess that's what that kind of is now if we sort by the biggest monthly searches, just because we could see. this offer is crazy. but the thing is, sometimes you're searching it up just to go log in. you want to basically do a keyword where people are new trying to find it okay to sign up. okay, um, that's powerful. i would say the chatterbait one is a very big opportunity, very big, uh, chatterbait. if you can find the keywords for basically people trying to sign up for chatterbait, to basically make content on there, you can get paid a lot of money per person sign up. i forgot how much it is, but it's quite a bit. i remember looking into everything about you know all that stuff and it pays out really well, guys, okay, so you can basically do freaking bidding on these keywords per day and there's a lot of searches per month and you can literally have a whole income. uh, just off the keyword. okay, literally, these are people searching for it to sign up for it. it's crazy, okay, um, mind-blowing stuff, mind-blowing stuff. i mean this opportunity is insane and i wanted to share with you guys because, yeah, you can absolutely demolish. okay, with this opportunity. now there's way more offers than this. uh, it never ends really, okay, there's so many offers you don't even, like i said, you can go to the sell help platform. you can go to a mainstream platform like clickbank. um, you'll see, this is kind of the psychology of the consumer they are basically getting advertised to and then they're curious and then they go search up the offer and or even for purchasing decision, which is the main keywords. you want to go after purchase decision keywords and then you freaking, just print money all day. you flip cash all day long. it's the most predictable. it's one of the most predictable ways to make big money online. okay is search intent keywords promoting stuff that's popular, that people want to buy. it just works, man, it just works. uh, hopefully you guys found this video super, super valuable. this is a powerful method you guys can use to crush it. thank you so much for watching. go check out more powerful methods down below. link is in the description. go check out more videos and peace out learning machines.

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Earn Money By Adult Blogger Website on Adult Best Ads Network | CrakRevenue | CPA affiliate

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How To Promote Adult Offers With Facebook Ads

yo yo, what's up guys, welcome to this video. in this video i'm gonna tok about, basically, you know how to promote adult offers with facebook ads. okay, facebook ads is the most targeted platform you can possibly do out there and you can absolutely promote offers like this, offers like this, offers like this, like crazy. okay, and it works insanely well. okay, um, this stuff can have the power to make you a lot of money. let's just put it that way. okay, i'm gonna build a full-time business and a huge email list and everything that you want. okay, right now, i'm 11 days into the month- that's 25 000 right there. uh, 11 days into the month, again, that's 41 000. right there. that's all free traffic. this is paid traffic at about three to four x roi. okay, with adult traffic, just adult traffic. okay, um, max bounty has adult offers as well, but i'm not doing any offers there. i'm just doing mainly sweepstake offers, some pay per sale offers, biz up offers and survey offers. okay now, um, i will show you some of the offers on here in a minute. um, but we're gonna use facebook and i'm not gonna dive into the uh, build your campaign, because everyone knows how to do that, but i will give you tips about facebook ads here, all about how to do, okay, so, right off the bat, it's actually kind of good, it's just walking you through here, okay, so i don't even run facebook ads anymore, okay, i used to in the past. nowadays i literally have like no time for anything, um, other than the big income stuff- and i'm partnered with business partners- also very powerful stuff that takes up most of my time- other than i want to grow this personal brand really big because networking with you guys is super powerful. okay, um, but here we go right off the bat. you don't want to brand awareness that they say here. you want to do conversions? okay, and i'll show you the funnel in a second. you want to do conversions on facebook because you can optimize just for that conversion and you don't want to optimize for clicks because those are people that are just curiosity clicks. there's people similar to the people that click to your landing page. you don't want to ever do that, ever. what you want to do is optimize for conversions and then eventually make, uh, look alike audience for those conversions you want about. you want to have about 300 to 500 different conversions to have happened, okay, to be able to make a good lookalike audience. okay, you know, do the one percent look like audience, but anyway, you can see other tutorials how to do that. that's not important. the strategy here is powerful and adult traffic- i mean adult offers- they make money, okay, and it's not just that. it's like if you build an email list, you could sell anything. okay, you could do. you could do uh, sweepstakes. you can promote uh, clickbank offers, digi store offers. doesn't matter the offer guys, you can make your own offers. at the end day, when you have attention, you got money. and email list is one of the best traffic sources in the world. but it comes down to how hot is the traffic you've acquired? okay, and they raise their hand and they're interested in you know whatever you have to offer. okay, and you'll see how to do this in just a second. okay now, uh, optimizer conversions. you make your, you make your campaign first. so you make one campaign with the ads inside of it. you're all ready. then you basically duplicate uh, then inside of that campaign you're gonna make a bunch of other ads. you're gonna basically duplicate the ads you have currently inside that campaign. um, ad set. okay, super easy, you're super smart. you totally understand this, okay. next, all you got to do is you basically duplicate your ad like five times- i don't recommend- all the way up to 10, okay, then you have 10 different split testing images. then you go in, you