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free post rental ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to create and post your rental listing or advertisement for free #rent #forrent #rental

hi, i'm kenton and this is kenton knows. in this video, i'm going to explain how to prepare and list your apartment or home for rent, along with helpful tips to maximize your rent and not spend a lot to get it rented. if you like this video, please hit the like button, consider subscribing to my channel and leave me any questions or comments. as well as you are probably aware, i'm very cost conscious and like to be smart about when and where to spend money in my real estate business, so let's tok about the steps you'll need to take in order to get your property listed for rent. here's a quick outline of what i'll be explaining. one: clean and declutter the property. two: take bright, high quality pictures. three: research local rental rates and determine your rent for this property. four: set up free accounts on various free listing websites that i will list. five: create the listing. six: watch my other videos on how to show your property, review and qualify tenants. lease clauses you need, and much more. to start, we need to ensure the property is clean, both for pictures and throughout the time you are showing the property. i don't mean just inside the rental. the outside and common building areas are also critikal, as they set the tone for each showing. if the prospective tenant arrives at the property and sees the outside is not clean and well maintained, they may already have a negative feeling about the property or your ability to maintain it before even setting foot inside. the cleaning process should include decluttering. if other tenants have left things in the yard or common areas, please ask them to put those items away. decluttering will make the space feel larger and well managed, which are both good things in the minds of most prospective renters. i understand that it may not be possible with current tenants in place, but you want to try if possible. i also let the current tenants know that if they can keep the rental looking nice for showings, we should get it rented faster, which will reduce the number of showings and inconvenience to them. now that you've made it as nice as possible, you'll need to take pictures. for the outside pictures, be sure it is a bright day. you want your pictures to appear bright and inviting. for the interior pictures, be sure all the lights are on and the drapes or blinds are completely open. again, we're looking for bright, open and inviting pictures for the bathrooms. be sure the toilet seats are down and the counters are clean and clear as possible. be sure to also get pictures that include all the appliances in the kitchen and the washer dryer in the laundry room. if there are any shared building amenities, such as a yard or parking area, i recommend taking pictures of those as well. be sure to take more pictures than you will need so you can choose the best ones for the listing. i also highly recommend taking pictures and a video between tenants when the unit is completely empty, clean and the paint is touched up. you can then use those pictures and video for years and you won't need to go through the hassle of getting new pictures each year. third, you will need to research local rental rates to price your rental. i have a video on how to price your rental which includes a detailed description of how to determine your price. for a quick estimate, try using rentalmetercom and zillow price my rental. just remember. these will give you an average range based on similar sized units nearby, which may or may not be accurate for your unit. my pricing video goes significantly deeper and gives a lot more detail to help you zero in on an exact price to initially list your rental. fourth, you'll need to create accounts on the websites where you'll be listing the rental. i'll start by reiterating that i don't like to pay for any listing sites, so here are 10 free websites i recommend setting up accounts on, in order of where i personally get the most qualified leads from each year: apartmentscom, which recently bought cozy. facebook avail turbo tenant, zumper rentable, which was formerly adobo rental ads, rent barry real rentals and rent digs. i have listed the website addresses in the description below this video for you to copy if you'd like. i'm sure you've notiked that i didn't include zillow, which owns trulia and hot pads. zillow is also, in my opinion, the best rental site in terms of generating the most qualified leads. however, they charge 9.99 a week, so they didn't make my free list. if you have never listed a rental on zillow, you do get one free listing there, so definitely take advantage of that. when you go to list it again next year or if you have another property, zillow will charge 9.99 per week. so i don't advise anyone to start with zillow until you have already listed with all the free sites and haven't been able to rent it. of course that may be due to your price being too high, but you should add zillow if you think you're priced right and you aren't getting it rented. now that you have an active account at these sites, you'll need to create the listing. when you create a listing, you need to be aware that you can't be discriminatory. you can't say that you don't allow kids or anything to do with age, race or anything similar. what you can say is that is bright, open, updated, cute, high ceilings, ceiling fans, gourmet or stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, central air parking, large yard or anything like that. you can say what pets are allowed or not. generally, the pictures will speak for themselves, but you want to highlight the nicer things about the property. be sure to share common area amenities, such as a bike room or guest parking. include what utilities are paid for by the tenant versus the landlord. you should also include the terms, such as the length of the lease, security deposit or move-in fee and, if there's an application fee, how much. also, be sure to say when the rental is available. of course, you'll also want to include your pictures in the listing. i personally place the exterior photo first, followed by the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, parking and any other common area photos. last, you can copy and paste your listing to each website for the posting and hopefully you'll get a bunch of leads. be prepared to get a lot of leads from people who clearly have not read the listing. anecdotally, i get the most unqualified leads from facebook and the best free leads usually come from apartmentscom. avail, turbo tenant and zumber zillow has the best paid leads. i have found that it will save you a lot of time by creating a standard response for any lead you get and you can send it in response to every inquiry to screen the leads. in this email response i say thank you for your interest in 123 main street anytime. this is a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment for seventeen hundred dollars. it is available for a june first move-in. cats are allowed with a monthly pet fee, but dogs are not. we require a credit score of 700 or better or a cosigner that meets the credit requirement. if you are interested in setting up an appointment to view the property, please let me know your availability or i might state a specific time. i am available to show the unit. i have found this really narrows down the showings to people who are actually interested and qualified to rent your listing. i also recommend adding a yard sign and emailing your other tenants to see if they know of anyone who might be interested in your rental. i hope this video helps you to post and rent your property faster and for higher rents without paying to advertise it for qualified leads. i have other videos on how to show your rental lease, clauses you need in your lease, how to review and qualify tenants and just about anything else you need to know for you to successfully manage your real

