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Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn for Free | LinkedIn Job Posting Tutorial (2023)

LinkedIn is a social media channel for,professionals and currently has around,850 million users in over 200 countries,so with that said have you ever,considered using LinkedIn as a platform,for hiring the right people for your,organization well if not maybe it's time,to take a look at linkedin's job posting,feature,hey guys Stuart here welcome back to,this Channel and if it's your first time,here thanks for joining me now today in,this LinkedIn job posting tutorial I'm,going to walk you through how to create,and post a job on LinkedIn for free so,that you can attract the right talent,for your small business okay so before,you go ahead and launch into LinkedIn,consider subscribing if you haven't done,so already or if you're new to this,Channel and that way you'll stay updated,with actionable videos and tutorials,designed to equip you with the skills,knowledge and tools to help your small,business Thrive online and with that,quick note out the way let's go ahead,and launch into linkedin's job posting,feature,foreign,[Music],and post a job for your organization,completely for free using LinkedIn the,first thing that you want to do is head,over to your browser and type in,linkedin.com and sign into your LinkedIn,profile now if you currently do not have,a LinkedIn profile you'll need to go,ahead sign up and create a free LinkedIn,profile and once you've arrived inside,your LinkedIn profile what we want to do,is navigate over to jobs and under jobs,this is where LinkedIn users can search,for specific jobs that they want to,apply for however we're in a position,where we want to create and post a free,job on LinkedIn to attract the right,Talent into our organization okay so to,post a job for free on LinkedIn simply,navigate over to the left hand side and,you can click on post a free job now if,we navigate over to our profile in the,top right hand corner and click on me,and then navigate down to job posting,account this is where we can post jobs,on LinkedIn we can also manage our,existing jobs and manage all the,applications that we've received however,what we're going to do is navigate over,to the left hand side and click on post,a free job and here we can add basic,details about our job opportunity simply,navigate up to job title and add the job,title and for the purpose of today's,tutorial I want to hire a WordPress,developer so once you've added the job,title come down and add your company go,ahead and search for your company and,here's the company that's hiring this is,a company page that I created in the,past now if you currently do not have a,LinkedIn company page what I'll do is,link a beginner's tutorial up above and,down below in the description that will,guide you through the simple,step-by-step process of creating a,company page on LinkedIn so go ahead and,check out their tutorial if you,currently do not have a company page,then once you've created your company,page within LinkedIn go ahead and add,that company page up here then come down,to workplace type and go ahead and,select the drop down what is the,workplace type is it on-site hybrid or,remote this is going to be a remote,position so I'm going to go ahead and,click on remote then navigate over to,employee location where are the,employees that you want to hire are you,looking to hire someone from anywhere,globally or are you looking to hire,someone from a specific location this,could be a country or state I'm going to,go ahead and type in New Zealand then,come down to job type this is going to,be a part-time position and so as you,can see I want to hire a WordPress,developer for the company cindio media,this is going to be a remote position,and the employee needs to be located in,New Zealand and this is a part-time,position then come down and click on get,started for free and next what we want,to do is add a high quality description,about our job position here we have some,tips that you can