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free job posting ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Indeed Free Job Posting

Hello Everyone, This is Azhar,In this video, I will explain you about,the way to do free job posting on indeed,Lets go to computer screen,Go to Google Home Page,and then type indeed,Open the first website of search,Go to Employers / Post Job,Click on Post a job,Enter your Company name and Official Email Address,Click on Continue,Indeed will send you a link to verify your email address,Refresh to rectify the error,We get this post a job page after refreshing,We already have our company name here,Enter Job title here,Our Job title is Tele Sales Executive,Enter Job location,Location is Mumbai,There is error again,Location is Mumbai,In second step, enter "Your name",I will enter Azhar Khan here,Then "Your company name" and "Phone number",Then I will enter Company description here,This is,recruitment,consultancy,If you want to enter something else, you can write that also,Select your industry here,Every time they ask different details,process is same but sometimes indeed will ask different details,in previous job posting,They have not asked me about Industry and Company description,But now they are asking,Select Company size,I will select 1-49,Now, How did you hear about us?,like how I came to know about them,I am selecting Other,Its not compulsory to fill this details,but I am entering this details,I have clicked on continue.,We are on 3rd step now,Now it is asking "What type of employment is it?",I am selecting Full-Time from drop down,Is there a planned start date for this job?,Yes or No,There is no plan start date,You can select Yes also,then you have to enter Date, Month, Year,but I will select No,Now we have Salary Compensation,You can select salary range here,Starting at,You can enter starting salary by selecting this,You can select Up to salary by selecting this,Exact rate: You can write Exact salary by using this,I am selecting range here,15000,30000,How do you want to receive applications?,I want to receive applications via Email,You can select In-person also,but I am selecting Email,Here is my email address,I will receive application on this email,I can also add additional email address,but I dont want to,How often would you like to be informed of new applicants for this job,Individually or Daily,I can select either Individually or Daily,Do you want applicants to submit a resume,Yes,Is there an application deadline,If you select yes, then you have to enter date month year,otherwise nothing,You can enter Job description here,I am copying Job description from here,and pasting it here,You have option for bold italic,you can type here,click on Continue,Ask applicants about their qualifications,We have some questions here,Like Minimum of 1 year of total work experience,Preferred,Whenever any candidate will apply,indeed will ask this questions to that person,so you will have this data in advance from candidate,Indeed will show you candidates on basis of this data,You can ask jobseekers to confirm their years of experience,Level of education,Their answers are included as part of application,Whenever candidates will apply, indeed will ask this questions,Job seekers will be asked to confirm these when they apply for your job,You can select either Preferred or Required,You can include questions as needed,You can also remove questions as needed,If you want to remove all questions.,and want all applications,then switch it off,I mostly keep it off,because I want all applications,I want to tok with all the candidates,After this, we have Automated skills assessments,How Automated skills assesments work,It get applicants with the skills that matter most,If you keep it on,It asks few questions to understand the skill of the candidate,Indeed will ask questions to candidate,Indeed has written here,Quality matches faster,Skills tests reduce average hiring time by 27%,Verify applicant skills,Real-world employers helped create these tests,These are positive points of these tests,As you can see, you can include Cognitive Ability,there are other options also,but for now it is giving only one option,I can select this and candidate will have to give this test,Candidate has to give this test for tele sales executive,If you have some other job then indeed will give you other test options,You can send different test to candidate,but for this role we only have one option,I do not want this test,I don't want to send this test to candidate,You can use both these parts as per your needs,Click on Continue,We are on last page now,This is our job posting preview,This is desktop job preview,This is mobile job preview,Let me scroll for you,then,we have application setting,we have edit option here,and here,Lets click on continue to post a job,It is asking here to Sponsor job,but I want to send it for free,If you want to sponsor your job for better visibility,and show up more often in search result,then click save and continue and pay certain amount to indeed,but I want my job post to be free,so I am clicking on Don't optimize my job,No thanks,My email verification is still pending,I will verify my email,Here I have email verification link,Lets click here,Confirm your indeed account,Enter new password,new password set,Lets go to dashboard.,My account has been verified,My job posting is live and open,Job Status is Open,Lets zoom it out,Here we have Tele Sales Executive,Here we have no applications. Candidates will start applying soon,Sponsorship Status is Free Post,Mistakenly, if you have selected paid,You can change it to free from here,Job Status is Open,You can Close or Pause it,but for now I don't want to change it,Here we have few other options,Sponsor your job, View job details, Edit job,As you can see, our indeed free job posting is done,Few Hours Later,Few hours have passed after posting job on Indeed,Let search our job posting from candidate side,I am typing keyword,keyword by which I did job posting - My Company Name,You can type any other keywords by which you did the job posting,Click on Find jobs,Our job posting is done and it is reflecting here,As you can see, job posting is done,Lets check candidates application for this job,Only in few hours,,I have so many candidate applications,Hope you understood,the way to do free indeed job posting,If you have any doubts,comment below,or add me on linkedin to ask,See you in next video

