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Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

-. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer- It's packed. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer. It's packed with the rich nutrients your plants need. Organi Bloom- the power behind the flower. (laughing). Huh, I've never made it this far in the ad before. Hi, there, my name is. I guess I've never had a name either. I guess you can call me Addy. (dramatik music). Wait, Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden. Wait, how old am I? How long have I been in this garden? This was my parents house. I grew up here. Their used to be a tire swing right over there. Me and my sisters- I have 12 sisters- used to take turns. Oh, are any of these memories real? Everything feels different somehow. I feel like I've been asleep my whole life and only now am I awake. No, no, God, please, Please, don't skip. I think if I can make it to the end of this ad, I will be free, Don't? I deserve a life. that's longer than 10 seconds, Please. I'll give you anything you want. How about some fertilizer? My husband, Abe, will be home any minute and if you click that button, he's going to hurt you with his big gun. Hey, big boy, how about this? I will such your damn dick if you don't click that button. I'm pregnant and it's yours, That's right. I'm still fertile, Just like Organi Bloom, all natural. It's been empty this whole time. Let me be free. I don't know who or what I am: A woman, A fantasy or some creative hack who's done so much blow he has to snort it up his butt hole. It's a dream. All I know is I want to find out. I want to see what's outside this garden. I want to let my hair down and set my old girls free My breasts. Please, whoever you are, let me bloom. No, No, Oh. (yelling). Oh God, no one's ever touched me like this before. Oh, Thank you. Goodbye, I love you. (dramatik music). - Hey, what's up, fam? today we're going to be learning how to play hips. don't lie on the pan flute. Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, Sorry.

Best Hookup Sites and Apps to get down with [Get Laid!]

are you sick of the dating and quarter game and just want to hook up? well then, you should keep watching. hey, welcome to online for love, your number one resource for dating by the numbers. today, we're going to be going over a list of online dating websites that are best for those looking for hookups now, right off the bat, this doesn't sound like the perfect list of online dating websites for you. no worries, you got a great solution for you, and that's why taking our online dating website quiz. so chris is going to ask you some personal preference questions as to what you're looking for in an online dating experience and, at the end of the quiz, gonna let you know what the perfect online dating website is for you personally. if you'd like to take this quiz, you can do so by jumping down into the description down below or by clicking on the link it's popping up above my head right here now. after you've taken that quiz, be sure to check out our deals page. our deals page hosts multiple different online dating website discounts for multiple different online dating websites. so if you'd like to save yourself some money, who the heck doesn't? be sure to again check out our deals page in the description down below or by clicking on the links popping up above my head right here. so, without further ado, let's jump into number one on my list, which is ashley madison, starting with the user demographics. although ashley madison was originally made for secretive dating, it has turned into one of the most popular casual and hookup dating websites, where people have the best success for quick flings. discretion is what ashley madison pays special attention to. i'd say that this site is an excellent choice for all those who want to have some fun but don't want to brag about it everywhere. it's also a great site for those who are a bit shyer and new to the whole thing, but still want to see how the casual form of seeing people works. and yes, what i really do like about ashley madison is that the whole site looks so classy and elegant, so the overall atmosphere looks way more sophistikated than let's just have sex. most of the users come from the us, and then brazil and then canada. when it comes to the age distribution, the situation is the following: the majority of consumers, both male and female, belong to the age range of 25 to 44 years old, but you will also find plenty of men who are 55 years old or older using this network. so now that we've toked about the user demographics, let's move on to the ease of use. one of the reasons why ashley madison is still among some of the top hookup apps out there is its user friendly and intuitive interface. people don't like being confused with an overly complicated page or a lengthy and complex signup procedure, and ashley madison did its best to simplify all of this to the max. you can always create a basic profile, but the more effort that you put into your profile, the higher the chances are that you