follow I'm going to go,ahead and add a brief description,and as you can see I've gone ahead and,added a brief description of this job,opportunity example if we navigate up to,the top you also have some basic,formatting options okay so once you've,added a detailed description simply,navigate down to skills this is where,you want to add keywords related to the,skills that the right candidates must,have simply come down and click add,skill and start typing in that specific,skill and I'm going to select WordPress,design then navigate down and select how,you heard about LinkedIn jobs I'm just,going to go ahead and click on online ad,search engine then you can come down and,click preview to preview your job I'm,going to go ahead and click on next then,here what we want to do is make sure,that we're attracting qualified,applicants for this job position first,simply navigate up to application,collection how do you want to receive,applicants we can click this drop down,and click on add an external website but,we're going to select by email we want,to receive our qualified applicants via,email then navigate over to email,address and add the email address that,you want to use for example if you have,someone in HR that oversees and manages,the hiring process then go ahead and add,their email address in here now because,I'm a small business owner I want to,manage these applications so I'm going,to go ahead and add my email then simply,navigate down to screening questions,here what you want to do is add at least,three screening questions for your,applicants to answer for example the,default three screening questions we,have at the moment is what is your level,of proficiency in English we have,conversational and we can choose if this,is a must-have qualification so the,ideal answer here would be native or,bilingual again you can add the language,in here based on what you're after down,here we have how many years of work,experience do you have with a specific,skill and a skill down here is business,for me what I'm going to add is,WordPress development and once you've,added the skill we have of that ideal,answer over here minimum so how many,years minimum of work experience I'm,going to go ahead and add three years,and this is a must-have and then again,down here we have the same question how,many years of work experience do you,have with a specific skill and this,skill is going to be called SEO search,engine optimization then over here the,ideal number of years will be three,years and this is also a must-have then,if we navigate down the page we can add,additional screening questions for,example if we navigate over to education,we can add have you completed the,following level of education and add the,degree type and the ideal answer is,obviously yes and then we can choose if,this is a must-have qualification and,then you have more screening questions,down here so I'm going to go ahead and,exit out of this question and you want,to add at least three screening,questions however depending on the,nature of your job position you might,want to add a lot more then simply,navigate down to qualification setting,if we turn this on this will photo out,and send rejections to applicants who,don't meet any must-have qualifications,and you can see that information down,here that's going to be sent then,navigate down the page and click on this,drop down and this is an option based on,your personal preference if you add yes,you'll have this photo frame over here,in the left hand side and Linkedin will,notify your network that you're hiring,as well as feature you on jobs and add,your active jobs on your profile or you,can come down and click do not add the,photo frame but LinkedIn will still,notify your network that you're hiring,and feature you on jobs I'm going to go,ahead and click here and again this is,based on your personal preference then,come down and go ahead and preview your,job application before navigating over,to post your free job,then we have the option to promote this,job listing if we like however for the,purpose of to

