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FREE CRM and FREE Single Property Websites for Real Estate

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

FREE CRM and FREE Single Property Websites for Real Estate

The above is a brief introduction to FREE CRM and FREE Single Property Websites for Real Estate.

Let's move on to the first section of FREE CRM and FREE Single Property Websites for Real Estate!

FREE CRM and FREE Single Property Websites for Real Estate

haiya time Ithaca real estate advisors
welcome back to the channel we thankful
that you're here today we're discussing
single property websites so single
property websites are well instead of
describing it let me just show you what
it looks like a single property website
takes all of the information that you've
either input into your MLS or you
manually typed in to whatever platform
you are uploading your information into
and it shares the information in a very
elegant very concise and just
presentable way that just highlights
your property in a completely different
level it beats having to create a video
it beats having to create your own
slideshow or anything else like that so
these single property websites are
easier than ever to make and the beauty
of these are that they're actually free
so if you've been following this channel
which if you aren't subscribe hit that
subscribe button and turn the
notification bell on so you don't miss
another video if you've been following
this channel you know that I'm a big fan
of processees and I'm a big fan of free
that's exactly where we're looking at
today so this software that you're
looking at it is it's beyond a single
property website generator it is a full
functioning CRM so if you've been
looking for a CRM this could be a
solution for you and I'll share a bit
more about the system in and of itself
and how I use it for my business but
more importantly I wanted to show you
this feature which I use and it's free
again this this entire thing is free and
I'll share a little caveat with it but I
want to show you a design and how easy
these are to create where you don't have
to spend hours embedding a picture and
then making sure that the gallery is
working and uploading it and just this
is all done for you all
need to create a website like this is
the MLS link which I have my MLS up
right now and we'll make one as a
tutorial but let's tok a little bit
about the software that we're looking at
so total expert right here is the
software that I use and but well let me
backtrack total software is the software
that I use specifically for their web
marketing feature their single property
sites which is what you saw beyond that
I don't use it if you've been following
this channel a while you know that I'm a
lion desk fan what I personally use so
this is a full-functioning CRM you see
the email tracking you see in commission
hot leads new contacts so a lot of the
same jargon that you're used to hearing
when it comes to CRM you see it here and
the reason you see a bunch of zeros
thrown up here is because I don't use
this software as a CRM I use Lyon desk
as a CRM and if you watch my other video
that I go deeper into why I use it which
i think is titled which CRM should I use
the one downside well - but it's the
same function so two downsides for Lyon
desk are you can't create a landing page
and you cannot create a single property
website so those are two different
things although it's kind of like the
function of the same thing a landing
page what i like using landing pages for
are just to cut out the noise and grab
attention and facilitate the transfer of
information from a lead or a future lead
with me so what that means is i'm not
whatever i offer in one of my ads or
whatever i offer and one of my posts i
like to deliver on it very quickly so
whenever somebody clicks through they
come over to the landing page that i've
designed and it's again it cuts through
the noise it's it
it's solely there to present and share
the information that I promised and so
it's capturing attention and
facilitating the transfer of information
ie their phone number and email and
their name over to me so that's a
landing page that's the feature that I
use regularly so if you're curious on
which one I use for that
it's clickfunnels I just find it to be
pretty comprehensive very easy to use
very flexible and a lot of the support
that I get from clickfunnels is just
top-notch so I use that from a landing
page generator but the function that
we're looking at today the reason I
gravitate towards this is because it's
free but also because it does a good job
of creating a single property website so
again landing page generator and a
single property website these two
features are are are something that I
cannot get through lion desk
I love lion desk I use it as my CRM
email marketing text marketing and
everything when it comes to actually
managing transactions and managing the
deals but when it comes to features like
these I can't use line desk because they
don't have that feature so I go and give
click bundles for my business which is
comprised of being a realtor and
comprised of open real estate agents of
Realtors as well with their business so
I just find the flexibility with
clickfunnels when it comes to landing
pages just to be top-notch
and then when I'm actually promoting one
of my properties I like using single
property websites because they present
well so I'll show you I was about stays
too but one key difference of where I
use a single property website versus a
landing page so you know just wanted to
show you what this looks like if you
wanted to upgrade which depends on how
much you want to the complimentary and
what I suggest is getting be
