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free hook up ads

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How to post hook up ads for free | 🔥 newest update 🔥

hey, what's up, guys? in this guide, I'll be teaching you exactly how to post Google part, the same hookup pad that a lot of people might have seen, that you have paid for two back page, I will show you how you can post art for free without paying attention, and you still get results. let's dive into it on a quick one. just come here, click on post hearts. then you see login. sign up, right, sign in with your Google account. um, let me choose one account here. okay, let me choose one. so, guys, it's loading. when you see this page, this partikular page will appear. guys, Chase it credits. now this is where your stoked right, like you want to pick and you might not really have. you know enough for BTC or dollar to pay. what you need to do is just come to this place, post add. click on post hat. let me show you guys. you bypass it to post free Hearts. click on poster, guys. when you click on it, when you click on it on a quick one, you see post free hard. this same side. no, some, some people don't know it. honestly, Goldust always give you the best updates just to make it easier for you. guys, if you're enjoying this video, give me a like sharply. and if you're new to my channel, subscribe now free. okay, so click on post free art. now, what location do you want to touch it? Okay, click on us see, let's click on whatever state is in Mississippi. let's click on let me say Colorado. uh, which um city, which area? let's just click on the first one folder. um, see, depends on what you really want. yeah, okay, guys, come over to this section and you see bar slash, clubs, people, psychologically, you know, say people with uh, this, uh Behavior, or going to bars and club or like nothing. we like you understand a hand, you like to be with a woman. so this is psychology. nobody taught me I sometimes you just have to be creative and this is work for me that I'm giving out this free updates for you guys, instead of paying. you know, look for strategy. so I look for a way to bypass it, to get to into the free section. now, free Hearts. just click on bars and Club, okay, so when you click on bars and Club, you see you'll be brought to this section. then you write your heart, you understand, write your heart. so, guys, yeah, you know the tights you're gonna put. now, just put, um, I am available for you know one or two things. there's some things you know we don't, we wouldn't want to see because of YouTube or go reading, you understand. so this description, too. you write the description perfectly well. okay, you write it well. make it tight as well. is for the each section, you can just put like 24, 25, depending on what you want. the location is there, then you put your, your contact email, then you put your contact phone number and maybe your Google Voice number, if you need one. you can actually eat me up and um. whatever you choose image, you choose your image. as you can see, I've choose. you have to choose a very, very sexy image. even if you have one that is hotter than this, you can actually choose it, you understand. so when you choose this kind of sexy image, what you want to do is click on by placing ad. I am not a robot. if I continue, guys, right now, these ads will be placed, you understand. and then you start getting results. you start getting massive results. is as simple as that, guys. so you can actually ask me for some title and all of that. then, if you have got inclined, now how do you get formats, to get format that has not been casted because this partikular um, uh, update. I'm giving you right now the bar and restaurant stuff that you have to Target those guys, those clients there- you know what happened on that list- you need to give them some partikular format that they are not really used to. okay, because men they are, will definitely pay, they have money to go to Bar. they are looking for, you know, um, sexy ladies who spend their time with and, you know, do one or two things with. so this is an advantage for you guys. so I have already gotten it to. this is a tool that you can get any type of format you want. so I'll leave the link in the description below. it's actually going for a little price, okay, going for a little price for all my subscribers, all right, so that's what I have for you guys today. so enjoy and have and keep cashing out. bye.

yahoo update + 5 Best sites to post🔥 Hookup ad🔥( the 5th one pays me $10,500 last 3 month)