How To Post A Job On Indeed (For FREE) | Tutorial For Beginners

how to post a job on indeed for free hi,guys welcome back today i'm going to be,showing you how you can simply go ahead,and find the right employee for your job,using indeed so let's get started indeed,is an amazing platform that allows you,to find different jobs and find,different employees by posting a job,online for free you can post a job in,any niche and find the perfect employees,that are looking for different jobs so,to get started what you need to do is,you will simply go to,indeed.jobs and you will land on this,platform right here what you need to do,is you will simply sign in or sign up if,you have not already signed up you can,simply go ahead and sign up with your,google account and that's it you will,simply get indeed for free so this is,where you will get so on indeed we get,two options we can find a job or we can,post a job in order to find an employee,for ourselves so to post a job you will,find the option right here employers,slash post job simply click on this,option once you sign in it will take you,to indeed.com,employers we can also go to indeed for,employers directly and this is where you,will get you will simply need to sign in,again and now we are good to go you will,find the option of post a job right here,simply click on it now what you need to,do is you will actually need to create,an employer's account and it will just,take one minute if you have already,created this account then you don't need,to but if you are doing this for the,first time you will actually need to,create an account so what you have to do,is you simply enter your company's name,your company's number of employees i'm,gonna quickly fill it in as well your,first and last name then you have to add,the role in your hiring like what you,are i'm a hiring manager then we have,the typical hiring budget so i'm gonna,select a budget as well then you simply,enter your phone number and then how did,you hear about in date once you have,added all of the information right here,especially the compulsory ones the,company name and then the first and last,name and then you're good to go now we,will simply add the basic information,about the job and you can see right here,so we have country you will simply add,the country because we know when people,find jobs on indeed an important option,is location so you will actually have to,add your location right here then we,have language we can select any language,all of the languages are available but,we're going to go for english and then,of course we have our company name after,that you have to add the job title so,we're actually looking for an editor for,our youtube channel so that's what i'm,gonna type in so i will simply add,editor but you can add anything you want,to for example in here i can add a sales,manager i can add an assistant i can add,a writer i can add whatever i want to so,people will be able to apply for my job,so this is going to be the under the,category of editors and writers and i,agree with this but if you want to,change the category you can simply go,ahead and change it so i'm going to,actually change it to photo film and,video editors now we have which option,best describes the role of your job this,is actually a remote job this is not a,multiplication job or on the road so i'm,going to go ahead and type in remote so,this is actually a preview of my job,right here once you're done you will,simply click on save and continue now,the next step is going to be including,the details so what kind of job is it is,it a full-time job part-time job,contract temporary or an internship so,this is where you simply type in,whatever you will select the option you,want to to select so i'm gonna select,part time then we have how many people,do you want to hire for this opening so,sometimes we're actually hiring more,than one person for a job so that's what,i'm gonna type in but we're looking for,a one editor so i'm gonna just type in,one let's say that we were looking for,two so let's just type in there after,that if you want to how quickly do you,need to hire so you can actually add if,it's very urgent and you want to hire,someone in three days you can add it if,you have more than four weeks whatever,time spam you're looking to hire someone,you can add it right here so i'm,actually gonna hire someone from three,to seven days and people should be able,to apply between these days then we have,compensation include pay and get up two,times more applications we can actually,add a pay so that people will actually,get an idea that,what they will be getting when they will,be applying and this actually increases,the applications and uh there are more,applicants uh what i'm gonna do is i'm,gonna add the range from,exact amount because that's what we're,going for so i'm gonna go for par r and,we're actually going to be paying 20 per,hour to the editor so that's what we're,going for and this is what they will be,able to see or maybe i can go for it 20,to 25 and now they will have a better,idea click on save and continue next,thing that you need to do is simply,click on save after that,this is going to be our next step and,that is simply entering the description,so this is really important because this,is where people actually add the,description about the job that what kind,of experience you're looking for and,what they will be doing so i'm going to,quickly go ahead and add a description,right here we can also upload a pdf or a,document once you have added all the,information in the description right,here you will simply click on save and,continue or you can actually go for a,preview as well so let me actually show,you the preview of our job that we just,created so you can see right here we,have editor this is the title we have,youtube content creator remote job apply,now option this is the description this,is the salary job type is part time,replication is remote perfect um now,simply click on save and continue and,after that you have to add where,applicants will actually send their,applications so i actually want them to,send to my email um but you can simply,add a walk-in option then we have um,submit resume so it's optional for any,editor i don't want a resume then we,simply enter our email address where we,want to receive the different,applications we can also add our company,site right here after that you will,simply click on by checking this box i,agree and after that you will simply,click on save and continue again,once you do that then the last step is,going to be actually posting your job,right here on indeed you can also add,different qualifications if you want to,for example different qualifications,that are needed so um i don't want to,like add qualifications but you can add,different questions to ask to your you,know applicants and if you want to add,an experience check whatever you want to,you will simply add different questions,right here again click on save and,continue so it's really easy to post a,job on indeed and you can see right here,this is my job now and this is every,information that i added,right here so this is also like a,preview you can see right here we have,our email if you want to edit anything,this is your last chance to edit it,because you can simply go ahead and edit,the title edit the description salary if,you want to edit anything so for now i,think everything looks pretty good what,i need to do now is just simply click on,confirm and my job will be posted on,indeed and no there is no charge um to,post a job it is going to be completely,free so yeah guys this brings us to the,end of the video i will not click on,confirm because i do not want to,actually post this job um because then,people will be actually sending me,applications um so yeah that's that's,how you simply do it simply click on,confirm and you will be able to post job,on in date and find the right employee,for your job this brings us to the end,don't forget to give this video a big,thumbs up and subscribe to the youtube,channel