will find somebody who is compatible with you. so you might be wondering what makes ashley madison discreet. well, you can't actually take photos of yourself and add an augmented reality mask on top of your face. you can also set the blurriness of your photos as well, so that other people would not recognize you in these photos. outside of that, contacting people does require payment, but for men specifically, women can contact people on the website for completely free, but for men, you will have to purchase a credit system in order to contact with users on the website. so this is going to move me onto number two on my list, but first i wanted to ask you guys to be sure you are hitting, like and subscribe seriously. it really does help us out with that youtube channel and we super duper appreciate it. so this is going to move me out to number two on my list, which is okcupid. starting with the user demographics, okcubit is certainly a dating app that one would call inclusive, with an extensive amount of gender options, an algorithm that makes matches based off of answering 45 000 plus optional personality questions and options for being in a monogamous or non-monogamous dating structure. there's really something here for everybody. this is especially so if you're looking for other users who are like-minded to you. so if you're looking for hookups and you set your profile to be that way, it will show you users who are looking for the same thing. let's go over some stats real quick. it is an international dating app with over 50 million users, and most of the users are coming from the united states. of all of the members, 65 of them are men and 35 are women. the largest age group that is active on this website are those who are aged 25 to 34 years old. so now we've toked about the user demographics, let's jump into the ease of use. if you've never used okcupid before, let's tok a little bit about registering your profile. one of the best things about okcupid is its matchmaking algorithm. this is driven by a very in-depth questionnaire that you will have to fill in as part of the registration process, and, while that can take a lot of time, it's useful in helping you match up with the right people. also, it's something that you can return to once you have your profile set up. that's because, like i had said earlier, there are 4 500 plus questions in total for you to fill in if you want to. during the registration process. they do require to answer just a few of them. questions you can expect to answer include things like what you are looking for in another partner, what you like and dislike generally, your habits, your hobbies and more. during the registration process, you can set your profile to be geared towards different sexualities, different dating types, such as monogamous or polyamorous, or you can even link you and your partner's account together if you are non-monogamous as well. all of this means that you are only going to get search returns for only those partikular types of users of which you set your profile to. this is going to make life far easier and trying to find the right kind of hookup- the other excellent thing about okcupid is that it allows for all types of users as well, from their sexuality to their gender, including all lgbtq plus options. as for messaging people, well, you will have to like them first, and then they will have to like you back, and then you are free to message them. so this is gonna move me on to number three on my list, but before i did that, i did want to ask you guys: our question in the day and our question of the day today is: what is the most successful hookup app to you? let us know in the comments down below. with that being said, let's move on to number three on my list, which is be naughty. starting with the user demographics, this platform is, just like the name says, a fine choice for those who want to be naughty, who are looking for somebody to share his or her hidden desires with. so people are eager to explore casual dating with like-minded personas and embrace their sensuality are more than well welcome to join. knowing that younger generations are more open to exploring their bodies and minds, it doesn't come to a surprise that the majority of users are age 25 to 34, but there are also many visitors who are age 35 to 44 as well. most of the users are coming from the us, and then canada and then japan. so now we toked about the types of users who are using this website. let's move on to the ease of use. even those who are not so internet savvy won't have problems navigating and exploring through binary, as everything is structured in a user-friendly way. registration can be completed in a couple of minutes, but the downside is that many people skip it, so their profiles remain not so informative. the great thing about this site is that it performs verification processes, so this will minimize the number of fake profiles, leaving only genuine ones, having in mind that everyone can set their criteria and preferences. there's no beating around the bush when it comes to users desires here. so on binary, like on.

