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Free Real Estate CRM 2022

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Free Real Estate CRM 2022

The above is a brief introduction to Free Real Estate CRM 2022.

Let's move on to the first section of Free Real Estate CRM 2022!

Free Real Estate CRM 2022

today we're not only looking at a real
estate crm but we're actually gonna
create one from scratch i'm gonna show
you how to create a free real estate crm
that's right it's absolutely zero cost
to you that gets tailored to your needs
so if you have struggled with using
either lion desk in the past kv core any
other type of crm out there that's
designed for real estate agents and just
didn't like the way that they functioned
now is the opportunity now is the time
that you get to create your very own and
the platform that we're going to use is
notion notion is a free tool that you
can use to build databases according to
your needs and what we're looking at
today is building a specific real estate
crm for real estate agents so we can
scale and grow our businesses so when i
say free it's absolutely free all you'll
need to do is create a notion account
the link is down below so you can check
it out but you don't need to pay
anything up front you don't need to pay
anything ever for your needs hey itaime
with himerastindis.com where we have one
of the fastest growing and largest real
estate agent communities worldwide so
what you're looking at right now is
called a workspace now i'm going to show
you the absolute essentials that you'll
need to know in order to create your
free real estate crm now for a full
breakdown a full tutorial of everything
and what it means i'll link a video down
below that will give you that
information but for our purposes today
time is money i would much rather show
you everything from the beginning to end
when it comes to the real estate crm
specifically so i'm gonna be respectful
of your time so i hope that you um see
it for what it is now on the left hand
side you see i have several workspaces
that i like to segregate that way but as
you can see one of them is i'm pretty
entrenched in it um to say the least is
how i manage my businesses all in one
place but what you're gonna need to do
hide that so we have more room here what
you're going to need to do is create
your own workspace we're going to use
this as our hub this is going to be our
central location where we're going to
come to for everything so check this out
we're going to put this agent hub and
you can design it how you want so we're
just gonna put a person here i'm gonna
put myself facial hair and we're gonna
add a cover and then we're gonna change
the cover real quick use unsplash and
use an image of a house that one looks
great oh no it doesn't
all right so i'm not going to spend too
much time on the aesthetiks i'll just um
i'll just leave it at that now what you
see here is you can create from
different templates you can create from
different starting points so if you were
to hit templates you can create your
very own but we're not going to go into
any templates i want to show you how to
create this from scratch so to get going
again this is our hub this is where you
can bookmark your specific hub and if
you've probably seen my um my toolbar
before this is actually my hub when i
click there it goes right back to notion
where i have everything but we're not
going to click on that right now what
we're going to look at is creating our
brand new crm now for now if you're new
to notion this is going to be a bit a
bit much but hang in there with me where
there's the method to this madness what
we're gonna start doing is we're gonna
create what are called databases and one
of the strongest databases that you need
is your database of clients if you have
no place to warehouse your leads or
warehouse your contacts then you're in
trouble if you're managing everything
just from your phone or everything just
from your mind then you're absolutely in
trouble so this is something that you
need to implement in your business right
now so this is the first database that
we're going to create and that is our
database for agents and we're going to
scroll down here to get this going so
you see type forward slash for commands
now what you're seeing here is all the
different things that you can add and
create on notion now there's specific
channels that teach everything about
notion so i'll leave that for them but
for us we need to look at it from a real
estate agent perspective so what we're
going to do is just go to the answers
this is the cheat code this is straight
to the answers as opposed to looking and
finding out what each one of these
widgets means you can check out those
videos that um i'll actually link some
of them down below i want to show you
how to use it from a practikal level so
what we're going to do is create a
database it's going to be a full page
database and this is going to be our
client database all right so what we're
doing here just you kind of see what
we've done we've created a little client
database right here you don't have to
design everything you don't have to put
you don't have to worry about the emojis
or anything like like that what i'm more
interested is in you seeing how to use
it so what we're doing right now is
we've created this database where all of
our leads are going to go this is your
sphere of influence people this is your
new leads people this is all of the