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Free Unlimited Job Posting - Myths about free job posting portals II HR Recruiting Tips

hi oh this is devyani from,freshersworld.com welcome to our video,channel on jobs and careers today I am,going to tok about free job postings is,free job posting an easy way to hire,entry-level candidates 5 myths about,free job posting portals today we are,going to discuss on the free job posting,available in different sites first of,all when do we need it it works only,when we have entry-level requirements,and is more effective if you have,multiple requirements to bulk,requirements for literal requirements,this might not work today in India we,have a number of sites which gives free,job posting to their clients with,upgradeable options as well there are,also aggregator sites for the same,however we need to check a few things,before we go to hire way posting in all,such sites first thing we need to do is,a little research on these sites we need,to go with a site which promises the,highest database for fresher candidates,then we need to check the site according,to the requirement for example if we,need to post engineering requirements,for testers developers in a site which,promises to have a strong database for,engineering graduates if we are looking,for sale Stella colors we should go to,the site with a database that is strong,for general graduates again there are,sites which will suffix your,requirements for drivers delivery boys,etc this is one time research after,which you will know where exactly to,post according to your requirement we,here at freshersworld.com take care up,to 90 percentage of your entry-level,hiring needs through very strong,database of engineers and general,graduates freshersworld.com is the,number one job site,for fresher hiring in India with one,crore plus entry-level resumes and,numerous employers hiring through us the,job for all hiring platform is much,different from any fridge or posting,website you would have seen before from,intelligent filtering to guaranteed more,responses for each job posting we have,combined lot of features to make this,platform work here are top reasons why,free job posting hiring platform will,provide you better responses than other,job portals unlimited free job posting,we have launched unlimited free job,posting on our portal and now you don't,have to pay anything for posting,unlimited jobs this gives you limitless,opportunities there are things to note,here though unlimited job posting is,something we have added to provide more,opportunities for freshers to apply for,good jobs on our portal we don't allow,spamming and duplication also ensuring,that your job description looks,attractive and makes a candidate click,on apply button and apply button,something that is essential to get more,responses second guaranteed hiring in,four days we are the only job portal in,India to guarantee for days hiring being,sure this by following a set number of,steps to make your job ten times more,visible to eligible candidates third,value added package worth rupees 6000,plus for free your job will,automatikally be posted to LinkedIn,class tour indeed other major job,portals each of these charges upwards of,rupees 2000 for posting a job we do it,for you at no extra cost for automated,job push your job will be pushed to,2,000 plus eligible candidates as soon,as you post it that means no more,waiting for getting job responses with a,fresher database of more than 50 lakh,plus we can guarantee profiles matching,your requirement within seconds of you,posting the job 5th,intelligent filtering our paid and hot,profile intelligent,sots profiles who applied for your job,opening and provides you the cream of,the applications reading out,uninterested profiles who have no,interest in coming for your interview,6:15 hot profiles this is the final lot,of applications from which you can close,your job opening remember those days,when you had to call hundred-plus,candidates to get even one to attend the,interview with multi-touch point,approach through call SMS and email we,ensure that you have enough turn up on,the day of interview smart question it,now you have the freedom to make,informed decisions for your job opening,by removing the need for the first round,of the interview with a smart,questionnaire feature we make it,possible for you to us the standard,first interview questions without even,meeting the candidate you can analyze,the responses and call the candidates,who have answered according to your,requirement eight fine candidates near,you for the first time in India we bring,hyperlocal free job posting for you,there are varied reasons why you would,love to have employees who stay near,your of his location ensure that you get,the candidates around your area who,match your requirement now how is that,for ease of job posting night app based,responses freshersworld.com official app,is perfect solution for your hiring,varèse designed for candidates the app,makes it possible for your job to reach,candidates who prefer app mobile based,sub search dedicated Account Manager,freshersworld.com is committed to make,hiring super easy for you we are here to,help you hire your next Superman you get,a dedicated Account Manager who will,help you get the best responses for your,requirements and also support you,throughout the job posting period the,job for all hiring platform is all set,to make a huge difference in the hiring,industry within three months of PETA,launch we have already received,20 K free job posting and service 90,percentage of all clients successfully,by closing their requirements so stay,connected with us for more such videos,and do not forget to hit the subscribe,button thank you