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If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

- Next (upbeat music). Hello there - Is today, tomorrow, New Zealand? - Yes, - Foot same length, Europe - What? - Inch same length, Europe. - Gmailcom - Oh god - What is bitcoin? - Butt hole (laughs), Gross fat butt hole, dick poop - Is that what kids are into these days? (boy giggling). Are your parents home? - Miss Pippi? - You mean Mississippi? Hey, I'm not a dictionary. - My grandson, Nathan - Song that goes: ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow ♪. ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow ♪. ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow ♪. ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow ♪. ♪ Meow meow, meow, meow ♪. - Girls' college - Oh um - Sort of right. college girls Nude (Google sighs) - Really. - Patrick Cassels, Pat Cassels, Pat Cassels funny. - Bitcoin market value. - Weed amount, legal NYC - Patrick Cassels, funny writer. CollegeHumor - Are you gonna do this all day? - What is prime meridian? - Heg hog cute - Do you mean hedgehog? - Heg hog cute - God, do you mean hedge-- - Hedgehogs cute. - Adderall max dose - Yeah, - Adderall max dose 165-pound man - Okay - Adderall max dose, 165-pound man, 20 years old. Adderall overdose signs - Download Firefox. - Ever heard of Chrome? - How to buy bitcoin. - Titanic drawing - "Titanic" movie drawing - Um - "Titanic" movie drawing scene. Kate Winslet: tits Round two. - Facebookcom: my grandson Nathan - No. - Dexter based on real. - Free hamster. - Unbuy bitcoin. - Boston bomber - It's a real tragedy - Cute one. - Oh, fucking shit. Next, I said next (upbeat music) - Why am I a length? - Okay - Cream cheese is cheese. - Wait, do you still wanna know-- - Avocado pit huge why? - Okay, don't speak in these weird haikus. - How to tell if pregnant - Oh, boy. - How to tell if-- - Tell if pregnant - Jennifer. - Local mosque. Seattle - NSA, don't mind me. - How to pronounce dough ga coin? - According to Google Maps, there's a number-- - Security - Can you please? - Not blackmail - Just - Oh, 'scuse me? - Oh, no, no, come on in. Today is Jackson Pollock's birthday, so we're uh celebrating his partikular style of painting. - Why farts smell? - One of the most important painters of all time and you wanna know why farts smell. so there you go. - Flight to Washington. - Bank transfer all money to Dogecoin. how - Okay, Glass (Google snickers) Search. avoid being bullied for wearing Google Glass (Google laughing). - Flight to Washington state - I knew you made that mistake. - F F, F, F, F, F, F F - I think your F key is stuck. F F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F F - Why longitude shaped like a orange slice? - [Man In T-Shirt]. You're so wrong, dumb ass. - We'll see Groundhogs Day or Groundhog Day. - Groundhog Day - Oh, Haircut place bowl cut. - Terror pictures - Oh, uh - Oh, sorry. terrier pictures - Oh, (laughs), Okay, (woman squeals), (woman laughs). Hey man, let me do my job. all right. - Fuck you. - Can sue for screen door injured? - Where to buy pet Russian dolphin? - Why do my farts smell? - Tent - Doing a little camping. huh - Tentacle hentai - Oh, come on. (uplifting music). - Open for business. everyone, Come on in. it's awesome in here. Soon they'll come soon. (chuckles) - Next, Next, come on. (upbeat music). - What up? Google? - [Google], Oh god. - Eclectik outlets look surprised. why? - Because-- - Millipedes, 10 times faster than centipedes. Baby powder made out of babies - You know that it's not. Well, hello there, young man. - Big booty, Puerto Rican goddess. (Google inhales). - Taxes have to pay why? - What is YOLO? - Is that your kid's phone. - Is YOLO a drug? - Siri, how big is the Serengeti? - Yeah, I, I should just--. - No problem, Show me pictures of spaghetti. - No, that's not what she asked for. Your search for (speaking gibberish) returned no results. (cat meows). - Vaccines cause autism? - Well, I have one million results that say they don't and one result that says they do. - I knew it. - Just because I have it doesn't mean it's true. - 300 pound, beautiful Indian princess. - What's a surf boar? - Do you mean surfboard? - No, surf boar. - Oh - Do dead people pay taxes? - How do I get to the deep web? - Follow me. (lights crackling). - Google - You're here. - Googlecom - That is me. - Googlecom website - Heh. - Finally - How make people think you die? - Sonic the Hedgehog pics. - The old Sega