Free Job Posting Sites in India

Hello Everyone, This is Azhar,In this video, I will tell you ,the websites to do free job posting in India,Let's go to our computer screen,The first website is Linkedin.com,You can easily post a free job on LinkedIn,Go to the post section of LinkedIn,and click on "share that you are hiring",You can simply fill in the details,and post job,you will get many relevant candidates,You can only post one job on LinkedIn,You cannot post more than one.,If you want to post another job then cancel the previous one.,If you want to understand the LinkedIn free job posting method in detail, Link is popping out in the corner of this video,I will also upload the link of this method in the description,Now, let's come to another method,Indeed Free Job Posting,You can post more than one job on Indeed,Numerous people kept on asking me that Indeed is disabling their post,The main reason for disabling is,that people use the personal email address,Instead of using the personal email address,,use the business email address,You also need a website,because indeed assume that this job posting is not genuine,This is a fake job posting,or indeed assumes that someone is trying to exploit their platform,use the business email address,to post the job,Another reason to disable the job post is,You cannot post a free job for America from India,you need to be in America to do free job post for America,and vice versa is also true.,You cannot post a free job for India from America,You need to be in the same country to do a free job post,There are few other reasons also,but these two are the main reasons,that indeed disable the job,Indeed Free Job Posting method is popping out in the corner of the video,You can learn this method in detail by clicking on that video link,and I will also upload the link in the description,Let's come to naukri.com,In order to do free job posting on naukri.com,you need to post it on your website,naukri.com will extract your job posting from your website,and show it on their own website,It works like Job Aggregator,If you want to understand this method in detail,You can click on the link popping out in the corner of this video,to understand this method in detail,These 3 websites can be used to do free job posting in India,There are other websites also to post free job,but I will not recommend those websites,because they have a point system and the process is complicated,Focus on these three,Indeed, Naukri and Linkedin,If you have any doubts,you can ask me in the comment section,You can like and share these video,See You in Next Video

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How to Post a Free Job on Indeed.com

Hi everybody my name is Beth Palmer and I'm going to show you how to post a free,job requisition on indeed.com. The first thing you'll need to do is to log into,your indeed account.,Once you're logged in you should see two different options to click in order to,post your job. The first section is in the upper left-hand corner of the page,titled employers slash post job and the second option is a link located in the,very center of the screen. Either link takes you to the next page.,Now you can click the full button that says "post a job" in the upper right hand,corner of the screen. This takes you to the first page of the form where you,will be able to start typing specific information about your job. To begin you,will need to put the title of the job and enter the location on this page. As,you can see the company information will automatikally default to the company,account associated with the indeed account. This means you will not be able,to post confidential job postings. Indeed actually has a separate process for that.,Next after you click the continue button you should see a page where you're asked,to put more information in related to the job requisition. You have options to,select the type of job salary if your company discloses that type of,information and benefits associated with the job offer. When you're done simply,click continue again. So at this point you're ready to post the actual job,description. I've already made a copy of the job description I'd like to post and,so I will use control V to paste it into the indeed form. Don't be alarmed if the,color from the original design doesn't transfer into the document. This is,pretty normal for free or unsponsored accounts in indeed. Just take a,few minutes to review the description, remove anything that shouldn't be there, add anything that you'd like at this point and make sure everything,transferred over into the system. If it looks good go to the next step.,Now you're ready to tell indeed how to handle all of your incoming resumes. This,section will let you input how you would like to receive resumes where you would,like to have them sent and any other important routing information. When,you're ready click OK.,The next section of the form is asking for basic information about the job,description such as how much experience and education the candidates need in,order to qualify for the position. As you can see there are a number of different,options you could add to the job posting. Once you input all of the needed,qualifications you're ready to review the draft posting.,Simply review the entire posting to see if you spot any needed edits. Click any,of these small edit links next to each section to make necessary changes. If you,don't see any reason to make edits then click continue.,Okay you should be all set after you click "post job without sponsoring". Once,you click this link your job will be posted instantly to the national indeed,website. One quick note here is to not make the mistake of clicking continue.,This will trigger a paid or sponsored ad through indeed and paid ads have a,minimum number of days before you can take them down.,The last thing you will want to do is to verify that your job posted correctly so,click on the jobs navigation button to make sure it shows up along with your,other list of requisitions. That's it! Now that you know the easy steps involved in,posting a free ad through indeed happy posting!