folks that are important to keep up with
so that's what you're going to see
reflected here so in the untitled thing
what you're seeing over here is going to
be the name of it so we're going to put
myself jaime resend this i'll put my
myself here as the lead and the first
thing that i like to put is a date not
the date that is added but the date that
i'm gonna follow them up with so
follow-up date all right so here what
i'm putting now is every time i want to
every time i've have a conversation with
myself in this case then or this lead
right here which again is me i would put
hey i need to speak with them the
following monday right so just always
have that next thing that i'm going to
do now something else that i like to
include in the um in our database is of
course their contact information so
we're going to look at is phone numbers
so we're going to need the phone we're
going to put email next so over here
we're going to put email and then if we
know certain information about them if
we know let's just say if we know that
they are already approved for a certain
amount then we can put that amount here
so we can keep track of our pipeline so
we're going to go here house value we're
also going to put details well i'm kind
of getting ahead of myself but we'll go
ahead and put details here as you have
conversations that are unique that you
want to keep track of you can put
details up here but really when i say
i'm getting ahead of myself i can put
all the details down here because this
record this hammer to send this lead i
can put all the commands all of the
details down there but something unique
i can add up there without them without
any issue now something that's going to
allow us to create this database that
right now we're just inputting
information to create this database into
an actual crm where we track
transactions is stages so we're gonna go
and select right here we're gonna select
stage so the stages can be pre-approved
the stages can be
right now i'm just creating the stages
so give me one second we're gonna say
searching we're gonna also say
after searching we're gonna put under
contract and they're gonna put closed
rename that now there's different things
that you can include here i just want to
give you a few options that you can
include with your partikular record so i
strongly encourage you to identify
what's important for you to track what's
important for you to know i'll share a
few special characters this is the
absolute basic by the way this is the
absolute basic you can of course add
more records to it or add more criteria
to it i'll show you a few more that i
personally have for my database my
i ask a few different questions a few
different things so i know how to run
reports after after the month is over so
what i like to do is i like to put
multi-select here and i put the source
where did my lead come from did it come
from youtube did it come from zillow did
it come from sphere did it come from
facebook facebook ads whatever you're
doing however you're doing it you can
select where it comes from now the
reason i'm making it multi-select here
is because sometimes i really don't know
sometimes i can accredit it to youtube
sometimes i can accredit it to blog
because they when i'm speaking with my
clients they mention both you know i
read your blog i mentioned youtube so
it's impossible to say well no it's
because of youtube that you reached out
or it's because of the blog that you
reached out so that's why i do it multi
multiple select here i can only select
one you're either pre-approved you're
searching you're under contract or close
and again you can add more stages that
are important to you now something else
that i like to add is nurture date so
some of you have watched my uh sphere of
marking or sphere of influence nurture
campaign that video where i share how to
stay on top of your sphere on on top of
your sphere so the only so what i like
doing is i like following up with people
that aren't necessarily in my in in a
transaction right now that i just need
to nurture every single month people
hear from me so those people that are in
my database they're hearing from me so
some days it's 12 people some days it's
50 people that i have to reach out to
and it's all based off of the nurture
date and what that means is a equals one
it's supposed to be a this is a
multi-select b equals two c equals three
d equals four anyway all that and i i
continue going so i know that r is 18
because of my system so r is 18 so i
know that the reason that this is r is
because of my last name so whenever i
add a new lead in i will put the nurture
date that way i don't have to go a b c d
e f g i've done that plenty but this
just helps me helps me keep that in line
much better if i was meeting with
somebody like jane doe as an example
then i would put d4 and this is just
more of a visual thing because now let's
just say i um i'm through with this
transaction and i just want to stay in
the relationship i want to make sure
that jaime resendez it will go back to
me i want to make sure that i reach out
to jaime resendez every single month and
continue following up with my database
then i will future date this to the 18th
this is my follow-up date and you're
gonna see what i do here in a little bit
why this matters why i fill this out but
anyway so then i would put the rest of
the information
email is just put email.com and then i'm
pre-approved for a 500 000 house details
nothing to write home about so i'll just
