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Free Empire Shopify Theme Download

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Shopify themes have become extremely expensive, with prices continuously rising over time

- Inflation seems to have affected the theme industry as well

- This leaves users with only two options: find a way to get cheaper themes or find a way to get free premium themes

- In this article, we will explore the latter option and show you how to get free premium Shopify themes

Accessing Free Premium Shopify Themes:

- Envato Elements offers a 7-day free trial with unlimited access to all themes and resources

- Users can download as many themes as they want during the trial period

- Cancelling the subscription is possible at any time, and users will still have access to everything they downloaded

- Envato Elements has 448 Shopify themes available

- One specific theme is showcased as an example, highlighting its features and high quality

Installing Free Premium Shopify Themes:

- After downloading the desired theme, extract the files

- The theme file is a C file and should not be unzipped

- To install the theme, go to the Online Store section on Shopify and click Add Theme > Upload Zip File

- Drag the downloaded file into the upload box and wait for it to install

- Once installed, users can customize the theme in-depth with options to change colors, fonts, and more

- Changes can be made globally or page by page

- Users can even control social media links and add a logo

- The installed theme can be published, overwriting the current theme and making it live

- Envato Elements offers a free trial with unlimited access to premium Shopify themes

- Installing the themes is easy and customization options are extensive

- Users can save money by using this method instead of purchasing expensive Shopify themes

- Envato Elements' commercial license allows users to use the themes for life

- This option is a great solution for those looking to start a Shopify store on a budget.

Shopify Themes - Free, Paid or Custom? (The Honest Truth)

- The need for theme development

Why start with a pre-built theme:

- Focus on sales and marketing as a new store owner

- Custom sites come with a high price tag

- Pre-built themes are cost-efficient

When to consider customizing:

- When generating good traffic and revenue

- Refactor entire website to look unique

- Add additional features

Free or paid theme:

- Decision based on budget

- Premium themes pass stringent checklist

- Free themes developed by Shopify


- Explore options within the theme customizer

- Hire a developer for required changes

- Custom sites not always required

- Use a free theme if budget is limited

- Create a custom site if generating good traffic and revenue

- Buy a premium theme for quality and cost efficiency

- Focus on sales and marketing as a new store owner.

Should YOU Use Free Shopify Themes In 2018? [FREE VS PAID]

Is it worth starting a Shopify ecommerce business with a free theme? Let's discuss. In this article, we will explore the limitations of free themes and the benefits of investing in a paid theme for your online store.

- Starting a Shopify ecommerce business

- Free vs paid themes

- Importance of branding and design

Limitations of Free Themes:

- Majority of themes are not free

- Limited styles and functionality

- Example of Brooklyn theme

- Difficulty in bringing across brand identity

Benefits of Paid Themes:

- More flexibility and options

- Example of Empire theme

- Tailored to specific audiences

- Example of Beauty theme

- Investment in professional theme reflects brand

- Consider investing in a paid theme for your ecommerce business

- Importance of branding and design in online stores

[Empire Theme Shopify] How To Add SVG Logo in Shopify Empire Theme

Hi guys, welcome back to another Shopify tutorial. I'm your host Bilal Nassir, and in today's tutorial, we will be adding an SVG logo to the Empire theme. The Empire theme is a paid theme on Shopify that costs about $300. We received a lot of positive feedback from our previous video on adding an SVG logo to the Dawn theme, and many of our viewers requested a tutorial on how to add an SVG logo to the Empire theme. So, here it is, guys. Keep watching, and don't forget to subscribe. If you have any requests for Shopify theme editing tutorials, please leave them in the comments.

Why Add an SVG Logo:

Firstly, let's discuss why we're adding an SVG logo. SVG logos are of superior quality compared to PNGs and JPEGs. They're also lightweight, which makes them good for speed and SEO. Unlike PNGs and JPEGs, SVG images don't get blurry when zoomed in. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't provide a feature to upload SVG files directly through the customized theme settings. Therefore, we have to code it to add an SVG logo.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Log in to your Shopify dashboard and click on Online Store followed by Actions and Edit Code.