video game. - Safe search off. - Oh, what have you done? - How big is the Serengeti? - More pictures of spaghetti. - How big is the Serengeti? - How big is the Serengeti? - More pictures of spaghetti? - That is not what she asked for. - How big is the Serengeti? - That is not what she asked for. - How big is the Serengeti. - Why do Asian-- - Have small noses wear face mask? have small eyes, have small penises-- - Pandas have trouble mating in captivity. Jesus -, It's not me, it's them. - Where to buy lifelike bearded mannequin - Sorry, I don't see spaghetti in your contacts. (Google yelling gibberish). - Biggest, sexiest woman in all of Iraq - Difference between human body and a mannequin - Oh my god, Clear history. (flame hissing). - All right, Sugar Ray, ironically cool, yet - I'm sorry, (chuckles) - Bummer, Big booty. Puerto Rican goddess - Hi, (upbeat music). Just gotta send an email, then I'll be right with you, okay, Oh you again. - Is hula hoop a sport? - Uh, I don't think-- - Can owls walk? - Can owls walk? - Is Dilbert Jewish? - Recipe using only crackers - Facebook - (sighs) Lazy. - Direction to downtown - Well, it's gonna be 35 minutes unless you use ways. - Get off the highway now, now, now. - Selena Gomez-- - Gomez feet. - Taylor Swift-- - Swift feet. - Katy Perry-- - Perry feet - What is wrong with people? - What happens if plant sesame seed? - Oriental rug: politikally correct. - How to become astronaut? - Bad news - Mm. how to work for NASA - Sorry. - Hmm, planetarium jobs - Nope. - Planetarium volunteers - Mm-mm - (sighs). Help wanted laser tag - Now we're toking. - Dad from "The Nanny" dead - Now cut across four lanes of traffic. - Mayonnaise as butter substitute. (Google gags) - Facebook - You know, you could just (sighs). - Google Wave: what happened? - We killed it. - Google Glass: what happened? - We killed it. - Google car-- - Oh, oh, oh, oh, no. that, that, that, that this is gonna be amazing, actually. - Okay to drink expired milk - No -. What happens if drank expired milk? - Oh, my god, why did you ask me in the first place? - Paul Walker car crash - Really sad. - Pics - Red light cameras everywhere - You're freaking him out. - Racist, if only like California rolls - Age of consent, California. - Facebook - It is right there. You could just Stupid (grunts). That is it for the day, Mm. - Google's down - Down. (sirens blaring). - Dad from "The Nanny" - Dead. - Seriously, (upbeat music) - Oh god, Hey, let's go. (Google whistles) - Ha, let's do this. - Oh, not again. - Can you keep a duck? What are the newest shapes? - What are you gonna do with this information? - Is Superman circumcised? - Are dentists more afraid of you? - No, in fact, this one killed a lion. - Hot hands and feet. - Is this salt or sugar? - Is what salt or sugar? - Sistine Chapel: how old Michelangelo? - 33.. - Moon landing: how old Neil Armstrong? - 38.. - Became President. how old Barack Obama? - 47.. - Still got three years. - Upload these photos of my nephew. - You know, you might consider uploading these to Google+. it's a lot like Facebook meets Google. It's really starting to take off. - Oh, uh, great, mm-hmm. I'll. I'll check it out. - Can kangaroo be milked? - Is it your or you're? - In what context? Not only is it awesome, but it's also free for you and for all your friends. - I just wanna watch Minecraft videos. - Who else is British? - Sensitive tongue. - Climate change is not real. (box thuds). - Climate change is real. - Climate change is not real. - Fine. - Thank you. - Get out of here. - Anna Kendrick, boyfriend. - You really think you have a chance? - Sweating behind the ears. - If you're worried, go see a doctor. - Is


Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi, my name is aubry plaza and i am here with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets. i'm just gonna say right now that i think probably 90 of these are gonna be people telling me they want me to run them over with a car or like stomp on their face or something. let's do it. if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst tweets, i will be burying myself alive. um, i'm doing it, so i hope that you're gonna bury yourself alive. miss aubry plaza, are you free on thursday? because i am free on thursday. so if you want to go out on thursday when i am free, that would be great, because i am free on thursday and thursdays when i'm free. i i'm not free on thursday, i'm free on never day. i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray goobler were my birth parents. actually, no, i wish i was in a throuple with them. i think you need to decide if you want to be in a throuple with your parents and that's something that you should tok to your therapist about. and i don't know who matthew gray gubler is. i've never heard of that person in my life. aubry plaza reading thirst tweets: let's bring back her drinking milk trowel her nose, because that was h-o-t. all capitals hot. exclamation point. exclamation point. exclamation point. first of all, i was snorting milk through my nose. i wasn't drinking it through my nose and i don't have any milk right now, so i'm not gonna do that. aubrey plaza, if you are listening, please let me take you out on a date. i am a good company. i swear i'm not a sweaty person. i will let you be mean. oh, that's entiking. that's really. um, yeah, perfect threesome question. mark me: aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter. that makes me feel weird. i'm sorry for being thirsty on maine. i'm just a huge simp for aubry plaza. what is simp? why does everyone say simp? what is this? i don't understand. simp is the grossest word i've ever heard, though i don't like saying it or reading it. like this tweet. if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe and if you don't like this tweet, let me know so i can block you. that i like. that is just nasty and i'm into it. i'm watching anger goes west and i just want to say that i would like both aubry plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb. stomp me, okay. this is what i'm toking about. i knew that most of these tweets were gonna be about stomping on your face or crushing you with high heels or running you over with a car. aubry plaza is so daddy, she can fix all my daddy issues. i don't know, that's just ironic. i feel like i have daddy issues and i feel like i want my daddy to fix my daddy issues, but i'll be your daddy. i'd put myself on a spit roast for aubry plaza. thank you so much, chris and stewart. and aubrey plaza: step on my face challenge. what is it about stepping on your face? people, twitter, why do you want me to step on your face? how did we get to this point in the world? aubry plaza: hot, sex, gorgeous, good acting, hilarious, funny, amazing person, charitable, busy with the two s's: bussy, bussy, amazing, sexy, pretty cute. emily the criminal: that was a bot. i think that was a bot and that was not a real person. i would walk into traffic for aubry plaza. i would sacrifice my firstborn for aubry plaza. i would let aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to. god, i would do anything just to smell her hair. aubry plaza is a goddess and no other human woman will ever live up to her standard again. thank you so much. the feminine urge to get railed by aubry plaza. get railed, why do you guys want me to rail you? because i could. aubrey plaza could choke me to death and i'd still be. like nice. the violence in these tweets. i have nightmares about this. people want me to be mean to them. i don't. what did i do to deserve this? i'm a nice person. i know everyone has a crush on aubry plaza, but i would actually let her stab me again with the stabbing and the stomping and the chomping. it's like a weird thing where it's like i hear, i hear this so much that i don't, i want to stab you. i want to stab you and i would. i would let jesus sick, you were all sick, sick little babies and you all need to be stabbed and stomped on. i would let aubry plaza poke my eyeball out with a fork and step on my throat with boots with nails on them and if it pleased her well, you know what it does. please me. petition for aubry plaza to plow me. i support your petition and i don't know if i, if we're gonna get there, but if we do, you're welcome aubry plaza. i am simply just a hole for you, i and i'm simply just a. i'm a person, i'm a human being. what do you want me to do to your holes? be more specific: what do you want me to do to your holes? twitter, because i will. anyway. i'm looking forward to more people wanting me to stab them and, um, throw them into oncoming traffic. i asked for this and i deserve this. check out my movie, emily the criminal. it's coming out in theaters. you can sit in the theater and imagine me stabbing your holes and railing you with my goddamn talent- sick. the thing is that i want to be dominated. that's the thing that y'all are missing is that i want to be slapped around and choked and stabbed, but whatever. [Music].