How to List a Rental Property WITHOUT a Realtor for FREE! | Real Estate Investing

if you're looking to rent out your property- maybe for the first time- you've probably given some thought as to how you might go about marketing or listing the property. you have two options. you can either work with a realtor and pay some amount of money- usually one month's rent- or do it yourself for next to nothing. now i'm big on diy do-it-yourself, so in this video, i'm going to walk you through exactly what i did to list and market my property without the help of a realtor and how you can do the same for yourself. so stay tuned. [Music]. hey folks, richard walls here, and if it's your first time on the channel, welcome. what it's all about is helping you with your professional branding, career development and personal finance, and if that sounds like your cup of tea, do make sure to subscribe down below and hit the notification bell so you get notified as soon as i post new content. now, and if you like this video, if you like what you see, it would be a huge favor to me and the youtube algorithm if you hit the like button down below as well. and with that said, let's get to it now. when thinking about a rental property, you really have to consider all your monthly and yearly expenses and really your cash flow, and what does that look like over the course of an entire year? now, one of those expenses could potentially be you working with a realtor to list your property, market it and then find the right tenant. now, typically, the realtor would charge up to one month's rent. that can, of course, be negotiated, but really, when you take into account your cash flow for the year, depending on your situation, it could be the case that that one month's rent that you have to pay out eats into your income a little bit too much. so instead of paying that, what you can do is do yourself, as i mentioned earlier: list and market the property yourself, which i'll walk you through here momentarily. but before i do, i do want to say one thing especially: told my all my realtor friends watching this video that working with a realtor is not a bad use of money because it comes in handy in a lot of different situations. for example, if you have a rental property that you simply don't have time to list and market and show to prospective tenants, then a wheeler can come in handy. they can do all that for you. they can walk the tenant, prospective tenant through the property and if your property, if you don't live near your property, if it's out of state or in a different city and you can't get to it, well, realtors are going to be probably your best option there. and lastly, to be totally frank, listing and marketing a property can be quite a bit of work up front, especially since i've gone through- and i think once you've gone through it, once it becomes a little bit easier the next few times. but certainly there's a good amount of work up front that you have to do. so if you really just don't want the hassle, then you really don't have to watch this video. you can actually click x out of it right now, but before you do, make sure to hit the like button down below. like i mentioned, helps me out. so now that i said my piece on reelers, for me the expense was too high. it didn't quite make sense financially to do so and i was willing to do the work and research up front to make this happen. so, challenge accepted and here are the four steps that i took. step number one is tidy up the property, make it look presentable, make it look show ready. this means that you're gonna have to do quite a bit of cleaning. you're gonna wanna make it look spotless, because two things are gonna happen. one is you're going to take pictures of the property and that's, of course, going to go into listing and that's going to be what you show to prospective clients that are searching for rental units. but the second thing, of course, is you're going to be inviting tenants- prospective tenants- to look at the property. last thing you want to do is run them off because you have dirty floors or mystery stains or bad smells. you don't want that to happen. speaking of bad smells, one pro tip, pro tip that i'm gonna give you and you can- you can take this to the bank. one easy thing to do is get a: get an automatik timed air freshener. you know the ones that you plug into the sockets that spritz out every once in a while. those are gold. those are relatively inexpensive, but they add so much to the property and so much more to the experience. when you walk a tenon through it and i can tell you the properties that i've seen that have air fresheners, i notiked like it's a very nice addition to the experience and it makes you have much more of a positive outlook on the property. second step is: take good photos. now i there could be a whole nother video on property photography, and i'm not saying i'm an expert photographer for property or for anything, anything really. but i don't have to be, neither do you, because what we've got is we've got generally pretty good phones and i've got a galaxy note 9 that i use and actually used to shoot these videos with. that has very good quality images that you can take. that's all you really need. you can get a little bit more advanced if you have a better camera and all that stuff, but it's ultimately not really that necessary. but where the, where the, what the trick is is: you know, if you go on zillow or realercom, go, just go, take a look, draw inspiration from some other properties that might be similar to yours, and look at the photos that they show and identify the photos that you, that you like to see, and try to replicate