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Free Job Posting Sites - How To Post Your Jobs Online

hey so today we're going to tok about,what are the best free job posting sites,and how to take that job and post it,across all the best job boards and job,posting sites to get you the most,candidates possible it my name is Ryan,I'm with Viva HR and want to share with,you a handful of jobs the week post,throughout our network to help you get,the most candidates possible so let's,run through a few of these now as you,can see a lot of these logos look,familiar,anything from indeed Glassdoor some of,these are the best job sites but what I,tok about is all of these are examples,of free job posting sites there's a lot,of different variations of what that,might look like for example indeed,allows you to post your jobs for free,you can create a free employer account,you can either import your jobs from an,existing applicant tracking system or,you can post them directly inside indeed,based on the industry though and the,service level if your direct employer,versus your recruiter you may be asked,to sponsor your job postings so although,there is a lot of free job posting,opportunities some of them may require a,fee some of the others might be like zip,recruiter you hear their ads on major,radio stations televisions commercials,but the chances are you've gone through,the process to post your jobs for free,as the commercial indicates but you find,out that it's only for four days you may,get a few good candidates but it's not a,true free job posting option some of,these other sites are a little bit more,niche learn for good is a great example,of a niche job board where you can post,your jobs for free they're going to give,you 20 credits for every new account,that's 20 job postings in a six month,period some of the other places flex,jobs give you the opportunity to post,your jobs for flexible job opportunities,that could be part-time jobs work from,home opportunities anything that,requires more of a flexible employment,option that could be a great option for,you,but the big question that we continue to,get is what is Google for jobs so let's,tok about it for a minute a lot of you,have seen,in search results like this sales jobs,and it's gonna show I'm located in,Phoenix so what identifies Phoenix,Arizona is my search location and it's,going to pull up the most credible jobs,from different job sources this is,Google's artificial intelligence they're,scrubbing all the different job postings,on all the major job boards and they're,populating the three most common jobs or,most relevant jobs to what they feel,like you might be searching for this is,a great way to get free job inclusion so,a lot of applicant tracking systems,including via a chars actually submits,your jobs to Google for jobs it includes,it in that process to get you more,candidates but not only posting the jobs,is important you got understand how to,build the right job posting and we we,can find that by looking at what job,seekers care about and we can see that,they don't care as much about skills and,responsibilities the compensation or,even some of the promotional,opportunities that you might be,showcasing on your job what they really,care about is the purpose behind the job,what is the work-life balance,what kind of flexibility am i given,inside the output inside that position a,lot of these is what your job,description should center around and so,that's what Viva HR is we're changing,the way that you build your job posting,we let you build a job posting create a,culture component and push that job out,to all the majors of job boards with one,click now I know this isn't meant to be,a commercial about v2 HR but let me,share with you a few of the differences,as you see on the left this is a,text-based job description that's,extremely common what we have done is,we've transferred that into a culture,profile so you can upload photos and,videos that tell a little bit more of a,story about the job posting you're,recruiting for and then we push that job,out to all the major job boards really,to help you get the right possible,candidates we want to get you as much,exposure as possible so we have a whole,host of free as well as paid job boards,that you can with one-click push your,job out to we know that recruiting staff,a lot of you have said that in a lot of,the surveys that we've seen Canada,experienced though becoming the number,one priority it's important for,candidates understand who you are what,you do and why you do it we want to be,able to tell that culture story and to,do that better we invite you to take a,trial and post your jobs for free on me,the HR we have a free for life option,that you can post your jobs to anyways,hopefully this has been a good tutorial,on some of the different job posting,sites you can post your jobs for free