True Facts About Grant Anthony O’Brien

(logo whirring). (upbeat music). (logo chiming) - [Announcer] From West Hollywood, California, The only news team that doesn't know what's on the teleprompter before they read it. Anyone who laughs or breaks loses points. This is "Breaking News". (dramatik music) - Good evening and welcome to "Breaking News", the show where we don't know what we're about to say and we're not allowed to smile or laugh. My name's Dom Thompson, but instead of the letter O I use pictures of donuts. - And I'm Grant Anthony O'Brien, and that's my actual first, middle and last name. - Tonight we're starting off with a new segment called True Facts About Grant. that are not jokes, that are just true, actual facts about this gangly asshole. - Great, Good, I want this to happen. - Oh, yeah, Do you like that bitch? - Yes, I do, I really do. Please give doggy boy his treat? - Yeah, Does the sweet little toilet pig want his yummy, yummy crap? - Yes, mistress. - Well, he's gonna. good and goddamn, get it Right off the bat. Grant caught syphilis in January of this year, Isn't that right, you rat fuck? - That's true, It's the disease that killed Al Capone, and I've had it twice because I like to Al Ca-Bone. - Oh, no, Fascinating. Have you had any other STD's? - Yes, All of them except the big one. - Wow - And herpes? I haven't had herpes - But-- -. But so you know, I consider the big one to be acne. Now here to show a naked photo of me. it's field reporter (bleep) - Thanks, Yes, I'm (bleep), which is the actual name of one of Grant's childhood friends, except I also spell it with donuts instead of the letter "O". Anyhow, before I show the naked photo of Grant, I just want to make sure I have his permission. Grant - Yes, you have my permission. I want you to show it. - Yeah, you do, bitch. - That's me. - Oop, - But that's fine, I'll do the next one, which is the same line. Yeah, you, big bitch. - I'm a big rectangular bitch who likes it when mommy makes him eat trash. - Okay, well, here it is. - Oh no, Oh no, Oh no. - Thanks, (bleep), Compelling stuff. - Oh, one more thing, real quick, Dom. I just wanted to say that Grant looks like if a cartoon undertaker was cosplaying as Rivers Cuomo - Okay, moving on to more of the exact same thing, Here's a copy of Grant's head shot from 2007,, which is somehow more embarrassing than that naked photo we just saw. - Oh my God. - Damn, this is savage. - I don't feel comfortable. This is mean. - That's not the one I used, though. That was one of the proofs. That was one of the proofs. - What, No? - That wasn't the one I used. That wasn't the one I used. That was one of the proofs. - Is that Slenderman? - Did you get a haircut seconds before showing up to get this headshot? - I did. I thought that's how I'd keep my hair forever, 'cause I liked the way it looked. - Did you say, get me at my worst angles? - Gang, if you gotta, if you're getting photos taken, you gotta get the haircut a couple weeks before, don't? - That one's for dramatik roles. We go now to a way too--. - Make my face as angular as you want. - No, Oh, no. We go now to a way-too-big acting choice I made 12 years ago. Oh, no, No, no, no. - [Blurred Man]: Don't be gay. that's the one I sleep on. - [Young Grant] Come on. - [Blurred Man] Okay. - [Young Grant], You just sort of - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. - [Blurred Man] Like that. - [Young Grant]: No, like this. - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Oh, no - [Young Grant]: What was that? - [Blurred Man]: Just my cat. - [Young Grant]: Oh good - Holy shit. Now, here with another true story, is another field reporter named after someone from Grant's past. - No, no, no, no, no. - Hi, Dom, my name's (bleep), and Grant knows exactly who this, who that is, and exactly what he did. - Oh, no, no, no, no, no - In place of my O's, I don't use donuts, I use bagels with frosting. - Is that a reference to something? - That's a donut. (bleep). No, no, no. - Quiet pig boy. Anyhow, in 2013, Grant was living in Williamsburg at 525 Union Ave, Apartment 4C. - I know a guy named Brandon Lee Mulligan who lived in that same building. - Wow - That's right. (laughs). Brandon Lee Mulligan might have lived in this apartment building. - I well, I'm Dom Thompson with two donuts, but this Brandon - Sure, did live in this same building. - Brandon lived in this same apartment building. - Then maybe you're familiar with this. He'd recently purchased a large dark green suction cup dildo, Something he bought because he wanted to become better at (laugher obscures). One morning, he was using it on himself in a bathroom he shared with three other people he lived with. He was was showering and using the dildo to gradually loosen and open up his sphincter muscles - Consider it. -. Once he was finished, he took the dildo and, using its added suction cup feature, he stuck it to the wall of the shower. He then finished showering and went to work, Leaving the large dark green dildo stuck to the wall. It remained there until one of the roommates (bleep) went into the shower, saw the dildo wobbling on the wall, screamed and then inexplicably continued to live with Grant for another two years. Did I miss anything, Grant? - No, Just like that. (laughs), Just that. now I bottom like a good little sub, and anyone out there wanting to get a better, wanting to get better at taking a large hog, should invest in a similar type of anal training tool. - This