that with your photography for your property. and really the goal here with photographing the property is you want to make the, the unit, look as big as possible. you want to look as big and as open as possible, and so that really is a function of the angles that you use to take the pictures. but then the other part of it is: you also want to accentuate certain features of the property, and that again is also angles, but also lighting. lighting is very important, but i'm not going to go into all that detail here in this video, but just know that good photos make or break your listing and make or break the experience you have in attracting potential tenants. third is find and use a rental management platform. now there are a handful of really good platforms out there. i will recommend and mention two of them to you. one is cozyco and the other one is avail dot co. now i decided to go with availcom for a number of reasons. i've had a really good experience with that platform, so that's really what i would recommend, but you can go with either and whatever suits your preference. you might have a different preference in terms of maybe some of the features or just the look and feel, but they're both very good platforms and really what these platforms allow you to do is they allow you to upload your listing to the platform itself. you can load your photos, your description, your other details like rent and your pet policy, all that stuff. you can upload it to these platforms and what happens here's the beauty is that it then propagates all that information, all those details, to all the most popular search sites for rentals, so zillow, realtorcom, apartmentscom, redfin and a handful of other ones. so really, it's one place that you can do your upload, do your listing, and then it sends it out to to all the other sites. now these platforms can do quite a bit more than what i just mentioned, more than just listings. but that's what i mentioned, because that's what this video in partikular is about. but here's the kicker: these platforms are free to use. now, of course, they have some paid versions that give you some additional features- certainly not required, but they give you additional features, which i elected to do through availcom. they have some features that i really like, but even then, the paid versions of these are very affordable, incredibly inexpensive. now, in the description below i've got a link, a referral link, to availco, so make sure to just give that a look and see if that suits your style. a

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Top 25 Sites to Advertise Rental Property | American Landlord

[Music]. both professional property managers and individual landlords often ask us: where is the best place to list my house for rent? our initial response has always been: just put a sign in the yard and it's free, and as long as there's a reasonable amount of traffic, you'll fill your vacancy. but for some properties, a sign cannot be placed in the ground or a window to spark interest. so in this episode of american landlord, we discuss the top 25 online marketplaces for property managers and landlords to advertise the rental property. this video is brought to you by ushomevaluecom, where real estate investors and homeowners can find out the value of almost any property throughout the united states. [Music]. while most online sites charge a listing fee, they're generally much less than, let's say, a tenant placement fee that you would pay an agent, which is usually equivalent to one month's rent. so we went ahead and compiled a list of the top 25 websites where rentals can be advertised, and here we go, beginning with the top five most popular ones. at number one, apartmentscom has millions of monthly unique visitors and is preferred by larger communities and property managers. so unless you have dozens and dozens of units, you'll probably skip this one. number two is zillow. zillow has a large network where small landlords are welcome. it also happens to own and operate trulia, where it shares its listing data. hotpads is number three and is ideal for higher end rentals. so if you're charging a premium because you have a higher end unit, that's a place to consider. now, coming in at number four is craigslist, which has billions of page views each and every month. the only issue with craigslist is that it has somewhat of a reputation for attracting some fraudulent activity. so you just have to be mindful of that and be very careful that you properly vet each and every applicant and don't transact exclusively through email. [Music]. and number five is the facebook marketplace. facebook has grown quite a bit with its marketplace. it's a great site as long as you have a facebook account and you can advertise not only your vacancies but many other products and services. and now here are the remaining 20 most commonly used websites for advertising rental property vacancies. apartment list- this is actually who powers the rental section of realtorcom. it's a very useful site. apartment finder, apartment home, living oodle, rentalscom, rentdiggscom, rentcom- this used to be one of our favorites. nextdoorcom by ownercom- yes, that's correct- by owner- also has rental listings and it's ideal for individual landlords because you can include dozens of photos. realrentalscom, rentaladescom, subletcom, airbnb- yes, that's for short-term rentals. walk score apartment guide- my new place, people with pets, that's convenient. rent cafe, rent hop and zumper. to learn more about managing your rental property, as well as screening tenants and investing in real estate, visit americanlandlordcom. [Music].