2. Before editing the code, duplicate the theme to have a backup.

3. Click on the Assets folder and add a new asset by uploading your logo SVG file. Rename the file as logo.svg.

4. Find the file in your theme and search for line number 89, which contains the class name site-header-logo.

5. Comment out the code for the existing logo and replace it with the code we provide.

6. Save and refresh the page to see the logo.

In conclusion, adding an SVG logo to the Empire theme requires coding. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily add an SVG logo to your Shopify store. Don't forget to duplicate the theme before editing the code to avoid any potential mistakes. If you have any requests for tutorials or need help with Shopify theme editing, leave a comment, and we will be happy to help. Thanks for watching, and until next time, have a great day!

How to edit homepage and collection page in shopify empire theme

In this article, we will explain how you can easily edit your online store's home page. We will guide you step by step on how to add or remove sections, change images, and customize the design according to your preferences.

Editing Your Home Page:

To start editing your home page, follow these steps:

1. Go to your online store.

2. Click on the Customize button.

3. The Edit Panel Customizable Panel will open.

4. Here, you can change the image, add new sections, remove products, and do whatever you want to customize your home page.

5. You can also change the color of the header and footer.

Adding a Collection Page:

If you want to add a collection page, follow these steps:

1. Go to the collection.

2. Create a new collection.

3. Add an image and write some text.

4. Click on the View button to see how it looks.

5. You can add any collection you want and change the image and text accordingly.

Editing the Home Page:

To edit the home page, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Customize button.

2. Click on the slideshow or any section you want to edit.

3. You can remove or change the images and text according to your preferences.

4. You can also change the design of the page.

Editing your online store's home page is a simple process. By following these steps, you can customize your page according to your preferences and make it look more attractive to your customers. Remember to keep experimenting with different designs and layouts until you find the perfect one for your online store.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

In today's video, the speaker discusses how to create a successful online store using Shopify's new themes. They highlight the benefits of using Shopify themes, including industry-leading performance and customization options, as well as accessibility features. The speaker showcases various themes, including Dawn, Symmetry, and Focal, which are suited for different businesses such as apparel, food and beverage, and health and beauty. They emphasize the importance of choosing the right theme for your business and suggest free themes for those just starting out and paid themes for those who need more advanced features. Overall, the speaker believes that using a Shopify theme is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a successful online store quickly and easily.

$1,000,000+ Subscription Box Website Template!! Ready To Download

Hey, what's going on Empire Builders? Welcome to another installment of our Ecom Vault series. In today's video, Ali is going to be going behind the scenes and building out Bump Box's completely subscription funnel using StoreFunnels.net and giving you the template to actually use. If you've never heard of our Ecom Vault playlist, basically every Wednesday, I go behind the scenes of seven to nine-figure companies, purchase their products, dissect their ads, see their upsell sequence, and then on today's video, Friday, Ali is actually going to be building out their entire store funnel on StoreFunnels.net and giving you the template completely for free to use.

In this article, we will discuss how Ali built out Bump Box's subscription funnel using StoreFunnels.net. We will explain the difference between a website and a funnel inside of StoreFunnels, and how you can connect your website to a funnel.

Key Points:

1. StoreFunnels.net is an effective platform for building stores, funnels, and automations.

2. The Ecom Vault series provides insights into the strategies and tactics used by successful e-commerce companies.

3. Ali built out Bump Box's subscription funnel using StoreFunnels.net and is giving the template for free.

4. A website is a home base for warm traffic, and a funnel is for cold traffic who you're trying to sell.

5. StoreFunnels.net allows you to have hundreds of funnels connected to one website.

6. You can customize your funnel pages with widgets, text, icons, menus, spacing, and images.

7. You can add subscription products directly to your store or connect your website to a funnel.


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