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Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to the latest update on our new software release! We understand that the current coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone, and we want to help by providing you with a reliable software solution. Our software offers excellent customer support, phone support, and high-quality ads for Facebook, Craigslist, and Letgo. Let's dive into the details and show you how this software can benefit you.

- We are excited to introduce our new software release that aims to assist you in navigating through these challenging times.

- Our software offers a seven-day free trial with a special code, giving you the opportunity to test it out and see its effectiveness firsthand.


- Advert Manager: Easily manage all your ads within our system.

- Import Ads: Import your existing ads from previous accounts or directly from Craigslist.

- Campaign Manager: Create daily campaigns with any number of ads you desire.

- Randomization: Randomize your titles, descriptions, and even image pixels for increased visibility.

- Watermarks: Add watermarks to your images to protect them from being stolen or misused.

- Facebook Marketplace: Benefit from auto deletion of old ads and new layouts.

- Multiple Accounts: Use multiple accounts within one campaign for better results and adherence to platform terms.

- Intellipost Algorithm: Post on Craigslist without worrying about flagging by utilizing multiple accounts.


- Our software supports all categories on Craigslist.

- With Facebook Marketplace access, you can post up to 20-30 ads per day, and Letgo allows for an additional 30-50 ads per day.

- Take advantage of our new intellipost algorithm to minimize flagging issues and maximize ad visibility.

- Our software is a powerful tool that enables you to post ads on multiple platforms effortlessly.

- Don't miss out on this opportunity to join us and experience the benefits of our software.

- Sign up for a seven-day free trial using the provided code and see for yourself how our software can revolutionize your advertising efforts.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

EARN $20K Every Month By Being Your Own Boss, Free Classified Ads Posting Sites 2022-2023

In this article, we will delve into the world of CPA marketing and how it relates to the cryptocurrency industry. We will explore various platforms and strategies that can be used to maximize profits and drive successful campaigns. So, let's dive in and discover the potential of CPA marketing in the cryptocurrency realm!

1. Tropic CPA:

- Tropic CPA is a platform that offers Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising solutions for businesses. It provides a wide range of CPA offers, including those related to cryptocurrency.

- By utilizing Tropic CPA, marketers can earn commissions based on the actions taken by users, such as signing up for a cryptocurrency wallet or completing a transaction.

2. League.com:

- League.com is another platform that connects advertisers with publishers to promote CPA offers.

- With a focus on the cryptocurrency industry, League.com offers a variety of high-converting CPA campaigns that marketers can leverage to generate revenue.

3. Work Media:

- Work Media is a performance-based CPA network that specializes in cryptocurrency marketing.

- By partnering with Work Media, marketers can access exclusive CPA offers in the cryptocurrency niche, allowing them to target a specific audience and optimize their campaigns for maximum profitability.

4. Time For Tons:

- Time For Tons is a popular CPA network that offers a wide range of campaigns, including those related to cryptocurrency.

- Marketers can leverage Time For Tons to promote various CPA offers and earn commissions based on the actions taken by users.

5. Play YouTube Age:

- Play YouTube Age is a platform that allows marketers to promote CPA offers through YouTube videos.

- By creating engaging and informative videos about cryptocurrency-related topics, marketers can attract viewers and drive them to take action on CPA offers, earning commissions in the process.

6. Findermaster.com:

- Findermaster.com is a classified ads website that offers CPA advertising solutions for businesses.

- Marketers can utilize Findermaster.com to promote CPA offers related to cryptocurrency and reach a targeted audience interested in the industry.

7. Spectator.com:

- Spectator.com is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers to promote CPA offers.

- By partnering with Spectator.com, marketers can access a wide range of CPA campaigns, including those in the cryptocurrency niche.

CPA marketing offers a lucrative opportunity for marketers to generate revenue in the cryptocurrency industry. By leveraging platforms like Tropic CPA, League.com, Work Media, and others, marketers can tap into a targeted audience and promote relevant CPA offers. Whether it's through YouTube videos, classified ads, or other channels, there are numerous strategies that can be employed to drive successful CPA campaigns. So, why wait? Start exploring the world of CPA marketing in cryptocurrency today and unlock the potential for profitable returns!

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

In this video, I'm going to show you five free ads websites that everyone who wants to start earning from $100 to $200 a day should know about. And I don't want to let you struggle with these free ads websites, so I'm going to show you examples of products and unique angles that I would use if I were to start promoting products on these websites. This way, you can start making money the fastest way possible without making any mistakes. This is the perfect way for beginners because it's free and you don't need any experience or skills. All you need to invest is your time, but you'll gain valuable experiences in return.