hi guys. the fourth side on my list today is unclassified hearts. classifyheartscom is the perfect site for you to post hookah pads. it shows any type of Hearts you are willing to to post. even employment Hearts is available here. you want to buy, you want to sell? you can do all sorts of stuff here. guys, on classified Hearts, you get it. so classified heart is number one on my list on how to possibly post hookup ads, even blackmailing herds. there are ways to go about this. okay, you just have to be creative. and if you are finding it difficult to sign up or, of course, had possibly on what to write on your heart and the type of picture you should use, you can actually drop in the comment section before. so, guys, welcome back to my channel. this is good. all to life. we are yet for cash out. no time to waste time, no time to hide updates. Everybody Must succeed. I like, but let me drop out for comment section. Everybody Must succeed, and I disclaimer here: all the sides are actually used for legit scenes, guys, so it depends on what you want to use it for. so this, these things, we don't use our cash. Crews, Sheena gets now feed me. so you say, of course your cruise catch your money. not only do you guys might understand, she understands. so whatever is it to do is left for you. you need to do good here to do that. the responsibility, okay, make your responsibility. so I hope you get it. so. classify has very simple, you know. just click on whatever you want to do here and then you can just post your heart for free. you can click on this post you have for free and then you'll be brought to this interface. okay, then you click on this select category, then you choose the category you want to. it's as simple as that, okay, so click on a quick one. the next one on my list is true backpagecom. so, guys, this one mad gone. you understand. you can just call me a post-hard. you see that adjective traffic here for you, guys, United States, these are top tier countries you can use to run your local pass. guys, this is Canada, this is Europe, This is Asia, Australia and oceans, so you can come just right here and do what pulls hard. it's as simple as that. guys, just come here. you find it difficult to do anything? just reach out to me. I'm putting my WhatsApp number, just whatever I don't need, I don't call, okay, that's what's up on my screen. okay, you can't reach out to me very easy. if you know, say you never cash out, or you need buy, you need money. I have all this for you, guys. it's just to do it. you are ready to work. it is easier to make money and I want everyone training like these guys and this training- go mad, gone. at least you don't make money until five kids you think in 30 days must drop, and I must drop the title of this training around. must drop, must drop, except you know the work, even though they do, you must drop with the different updates. but I'm gonna just keep keep updates, okay. and uh, the second one is working back page. okay, guys, come here, you can sign up. you know we are your Google account and economy. you just decomposed that, okay, after you've signed up, okay, you can see, you can post an idea, guys. so it's as simple as that. then you come here, you sign in with two, two backpagecom, okay. another one is Snapchat. uh, this one is really, really, you know Snapchat is very, very popular guys. so here you say: grow your business, you do your own part, you understand? guys, grow your goal past, grow your updates for a year gonna send any traffic from all over the world. okay, see it: on average, 347 million people using SnapChat every single day. guys, you know it's very, very simple: launch ads with just five dollar a day. so, guys, if you run a couple pass from here, you'll definitely get results. those are this platform. they are crazy, and you know. crazy in the sense that when you do shits with their platform, they can easily block you or knock you out, but at the end of the day, you know, if you find your way around about it, the kind of words you should use, how you place your statements, your heart, then you're still, you know, bypass some certain um laws. okay, so that's the third one. I'll be listing five years, guys. another one is Facebook. Okay, Facebook ads to is really, really working. okay, if you don't know how to run Facebook either, so you can just chat me up. it's very, very easy. okay, this thing is: don't stress yourself. if you see someone already know how to do the stoks, then you, you see foreign [Applause], [Music] too, [Music], [Music] people. so, thank you, you must draw for 500 people. you don't have phone. I don't last year, but not only 200 people, and you will see happen this year again, somebody Cash Out, receiving cash out on the low. she understands, even though it is black. [Music] don't need to run on this scatter upside. so, guys, remember, I disclaimer once again. I need to use it to do: yay, we're just crashing Crews to understand and, if you like, easy to do, and I used to do good things to do bad things. think the responsibility, the guys. I hope you understand my point and say, hey, I'm going to that level. three things okay. so another one is: um, Craigslist, Craigslist guys. you guys use your VPN before it deals because I don't refresher. so that's how the problem [Music] s. accordingly, choose with your post and then click on continue children, and then you push your ads. now you just say ID so you can see, because one, two, three, four, five, I can't give you my hate. a day when I love sha, all I just need for you guys to do is comment: subscribe, subscribe. the more this is subscription, I receive lives. guys, trust me, I will drop off the back to back. all this update will drop for free. when I just when I don't know about the wrong hands, each did they type in 20K and the eagle painter because no one cash out, you will thinner. they teach you crazy killer tissue classified at 20K. and so, guys, we do. you know, when you say you be sure it will cash out. so that's when you cannot freak anymore. so, guys, I've come to an end of this um tutorial. on um, the best list of sites you can. you know, run your hearts, your uncle paths and whatever joggers and all that. so enough for you guys to choose the right thing to do and then make money. okay, so I had to make money, so that's not going to frustrate, mostly for a night. so I understand, so that you're not going back for food. but then, uh, We're Not Gonna Die, you'll never die for food we make. everybody saw sex to everybody. okay, so don't forget to subscribe. see you on the next one. love you guys. [Music].

