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Free KingHuman Tee Shirtz!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Free KingHuman Tee Shirtz!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!

The above is a brief introduction to Free KingHuman Tee Shirtz!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!.

Let's move on to the first section of Free KingHuman Tee Shirtz!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!!

Free KingHuman Tee Shirtz!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!

I'm Rick James [ __ ] that's hey I'm not
really Rick James I'm King human I mind
the happy juice hey don't bust my chops
it's the only thing I got going for me
it's the only pleasure I got my ass
won't let me have my drink okay now
that's done
hey what I got is something very very
special for you kiddies okay here these
these not don't screw around
[ __ ] I got the one and the only
official King human t-shirt [ __ ] and
you can have one absolutely free if you
impress King human what you gotta know
about these t-shirts is their wicked
freaking cool check it out look at me
I got light and I got black King human
rots and King human sucks and they're
wicked cool 100% cotton but the cool
thing is these are series one limited
edition shirts only 24 people in the
whole freaking world are gonna be able
to have one they're individually hands
at numbered limited editions and signed
by the one and only king Hillman
holy crap tok about valuable [ __ ]
I'm really an idiot
I'm pretty full of myself but hey it's
all good fun seriously he knew and
t-shirts free and there's an extra added
bonus here's what you do to get one free
make a video response to this video and
press me but make it funny
make it cool make it whatever but it's
got to be an original video it can't be
something you made a whole shitload of
time ago and you just figure pardon me
and you just figure you're gonna slap it
on here and win a t-shirt ain't gonna
happen no way no how
broham you gotta make an original video
and then it gets even worse it gets even
worse I'm gonna make you do even more
work when you get your t-shirt in the
mail and this is your contract so if you
don't want to do this don't ask for a
freaking t-shirt when you get your sign
numbered limited edition t-shirt in the
mail you have to put it on and do
another video showing yourself doing
something cool for Humanity or the
environment that's right for duty and
humanity so you're gonna have to make
two videos to get this freaking shirt
woo that's a lot o King human I don't
know if I can do it o King human I don't
have a video camera Oh being human
[ __ ] if you looked at my videos you
can go down and you can download Sony
Vegas absolutely free and it'll work for
30 days
you've got editing software you can use
now oh that's an excuse you ain't got
anymore isn't it [ __ ]
okay now let's tackle the subject of I
got a video camera
use your still camera take spill
pictures and make a slideshow I don't
care you can still make a funny
slideshow don't give me no [ __ ] use your
brains do something don't make me do
your work for you ah pissing me off
and you're not even saying anything
you're pissing me off just use your
noggin people okay
that's my lecture to you what else I
gotta say 24 teacher only 24 black
t-shirts and only 24 white t-shirts King
human rights and King human sucks and
I'm gonna add a bonus one key human
rocks t-shirt and one team human sucks
t-shirt is gonna have glow-in-the-dark
radioactive spooge on it if you get that
radioactive glow-in-the-dark food
spilled t-shirt you're gonna win a bonus
prize so huge so amazing so cool I don't
even know what it is yet so here's what
you gotta do
first you gotta subscribe to King human
cuz I ain't giving t-shirts away to
nonsubscribers they are me they get
under my skin they piss me off
next you got to rape this video and I
don't care if you even rate it a
negative start you know that's what they
shouldn't have they
negative readings - not just one through
five they should be that's my idea I got
it contact those you two people you
gotta make a Rainey a star rating okay
then you also gotta make a comment okay
got it
bing-bam-boom subscribe rate it comment
make a video reply to this video make me
laugh make my subscribers left their ass
off and you'll get a king human t-shirt
limited edition series 1 limited edition
hand signed and numbered this is like
worth 80 million bucks these are gonna
be selling on eBay for billions of
dollars in 20 centuries so you know
you'll be one of only 24 in the world to
have one of these shirts alright people
I'm gonna go back to my happy juice you
guys have fun and
later [ __ ]

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