Before we jump straight into this video, I want to let you know that I have created a free masterclass in which I will teach you the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures needs to do in order to build a long-term profitable online business. If you'd like to watch this free masterclass, you can find a link below in the description. Click there and I'm looking forward to seeing you there as well. But now, let's continue with the video.

- In this video, I will show you five free ads websites to start earning $100 to $200 a day.

Website 1: MyMidi Ads

- Professional social network for media buyers and sellers

- Post and market job ads

- Share as a company

- Scroll down to see companies using this platform

- Marketing ads and job ads

- Job ads get views

- How to create a new ad

Website 2: Worldprofit.com

- Free membership for affiliate marketers

- Free ads posting

- Not recommended for affiliate marketing training

- Click on Join our free membership

- Place free classified ads

- Need to view at least 10 classified ads to create your own ad

- Ads seen only by Worldprofit members

Website 3: Oodle.com

- USA marketplace

- Browse categories: jobs, pets, services, community

- Recommend jobs for pets category

- Find most converting programs on ClickBank

- Post listings for pet-related jobs

- These three free ads websites can help you start earning $100 to $200 a day

- Use unique angles and examples of products to promote

- Take advantage of the free masterclass for long-term online business success

Question: Are you ready to start making money with these free ads websites?

How To Create 500 FREE classified Ads In 5 Minutes!

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to show you how to easily create free ads on a website called Free Ad Forum. My name is Austin God Bolton, and I create videos to help you start making money and generating passive income with affiliate marketing. Usually, I focus on affiliate marketing and passive income, but today I want to show you something that will make your life a little bit easier. If you're interested in learning different tips and tricks on how to make money online, be sure to like, subscribe, and ring the bell notification so that I can help you out.

- Introducing Free Ad Forum and how it can help you create free ads

- Mentioning the time-consuming aspect of the process

Creating Ads on Free Ad Forum:

- Steps to create an ad on Free Ad Forum

- Importance of adding a catchy title and description

- Adding an image to make the ad more appealing

- Entering multiple locations to increase visibility

The Time-Consuming Aspect:

- Explaining the need to enter multiple locations for better results

- Calculating the time it takes to create multiple ads

- Expressing the frustration that can arise from the time-consuming process

Automating the Process:

- Mentioning a YouTube video that shows a way to automate the process

- Explaining the limitations of the free method and the option to upgrade

- Providing a link in the description to download the software

Using the Software:

- Steps to set up and use the software

- Explaining the concept of spintax and its importance

- Demonstrating how to create multiple titles and descriptions using spintax

- Recap of the benefits of using Free Ad Forum and the automated process

- Encouraging viewers to click the link in the description to download the software and get started

- Thanking viewers for watching and inviting them to subscribe and like the video.

Free Ads Posting Sites USA I Classified Ads Posting Bangla Tutorial I Ad Posting Site in USA

- The importance of understanding foreign cultures and languages in today's interconnected world.

Sub-heading: The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages and Cultures

- Increased opportunities for personal and professional growth.

- Enhanced communication skills.

- Expanded worldview and cultural appreciation.

- Improved cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.

- Increased employability in a globalized job market.

Sub-heading: Overcoming Language Barriers and Misunderstandings

- The challenges of language barriers in cross-cultural communication.

- Importance of learning idioms, contractions, and colloquialisms to improve understanding.

- The role of transitional phrases in smooth and effective communication.

- Avoiding repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures for clearer communication.

- The impact of interjections in expressing emotions and opinions.

Sub-heading: Cultural Sensitivity and Understanding

- Dangling modifiers and their potential for miscommunication.

- The significance of understanding cultural norms and avoiding cultural faux pas.

- The importance of adapting to different communication styles.

- The role of cultural immersion in developing empathy and tolerance.

Sub-heading: The Influence of Technology and Globalization

- How technology has made foreign cultures more accessible.

- The impact of social media and the internet on cultural exchange.

- The role of online language learning platforms in promoting cross-cultural understanding.

- The challenges of maintaining authenticity and avoiding stereotypes in a globalized world.

- In conclusion, understanding foreign languages and cultures is essential in today's interconnected world. It not only helps us overcome language barriers but also promotes cultural sensitivity and empathy. By embracing linguistic and cultural diversity, we can foster better communication and create a more inclusive global community.