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How to post hookup ads,drug ads,apartment ads and other type of ads..My whatsapp link in description

hello guys, welcome to my youtube channel. please kindly subscribe if you have not subscribed to my channel. so, guys, in my last video, um, i showed you, guys, a website to post drug cards, uco pads, apartment ads, i know. so now this is another website. this is another website to post code pads and drug cards and all type of ads, and this ad even reach africa. that means you can post in egypt if you, if you are the type that deals with arabic people, as you can see, saudi arabia people, other things, you see them there. so, guys, if you want to post that on this on this website, it's not free, but it's just ten dollars. that's for key and that's the premium of this website. just ten dollar. that ten dollar, oh my god, that ten dollar will fetch you multiple, because it will be premium, and one client to charge one client about 300 to 400 dollars. hope you are getting me. so, guys, if you want to post on that, you can just come here. if you select, post free ad, i won't advise you because most times you will not see, you will not see texts, but let's just go like that, just to show you that this website is legit. so now you pick the location you want to post the ad. okay, let's go for united states. okay, let's go for alaska, then city. okay, let's go for alabama, then we'll go for birmingham and understand, as you can see now. okay, let's see, we want to go for job, birds, jobs, you picked up. you pick the type of job you want to post. let's just see um, you see medicare, else, yeah, yeah. so you see, you post it. you post everything. you enter the number, the email, everything, the age, everything. then then you post it. you post it. so when you post it, you receive text. you receive text more. you want to go for, or you want to go for um? okay, let's just say you want to post. let's just say, let's just say you want to post, hook up hearts, press here, look up places. you see the embarrassing club, as you can see. if you want to go to corporate, you press bars and club. then you write that they can find you in social bar and social club. i'll give you the format. if you come to my dm, you just write it. then the post for you. once you post it, you receive text. this website is very legit, my people very, very legit. so please note that this website is not free. if you come to my dm and you're asking for this website for me to give for free, i can't give you for free. you understand it's not free. i didn't get it free too, so just be free to feel free to enter my game. we can negotiate, you understand, but just know that it's not free. you can negotiate. my telegram link will be in the description below. thank you, guys. subscribe to my youtube channel.

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How To Post Hook Up and Drug ads Latest Yahoo Updates 2022 Sure Sites With Sure Yahoo Boy Format

hello mythology guys. I had to go for the streets. yeah, I don't come again with another Updates. this one will be played. so nobody joke how to post hookup and Drug ads. this will not be nonsense more, Jump Right In. so if you don't subscribe products, you know easy to post this kind of videos because I know, see, some guys know me in about these things. some guys may want me, you know, see, updates could be safe, you understand. but me, I did give you these three updates. the best thing when you go, if you do, for me now just to click that subscribe button. you know far, you understand, you know far. so now just click that subscribe button and my previous subscribers, if not, don't subscribe. I want to say thank you, because I don't come from 17 subscribers to where I am now, and even the owner, I don't forget this kind of numbers, you understand. so I want to say thank you. so subscribe, simple, you understand. so let's get right in. number. one side to post hookup and Drug adds is Google ads. if you don't know about Google ads, you will never Google ads. now, Google ads is where you post free ads and you also get listen to. on Google ads, many people can use your ads, just that when you're posting on Google ads, it's only ones that you'll be able to use Google ads. you can't, you can't, you can't use Google ads free every time, so you have to be paying like six or seven or nine thousand supposed to um ads on Google. then the next one we have is Snapchat. yes, Snapchat is also very, very good for posting of ads. Snapchat helps a lot, but the problem is that once Snapchat hookup and Drug ads, they're going to cut you off and you will change the platform anymore, you understand. so that's just the thing about Snapchat. but it's not just works very, very good and it's very efficient for posting all this, your hookup and Drug ads. you will get lots of replies, but notike that you must always pay for Google, Snapchat or Facebook ads if you are posting or anything drugs on these platforms and they are likely going to block you now. now, before we do this one, please subscribe now. I'm going to this um, Chicago back page. now, when you go to Chicago Backpage, this place is where you can post anything and pretty much every Yahoo boy gets their clients from Chicago Backpage. so if you go to Chicago Backpage, you can see what's showing up here. you can see hook up tonight. sugar babies, dating and everything. everything is showing up right here. no stories, No Nonsense. please, if you are following this video, subscribe, because it's not easy for me, so you can see sugar babies look up night. many albums don't want you to know about the sex, but this is where you post your ads. and if you want to just post your ads, it's very, very simple and straightforward. you just go to post ad, click on post add. once you click on post add, you should take it to this login page. you have to sign up for this um to back page and this is where you post all your hookup ads and sure, surely? and get at least one or two clients in a day. but if you don't understand anything about these videos- this video I've brought you through on everything- you can just go to the description of this video. there is a phone number there. you can chat me through WhatsApp and I will take over from there. okay, bye.