put n a and then the source i got this
lead from youtube and you can add more
fields again this is i just want to get
you into the mindset of creating
something that you want the end of the
day this is free this is this is going
to have the most robust capabilities
that you can think of as many of you
know i use trello for the longest time i
have since gone away from trello and now
using notion for all of my businesses so
this is something that's absolutely
changed the game for me so i wanted to
share it with you but then you continue
going and adding additional details that
make sense for you if you want to say if
you want to add a field as an example
interested city and then you would put
so let's just say we're going to do
multi-select let's just say you're in a
very urban area so you run into somebody
that's looking at frisco they're also
looking at allen they're also looking at
garland this will allow you to in the
future whenever you get a off-market
property or whenever you get whenever
you're looking to launch campaigns you
can filter out based off of those people
that are interested in frisco and send
them that property right so this allows
you to keep some detailed notes and as
i'm speaking with let's just say i am
following up and they call me or they
text me or they whatever i am going back
in here to my hub i'm going in here to
my client database and we're gonna put
spoke then pre-approved let's say this
person got pre-approved i got
pre-approved here on this date and what
you're what you can't see right now is
because it just reflects just now is
when you're putting in the comments it
automatikally adds the time stamp so
that's what i really like about it so
i'm not even putting the date here is i
just if somebody texted me if somebody
called me if i met with that person in
real life i update my notes here and and
then add whatever's important to me so
then i don't have to come over here and
put the date let's just say and spoke
and now i'm pre-approved i don't do that
it takes it takes the guesswork out of a
lot of things anyway so i think i've
shared with you the client database
there's a reason that we're building
this up this isn't the end this is just
the beginning we're building the
building blocks so hang in there with me
so you see the client database right
there all right something else that i
want to include is my task list so what
i'm going to do now is we're going to
create another database and this is
going to be i miss task list so the list
what i can do now is just create a list
of things that i need to accomplish so i
can put create website and then here i
can put
the date deadline all right so i can say
i have until the end of this month to
create a website and then down here is i
would create some additional items that
i need to do in preparation for that so
i need to go to i can create a little
to-do list and i can say
research designs i like sketch
idea website hire designer purchase
domain send first draft to designer and
if i just if i miss a step if i say well
maybe this makes this probably makes
sense i need to do this before i
purchase a domain whatever the case may
be you have one centralized place so you
have everything everything created now
you can add some additional properties
if you have some additional team members
in in your group then you can assign a a
role to those people by selecting
persons or just putting you can do it
multiple ways you can you can use a
person it's probably my my my best
recommendation for you but anyway once
you get some additional team members you
can add that there but if you have
everything in one place now i wanted to
create that because that's just an
additional feature that's something else
that's going to allow you to stay in
your hub so this is your hub this is
where you go every single day to do your
business right anyway so that's
something that else that we're going to
create but now what i want to show you
is how this starts manifesting itself
we're gonna go back here and i'm gonna
show you jane doe and that person's
follow-up date is gonna be no no worries
on details real quick that email is
email at email.com as well same email
that person is pre-qualified for a
million dollars that person is
interested in arlington that person's
date follow-up date is december 4th
which is not in line with that april
18th this is mike nurture if you will
and this person was closed so that's why
that person is now in my nurture but
this person i'm actively searching for
jane and then here i know i'm going
super quick guys but youtube
bob follow-up date is gonna be let's
just say i need to follow up with bob
here shortly because bobby's gonna buy
something email anyway i won't fill out
the rest of it i just want you to see
something real quick i want to show you
the stages let's say i already helped
youtube bob with his journey all right
so what i'm going to do now is i am
going to use this database which again
is all in one place and i'm going to
also use this database for my personal
whatever i got going on so but first i'm
going to create a little inline i'm
sorry it's a link i'm going to create
something pretty cool which is called a
linked view database all right so this
linked view database what this is going
to allow me to do is link up this client
database right here what you're going to
see is this is what i want to show you
this database right here i want to show
you that now we can we're in a table