How To Get UNLIMITED Traffic With Classified Ads | Classified Submissions Review

Hey, welcome to the video! Today, I'm going to talk about how to easily get traffic, because that is the lifeblood of all our online businesses. Hi, I'm Tamara and thanks for watching! Did you know that people still search classified ads worldwide? Let's take a look at Craigslist, for example. In November, December, and January, over half a million people were looking at classified ads just on Craigslist alone. And there are thousands of classified ad websites out there. So, I'm going to show you an easy way to get your ads promoted on thousands of classified ad websites for up to a year.

Introducing Classified Submissions:

- Classified Submissions is a company that will promote your classified ads and website.

- Your ads will be displayed on thousands of advertising pages each month, including 2000+ classified ad pages, 500+ high-quality private blogs, and hundreds of web 2.0 properties.

- You will also get a clickable text ad displayed at the top of high-traffic sites 24/7, giving you quality exposure.

How it Works:

- You can submit your own classified ad, but it only stays on the page for 30 days and then gets bumped down as more ads come in.

- With Classified Submissions, you simply fill out a form and they do all the hard work for you.

- Your ad will be up and running within 24 to 48 hours.

Affordability and Benefits:

- Classified Submissions is way more affordable than Google Ads.

- You can pay as little as 50 cents per click or up to $60 for certain niches on Google Ads.

- With Classified Submissions, you pay a one-time fee for a whole year's worth of advertising.

- This is great for SEO and driving traffic to your website or landing page.

- You can even upload a video to increase your views.

Pricing Tiers:

- Classified Submissions offers three pricing tiers.

- For $40 per month, you can cancel anytime.

- For three months, you pay $77, also cancel anytime.

- The one-year service is $197 and gives you a whole year's worth of advertising.

- By choosing the one-year service, you save $282 compared to the monthly option.


- With the one-year service, your ad will be upgraded, highlighted, and in bold in the premium ad sections.

- Your ad will be stuck to the top of your category and the home page, increasing exposure and potential sales.

- There are no recurring fees or subscriptions.

- You get three text ad rotation slots and can upload three images.

How to Sign Up:

- Fill out the form and make sure your email matches the one you paid with.

- Enter five different titles for your ad, a 400-word description, and add your keywords.

- Upload up to three images.

- Submit the form and your ad will be live within 24 to 48 hours.

Tracking and Updates:

- Use tracking links like Pretty Links or Bitly to monitor your ad's performance.

- You can change your ad once a month for a small fee.

- Classified Submissions will automatically set up an account for you and you can earn 50% through their affiliate program.

I just signed up for the one-year package with Classified Submissions and I'm excited to see the results. I'll be updating you on the number of clicks I get. If you're looking for affordable and effective advertising, check out Classified Submissions. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay updated on my experience with them. Have an awesome day! Cheers!

I Posted An Ad On TheFreeAdForum - Copy And Paste Ads EXPOSED!

- There are countless videos out there claiming that you can make a lot of money by posting ads on sites like the free ad forum.

- These videos, with millions of views, make it seem easy to copy and paste ads and start making cash.

- This article aims to investigate whether these money-making methods actually work.

Investigating the Free Ad Forum:

- The Free Ad Forum is a popular website, ranking at 14,503 on Alexa.

- This means that out of billions of websites, only 14,502 get more traffic than the Free Ad Forum.

- In comparison, Craigslist ranks at 149, Warrior Forum at 3,725, and affiliatemarketingdude.com at 38,643.

- However, when looking at the traffic stats, affiliatemarketingdude.com gets around 91,000 visitors a month, while the Free Ad Forum gets about 110,000 visitors a month.

- This shows that the traffic is spread thin, especially considering the thousands of ads posted each day on the Free Ad Forum.

- Additionally, the Free Ad Forum has poor rankings on Google, suggesting that it may not be effective in driving traffic.

Testing the Method:

- To test the effectiveness of posting ads on the Free Ad Forum, an ad was posted and tracked.

- After 24 hours, the ad received zero clicks, even though it had generated a lot of traffic on other platforms.

- To increase visibility, an additional $20 was spent on a premium listing, but it still resulted in zero clicks.

- This raises the question of whether posting ads on sites like the Free Ad Forum is worth the time and effort.

Can You Make Money with Free Classified Ads?

- While it is possible to make money with free classified ads, it requires a strategic and careful approach.

- Following the rules and guidelines of each site is crucial for success.

- If you want to learn more about making money with classified ads, check out the Copy and Paste Ads video by the author.

- The video provides additional information and tips for success.

- In conclusion, making money with free classified ads is possible, but it requires a deliberate and strategic approach.

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