complimentary which is zero dollars
right here you can go down the
professional route I don't even know
says are we'd have to scroll down here
and find them I don't use it in that
so I couldn't tell you and there's no
affiliate link or anything else like
that so again I'm not suggesting that
you use them for a premium I'm just
suggesting that you check out their web
marketing features now here's a caveat
when it comes to expert total expert is
something that your lender typically
gives you access to so they're called Co
marketing partners
this software is there's certain
companies there are certain companies
that allow their lenders to have this
platform and make it available to the I
don't know where my marketing partner
went so the lender will have to give you
access to it shows up there so no Co
marketing partner I know I do it'll show
up on the web marketing part but that's
how you get access to total experts so
if you wanted to call them up directly I
want the system for free chances are
they won't they won't give you access to
it so when you when you reach out to
totalizer or if you wanted to use them
for that single property website or even
look into actually having it as your crm
because again it's free they will they
will refer you to a co marketing partner
which essentially it's a lender and
there's certain lenders that give you
access to this so Wow
as far as my co marketing partner I have
actually never done a deal with him and
he's a he's a lender he's the one that
let me gave me access to the system
which which it's I mean it's not a
requirement i I just he he offered it
and I took it and I started playing
around with it so that's the only
feature that I use so maybe maybe this
new you're all used I'll use them for
for one or two deals but as of right now
just I just have it so anyway that's how
you get access to it this isn't
something you can go directly and get
total expert signup because I've tried
but you can reach out to them and see
which lenders actually have this feature
and how do they own to sign you up for
it or have them send you the link so you
can create your own profile now to
actually create a single property
website that's what we're gonna do today
and it's very very simple and when it
says domains down here you can actually
mask the domain that you see up here so
total expert net this is gonna show on
all of your property sites but you can
actually mask it to your own domain
that's a little bit more complex and it
would be beyond the scope of this video
I have Squarespace for my personal
website and I've been able to integrate
them to where it actually has my domain
but it takes a good amount of time
getting that going and there's a lot
more manual nough stew it than what
you're about to see today there's some I
don't wanna say coding because I don't
want to give the illusion that I know
how to code because I don't but there's
some things that you need to figure out
from the todo expert side and also from
wherever you're getting your website or
whoever's hosting your website which for
me it's Squarespace so if you want some
information on Squarespace and total
expert in bridging that to the actual
domain I could help out so just send me
a message but for the sake of this video
we're not gonna go down that rabbit hole
so we're gonna click on single property
sites alright here is a listing that I
have and this is something that I
created a few days ago and the
difference the one difference that I I
that I use this for versus a landing
page which I have to whenever I'm doing
paid traffic I use a landing page and
the reason I use a landing page is
because on these property sites I give
everything away I give the address away
I give the pictures away and I give I
think I said the address the price
everything else
so there's nothing that can withhold and
the reason I reason when holding some
information on the landing page is
because I want people to reach out to me
I want that lead to converge so if
you're running Facebook Ads if you've
watched any of the other videos on how
to ethnically offer a bribe if you will
or ethically offer something that is a
value to a potential home buyers and
home sellers you know there's a level of
information that you just can't provide
upfront or else there'd be no reason for
them to reach out to you so that's the
biggest difference on when deciding hey
where am I going to use this single
property website which is what you're
looking at and where am I going to use a
landing page which by by general rule is
not gonna have all of this information
because you're promoting the leaves so
as you can see the conversion here is
pretty dismal I've only had a hundred
and four viewers in one registry so this
is an elite capturing this isn't what I
use as my primary focus of lead
capturing this is something that I use
to promote the property and where I
leave this link at where I leave this
link right here for people to view the
property is when I'm posting the
property tour on YouTube so I'm okay
with people going on YouTube and
checking out the video from my personal
channel so from my realtor channel I'm
comfortable with them checking out the
tour that I give or me toking a little
bit more about the actual property and
I'm okay with them clicking on this link
and landing here to get the full scope
of it and then them sending their
contact information over to me I'm okay
with that but when it comes to doing the
landing page I don't include on my
YouTube videos that's just a choice you
can certainly include your landing page
on the on the YouTube on the youtube on
the youtube description but I don't
personally do that and whenever I am
sending the information to some of my