edit each image, um, and i do recommend image ads. if you wanna do video ads, you can. i recommend, if you're gonna do a video ad, basically make it inside the editor of facebook, okay, because it'll prove it way easier. um, and then keep your images super simple and compliant. okay, the thing about facebook ads: it doesn't come down to the image. the image can influence stuff. decently. you just want to have happy, smiling people and stuff facebook wants, which is just happy smiling people. okay, uh, the ad doesn't sell as much as the offer sells. okay, and at the end of the day, what really gets them to click is you're targeting the exact person. you're giving them something for free in exchange for their email and their funnel begins there your click-through rate comes down to, actually, usually the text of what's being said. the image just grabs attention. they're gonna see it, no matter what. okay, humans are smart. humans have reached a high level of adaptation up to this point in evolution, so, uh, we're totally able to pick up on what's being shown to us in an instant and know if we want it, and you're able to target that down to the finite: exact people interested in what you're offering. okay, to keep it somewhat simple, um, now here's the thing, guys. you do the uh. you duplicate five times. you have different images, your split testing, super happy, joyful, bright, good, congruent images. okay, your text is the same across the board on each ad. you're basically saying: you're gonna get this free thing, okay, get this free thing, et cetera. okay, and you give us something free in exchange for their emails- all in your funnel. okay, and what's happening? how you're able to do adult- is in the back end. you've got all these adult offers. i'll show you the funnel in a second. um, and then, after you have all your images, now that's in place- you duplicate your ad set about five times. you could do a little bit more than that to see. and then they're duplicated. all you want to do now is just run it for a few days. you're gonna see which ad sets and ads doing the best. you can pause whichever ones you're not doing best, and uh, then you're gonna grow that look-alike audience for conversions, okay, and then you make a new look, like a new look-alike campaign with your best ads, two ads, not just one. you can just do your two best ads and then exactly just the look-alike audience of the people and now you can grow, grow, grow, build the email list. you're getting, um, you're literally getting emails for an exact cost per email. that could equate to maybe three dollars per email, maybe two dollars, bring the bill, maybe less, and it gets pretty crazy, okay. and here's the thing: you're gonna get a lot of emails because it's free, okay. so, like i said, you're gonna get easily approved. you're gonna not have a hard time, uh, getting approved. okay, facebook is strict, no matter what. like, don't ban an account for no reason, okay. so if you need to work with an agency to do this, to have them run ads for you and worry about that side of the thing, you're gonna have an agency do that for you. i don't have the time to run facebook ads for people. i help people set up their campaigns, whole entire done view process and then they literally get educated super easily on how to run ads. it's not that hard and it could absolutely do it. it's crazy, crazy powerful to be able to be skillful in your own way, but acquiring that knowledge is the first step. okay, here we are. here we are. uh, this is facebook, guys. okay, so facebook ads running to the opt-in page right here. all you're gonna have is the headline: get this for free. so, basically, you're going to give away. you could give away a compilation of youtube videos that are very good inside, like the dating niche, since this is dating offer related. but look at this, if you actually look into it deep and look at some of the biggest adult niche and relationship niche um campaigns ever, they literally appeal to how to tok to a girl, what to say to a girl, how to turn on a girl instantly in two seconds. so, guys, things like that. so you're gonna go away info products in exchange for their emails, and that works across the board. okay, you could even give bonuses of how to lose weight fast and how to make money or some some way to make money. i don't know if you want to do real.


foreign [Music]. what's up everyone. today's okay buddy vosh- we are bringing out of retirement the legendary Tim pool white denim jacket. the okay buddy vosh website, laboriously maintained and archived by a tiknique machine and juice- or they apologize for the bugs, I'm sure it's fine- uh, it archives all the stuff that is more than one month old but newer than my last okay buddy vosh. um, uh, go over. see, so if the Reddit thread goes over the past month, the website goes over, say, the 32nd day to the last okbv. wonderful stuff, huh, let's get to it. of course, a consequence of doing the okay buddy vosh stuff so infrequently is that a lot of these memes are going to be, uh, referencing older stuff. we're going back through time, way back. she went up. the first post is a positive reference to shoe on head. we're going back. who do you think is the hottest fictional character them? actually, a really good answer. not the most, not the horse. my favorite pastimes on Twitter is just finding, uh, any post that has anything to do with horses and saying something, so people will take these kinds of screenshots. fantastik stuff also. yes, these three are fantastik. uh, one, one of the best parts of the [ __ ]. I don't even remember the movie. what's the name of the movie? what's the name of this movie? Treasure Platinum, not Treasure Planet. um, Road to El Dorado. Road to El Dorado, right, yeah, is that? I think all three of them are equally [ __ ]. obviously the the porn artists focus on shell, but I feel like there's a lot of chicks out there like, oh yeah, do you? how do you feel about like getting tag teamed by two, like scrungly, like, uh, adventurous, you know, like uh, you know, it's like I, I, I think you got it all breathable. very true, Jeff listens to Vos while we're having sex- good taste, let's say- to a bash on a Muslim fascist while I make my GF climax. I have no IP idea how you people do this. I see a lot of