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Best Rental Listing Sites for Hosts

in this video, we're toking about the best sites to list your property for short-term rentals. so stay tuned. vacation rental machine helps hosts just like you learn how to start, grow and scale your short-term rental business. the show is all about creating systems that help you automate your business, giving you more time and money freedom. if you're ready to start living the vacation rental life, then subscribe to this podcast today. come and join us on our facebook group, the host nation, where we'll be toking about starting, automating and scaling a short-term rental business. now onto the show. hey, welcome back host nation to another episode of vacation rental machine. i'm julian sage with john bell, and in this video, we're toking about rental listing sites where you should be marketing your properties, or otherwise known as online travel agencies or otas, where you can market your property. which one's best? which one should you start with? should you be on airbnb? should you be on verbo, bookingcom, tripadvisor? italians are onlycom, i don't know there's. there's a lot of other ways to be able to find and, uh, people are searching. um, and that's another video that we tok about- through a dedicated channel manager, where you can find a lot of different niche websites for you to be able to market. we'll include a link down below where you can watch that video, but in this video we're just toking about the best ones, the most reliable, the safest, the most amount of bookings that you can find for your short term rental business. so, john, the big question- you know airbnb, verbo- should you be on both? should you just be on one? uh, where should people be starting? you should definitely start on airbnb, but that is not where you should finish. airbnb is a great platform and it's really good for everyone. that is just kind of starting out and they want to kind of get a feel for offering their place and kind of toking and working with guests. airbnb makes it a little easier. the next platform that's probably going to be similar in ease, but it's going to add some complexities and you definitely want to do it within a pms. it's going to be vrbo. vrbo was also home away, which was one of the longest two standing vacation rental platforms, uh, kind of ever. but airbnb kind of came along and kind of just sucked a whole bunch of their market share. but they do have different appeals. when you're trying to market to the right guest, you're also going to want to capture them on the right channel. so, of course, knowing the different channels, and if you want to appeal to certain guests, you're going to want to know exactly where they're looking to book. all right, john, so you're saying to start with airbnb. why would someone want to start with airbnb and then eventually also add on verbo or vrbo? you know it's kind of like, uh, scaling up in a sense. it's like airbnb is going to kind of make it easy. it's just like, hey, let's just go to the vending machine. somebody just kind of picks a number and the number just drops. that's as simple as airbnb kind of makes this business. but when you kind of go into other platforms, you're going to need a pms one. so that's one layer of complexity. you're going to have to kind of integrate that. you're going to have to link the two together. but there are certain things that you're going to have to do now. you need a payment processor. like you need to collect payments from credit cards and stuff, especially if you have some scale. so if you have like more than five listings, vrbo is going to want to make you a partner, and when they you become a partner, you're going to have to manage your own payments. now you get paid when people book directly and you kind of got to manage the funds because if they cancel you got to also refund them out of the account. airbnb doesn't do that right. they just allow you to receive the funds as soon as the guest stays after their first night. it's kind of cut and dry and simple. but on the vrbo side