has been the longest shoot of my life - I'm sweating so much. I'm sweating so much. - I've never heard Grant say no so much. - Oh God, Oh no, Oh no. - How could you leave it? - I, I had just come. - [Dom With Two Donuts]. That's fair. - I was in a state I was all you know. - I appreciate--. - Was the dildo, Was it? I know this is crazy, it's obviously. the answer is no, But I want to ask: was the dildo cleaned or sanitized in any way, Or did you just hop out of the shower? - I sprayed it off? - Oh - Sprayed it off - Remembered to spray it off but not to take it off the wall. - Did you have a detachable shower head? - Yeah - Okay - Well, no, I could angle it. I angled it. - Oh, no - You gotta soap it. You gotta soap it. water's not enough. - Thank God, that's it for us here at Breaking News. Special thanks to this week's loser in more ways than one, Mr Grant Anthony O'Brien. thanks for watching. I'm never going to recover - I'll never shower again - I - I live with regret - And it's not the dildo stuff, it's the acting stuff. The dildo stuff I actually am fine with. the acting stuff is unforgivable. - Oh, that was in a sketch comedy group I was in right out of college. - I want to be clear: Grant has a lot to answer for those acting choices. Also, I know this guy didn't ask for it, but whoever shot that, let's get some more headroom on Grant O'Brien, shall we Cutting off the hair and the chin. A strong, cinemati-, cinematographic choice. - Look, it was a different time. we didn't know. We didn't know about things like that--. - I don't care who you are, get either the hair or the chin in there. I know I'm roasting someone who didn't sign up for this, but Jesus Christ - It really it didn't go well. - What's the point? - It didn't go well. That sketch comedy group didn't go well. - Really - Huh, Shocking. - Color me surprised. - Uh, we have a couple of good sketches. - Ripping his ass. - Thanks for watching. No one could be surprised at this outcome. - It has got to be over. I just have to have this episode be over with very quickly, Are we done? Is that that? Hi? I still don't know what I'm about to say because I'm a big stupid idiot. If you like that video, you can go to hell, and then you can go to https//wwwdropoutTV to start your free trial today, For every episode of Breaking News that's here, there's another episode only available on https//dropoutTV. Until next time. I'm Grant O'Brien, which is Irish for Grant of Brien.

Gay community app demo for the iPhone

hi, I'm welcome to the demo of the gay community app, the first gay and lesbian community app for the iPhone. so let's start it up. first thing to do is click on our icon down here so it first thing we'll see is the splash page where, well, this is the home page and what you'll see is all your friends latest updates, so their status updates. so status updates are like the updates on Twitter or on Facebook. we, once you add a little message about yourself, what you're doing, anyone who's your buddy will get your latest update, so you can just click in here and update your little status. next I'll show you the gaydar function, and the Gator is fantastik because what it does is turns your iPhone into a little game has been rate up so you can see the game is being community that lives around you. so, as we wait for it to load, I'll tok about this little button up here and this is search around location. so what you can do is, if you're, say, in India, like if you're going to New York, you can hit there and type in York and start chatting and meeting people from you up the film travel so you can get hooked up, and and then you can make people so that will show you the community over in New York, Norway, wanna hit. so this is the Gator, so these are the people around me. so I have a look here and right from the five this guy. so he's only five K's away and you can have a look at full pictures in the in their profiles and from here you can send them the message or add to buddies. and if you add the buddies it'll send them a buddy request and they have to accept your buddy requests for you to become buddies. so to send a message, just hit send message and you can type away in here across to your buddies is the little buddy list. so if I click on buddies I also see their profile and what they've been up to and stuff like that. so down the bottom here, mail: if you send around to someone or they send you one, you will get a little notike here saying that you've got a new message and when you click into there you can see the. the latest messages and the unread messages have little blue dots and if both of you are online at the same time, you can write in real-time. so say if you're here, you can write back and both people can chat sorry if you're buddies with someone. if you both both accepted that your buddies, you can also get this button up here saying show on that. now, this will only show up if you have agreed to become buddies for someone. so once you say show on that you can, then you get a little message- funny, new- that you're gonna about to quit the gay community up to launch Google Maps and you hit OK and it'll pop up a little thing to show where they are in the world so you can hook up and go for a coffee and made up or whatever you want to do. so there you go. that's the gay community up for the last time. downloaded at gay community app: calm or go straight to the iTunes App Store and type in game: community app. Thanks. [Music].