memes like this: oh, I listened to wash while I [ __ ]. whatever, I have no idea how you do that. I guess I've got a deep voice. but man with a [ __ ] debate, no clue at all. Trump, oh no, dark Brandon, he's been undone on a lot of these. Trump. neutralized Peterson. neutralize Abe. neutralized Tate, neutralized again. that one's not getting undone by. Elon. neutralized buff. and neutralize Elizabeth. neutralize muffin is still neutralized. um, I, I knew he'd come back, but, like, holy [ __ ], it's over, it's [ __ ] over. hey, avey's not coming back either. Kate still shows up with clip channels. he's a lot less relevant than he used to be. what was that? what was that [ __ ] meme? um, I swear to God. I saw this in 196 earlier today. there was like a photo of Andrew Tate where he was looking gay. yeah, yeah, this. how does the MSM finish? look gay in every photo, regardless of what's happening in the mouth. this is incredible. spending time with the girlfriends, it's phenomenal. like, look- I'm genuinely surprised that he allowed this photo to be taken of him. or like every other girl is making more body contact with every other girl than he is. he's got his arms together. he looks lonely and why is he covering up his nibs? he looks scarier than you. he looks way gayer than me. yeah, like, by a long shot, by a large margin. debates: be like you [ __ ], [ __ ]. you idiot, people like you. what's wrong with this world? morally, I think you should be shot five minutes later. good, good, convo, Bid Fun, love you. you should end all debates like this, if possible. okay, it's just good too. all right, it's like the debate bro version of the uh, the law of hospitality and old medieval cultures, where you have to, uh, you have to offer people like, uh, you know, Home and hearth, if they come by and need the two Horsemen of losing an election to someone who can bear these streets together, a complete side. it's true, yeah, dude. [ __ ]. fetterman gives uh Biden a run for his money on the incomprehensibility. I look, I've, I'm 100 behind fetterman. but it was really funny how a lot of lefties clammed up on like making jokes about his um, his speech debilitation, like these people were jumping at everything Biden stumbled on to make fun of him, and then fetterman spends like two consecutive hours spaghetti dropping, all on the debate stage or whatever, and they're like, well, we can't tok about that, you know. and then he won Anyway, by a pretty large margin. so what on Earth? oh, I see this thing doesn't support multiple, um, multiple uh image posts. do I click this? I click that. he went out like a true boss, right? super soldier Elon Musk, I'll kill you to death with a knife, gun, a bomb and a new parody, parody, parody, parody. [ __ ]. rip. free speech is canceled. one of the things that sucked about this is like a week after this happened. um, I wanted to reach out to him because he got in trouble on YouTube, because he got into a disagreement over Arielle being made black in The Little Mermaid adaptation with a black woman. he was arguing with a black woman and they were both getting equal video views, like in the 150 000 range, and I really wanted to message him like: do you see how frustrated it is to have an argument with black women and being accused of not being able to speak on the topic because you're a white guy? do you see how frustrating it is? I can give you tips, um, but I couldn't because he was. he was off Twitter, you know I didn't. I'm sure there was some other way to reach him, but if I tried too hard it stops being funny. so I genuinely do kind of, kind of feel better. I don't know how that all resolved. that was a couple months ago, I think. a woman definition just dropped- trans women are limited access- was Banger tweet for me. women don't have prostates. I actually find that in the dictionary when you look it up. you know, um, what? what is a woman? well, a prostate, listen, Okay, a featherless biped without a prostate? um, and you've got it. wait, okay, dumb question. but are humans the only animals that have a prostate or prostate like analogous organ? because, like pretty much all big animals have, like like a penis, right, so do they just have they? other animals have prostates. that's wild, it's just. is it just like a mammal thing? that's wild, that's crazy. women don't, of course. now, Walsh moment. abortion, that's literally child murder. bombing child hospitals? oh my God, based true, just remember. none of them actually think that abortion is literally child murder. none of them treat it that way, uh or otherwise. like they would have been treating Herschel Walker as though a revelation had come out that he had forced a former partner to murder several children, but instead they were all like, uh, wow, the woke left suddenly has an issue. like now they were. they were not acting like the story came out that he had murdered several, uh, several, uh, children. what is a woman? hello, Matt, thanks for asking. a woman is an adult person who identifies the social category associated with female sex. it's your definition not include hot, fertile 16 year olds? uh, I, I. I'm so glad those old videos of Matt Walsh came up, because he already emanated the energy of a guy who had made 47 minutes of recorded content from his car, toking about the age of consent. but actually having that like actually seeing it happen, you know, um, really like a a life and art kind of synchronicity there, you know, the suspicions being confirmed- this is just satisfying in a way that mere speculation can't compare with hope. you already spoke more or less. PornHub offers you two million to make a sex tape. your second hatred: Peterson, up here, smoke Marlin. hey, Jordan Peterson would never top and I would never bought him. there was no [ __ ] way Jordan Peterson tops. okay, get that [ __ ] out of here as him being a hat team, being a breeder, not knowing. well, she finds out, 10 year olds can also get pregnant. I'm not reading this. soon I will have a new child [ __ ]. uh, Matt Walsh planning his uh vacation destination by having a big wall map with and he's throwing darts at and he's got the countries with a lower than American age of a consent lit up. be dead. have gay son. okay, still love him. it's 2022, meet us. beer from University- way more of a m.