of things, if a person books for a month and they pay five thousand dollars for that month, you get the five thousand dollars immediately, whether or not they started right away, and that person can cancel. so you kind of gotta manage the checkbook at the same time. it just adds some extra little twist. again. we just toked about scams. there's a lot more scams on vrbo, so you kind of want to get used to that before you go to the next platform, which is probably going to be bookingcom or something like that, to where you can actually get on a bigger platform. of course, bookingcom is going to be one of the biggest marketing travel agencies or otas out there. it has the most draw, so you definitely want to make your way there. but there's steps along the way to kind of get you familiar with what to expect and this is the natural progression that i would recommend to somebody. got it. so, starting with airbnb: easy handles all the payments, um, you don't have to worry about any type of pmss and if you don't know what a pms is, property management software. we do have another video where we toked about that, which we will include somewhere in the description or up above below, but that's adding another layer of complexity. once you are trying to add that second platform- and the reason being again is airbnb- super simple, makes it very easy. majority of the market is booking directly on uh airbnb. you might find some markets where verbo is a lot more predominant- places like florida, or traditional vacation rental markets. you might see a much higher amount of people booking on verbo, but still that number is typically going to be somewhere like 30 percent to uh airbnb's, maybe 70 majority of people booking on there. there are some other little uh minor details such as like how much people are willing to pay on airbnb versus verbo. uh, there are gonna be some discrepancies there. people that are going on airbnb, they're probably going to want to book for a little bit cheaper. it might be more of a economy friendly with someone like on verbo. this might be an older, older crowd, people that are maybe a little bit more savvy. they've, like we said, verbo's been around much longer than airbnb is and verbo does attract a certain type of hosting, professional again. typically there's going to be more vacation rentals, more professionals on verbo. uh well, airbnb, it's going to cater to a lot more, uh, diverse crowd of people that are just starting off listing one bedroom stuff like that. on verbo you're probably going to see more bigger homes, more expensive properties and more professional grade vacation rentals. once you've migrated or once you've grown from just being on two platforms- that's where john was saying you can add bookingcom. once you get on bookingcom now, you might also want to incorporate a channel manager and a channel manager where you can start marketing on, like i said in the beginning, like italiansonlycom or italian travelers or wherever it is- to be able to find those specific type of niche booking platforms that other people throughout the world may be using, because not everybody throughout the world is using airbnb, verbal bookingcom. they might be using a lot of other niche ways to be able to find properties and that's how you can get your property marketed to those specific types of people. so question: today, what platform are you using? are you using just airbnb or have you progressed and do you have more platforms that you are marketing on? we'd love to be able to know in the comment section down below. and until next time, host nation, keep on hosting hey ho station. would you like to work directly with julian and i to help you start and scale your own short-term rental business? go to short-term sagecom forward, slash coaching to attend our step-by-step training and learn how we can work together. looking forward to toking to you soon. hope you, host, found value in this episode. if you did, please go on over to itunes and leave us a review, as that would greatly support the show. if you'd like to connect with john, the community and