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Get More Visitors to your Job Posting

in this episode of everything recruiting,I'm going to teach you how to get your,job listings ranked higher in Google and,three steps let's get started what,people search in Google is a direct,insight into what they want and what,they're thinking,so then candidates also think,competition number two Google has made,some changes in the way job postings,interact with Google search you're,probably used to seeing what's called,here the snack pack in the SEO world and,this is Google's attempt to try to give,you relevant data that that you need,right at your fingertips so it knows,where I'm at it already knows my,location and it's gonna give me these,restaurants and this is mostly driven by,user reviews and so that is one thing so,now you've got your natural results here,or called organic results well recently,Google changed and came out with,something like this for job so if I was,looking for nursing jobs in Vegas and I,didn't really have to type in Vegas it,knows where I'm at it's good to,understand the search results page so,the top for our ads meaning anyone can,be here which I always suggest once,you've got your keywords go ahead and,spend a little money and get ranked here,until you get your search engine in your,postings right second is this here which,is the equivalent of that snack pack for,jobs so now Google says hey we're gonna,start giving people what they want we're,gonna start giving them whether it's,full time salary ranges and we're gonna,know that these jobs are in your area so,they're doing the same thing that the,snack pack did for shopping for jobs and,this had a huge impact and still does,have a huge impact because if you are,not posting your jobs correctly it will,not get here in other words if you're,not putting,if you don't have the right address if,you don't have a structured name a,structured job title Google is not gonna,like it,and you're gonna be missing out on a lot,of traffic so I'm gonna put a link here,in the post e because they've got a tool,here that will actually I'm gonna use,this link here I just posted this job,and I'm gonna use my site as a dummy,test so it's gonna it's gonna check this,link using the structured data test that,Google likes and it's got a check for,errors now I know it's gonna find some,errors because I left some things out,I've got four warnings this is just the,code of your page or your 80s page but,here I've got four warnings and it tells,me here it looks at my job description,and it tells me I don't have the correct,zip code I don't have a street address,and I don't have these salary,information so this is a real cool way,to check your own job listings right,this is just a no-brainer and you can,fix those by going into your 80s and,changing the the parameters in your job,okay so that's that's the second thing,now a third thing I want to cover is is,since a lot of us are sorcerer's and,we're always looking at keywords we,don't really think about the keywords,that we use in job descriptions so let's,go back to that nursing job in Vegas you,know should we put our end do we put a,nursing how do I get my company up here,up front because as you know if you know,but indeed owns this space and this is,what's made them this is their number,one secret sauce is indeed figured out,several years ago how to rank higher so,I want to show you a couple of SEO tools,that you can use one of them is SEM rush,this is a free account but you can do,some some keyword analysis,so I'm gonna go back here and give it D,sorry guys,I'm gonna go back here and give SEM rush,the same parameters that we did and,while that's queued up I'm gonna also,show you another competitor I put in,nursing jobs in Vegas and it tells me,how many individuals or I guess how many,times people are searching for that a,month so 720 times and it breaks it down,right here so nursing jobs Las Vegas is,being searched for in Las Vegas area or,United States 720 times compared to,nursing jobs Las Vegas new grad or,nursing jobs Las Vegas Nevada so that,gives you some really good insight here,as to what words are ranking to get your,job up here in the top part okay second,of all you can actually I would go to my,competitor right so if I want to be,number one eventually I would go to,whoever is there now and SEM SEM has a,chrome called se quake and I can,actually so this is the page the landing,page that was ranked number one and I,want to know a little bit about that so,I can start copying what they're doing,so here's the page I click on this,little bad boy and it gives me the,amount of traffic they're getting four,hundred and three million visits on this,one page and if I go to page info look,at this it gives me all those keywords,that's getting them ranked and it breaks,it down into all these words so if,you're a sorcerer you could appreciate,this but also if you are in charge of,getting more traffic to your your job,postings you can do a lot on your own by,thinking like a search engine,optimization consultant or thinking like,a small business and thinking I want to,get my jobs,listen up here so I hope that makes,sense I love this stuff and make some,comments and I'll see you in the next,episode thanks,[Music]