friend leads that I
already know are gonna use me so much
spear hey like hey can you check this
this this property out I send them this
link versus a landing page because again
I don't have I'm not necessarily
concerned about their email their phone
number because I already have it they're
part of my sphere so this is more for my
friendlies if you will when I'm really
trying to showcase the property I hope
that makes sense so let's dive in and
actually make one of these I'm gonna
create I'm gonna go over to my listing
which I already have it over here but we
can create another one and when you put
your MLS link over here it's gonna show
the property that it finds and it's
gonna show you where it got it from so
which unless it got it from we're gonna
highlight that unfortunately it's gonna
it's gonna give me a no let's let's not
leave it at this let's go out and create
a brand new one so let's just grab nem
MLS link
any of them will do okay so let's just
grab that we're gonna go to create
search and now you see two different
ones Liz
hub and then North Texas real estate so
this is the MLS so I'm going to select
that one state
it's active choose your template so you
can go how many are here like eight you
get to see the different styles the one
that I used over here was cavalo I
believe and then you can just go down
the template so you see this over here
changing let's see what a modern looks
like very neat so there you have
different templates that you can choose
from must be acting up my Linder
partners not shown up that's interesting
anyway so that agent partners well
that's myself
Linder partners I don't know why he's
not showing up but not gonna worry too
much about that
alright so banner sold well they're all
gonna look different so you can just go
around and play with this so the show
banner is gonna the reason is I've shown
up here's because you chose modern so
moderns not gonna show the banner up
here forced registration means that
before they see the property they have
to input their information for me again
I'm not using it as a lead capturing
tool primarily because I'm just giving
too much information away right off the
bat so I just don't force the
registration where if you were if you
were to put yes on this the moment they
land on this website
everything gets grayed out most of it
gets grayed out and then they ask the
ask is gonna be for your contact
information but again for my purposes
and the reason I'm creating this is not
necessarily for lead capture its a nice
plus but I don't use it in that capacity
then you can put the mate adjust the
meta description so for SEO it most
likely is not gonna your SEO is not
gonna be all that great because you're
not gonna have this up too much so I'm
gonna help you to vastly in that respect
so don't worry too much about that and
you can correct anything that you need
to here
this will this does have a limit so your
description may be a little bit too long
it won't show completely dependent on
the template that you use so be careful
with this on the actual MLS description
if you're pulling it directly from the
MLS and if you have a video you can put
your URL there their virtual tour link
property panorama automatikally
integrates based off of the association
that I'm with and then you just go
through everything and exclude images if
you don't want them and then this is
where this is what I was toking about
again I don't want to say coding but
there's a level of there's some
adjustments that you need to make if
you're trying to have your domain which
my domain is echo real advisors comm if
you want your domain to show up there is
a level of edits that you have to do
here in order for this to go away
again if you want some more just if you
have Squarespace again I'm not opening
myself to be the IT person so know that
I'm not even more closer but I did
figure that part out so if you have
Squarespace and want to make this work
from a domain perspective to where this
doesn't show up and your domain actually
shows up I can help out so please feel
free to reach out admit reach out and
message me if you have anything outside
of todo expert and Squarespace message
me but for something else because I'm
not gonna be able to help you out just
know that that's that's beyond what my
capabilities are and let's see we're
gonna do default I think we're done
say okay
now it
and there you go so that's how you get a
single property website again you can go
out and get some very expensive
platforms out there very expensive
software up there but in this channel we
are looking to maximize our dollar and
this is how you do it for free again
Toto expert is kind of by invite only if
you will so do reach out to them and ask
for a lender partner or somebody in the
area that you can sit down and chat with
but the most important thing is that
they give you access or extend access to
this actual platform which again full
disclosure I use it solely for the
single property websites if you want to
explore beyond that and actually do
email campaigns do the social media
campaigns do the actual CRM
functionality from total expert by all
means get after it but know that for me
the most value that I can find in the
most not the most value for $0 I can
have single property websites up in
instant huh in seconds so that didn't
work out well did it so anyway that's it
if there any questions comments or
concerns please feel free to reach out
especially if you have that Squarespace
and the total expert and they're trying
to get the domain to work I can
certainly help facilitate that but
outside of that like comment share
subscribe and I'll see you in the next

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