Top 10 free job posting sites in india | new job posting sites in india

Top 10 free job posting sites in india

How to post job listings on Google for Jobs search engine | Armory Digital Marketing

something that we have heard,consistently this side of kova night,team,is that hiring people has become a major,pain point for many business owners,there's indeed,zip recruiter career builder,simply hired,and on and on and on it goes should you,post your jobs in there,should you post them somewhere else,something we have been helping our,clients with,is leveraging google for jobs,similar to google business profile,similar to how google,uh presents search results for plane,tikets,and hotel rooms,there's an opportunity for you as a,small business owner to get your job,listing on top of even all of those big,job listing sites and in this video,we're going to show you how we have been,able to do this for our one of our,clients for over two years,stay tuned,okay this is our client sitting on top,of google for jobs,you can see for the search term cdl,truck driving jobs flint that be flint,of flint water,above,above the organic,search results,is this google for jobs window sometimes,there are ads above it sometimes in this,case today there's not below it though,you can see the organic search results,including powerhouses like indeed indeed,simply hired zip recruiter zip recruiter,here's our client,glassdoor and a billion dollar,competitor now in the course of doing,all of this of course um,you will end up hopefully,um with higher organic search ranking as,well but the key is to be on top of the,google for jobs search result,inside of this,are the specifics to the job this is the,job title,there's a link that you add to the,to the schema code,that will take the take the,applicant to the page to the page you,want to go,highlights benefits and so forth,it's very similar to,google business profiles so the same,thing where the top three are presented,and then many many many more places,below it,for any local seo or,you know the various things that we do,to get someone into the top uh into the,map pack in this case it's the google,for jobs pack,it all begins on the page,the page is um optimized,the page and by optimize i'm toking,um your standard,seo optimization,work,url,meta page title h1s and so forth all in,an alignment what we have also done is,we've always provided,or we've always linked to this page here,um,in,in the site with a with a jobs listing,so it's among other jobs as well,the link to the page,and this is the one we're driving people,to this is what we're getting found for,this is on a wix site so,we use a tiknical seo schema,schema markup generator,we fill this out as completely as we can,and we'll come back to the date posted,and the expire date those are,those will be important on the ongoing,basis,once we,generate the schema it will look,something like this,and like all things schema it's a matter,of round pegs round holes and by giving,google what they're after,hopefully you're going to end up at the,top of the google for jobs search result,once we have we have generated our,schema code at least in wix we come and,we add schema code and uh upload upload,the schema code the first time,once we're done with the schema code,this is where it all goes in once we're,done with the schema code we'll go to,search console,now,i will say that if you're what if your,website is on a cms like wordpress you,probably and hopefully have a,schema markup down below on that page in,which case you just do the same thing,there,either way,once you've generated the schema code,then you want to and what we've done is,we upload the site map,within a day or two we get an updated,search result,and are hopefully found now,in order to,to,continuously be here and again this,would i wouldn't suggest doing this for,a job that you just hire it's filled and,you're done this is one of those jobs,where in this case for our client where,they're always needing and wanting,more,uh because of t,of uh turnover or what or opportunity,they're always wanting to add to their,team,this is a this is a great opportunity to,do that so then what we do is,on a monthly basis we have a process,where,and and this is how we've been able to,stay in this position for two years,and and trust me this is a highly,competitive,um like many jobs nowadays highly,competitive,job listing,we come back to in our case,we come back to,where the schema code is um,is on the page,in your case if you're using wordpress,you just go go find this spot and what,you're looking for is the date posted,and valid through,once a month we go in and we change the,date to what it is today is january 27th,where,in the year 2,2022,and what we have done is we make it,valid for a month,make it a valid until next month and,then,and then we save it,what we do then is,we come,every time we come to search console,we,upload the new site map we don't,necessarily request an index or a crawl,on that page we just do the site map,and with generally within a couple days,we get,our search result ranking and oftentimes,we're already in this spot,and it'll just change from,you know,however many days ago it will change to,a couple days ago and it keeps it fresh,and i think this rhythm,um is what,uh,google is rewarding and why,we have continued to stay on top,so,good luck and there you have it that is,how we've been able to keep our clients,job listing on top of google for jobs,for over two years if you have any,questions leave it down below or reach,out to us on our website thanks,[Music]