Free Job Posting Sites - How To Post Your Jobs Online

hey so today we're going to tok about,what are the best free job posting sites,and how to take that job and post it,across all the best job boards and job,posting sites to get you the most,candidates possible it my name is Ryan,I'm with Viva HR and want to share with,you a handful of jobs the week post,throughout our network to help you get,the most candidates possible so let's,run through a few of these now as you,can see a lot of these logos look,familiar,anything from indeed Glassdoor some of,these are the best job sites but what I,tok about is all of these are examples,of free job posting sites there's a lot,of different variations of what that,might look like for example indeed,allows you to post your jobs for free,you can create a free employer account,you can either import your jobs from an,existing applicant tracking system or,you can post them directly inside indeed,based on the industry though and the,service level if your direct employer,versus your recruiter you may be asked,to sponsor your job postings so although,there is a lot of free job posting,opportunities some of them may require a,fee some of the others might be like zip,recruiter you hear their ads on major,radio stations televisions commercials,but the chances are you've gone through,the process to post your jobs for free,as the commercial indicates but you find,out that it's only for four days you may,get a few good candidates but it's not a,true free job posting option some of,these other sites are a little bit more,niche learn for good is a great example,of a niche job board where you can post,your jobs for free they're going to give,you 20 credits for every new account,that's 20 job postings in a six month,period some of the other places flex,jobs give you the opportunity to post,your jobs for flexible job opportunities,that could be part-time jobs work from,home opportunities anything that,requires more of a flexible employment,option that could be a great option for,you,but the big question that we continue to,get is what is Google for jobs so let's,tok about it for a minute a lot of you,have seen,in search results like this sales jobs,and it's gonna show I'm located in,Phoenix so what identifies Phoenix,Arizona is my search location and it's,going to pull up the most credible jobs,from different job sources this is,Google's artificial intelligence they're,scrubbing all the different job postings,on all the major job boards and they're,populating the three most common jobs or,most relevant jobs to what they feel,like you might be searching for this is,a great way to get free job inclusion so,a lot of applicant tracking systems,including via a chars actually submits,your jobs to Google for jobs it includes,it in that process to get you more,candidates but not only posting the jobs,is important you got understand how to,build the right job posting and we we,can find that by looking at what job,seekers care about and we can see that,they don't care as much about skills and,responsibilities the compensation or,even some of the promotional,opportunities that you might be,showcasing on your job what they really,care about is the purpose behind the job,what is the work-life balance,what kind of flexibility am i given,inside the output inside that position a,lot of these is what your job,description should center around and so,that's what Viva HR is we're changing,the way that you build your job posting,we let you build a job posting create a,culture component and push that job out,to all the majors of job boards with one,click now I know this isn't meant to be,a commercial about v2 HR but let me,share with you a few of the differences,as you see on the left this is a,text-based job description that's,extremely common what we have done is,we've transferred that into a culture,profile so you can upload photos and,videos that tell a little bit more of a,story about the job posting you're,recruiting for and then we push that job,out to all the major job boards really,to help you get the right possible,candidates we want to get you as much,exposure as possible so we have a whole,host of free as well as paid job boards,that you can with one-click push your,job out to we know that recruiting staff,a lot of you have said that in a lot of,the surveys that we've seen Canada,experienced though becoming the number,one priority it's important for,candidates understand who you are what,you do and why you do it we want to be,able to tell that culture story and to,do that better we invite you to take a,trial and post your jobs for free on me,the HR we have a free for life option,that you can post your jobs to anyways,hopefully this has been a good tutorial,on some of the different job posting,sites you can post your jobs for free

How do I post a Free Job Posting on LinkedIn. Here are two ways to post Free LinkedIn Jobs Postings.