view so i everything that i change here
will actually be shown over here so if i
add somebody else or if i delete
somebody else it'll delete that per the
this database well the person in this
database these are related so i'm
pulling all this information from this
database so if i were to change the name
and just call it base you see that it
changes right there so that's what
you're looking at now what i want to
show you is the neat part where you can
organize your life so much quicker now
what i want to show you is the following
this is how we start making this an
actual crm that you can use we're going
to go to the filter and we're going to
go to the follow-up date and we're going
to put is on or before and then on the
date what we're gonna put is today so we
applied a filter to this right here this
is our hub remember we're coming back
here to our hub this is where we're
gonna go for our business now notike
that there's nobody here and that's okay
but check out what happens if i were to
say that the follow-up should be today
so i put myself there and if i go back
to the hub there i show up again so this
is gonna allow me to now everybody that
shows up here i have access to them and
i know that hey i need to follow up with
jaime so what i'm going to do is lay
this out a little bit better so you can
see it all right so we have now your
database again remember you're coming
here every single time you're coming
here to do your work and now this is a
database that you can go to every single
time you continue to add people you can
import all of your contacts into here
and the moment that the day comes up you
log into your computer and you have your
working database right so what i'm going
to show you now is something else that's
pretty cool what i'm going to do now is
i'm going to show this in a different
way as well so a lot of you are visual
very similar to me and what i'm going to
do at the moment is i'm gonna go back
and create another linked database but
we're gonna have a different view now
what we're gonna do is we're gonna use
this same information and we're gonna
represent it in a transaction based form
so this is how you do your transaction
management what i'm gonna do now is do
the very same thing which is gonna be a
linked view and we're gonna use the same
client database so remember all this
information that we see here is coming
from here it just so happens that we can
edit it on the spot so everything is
interconnected so you see this i don't
have the filter that i do over here in
this partikular one which is why you're
seeing everybody now what we're gonna do
over here is we're gonna go to this
little dot dot dot you see the source
which is our client database again
everything's being pulled from there and
now the layout what we're going to do is
we're going to create a board layout and
i'm going to show you what it looks like
now in its full glory so now you have
everybody's transaction in a dashboard
so i can move it here i can move it back
i can move it over here i can move it
back so let's just say you were
searching and um you went under contract
and bob is right there so you can move
this if you want as well so that this
makes more sense you go into the closed
over here add a stage if you want but
for our purposes we're just going to
keep it simple so this is how you can
again everything is interconnected
remember that i moved well i don't know
if i was closed yet or not let's just
say everybody is closed now everybody is
done with now if i go to our client
database you're gonna see that everybody
is on this close stage now if i wanted
to go back to pre-approve with myself
when i go back to my hub i am back over
here right so what i want to show you
and what's really important is please i
know it's a lot but i just want you to
show you show you the functionality of
what actually matters to you as a real
estate agent is this follow-up if you
follow the system that i shared with you
over here originally on the nurture date
once you're even past closing this is
going to help your business a ton and
this is going to also help you format
everything that you want the way that
you actually want so there's no longer
hey i wish that kb core did this or i
wish that this other crm follow-up boss
did that you can actually create this
yourself so instead of just toking
about it and complaining about it do
something about it and this is how
you're able to do that now you could do
the same thing for your task list so
remember this is a master task list
create crm and what i when do i want
that done i want that done by that call
all leads we're gonna when do i want
that done i want that done then set up
event when do i need to have that
complete i'll do that all right so you
can again include a bunch of other
things that you want to do but here what
i want to illustrate to you now is
remember this is our hub this is our one
place where we're gonna go to hang out
and know our what we need to do for our
business so what i'm gonna do now is i'm
gonna create another linked database but
for our stuff what we've got going on so
here i'm gonna move this over and we can
do that based off when it needs to get
done right so let's just say you need to
create your website well you're gonna
open that up and then you're gonna keep
putting notes right you can do images
you can include any images that you want
so just to show you images you can just
copy and paste images or you can include
images that you want right so you can