How to Post rental Ad on FB Market Place?

How to Post Rental Ad on FB Marketplace.

Where to List Your Rental Property for Free #apartmentlisting #rentallisting #rentaladvertising

hi, i'm kenton and this is kenton knows. this is a video update on when and where to list your rental properties for free. even though i did the first one in the fall of 2020, there are already a few changes, like apartmentscom buying cozy in adobo changing their name to rentable, along with a few other minor changes. if you like this video, please hit the like button, consider subscribing to my channel and leave me any questions or comments below as well. if you've seen any of my other videos, you know i am very cost-conscious and like to be smart about when and where to spend money in my real estate business. even though i have a full-time day job, my wife and i still do all of our showings in an effort to save money on leasing commissions each year. since all of our properties are multi-unit apartment buildings in chicago, we intentionally have only one year leases set to expire between the end of april to the end of august. it is a little more difficult to rent an apartment before may 1 or after september 1 in chicago, which is why i do not allow any month-to-month leases or any modifications that do not end before those dates. before i get to the list of free listing websites, i list all of my available properties on each year. let me first describe the full process i go through with regards to renewals each year. step one: ask for the renewal for each apartment. i start three months prior to lease expiration and i send the following renewal email to the current tenants: i hope you've enjoyed living at 123 main street and i am inviting you to renew your lease for another year. rents in the area have been increasing but in an effort to keep you as a tenant, i'm only raising your rent by x dollars, which is a y percent increase. if you'd like to renew, please reply to this email and i'll prepare the new lease for your signature online. i'll also add that if you aren't signing your leases online, you should highly consider making the switch. it's faster, easier and you don't have to deal with any paper or worry about finding a time to meet. when i receive an application from a new tenant, i can have a fully signed lease with electronic payment in less than an hour. step 2: follow-up. if i don't have a response by mid-month, i will send another email saying that i plan to list and start showing the house or apartment by the first of the following month. if i don't have a signed lease before that date. i may also add a line saying that if one roommate wants to leave, the other roommate can find a replacement and have the new person apply. feel free to add anything relevant to help support their renewal, like recent improvements, new amenities or anything else that may be relevant. step three: list the apartment. if i don't have a signed lease at two months prior to lease expiration, i place a for rent sign on the property list, the apartment and all of the free sites i will list shortly and i also email all of my current tenants to see if they may know of someone potentially interested in renting this apartment. depending on the number of inquiries, showings and feedback i receive throughout that month, i may drop the price to increase interest. step four: add pay sites. if i don't have a sign lease by approximately one month prior to lease expiration, then i consider paying zillow 9.99 a week to list the apartment. although it is annoying to pay the fee, it is still way less expensive than a half or full month's rent to an agent or having a vacancy. if you are priced competitively, this should get it rented fairly quickly. step five: drop the price and or consider listing it with an agent. if you still don't have it rented and there are only two weekends left in the month, i would highly recommend another price drop if you want to increase your audience further. there are a lot of other pay sites to consider or you can list it on the mls with an agent. of course, using an agent is by far the most expensive way to rent your unit and you'll pay at least a half month, but probably more likely a full month rent by using an agent. however you may value the agent's services, an agent would be able to help you price it, show the property to prospective tenants, run credit and background checks, collect payment and coordinate the lease signing. if you go this route, you would have probably been better off dropping the price further to get it rented yourself. remember, whatever your rent is, if you're going to pay an agent a full month's rent or have a vacancy for one month, you could instead drop your rent by up to eight point three percent and break even for the year. here's an example: if you are asking fifteen hundred dollars per month, that would mean eighteen thousand in income for the year. miss one month and you go down to sixteen thousand five hundred, which is equal to receiving thirteen hundred seventy five per month. if you can sign a lease for anything over thirteen seventy five, you will be money ahead. so don't ever let a unit go vacant when a price trap should get it rented. don't let your ego get the better of you here. remember it's a business and you're playing the long game. a slightly lower income in one year on one unit is a lot better than losing more by letting it sit vacant, and you'll never recover that lost income. so where should you list your rentals? each year, i use tenant cloud for my property management and i start by listing the unit on tenant cloud. i have a full video on tenant cloud if you'd like to learn more about it. but the good thing here is that tenant cloud sends or syndicates the listing to a bunch of other websites automatikally for free. next i create my own listings on the following free websites, which i put in order of the sites that i generally get the most leads from down to the lease leads, if any at all: apartmentscom, which recently bought cozy, facebook, avail, turbo, tenant, zumper rentable, which was formerly adobo rental ads, rent barry, real rentals and rent digs. many of these sites also syndicate the ads, so your listing will appear on some of these sites more than once, which, in my opinion, is a good thing. some of these sites also offer tenant applications, screening and varying levels of property management, but, as i stated earlier, i personally believe attendant cloud is the best and most cost effective option for my portfolio. it's completely free to test, and i did a full video explaining why i use tenant cloud. in the past i also posted on craigslist, but stopped when they started charging five dollars per month in chicago. i know that isn't much, but since i rarely got leads from them anyways, i didn't think it was worth the time or expense to keep posting there. it may be different in your area or for the price point of your rentals, so definitely consider craigslist an option. now we come to zillow. zillow has a huge audience and owns both trulia and hot pads. this is by far the best site to list your property on, and you will most likely get many more quality leads from here than any other website. the only problem is zillow charges 9.99 per listing per week, so i usually try to get a tenant from the free sites before i start to pay zillow for the listing. however, if this is your first time using zillow to list a rental. you do get one free listing, so definitely take advantage of that. also, note: the listings on the free listing websites do expire so you'll need to periodically log into each website to renew or refresh your listing. at each site i try to refresh them each week around thursday to get them near the top before the tenants start looking to set up weekend showings. of course, zillow will automatikally keep renewing and charging you each week, so you'll need to be sure to cancel that listing as soon as you get a signed lease. i hope this helps you rent your house or apartme.