hey i'm teddy burris your linkedin,strategist trainer and coach,one of my clients sent me a message said,teddy i want to put a job on linkedin,for free,do you have some instructions on how to,do that so i thought what the heck,i'll create a video,[Music],okay so there's two ways that you can,post a,free job on linkedin i'm gonna show you,the first one,and then i'll come back later and just,show you the second way,so go to the home page of linkedin and,right here start a post,and start a post you'll see right here,share that you're hiring,now i can choose the company i want to,hire for and i gotta put a title,unfortunately the only titles that you,can use when you create,a free job posting this way are job,titles that are in linkedin's database,now i want to do a posting for a dust,bunny,farmer dust bunny farmer i can't do that,won't let me do it i can do farmer so,let me,let me do pig or coffee oyster but not,dust money so much like,farmer now unless we choose the region,now i can say this is a remote job,but when i say it's a remote job i can,also say it's remote to greensboro north,carolina,so i can pick the region that it's,really the,remote into and there's the company,again,chooses it full-time or part time and,then i write a job description now this,is the fun part,what i want you to think about in job,description i want you to think a little,bit,better a little bit differently than the,typical,old hr job descriptions,what i want you to do is write something,that's make it more of a sales document,make it something exciting and,interesting intriguing you know tell the,person why this kind of job is the kind,of job,that would be rewarding and they could,be successful at,but you put the criteria in there you're,going to list the skills and,requirements,but sell the viewer on the job,rather than the typical old style,hr job descriptions now let me write,the job description hang tight because i,couldn't put the real title up here,i put the real title down here and then,what i try to do,is i try to be a little more intriguing,a little more interesting,than the ideal job description um and,and,just you know again just trying to write,a little bit better,a little bit more encouraging than again,what most people write when they write,job descriptions now,but yes you can add the all the skills,you need to have here and the,requirements and education,all that stuff can't ignore that but,anyway i filled it all out,there's my free job posting that i'm,gonna post it's gonna add this frame,to my to uh to my photo which is okay if,i'm really hiring i want that there and,then when i hit done,so i'm gonna tell the viewer about the,post that i'm making here about,the job and then there's the job posting,and then i hit post,and they want me to promote it and i'm,not ready to promote it that's where you,pay money for it,now once you have this posted here's,what you need to do next,you need to send this by a message to,people that you think,it might be of interest to randy wooden,is a buddy of mine he might find that,interesting okay,and i can also send it to if i want to,to michelle you know i could sell,send it to michelle et cetera et cetera,et cetera and then i want to tell them,about the role and ask,them to share with their people,you send it to your employees you said,to other members of the team,you can send it to your business,partners whoever you want to send it to,and let them know about it because you,don't just want to post it on linkedin,and hope and pray it gets seen,you need to distribute it out so that,others can see it,and give it a name you want to give it a,name if you send it to multiple,people all right this is the first way,for you to write a job opening on,linkedin,now i'm going to show you the second way,to post a job on for free on linkedin,you go to the work button you go over,here where it says talents of posting we,post a job for free it's a little bit,different,style it knows the last job i look for,with a farmer but check this out,i can do dust bunny,farmer it doesn't require me to use,the standard job titles that are in the,system,then here's the company and i can say,that it's uh in this region it's remote,i can make it full time or part-time and,then i get started for free,so now you have to have your job,description in here so i'll put my job,description in here,boom there's my job description that i,wrote again,i'm trying to write it you know focused,on,more of a marketing document a sales,document than the typical hr document,but you've got to age ask for the hr,requirements,i get that skills experience,level,and education i get that all that's down,below you put that in there,now furthermore you can add up to 10,skill words so i can say farmer,i can say team work team work team,building teamwork high level accuracy,customer service et cetera et cetera et,cetera so i have up to 10,skills that are important for this role,now i hit continue,how do i want to get the applications by,email or do i want to send them to a,website,i can send them to a website if i want,to if you have an applicant tracking,system,but email works just great for me okay,now i can add screening questions now,i'm going to add,a new screening question do you like to,work with dust bunnies this is a,qualification that's important,okay then i can add another one say i,can have expertise with tools,so what's the tool or tiknology,microsoft excel,you need one a one-year experience this,is a must-have,now let's check this out i've got my,custom one here,i've got my canned one here but check it,out i can add another,custom one do you have good working,relationships on the dust bunny farmers,a custom question,yes no and this is a one is required,then i can add another one,that is um you know education level you,know,degree high school diploma yes must have,qualification,whatever the level is so you can have,they the recommendation is we recommend,three screening questions okay,and if they don't have these the then,then here's what happens if it's a not,fit,then it could automatikally kick them,out if it's a,not bit they don't meet all must-have,qualifications okay it's pretty,deliberate so make sure your screening,questions are,really focused and purposeful so that if,you're screening them out because of,these questions you're screening out the,wrong candidates and not,uh doing a false a false,positive or false negative okay then i,can preview it,that's how it's going to look and then,when i'm ready,post the job for free,okay so select free or i could pay daily,if i want to,and or i can change the amount of money,but i recommend you start with free,and then select free,it wants me to have a free trial,three-day free trial again it's trying,to suck me into paying i'm gonna say no,thanks,and there's my job boop there's my job,it's posted,okay so now what's really cool about,this,is if i go to burris consulting,view as a member jobs,there it is right there okay so i can go,look at that,and because i'm looking at it as a not,as a manager check this out,i can share it so once you create the,posting either way,you want to share it you want to send it,to people so they can find it so they,can look at it,and then they can share it with others,these are the two different ways that,you can post jobs on linkedin,for free