sketch things out on a piece of paper
and then even you can design you can
create everything that you want here and
invite your editor here so they can so
you can exchange notes you can include
hyperlinks you can do everything that
you want so if you go here you can
create additional text create a table if
you want bullet points there's so much
that you can do so we're not going to go
into all of it but i just wanted to show
you how everything can be done in one
single place so now when you wake up or
now when you go into the office you log
into one place and you have all of the
folks that you need to follow up with
immediately you have all of the folks
all of the things that you need to work
on after that's complete and you can
even structure your entire day so here
what you can do weekly agenda actually i
messed up so we're going to actually
convert this into something real quick
we're going to create a another database
full page weekly agenda so if you
already know what you're going to do
every single monday every single tuesday
every single wednesday every single
whatever here's what we're gonna do
because this is gonna be where we're
gonna put we're gonna cold call on
monday on sundays and what we're gonna
do is we're gonna put select this is
where we're gonna put our sundays on
mondays what are we going to do we're
going to record a youtube video record
video this is what we're going to do on
mondays on tuesdays what are we going to
do we're going to do email market as an
example so we're going to do tuesday and
then wednesday what are we going to do
on wednesday another video bear with me
folks we're going to get this done right
on thursdays what are we going to do
we're going to do some more cold call
fridays what we're going to do is door
knock and of course you can add multiple
things to what you're going to do you're
not only going to do this is network on
saturday what i want to illustrate to
you is this real quick i'm going to go
back here i'm going to add this over
here and now once you have your client
database so this is your pipeline at
this point and this is your the people
that you're following up with these are
the tasks that you need to do but if you
have some consistent tasks that you do
all you need to do at this point is go
to linked view and you're going to use
your weekly agenda and what you're going
to do now is we're going to go to those
three dots we're going to go to the
board layout and there you go so you
know that on oh because i added them in
a different order now you have
everything that you're going to do so if
you if you also on sundays if you go to
church and then on mondays you're going
to do weekly recap or update and let's
just say you do a weekly update with all
of your clients then you can actually
have a template in here you can create a
template and so it always shows up
whenever you need it we're not going to
do that now but there's just so much
that you can do where now if you go back
to the weekly agenda you see this come
up again you're going to see that hey
church showed up again right so that is
the power of notion now the last thing i
want to show you is there are some
things that you do every single day we
already toked about that so what i'm
going to do here is i'm gonna turn this
header three i'm gonna put databases
because these are the databases that i i
created for that you're seeing right
here now you would clean this up you can
design it i'm not that great at design
but also you don't need it to look
excellent you just need to be functional
what i need to do now is i need to do
another thing called helpful resources
so there's some websites that you go to
every single day like your mls so you go
to that every single day you go to your
showing time app you go to your meta ads
or facebook ads manager you go to your
youtube studio wherever it is that you
go so you have hyperlinks up here but in
the event that you're working from your
phone well you don't have those
hyperlinks right so as an example if i
was gonna do
let's see where i wanna go if i was
gonna go to
facebook ads i would select this i would
x out of that and then i would put emoji
computer right there facebook ads i
would highlight all of this i would hit
link and there i am so now every time i
click on it it opens up to my facebook
business manager account right so that
is what you do your mls you just do the
same thing you just go i do emoji just
to get a visual cue i'd put a credit
card here mls highlight this and that
would link it up to the www.mls
or wherever your mls is at of course
it's not that for me but anyway this
will allow you one singular place to
come in here and do your work you can
add a ton of other things we just
scratched the surface i wanted to give
you something functional something you
can do in your business today so check
it out um i actually have my actually
designed um the uh the database that i
use the crm that i use if you want to
check that out you can check out the
link down below that's out of that this
is absolutely free for you to use this
is a notion it is linked down below as
well so it's a notion um website that i
create all of this from this is
something that how i work with my
virtual assistants this is how i work
with my real estate agents this is where
i have everything in one place for them
as well so i want you to check it out
and see how helpful it can be in your

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