Best Sites To Post Hook Up and Drug ads Latest Yahoo update 2022 for Yahoo Boys To Catch Sure Client

hello, my fellow G guys long time. why don't you wonder updates? thank you, guys. we don't reach 400 subscribers and if you did, if you are never, subscribe [Music] this video now you don't see um [Music] reach 1.4 000 views on YouTube and also see the only good. thank you if they feel these videos [Music] update. if you want to know the best size supposed to come on drug ABS, number one, now Google. yeah, Google on Google. you want to post Google over one drug ads. all you don't have to do is you have to sign up to the site, then you have to get a woman's picture. you have to have a reference site. don't worry, if you don't understand, you can chat me on Whatsapp through the number in the description. I'll put you through everything. okay, guys, the second side of my list is kind of the best to do, but it's quite expensive. it's Snapchat. yeah, it won't supposed to want drug ads. [Music], yeah, [Music]. you get short, reliable clients and you usually get you as clients most of the time, followed by Russian clients on Snapchat. if you don't understand how to post on Snapchat, don't worry, I'll put you through. but outside is what we call to backpagecom. now many of you will be like: oh, uh, took backpagecom. I don't know about this, don't worry about issue. before you guys go to get like hookups girls, I'll sleep over and everything. cook up yours and everything. hook up, hook up tonight and every everything. I mentioned everything in my last video, [Music], so you can go there and watch it. so this phone now is where you post your ad and I advise you to use the paid version, because the free version, uh, you might not really get replies for the paid version you will. so just use the paid version to post your ads and I'm sure you get at least some really, really serious clients that will chat you up. okay, guys? uh, my next video. I'll give you a full breakdown and I will teach you every single thing. please give it. [Music] is active now, so if you don't understand that, you want me to post yours for you, your hookup and Drug adds. no, wahala, don't chat me through the number in the description. okay, guys, I'll see you in my next one. bye, [Music]. [Applause]. thank you. purchase your tracks today. [Music].

Yahoo hookup format

hello guys. welcome to another update. today, guys, I'll be sharing with you guys the hookup Yahoo building format. if you have a male client that likes you, that you have a good conversation with, that has trust in you, you don't need to stress yourself on how to build this client, because you can just use this record format I'm about to tell you- and just collect your money. you understand most of these rich guys. you just need to just visit them and just have fun with them. so sit back while I show you how you can use this hookup building formats and make more money. so there are tools for using this format. you have to have your tools first. tools- tools matters is very, very necessary to have the right tools for your work, because if you don't have the right tools, you'll not be able to cash out your jobs. you understand, a farmer needs a good hope to go to the farm. you too, you need. you need good Tools in order to work, get this work done. so first things first. you see the hot black woman. most times, that's what we really use. a black woman you cannot just start using. you can use a white woman too. but to make it more legit, go with a black woman. some of you have have girlfriends that are really pretty. you can use her. you can use her face and do one or two. you understand. you just give her the phone whenever the client calls. she'll do the naughty things, the naughty part, and two of you get paid. he understands. so on that thing, another thing you need is where you'll be texting this client once you pump them from- from Instagram or from Facebook or from Twitter, anywhere you've pumped them from, you need to. you need to put them in a place so that, even if they flag your social media accounts, you will not be able to lose this clients. so for me, for me, I recommend using Whatsapp, but be careful for you not to release your personal information, because WhatsApp can do some tracking those times. just be careful to these clients now for this record format. they will try to be asking you for video call. there is a WhatsApp that you just turn off the calls so that nobody will call you. it will be like your phone has a problem. you understand. it's not only WhatsApp. you can also use other apps that don't make calls. you can use Google Voice. Google Voice is the like. it's the perfect two one for me because you can't video call on Google Voice. it's just texting and it's free. so go get Google Voice. if you really want to get cocoa voice, you can comment below and text me. I'll get you a Google Voice number, but just know it's not free. Google Voice have been bought, you understand. so even if the clients wants to see you or wants to see your girlfriend that you're using to work, you can use zoom, you can use Loom. there are so many ways to show on a video call. even if you're using a fake profile, you can still. you can see video call this client. I know most of you might think it is not possible, but it's 100 possible. you can video call these clients using another person's face and the client won't still know about it to their steps. before you can use this circle format, first things first, you have to bomb this client on social media accounts. for me, honestly, I don't really go to Facebook, Instagram, all this. I just use it dating site, because that's where you actually see them. anybody on the dating site is looking for someone to be with, so that's why I go on a dating site to look for all these clients. so once you get all this client. you just simply start a conversation with them and naturally, just like, make it real man, develop it. naturally, be honest with yourself and desires, understand these rich clients. they, they try to figure out what you're trying to do, who you are, so that they will know if you are actually scamming them or not. so you have to keep it real. another thing is to exchange social media contact, the phone number, emails. you understand, if you start asking them for for phone number after after like few, few chats, they will know you effort to start, they'll know you're a scammer and they will definitely block you. so just develop that chart, natural this much more. after, like a day, you cannot ask your clients, can I get your phone number? you understand, most of them might ask you for your phone number. even before you do that, you still have to claim: like you, you're a rich girl, like you. don't really give out your number like that. you understand. but you can. you can just stay declined that let's just get to know each other better. after that I vow to give you my number. so the clients will be like: wow, you understand, you just have to actually to have this client to know that you are not a fraudster. you're nice camera, you're just acting real. you understand, and that thing is to get to know your clients. when you're toking with your client, chat with your client like you are toking to your girlfriend or you're toking to your wife. know everything your client is saying. understand, like the way you tok to your girlfriend when you tok to your friend. understand this dark line in the same way, so that you'll be able to know the ways to collect money from this client. because if you understand someone before, you'll be able to tok to the person and get something from the person. that's why I don't- I don't- advise you guys copying and pasting format. if you copy and paste format, you don't even understand the pain points of this- your clients, the weakness of the supply and clients, the point of your client. so you need to just chat, naturally, so that you understand this, your client, and understand ways and tricks and how you can just get access to this Appliance pocket. you can ask them questions like: do you have a wife? you understand, how long have you have you had sex last? like last time you had sex. once you start toking about all those, all those whining things you know of this sex topics, they just like it, so they don't. they won't mind giving you money just for you to come make out to them. so all they'll be wanting is like something naughty. you understand, if you need all this sexy tok or this sexy tok, you can tell your clients or these, you know all these words. just text me, I'll give you the format. I have a lot of sexy walls. you can take conversation, I can tell you. you can be telling your clients maybe why sex chatting. you understand, please watch the man brain because they really like it, because once, once you're doing that, they will imagine you doing that with them. I know, man, you understand. so after doing all these, after getting your clients client interested, honestly, after one week- it's not, we shouldn't even be up to one week- he built this client because you've established trust. you understand. if you want to read the main format, just go to my blog. you can see it from the screen here. just go to my blog and you can read it in a written text. so this is an example of what you can send to your client. hello, Mark, I would, since I enjoy our discussion and you seem like a good guy. you have a lovely body and you're kind. I think I think of you constantly. if it's okay, I would love to come see you so that at least satisfy my curiosity about you. I am an honest woman and I always go after what I want. I reside in Chicago's South Side and if you want to be with me, I'll be damn naughty. if you share the same desire, we may discuss how to achieve our goals together. tell me what you believe you understand after, after sending them this thing, you now see how they respond. if they respond for an eyes, you go on with the conversation. if you don't know what to see, still comment down below. I will help you out with any job you have. once you go up with the conversation, you can now get up and get money from these guys asking the meal for transport to come to their side. they will definitely want to come to their side most times. some of them will tell you that let them see your face first before they can come send you money. if you know how to video call this client with a fake profile, do it right away. it will like give you 100 trust- 100 trust. but if you don't know how to do this, you do.